Vomiting blood,**,Kneeling,The state of these so-called strong men at a time is the most realistic portrayal of the battle。
That man stepped onto the second step so easily,This is something no one thought of。
A demigod,Shuttle back and forth among the many warriors who also have semi-god powerhouses,They seem to remember what happened in the imperial capital six years ago。
You must know that the martial artist here is not a dazzling hammer sect,Goods like the Fog Hidden Sect can be compared,They are not qualified to participate in such a battle。
But the result,Still so,No changes。
Everything is done naturally。
The blood has gone down the steps,The original jade-white steps are no longer the same color as before,Strong wind blowing,There is a smell of blood in the air。
to be frank,If on the observability of the battle,Xia Chenglong and their battles are much more exciting。
When reaching a state,It is difficult for them to kill the opponent in a short time,So just the exchange of martial skills。
But this is different,Blood is a measure of the fierce battle。
Scream,Floor sound,Fracture sound,Clash of weapons,These messy sounds add up,Will make people excited。
If there is another attack that attracts everyone’s attention,Those are the two black robe old men that Murong Qianxue brought。
It’s hard to imagine,Ten Thousand Beast City,There is no way to get the top score。
In other words, the famous Ten Thousand Beast City on the road,Only these two warriors can be easily eradicated。