Fasting a day a week has a lot of benefits for weight loss

Fasting a day a week has a lot of benefits for weight loss

Fasting may sound like a terrible thing, but studies have shown that proper fasting is good for the body, not only can detoxify to lose weight, but also prevent heart disease.

  Regarding the benefits of fasting, there have been related studies before: fasting for 1-2 days a week can make people healthier.

  Keep eating, sleeping, dumplings, spring rolls, twists, oil tea. It seems that the stomach has never been hungry, and the mouth has never been idle. Whether it is playing poker or watching TV or a friend out shopping, there is no need to accompany the snacks along the way.

However, the momentary pleasure was exchanged – full of peas, small belly, chubby face and severely overloaded digestive system.

Therefore, women need to have a fasting once a week.

  The fasting operation is prepared to eat only raw vegetables and fruits two days before fasting, which is conducive to the adaptation of various body systems.

Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice every day during fasting.

Do not drink orange juice, tomato juice and a variety of fruit and vegetable juices with added sugar and additives.

  The best drink during the fasting period is fresh lemon juice.

Add a lemon juice, fresh apple juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, carrot juice, celery juice, and grape juice to a cup of warm water. These are high-efficiency antidote to “green drinks.”

Raw cabbage juice is also helpful in conditioning ulcers, cancer and colon diseases.

Since the juice is easily lost after it is placed, make sure to drink the freshly squeezed juice.

  After fasting the fruit and vegetable juice and the two-day raw vegetables, do not eat cooked food immediately, so as not to undermine the expected effect of fasting.

At this time, the gastric capacity and the secretion of the digestive juice are reduced.

Should eat less meals.

  Precautions First of all, it is forbidden to drink only water, so as to prevent the toxins from being discharged too quickly, causing headaches.

To use the active vegetable juice diet, it can not only discharge toxins, but also provide the vitamins and minerals needed by the body to promote disease healing.

After the fasting, a healthy eating habit will be formed. Some people are accustomed to eating raw vegetables and enjoying the vitality that this food brings to the body.

  When fasting for more than three days, it should be carried out under the supervision of a professional.

If you have diabetes, hypoglycemia and other diseases, even a short period of fasting should be carried out under the supervision of a professional.

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are prohibited from fasting.

  Regular fasting, why should the “environmental protection” in the body be “fasted” regularly to make the body environmentally friendly?

  If the garbage in the home is not cleaned for a long time, it will rot and produce germs. If the garbage in the human body is not eliminated in time, it will cause dizziness and gastrointestinal involvement.

The waste produced by the human body is feces, urine, sweat and carbon dioxide, among which feces are the most harmful.

The large intestine is a “trash can” for collecting feces. If it is not cleaned up on time, if it is piled up and corrupted, it will produce toxins and become a “factory” for chronic diseases.

  Colds, headaches, wheezing, fever, and even high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, neurasthenia, etc. are all quite relevant.

In order to prevent and cure diseases, the first thing to do is to clear the stool, but the stool can not be cleaned by enema or taking laxatives. Only fasting and doing a “cleaning” of the whole body can completely “clear the warehouse”.

  When the stomach is cleaned, the gastrointestinal function is further enhanced.

Even the skin will become supple!

Drinking a lot of yogurt after a meal will have a fattening effect.

Drinking a lot of yogurt after a meal will have a fattening effect.

Drinking after a meal is good for absorbing nutrients. Only when the pH value of the stomach is relatively high, can the lactic acid bacteria in the yoghurt be fully grown, which is good for health.

About two hours after the meal, the human stomach fluid is replaced, and the pH value will rise to 3-5. At this time, drinking yogurt is most beneficial to the absorption of the nutrients.

  In addition, if you inject yogurt into the fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the infusion channel. The nutrients in the yogurt can not be completely digested and absorbed. The drinking after meals can reduce the stimulation and allow the yogurt to be slowly absorbed in the stomach.

  However, when drinking yogurt in the evening after dinner, be sure to remember that certain strains and acidic substances in the yogurt have certain damage to the teeth, and should be brushed in time after drinking.

  It can promote gastrointestinal motility and relieve constipation. Yogurt contains a large amount of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of bacteria in the body and promote the implantation of peristalsis, thereby alleviating constipation.

Long-term constipation has a certain impact on body weight.

Then the yogurt has a high satiety, and a cup when it is slightly elevated can effectively alleviate the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the amount of meals in the next meal.

  Yogurt itself also contains a certain amount. If you eat extra on the basis of supplementation, the conversion will accumulate in the body quickly, and it will achieve the effect of fattening and gaining weight.

  However, yogurt is not suitable for all ages.

Patients after gastrointestinal surgery, diarrhea patients and infants under 1 year of age should not drink yogurt.

Even healthy adults can not overdose, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive gastric acid, affecting the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reducing appetite and destroying the absorption balance in the human body.

First of all, drink two cups a day, each cup is about 125 grams.

Autumn melon should be eaten less than three times a week

Autumn melon should be eaten less than three times a week

Winter melon is a very common home-cooked dish.

Winter melon has various amino acids required by the human body, and has high fiber content. It can be used to lower cholesterol, lower blood fat and prevent atherosclerosis.

Moreover, melon is beneficial for water drainage and has the effect of slimming and beauty, so it is very popular.

So can I eat melon in the fall?

What is the danger of eating melon in autumn?

Old Chinese medicine doctors will take a look at some of the relevant knowledge about eating melon in autumn.

Winter melon is cold and cold, and it is not advisable to eat more in autumn and winter. Otherwise, it is easy to accumulate cold, which is not good for the spleen and stomach.

In order to avoid the deposition of cold in the body, it is not advisable to eat melons more than three times a week. If you are placing melon soup, it is not advisable to drink more, within 200 grams each time.

At the same time, it is moderate and cold, and you should pay attention to it when cooking.

Stir-fry can be served with warm beef, or add garlic, ginger, onions, cardamom and other ingredients to stir fry.

The stew can be added to the bones and hot ginger, scallion.

When porridge is cooked with warm sweet potato, it has a continuous warm stomach effect.

When buying melon, choose the body of the melon, the skin is firm and there is hoarfrost, no flaws, and the meat is thick.

Winter melon can diuresis, clearing away heat and detoxifying and losing weight.

However, due to the cold winter melon, there are spleen and stomach qi deficiency on weekdays, people with stomach pain and pain should eat less, long-term illness and yang deficiency limbs are not eaten.

When a man reaches middle age, the disease comes one after another. Do 5 things well, keep healthier and save yourself.

When a man reaches middle age, the disease comes one after another. Do 5 things well, keep healthier and save yourself.

As the saying goes, men 40 have a flower, it is 40 years old, men are more attractive.

It is true. At the age of 40, when I entered middle age, I achieved the best in my career. In life, there are parents, wives and children. Everything is so good.

However, sometimes, some people are not glamorous uncles, but rather greasy uncles. Such greasy uncles must be unpopular. What is more serious is that some organs of the body began to appear during operation.The problem that causes you to suffer from the disease, such performance is really bad, you are not willing to face it. In the next article, Xiaobian wants to tell you what middle-aged men should do.Is it the attitude of the person in charge?

Not staying up late, sleeping well enough is an important thing, extra sleep is extremely beneficial to the body.

But more often, you will face the situation of staying up late, maybe the work has to stay up late, maybe it is entertainment.

When you stay up late, the impact is enormous and easily leads to premature aging.

Even with the occurrence of myocardial infarction.

This requires everyone to know more.

Not pessimistic, maintaining a good mentality, for a person’s health, many times, being ignored by people, in fact, should know.

Fan Zhongyan said: If you don’t like things, you don’t have to be sad, you can’t afford to let go, and you want to be responsible for your health.

Keeping a good attitude, even if you encounter your own unfavorable situation, a light smile, this is not a chic attitude.

If you are not ill, you must also insist that the Chinese have such a concept. If you are sick or ill, you will be looking for a doctor.

For some, it may be that after consulting a doctor, the doctor will shake his head helplessly, if it is a week earlier.

While remorse, I wonder if it would be a good thing if I knew the consequences early.

Therefore, adhering to the medical examination is a very important thing, and it is also suggested by Xiaobian that everyone should do more.

Even if you spend a sum of money every year and you can understand the body, is this a good thing?

Do not smoke, do not drink middle-aged men, it can be said that in the process of socializing, it is indispensable to smoke and drink, but the continuous smoking and drinking, the impact is still very big.

Do not smoke, do not drink, is the attitude of the person in charge of the body, to protect the lungs, protect the liver is excellent, but also can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It is impossible to not only exercise life, but also to exercise. It can be said that insisting on exercise is a very important thing. It is extremely important to adhere to exercise and exercise reasonably.

Through exercise, it can better promote the body’s regulation, and constantly improve the body’s discomfort. It is also good for improving immunity and preventing disease. I hope you can persist.

When a man is 40 years old, there are still many things that need to be done. These things, I hope everyone pays more attention to it, scientifically carry out, better care for the body and maintain health.

Can my uncle lose weight quickly?

Can my uncle lose weight quickly?

In the plastic surgery clinic, people often ask whether there is “slimming surgery”. These people often think that as long as they pass a tube like a blood pump, the whole body’s aunt is taken out to achieve weight loss.

Temporary exception correction (abbreviated as liposuction) is not equivalent to weight loss.

  Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes some of the slight accumulation of other weight loss (such as diet, exercise, and weight-loss drugs) that cannot be achieved.

Liposuction is mainly for healthy people with relatively normal body weight (such as abdomen, chin, thigh, upper arm, upper breast, humerus, ankle, etc.).

Alternative liposuction is a partial weight loss surgery.

  There are many ways to liposuction, the principle of which is to attract too much sputum under the skin through a vacuum suction device.

The method used depending on the part of the liposuction required is not the same.

Double chin or retina is slightly obese, just use the syringe method, the surgical wound is small, the effect is good, no scars are left.

In the coaxial range of liposuction (such as the abdomen, thighs, etc.) often requires a combination of traditional methods of swelling or ultrasound.

  In developing countries, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery technique developed in the 1980s.

It has the advantages of light surgical response and no obvious surgical scars. However, if the surgeon does not pay attention to uniform replacement during operation, local unevenness may occur.

For those who seek rehabilitation, the first step is to have a general understanding of liposuction, and what kind of condition will be achieved by liposuction.

  There is such a consultant who asks whether the doctor can gradually achieve a little bit of liposuction, that is, to achieve the degree of muscle under the skin, the answer is no.

Because there are many large blood vessels and nerves in the subcutaneous sputum, if these blood vessels and nerves are destroyed, the skin is severely necrotic, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Therefore, there must be 1-2 cm of sputum under the skin.

Liposuction is not simply a weight loss, it is only a partial coordination of the partial reshaping and the overall human.

  Be sure to pay attention to the following before liposuction: 1.

Liposuction is not suitable for people who are too loose in their skin.

In this type of patient, you can choose other plastic surgery to remove too much skin and mildness.


At the beginning of liposuction, there will be skin bruising, mild numbness, local tissue edema and other surgical reactions. According to the site of liposuction, there are generally 1?
3 months of recovery process.


People who are obese all over the body cannot achieve weight loss by liposuction alone.

If you weigh more than 20% of your normal weight, you need to control your weight through exercise, diet, and other effective methods.

Try to change the diet structure. The dinner time should be as early as possible. The protein content of the dinner should not be too high.


The weight loss effect of proper exercise before going to bed may be better than morning exercise.

Zeng Guofan’s way of health and governance, all the world’s diseases are born in a lazy word!

Zeng Guofan’s way of health and governance, all the world’s diseases are born in a “lazy” word!

Zeng Guofan is the most outstanding politician, strategist and military strategist in China’s modern history. He is also known as Li Hongzhang, Zuo Zongtang and Zhang Zhidong.

He entered the school at the age of six. At the age of eight, he read four books and five classics. At the age of twenty-seven, he entered the Hanlin Academy. Since then, he has been a member of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Military Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Ministry of Justice.

When the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement broke out, it was also the Hunan army that he personally established to help the Qing court to turn the tide, and was hailed as the most scholarly official in the 19th century who was respected by the Chinese.

Because Zeng Guofan had suffered from lung disease in his early years, he devoted great importance to self-cultivation and devoted himself to the cultivation of his personality.

He believes that being a man must first be “sincere” and behave in the same way. Everything can be made public.

In essence, it is “respect”, and it must be fearful and fearful. There is no evil thought in the heart, and it is natural and serious.

The third is to “quiet”, so as to achieve the relaxation, unity of heart, qi, god, body, and the fourth is “sincere” not to tell lies, big words, empty words, avoiding the truth.

The fifth is that “Heng” insists on regular living and eating habits.

In Zeng Guofan’s daily life, words and deeds, and manners, he was full of reflection and inspection. This habit of life shifted his entire life.

And it combines the rule of governance and health to achieve an ideological realm that is hard to reach.

Xiao Bian likes the famous saying he left, and all the diseases in the world are born in a “lazy” word.

This sentence can be used not only to maintain health, but also to govern the country.

If people are lazy, they will not be divided into four groups, and they will be ill. If they are lazy, they will not eat enough, and they will be exhausted. The country is most afraid of “lazy politics”, and this evil is even more serious than corruption and bribery.

In fact, as long as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was suppressed, Zeng Guofan and his men discussed the fate of the Qing Dynasty and basically reached a consensus.

Under the pressure of the Western powers, the Qing Dynasty is only a matter of time.

What is even more helpless is that the court is lazy inside, and even the minister can not return to heaven.

However, the rise of Zeng Guofan still has irreplaceable significance for the Qing court, and it has left an inestimable seed of civilization for the Chinese nation.

Zeng Guofan built China’s first ship, printed and translated the first batch of Western cultural books, and arranged the first batch of international students to go to the United States.

Since the new era of civilization began to take root in the East, and has been waiting for the flourishing day, the descendants of the Yellow Emperor will be able to return to the peak of world civilization!

White wine gives you a feeling of fragrance

White wine gives you a feeling of fragrance

Everyone in the summer likes a cool drink.
In fact, summer is also a time to try a variety of refreshing white wines that have not been aged in oak barrels.
  Sauvignon blanc Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety that is widely circulated and well-matched in the summer. It is a grape variety that expresses its growth conditions.
It has the taste of grass and the sharp, ore, herbal lime and orange flavors, tastes peaches or tropical fruit aromas, and sometimes full and aged in oak barrels.
  Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé in the eastern Loire Valley are clearly the best producers of Sauvignon Blanc, where the wine is very dry and hard.
However, the affordable Acacia is derived from lesser-known regions such as Quincy, Menetou-Salon and Reuilly.
  In addition, the northern Italian mountains also produce very dry and very cool Sauvignon Blanc. Their trademarks are only sauvignon. Some good brands are Livio Felluga, Marco Felluga, Jermann, Schioptetto and Venica & Venica.
The Casablanca Valley in Chile also produces good Sauvignon Blanc, which has a more pronounced citrus and mineral flavor.
  In fact, in this region of Chile, all white wines are very good.
New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc is of course famous, often with the aroma of lime, citrus and green herbs.
Try products from manufacturers such as Brancott, Stoneleigh, and Kim Crawford.
  Macon-Villages, Maconne Village, Burgundy, France The Maconne region of Burgundy produces a large number of plain white wines, but as long as you choose carefully, you will find good quality wines.
There are 43 villages here. It is recommended to start from Maconne Village and try some of the more famous villages such as Macon-Verzé or Macon-Prissé.
The wines there are generally light and fresh and fruity, they are rarely aged in oak barrels, which makes the wines fresh and simple, even Chardonnay.
  Most of the village wines there are good, but be careful before 2005, they may have been on the shelves for too long.
Most wines are between $12 and $20.
  Grüner veltliner This is a very popular grape in Austria, with white pepper, fresh herbs, white peach and citrus flavor, making it a selection in the summer.
It is a bit like Sauvignon Blanc, but it lacks the taste of asparagus and more regional characteristics.
Most of the Grüner veltliner is at $12-14, but if you want to buy a famous place, the price will soar.

Do you know the misunderstandings that are considered useful by many people?

Do you know the misunderstandings that are considered useful by many people?

In recent years, both Chinese and foreign countries have become popular in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and weight loss methods. It has been considered by many to be a useful method of weight loss. But do you know that acupuncture and moxibustion lose weight? If you want to do acupuncture to lose weight, you must choose rich.Experienced doctors to lose weight, otherwise you may lose weight and harm your health.

Acupuncture weight loss is a Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss has not yet found a significant alternative.

Acupuncture weight loss mainly through the stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body, thereby promoting metabolism, regulating body functions, and achieving effective weight loss.

In addition to the role of weight loss, acupuncture is very helpful for irregular menstruation, insomnia, poor stomach and infertility.

For women with different degrees of obesity, the effects of acupuncture and weight loss are also different.

People who are overweight and are particularly obese are most suitable for acupuncture to lose weight.

Women who are overweight can receive better results after acupuncture weight loss.

For women with local obesity, acupuncture weight loss can also help them adjust the meridians to achieve the effect of adjusting body shape.

Acupuncture weight loss beware 6 misunderstanding 1, the needle is not tied more acupuncture treatment of obesity, it chooses the needle site according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to choose the acupuncture points on the spleen and stomach, not all can be tied, if not selectedWith the needle point, the weight loss effect will be greatly affected.

2, weight loss and fat reduction to distinguish most people think that weight loss is weight loss, in fact, not enough, acupuncture weight loss is focused on reducing phlegm.

When doing acupuncture treatment, it is only for some minor adults to restructure and improve the body shape. It is to adjust the proportion and distribution of adults, and there is almost no redundancy.

3, the speed of weight loss varies from person to person The speed of acupuncture weight loss depends on the individual’s physical fitness and the ability to accept acupuncture treatment.

4, acupuncture weight loss needles will not infect the scope of acupuncture needles used in hospitals are disposable, needles to lose weight will not cause bacterial infection, even after taking a needle, bathing, swimming and other activities, there will be no problem, because the pinhole itselfVery small, and the skin of the human body will naturally shrink, and the needle will recover soon.

5, the speed of weight loss will not affect the health of the general excessive diet to lose weight, the faster the weight loss, the degree of damage to health.

However, acupuncture weight loss is different, because the Chinese medicine weight loss process does not require patients to actively diet, but through the stimulation of acupuncture points and other metabolic balance adjustment, fundamentally adjust the appetite, so that excessive excess body fat in the body dissipates, reduce weight, thereby achieving weight losspurpose.

6, acupuncture weight loss to choose the distance of the hospital Currently there are many beauty agencies in the community also played acupuncture weight loss signs, doctors remind everyone, acupuncture weight loss is actually a process of treatment.

First, obesity is a disease that is an external manifestation of metabolic disorders in the body.

Choosing a weight-loss institution should carefully check the doctor’s various relevant documents, certificates, and qualifications.

The distance acupuncturists are strictly trained and require a very precise grasp of the acupuncture points.

What are the commonly used acupuncture points for weight loss?

Acupuncture and moxibustion must choose the distance from the hospital. There are many beauty agencies in the society and also sign acupuncture to lose weight. Doctors remind everyone that acupuncture weight loss is actually a process of treatment.

First, obesity is a disease that is an external manifestation of metabolic disorders in the body.
Choosing a weight-loss institution should carefully check the doctor’s various relevant documents, certificates, and qualifications.

The distance acupuncturists are strictly trained and require a very precise grasp of the acupuncture points.

1, the temple – to eliminate eye fatigue, edema between the eyes and the side of the eyebrows, about 1 horizontal pointing back, close to the hairline.

This point promotes metabolism.

2, Tiantuo points – promote the removal of water located in the skin below the throat.

It stimulates the thyroid gland, promotes metabolism, and removes excess water from the face.

3, Baihui points – to prevent excessive diet, constipation left and right ears hole up, at the top of the line after the head is connected, that is, Baihui points.

It can be axially stable to prevent overeating.

4, 攒 bamboo points – to ease the fatigue of the eyes and the depression below the brows under the brow.

Eye fatigue and headache can cause edema around the eyes.

This acupoint can relieve and discomfort.

5, Chengqi points – eye bags suspended directly below the eyeball, about the eye contour bone.

Since the eye bags of the stomach are prone to slack, the hole can improve the function of the stomach, thereby preventing the eye bags from slackening.

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How to lose weight in winter?

These kinds of weight loss methods are suitable for winter! Can skipping rope lose weight for twenty minutes?

Block the four major symptoms of stomach disease

Block the four major symptoms of stomach disease

With people’s own concerns about health, the spread of media such as television and internet, the number of patients with stomach diseases has increased year by year, and stomach disease is no longer a strange term.

How to block the damn stomach disease?

  Gastric disease is a common clinical digestive tract disease, which can be mainly divided into acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, stomach, duodenal complex ulcer, gastric bleeding, benign and malignant tumor of the stomach.

Among them, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and chronic gastritis account for more than 90% of the total number of patients with stomach diseases, which is the most common stomach disease in clinical practice.

  Although there are many types of stomach diseases, the symptoms of stomach patients are mostly similar, mainly including upper abdominal and stomach discomfort, pain, flatulence, acid reflux, belching, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding.

The four most common symptoms are stomach pain, acid reflux, flatulence and stomach discomfort. Most patients with stomach problems are accompanied by one or more symptoms.

The most helpless thing about stomach problems is that various symptoms are not available. If there is stomach pain, the disease may be chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer. Now the stomach medicine treatment on the market is mostly painful, acid is acid.

There are also some medicines that can be treated fundamentally, but the symptoms are not alleviated, and the patient’s pain cannot be relieved in a short time.

Sunflower Weikang is transformed into a traditional Chinese medicine with seven flavors and a western medicine belladonna extract with excellent detoxification and analgesic effect. It can take the role of both the symptoms and the root causes for various stomach diseases, and can alleviate the fundamental causes of stomach diseases.It treats stomach pain, acid reflux, bloating gas, stomach discomfort and other main symptoms, taking into account the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. It is widely used in patients with stomach diseases.

  Flatulence: bloating and nausea also cure bloating. It usually refers to a condition in which the patient feels bloating and has a full-fledged appearance. It can be accompanied by clinical manifestations such as stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and inability to eat.

  The physiological functions of the stomach are mainly: temporarily storing food and digesting food.

The process by which food enters the small intestine from the stomach is called emptying of the stomach.

The food causes gastric movement during the emptying of the stomach, thereby producing intragastric pressure.

When the intragastric pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the duodenum, the food can be discharged from the stomach.

Conversely, the distortion slows down the emptying of the stomach.

In pathological conditions, when the stomach, duodenum has inflammation, reflux, tumor or gastric juice, duodenal fluid components occur, it will delay the gastric emptying, food constantly exert pressure on the stomach wall;After excessive fermentation in the stomach, a large amount of gas is generated, so that the pressure in the stomach is further increased, so that the upper abdomen is full of swelling and pressure, that is, bloating.

  Most stomach diseases can cause bloating, stomach problems are cured, and bloating will naturally disappear.

When the stomach bulge occurs, you can take the sunflower stomach Kangling, while the sunflower stomach Kangling in the treatment of various stomach diseases, it is mainly divided into white peony, Yanhusuo, etc. can be gas bloating, quickly relieve the pain of bloating.

  Acid reflux: heartburn is caused by stomach disease. Acid reflux refers to the phenomenon that acidic gastric juice or stomach contents flow back through the esophagus to the oropharynx, and the mouth feels acidic substances.

Common in chronic gastritis, stomach, duodenal ulcer and other stomach patients or the elderly.

  Under normal circumstances, due to the presence of esophageal-stomach sphincters in the lower esophagus, the pressure is higher than the stomach.

During the non-feeding period, the door is kept closed.

In fact, gastric peristalsis is performed from the fundus to the pylorus, which prevents the stomach contents from flowing back into the esophagus.

When the stomach or esophagus is deformed, such as inflammation, ulcers, tumors, etc., the normal function of the stomach and esophagus is destroyed, the gastric acid secretion is increased, the sputum is overlapped, and the gastric reverse motility is increased, so that the acidic liquid in the stomach can be reversed and injected into the oral cavity.The phenomenon of acid water inside.

Especially in patients with duodenal ulcer, gastric acid secretion is significantly increased, and it is more susceptible to acid reflux.

Frequent acid reflux, acidic gastric juice can destroy the esophageal mucosa, causing reflux esophagitis, the patient produces a burning sensation after the sternum, so-called heartburn.

  From the mechanism of the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn, the key to our treatment is to treat stomach ulcers and ulcers. Taking antacids alone is only a temporary relief of symptoms, thereby neutralizing gastric acid or inhibiting gastric acid secretion.The acid reflux symptoms will happen again.

Sunflower Weikangling can help treat acute and chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, relieve stomach lesions. At the same time, calcium carbonate, the main component of the drug jellyfish in the prescription, can dissolve and neutralize gastric acid and quickly relieve acid reflux symptoms.effect.

  Uncomfortable stomach: Any discomfort must be vigilant. “Two stomachs are uncomfortable, no pain or swelling, just uncomfortable.

“In a busy life, more and more people will have stomach upset.

According to the survey, about 43% of people with stomach problems report uncomfortable stomach but can’t tell the symptoms. This proportion has significantly exceeded patients with stomach pain, stomach acid or bloating.

  Now more than 90% of gastric diseases or gastric diseases are related to the degree of gastric mucosal damage. Symptoms such as stomach pain, stomach acid and bloating can be understood as external manifestations, and the degree of weakness is related to the degree of gastric mucosal damage.

The most effective means of stomach discomfort is to choose a drug that protects and repairs the gastric mucosa and promotes its regeneration.

  For example, the most widely used drug, sunflower Weikangling, is based on the thousand-year-old ancient Chinese medicine “Yangyao Gancao Soup” from “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, with Sanqi, Baihe, Poria, Corydalis, Begonia, BelladonnaDrugs such as extracts are formed.

“Powder licorice soup” has been used for more than a thousand years, and it plays a significant role in inhibiting gastric acid secretion, repairing and promoting gastric mucosal regeneration.

The mucus of the main components of white and medium can cover the gastric mucosa, interrupt the invasion of gastric acid and other substances, and protect the gastric mucosa.

The combination of the two can help alleviate common complications such as stomach discomfort.

  Stomach pain: 9 pains in 10 people When you ask for a single criterion for stomach problems, 9 out of 10 people will choose stomach pain.Of course, this is not to say that 90% of patients with stomach problems will be accompanied by stomach pain. It can only show that whether it is clinical or in the hearts of ordinary people, stomach pain is the most direct manifestation of stomach disease.

There are many causes of stomach pain, including various stomach diseases and overworked tensions. There is no time to eat, work or exercise immediately after eating, excessive drinking, and spicy food.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are two reasons for stomach pain: First, because of worries and anger, liver dysfunction, and horizontal reversal caused by the stomach, the rule of law is to soothe the liver and qi.

First, the spleen is not healthy, the stomach is lost and the blood is lowered. It is better to use Wentong and supplement the medium method to restore the function of the spleen and stomach.

Western medicine believes that stomach pain is mainly caused by local local lesions or stimulation of gastric acid, which causes nerve receptors to be stimulated, resulting in pain.

How to accurately jump in the long jump

How to accurately jump in the long jump

Long jump is one of the middle school physical education curriculum, most students like to jump, because the long jump is competitive and fun.

However, in the actual teaching process, deviations often occur. This is because the long jump is a technically strong project. It requires students to accurately jump in the fast running, organically combine the running speed and the jumping, in order to jump out.Results.


First at an appropriate distance from the bunker (2M-2.

5M) Determine the starting area, draw several lines parallel to the stepping board before and after the stepping board, the distance between each line segment is 10-15 cm, and the number is marked in order (such as 1-10).


Make a point at a suitable distance from the springboard (such as 20-35 meters for boys and 15-25 meters for girls), and draw a line parallel to the springboard through this point. This line is the starting line for the running, and then before and after the starting line.Draw the same parallel line segments as before and after the springboard. The distance between each line segment is also 10-15CM, and the numbers (1-10)3 are marked in order.

After starting from the starting line, the student starts the slow-to-fast acceleration run and completes the take-off action after the jump. The teacher stands in the take-off area and observes where the students jumped.

For example, if you fall on the main board, you will tell the student that the distance is appropriate. If the jump point falls at any point before or after the springboard, the teacher should promptly record the mark and tell the student.

  For example, if the student jumps on the 3rd line after the springboard, the student will use the 3rd line in front of the starting line as the running line next time; if the jumping point falls on the 8th line in front of the springboard, let the student give birth.In the secondary run, the 8th line segment of the starting line is used as the running line. The illustration is as follows: Through the practice of the above method, the students can basically take off accurately, which greatly improves the long jump performance and enhances the students’ enthusiasm for learning and achieves good results.Teaching effect.