“No,I just think what grandpa you said is very funny。”Lin Yuna said。

“funny?Where is it funny?”Liu Neng suddenly asked weakly。
“Grandpa, when you were just now,Isn’t it the same as telling a nice joke??Of course I want to laugh,otherwise,I’m so sorry for the joke you told me so hard,dont you agree?”Lin Yoona suddenly smiled and said to Liu Neng。
“joke?What joke,I didn’t tell you a joke just now?”Liu Neng asked inexplicably。
“There’s none?Grandpa, you obviously told a joke just now?If you don’t believe it,You can ask my grandma about them!”Lin Yuner said solemnly。
“Wang Dahua,Did you tell a joke just now?”Liu Neng really asked Wang Dahua this question。
Wang Dahua was also taken aback,Then he said with a flushed face:“What she meant by Yoona was that you said that the Lin family borrowed our Liu family’s light is a joke。”
“what?”Liu Neng said with an angry face。
“she was,She seems to mean that!”Wang Dahua still replied weakly。
“Lin Yuna,Is what your grandma said true,Do you mean this?”Liu Neng asked angrily。
“Yes indeed,Grandpa,Didn’t you just tell such a joke??Look at your grandma and you can see that what you are telling is a joke,You didn’t even notice it。”Lin Yoona still said with a smile。
“You stinky girl,Am I wrong??”Liu Neng asked。
“OK,OK,I’ve heard this joke anyway,And i laughed too,Then let’s not say more,Let’s change the topic!”Lin Yuna said。