“Sell medicine?Yes!I gave them medicine,Any questions?”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。

Cao Wen was surprised:“How can you do this?Are you short of money?Beiwu absolutely cannot allow such a thing to happen!”
“you,Write a formal written review immediately,Write clearly what happened,Come to my office within 24 hours!”Cao Wen is angry,Added another sentence。
Lu Menglin gave her a weird look,Tilted his head and said:“Who are you?Ask me to write a check,Is the brain sick??”
This remark,There was an uproar all around。
This surnamed Lu dare to talk to Cao Wen in this tone,Does he not want to continue mixing in Beiwu??Lu Tiannan and Wu Yi looked at each other,Feel a little weird。
Does this surname Lu really know Cao Wen??Even if I haven’t met,I should have heard it before!Cao Wen is not only the only class teacher of the sophomore,Or the head of the entire martial arts department,Although not officially appointed,But this is something everyone knows。
“Teacher Lu,It’s wrong for you to say that!Teacher Cao Wen is also the senior of our teacher Wu Ke,She is not qualified to control you,Who is qualified to control you?”Teacher Lu Tiannan fanned the flames。
“Yes!You are young,It’s too arrogant!”Teacher Wu Yi was also unhappy on the side。
Lu Menglin glanced at them lightly,Shrugged,I didn’t mean to fight at all,Just go。
Waited until Lu Menglin walked out five or six steps,Only then did the three martial arts teachers react,They were completely ignored!
“Hey!You stop!”Cao Wen shouted with anger。
Lu Menglin walked forward without looking back,How can he care about these three people!It’s not on one level at all,There is no need to bully others?
“Too arrogant!Too arrogant!How come we Beiwu have such a person?”Lu Tiannan shook his head with anger,Sighed。