Get!To this,Populus has nothing to say。

“Come back。”Hu Yang shrugged。
See the calm expression of Populus,He Siqian was a little disappointed,I didn’t see the panic of this buddy,To know,Before my second sister,No less teasing Populus。
In fact,He Siqian himself was bullied by the second sister。Anyway,They used to be brothers and sisters,Always being caught by his second sister,Forced to be called a minor。
“You are afraid of her?”Populus asked again。
He Siqian:“You are not afraid of the same。I heard,She came back this time,Don’t plan to go out,It seems that I am planning to start a company。Lao Hu,Fudge,She is short of staff now。”
The audience in the live room listened,Have adultery?
Everyone likes gossip,I have never heard of Hu’s scandal,I haven’t seen him have a great affection for a certain beauty。Generally rich,Isn’t it all of Xiangche beauty?
Car has,Woman?
in fact,Brother Hu has come into contact with a lot of beauties this time,Like Xu Mengyun, the owner of a jade shop,Song Ying, Miss Song’s Jewelry,Many female anchors,As well as the two beautiful students Shui Ruyue and Zhou Chang from the Academy of Fine Arts who were rescued earlier。
But Brother Hu doesn’t seem to be hooked up,No special contacts。
this time,Seems to expose something。Miss He’s daughter,Could it be Hu’s childhood sweetheart?
Listen to the conversation between the two,She seems to be a domineering young lady!They are listening for the first time,And the woman Hu is afraid of。
Seeing so many people in the live broadcast room,He Siqian couldn’t help but smile:“Childhood sweetheart?Haha!Not like,My second sister,He treats Lao Hu as his younger brother。The days dominated by sister,Someone should understand。”
Hearing He Siqian’s explanation,Many people understand。
Many women are kittens in front of their lovers,Home is a tigress,Yelling at my brother,Not pleasing to the eye is just a mess。
“When I was young,Was beaten so badly by my sister。”