[Spices for the diarrhea]_Ingredients_How to prepare

[Spices for the diarrhea]_Ingredients_How to prepare

Many people prefer to eat ravioli. When eating ravioli, add a little seasoning to the soup. The more common ones are salt, chicken essence, some sesame oil, and some coriander. They are better.You can prepare an appropriate amount of lean pork, shrimp, and shiitake or black mushrooms to make ravioli. The taste is delicious and the nutritional value is good. Let’s take a look at this.

In addition to adding salt and monosodium glutamate to the soup, if you put a little raw soy sauce, sesame oil (or lard can also), chili oil, laver, parsley, shrimp skin is even better.

Of course, you can increase or decrease these seasonings according to your taste.

455 grams of thin pork minced pork and 455 grams of medium-sized shrimp. Remove the shell and remove the black line from the front. Roughly cut into 5 pieces of black mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms. Soak in hot water and chop. 3Root, finely chopped, 1 egg, 30 ml of soy sauce, 9 g of salt, 0 minced fish (dried minced pork).

2 g (optional), 2 pieces of square loquat skin (390 g) 1.

Drain the mushrooms completely, pat them dry with a paper towel, and chop them up.


In a large bowl, stir the pork, shrimp, mushrooms, shallots, eggs, soy sauce, salt and minced fish (if used) thoroughly, so that all the ingredients are completely combined.


Dip a small bowl of warm water.

If you are accustomed to using your right hand, fold the skin into a triangle and place it on your left palm.

Place approximately one teaspoon of meat filling on the bottom corner of the crust.

Then fold the corner halfway in the opposite direction and wrap the meat tightly in the skin.


Wet a finger in warm water, soak the left corner of the skin, and fold the left and right corners in your own direction (the opposite of the top corner), so the wrapped skin is like a nurse hatLook like.


During the packing process, put the crickets on an edible paper towel and cover them with a wet towel to prevent them from drying out.

After being packed, it can be carefully frozen in the frozen food bag of the refrigerator and used at any time in the future.

Conventional materials: 500 grams of minced pork, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 8 grams of salt, 3 grams of sugar, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 15 grams of shrimp, 10 grams of green onion, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of garlic, and skin of coriander.

Other ingredients: 100g of parsley, 20ml of balsamic vinegar, 15ml of soy sauce, 3g of white sugar, 3g of sesame oil, 3g of white pepper, and appropriate amount of oil pepper.

1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms and shrimps in warm water until they are soft, leaving the soaked shrimp water for later use, and then cut the shiitake mushrooms, shallots, and ginger into finely divided pieces; 2. Then add the choppedScallion, ginger, shrimp, add salt, eggs, sugar, monosodium glutamate, stir well, use the chopsticks to stir the mixed meat in the same direction, let stand for 10 minutes, wake up; 3, then take a piece of loquat skin to prevent palms, Put the appropriate amount of meat filling on the 1/3 of the crust, roll up the two ends tightly; you can pack according to personal preference: ingot-shaped, pillow-shaped, umbrella-shaped, etc .; 4, in the bowlAdd seasoning such as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, cooked pork, etc., add the hot and sour sauce seasoning sauce; 5. After the water in the soup pot is boiled again, put in the ravioli, stir well with a colander to prevent sticking to the bottom, keepOn medium heat, pour 100ml of cold water into the soup after boiling. Continue to cook until it boils again. After adding at least 2-3 times of cold water, the rind becomes transparent and soft and then comes out of the pot. Drain the water slightly.In hot and sour sauce, add suitable to your taste量Parsley, pepper Drizzle the amount of oil can.

[How to make 藕粉]_ 藕粉 _Production method_Homely practices

[How to make 藕粉]_ 藕粉 _Production method_Homely practices

In fact, many people especially like to eat some fried foods, but these foods are particularly high instantly, and if eaten as food, they will have certain effects on the body, so they gradually change to dietary brewing.Of course, the first common is lotus root powder. In fact, lotus root powder can be played at home when it is made. The lotus root powder that you make is pure and natural, and the taste is particularly good.

Use a large amount of gauze bag or fine powder sieve with a weight of 7 pounds or more, sieve a cooking machine or a grater, and make a homemade powder. Select old thick powder with thick and deep holes and small hair powder. The starch yield is high.

How to make homemade scallion powder Step 1 Prepare fresh water in the container, peel and slice or dip it to soak to prevent oxidation and discoloration.

The cooking machine adds the water of the simmered tablets and the simmered tablets to a paste.

(There is no cooking machine, use a wire wiper to wipe the mud into a container of water, and manipulate it repeatedly after rubbing and filtering.

) The method of self-made simmering powder Procedure 2 The sizing slurry is filtered twice with fresh water gauze bag, and the juice is retained. If there is no gauze bag, use a fine powder sieve to filter it.

Settle for 3 hours and filter out the starch.

The method of making homemade flour is Step 3 Skim the floating surface water, leaving the bottom starch.

Move to a large baking dish or other dry container.

The thin layer is tiled, the better the area, the faster the drying.

The surface of the water is large, you can use kitchen paper or paper towels to absorb the moisture.

Step 4 of homemade simmered flour is dried and baked reasonably.

Oven baking hot air mode, high temperature oven, slightly open the oven door and use the lowest temperature for baking.

The temperature in the oven is about 35 degrees.

The method of homemade simmering powder Step 5: The surface is dried or roasted and crushed, and it is naturally dried or baked in the room until there is no moisture.

How to make homemade flour powder Step 6 Finally, you can use stone flour, rolling pin, flour mill, and it can be broken into powder flour.

Instead of pursuing a particularly fine powder, just grind larger particles.

The last time you eat it is to dissolve it with water, and then use boiling water or cold water to cook it, but it only saves time.

Of course, it is easy to make powder.

How to make homemade flour powder Step 7 Pure natural flour powder has no raw flour taste and is as sweet as spring water!

Step 8 Tips for Homemade Ravioli Due to the large volume, it is not recommended to use the original juice machine and soymilk to beat the mash, with low power, long time consumption and low efficiency.

A pair of crickets is almost 1 kg. If you use a large wire wiper, it is actually very fast.

Gauze bags are recommended to buy nylon, online scouring, stronger and more durable than pure cotton.

You can use tofu, soy milk and wine.

[There is a certain type of anesthetic]_Type_Classification

[There is a certain type of anesthetic]_Type_Classification

Before the operation, anesthesia injection is performed to make the operation go smoothly. The anesthetics used by doctors are different, but the final results are similar. So how many kinds of anesthesias?

There are two types of anesthesia, one is local anesthesia, and the other is general anesthesia, that is, the operation ends after a sleep, which is very beneficial for major surgery.

There are dozens of common anesthetics such as nitrous oxide, naphthalene, and halothane.

1. What are general anesthetics? (1) Common drugs for general anesthesia 1. Anesthetic diol is a colorless, clear and volatile liquid with specific odor, flammable and explosive, and easily oxidized to produce peroxides and acetaldehyde.Increases toxicity.

Anesthesia concentration of ether has little effect on respiratory function and blood pressure, and has little toxicity to the heart, liver and kidneys.

Uncle still has arrow poison-like effect, so muscle relaxation effect is reset.

However, the induction and wake-up complications of this drug are prone to accidents and are rarely used.

2. Halothane is a colorless transparent liquid with a boiling point of 50.

2 ° C, non-combustible and non-explosive, but with uniform chemical properties.

The MAC of Halothane is limited to 0.

75%, strong anesthesia, and small blood / gas distribution coefficient, so short induction period and quick wake up, but weak muscle relaxation and analgesic effect of halothane; expand cerebral blood vessels, increase intracranial pressure; increase myocardiumSensitivity to catecholamines, induced cardiac arrhythmia, etc.

Repeated application of occasional hepatitis or liver necrosis should be vigilant.

Uterine muscle relaxation often causes postpartum hemorrhage, increasing in patients with difficult or caesarean sections.

3. Enflurane and isoflurane are isomers. Compared with halothane, the MAC is slightly larger, the induction of anesthesia is smooth, rapid and comfortable, the awakening is fast, the muscle is easy to be good, and it does not increase the sensitivity to theophyllineSex.

Repeated use without obvious abnormalities, occasional nausea and vomiting.

Is currently the most commonly used inhalation anesthetic.

4. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a colorless, sweet, non-irritating liquid gas, stable in nature, non-flammable and non-explosive.

When used for anesthesia, the patient feels comfortable and happy, has a strong analgesic effect, wakes up quickly after stopping the drug, and has no adverse effects on breathing, liver and kidney function.

But it has a slight inhibitory effect on the myocardium.

The MAC value of nitrous oxide exceeds 100, and the anesthesia efficacy is very low.

The anesthetic effect needs to be compatible with other anesthetics.

The blood / gas distribution coefficient is low and the induction period is short.

It is mainly used for inducing anesthesia or compatible with other general anesthetics.

(2) Intravenous anesthetics are also called non-inhalation general anesthetics. Such drugs are directly injected intravenously. They have a rapid anesthetic effect, have no irritation to the respiratory tract, have fewer adverse reactions, and are easy to use.

[2] 因麻醉较浅,主要用于诱导麻醉。If applied alone, it is only suitable for minor surgery and certain surgical procedures.

ThiopentaI sodium belongs to the ultra-short-acting barbiturates and is the most commonly used anesthetic inducer.

High fat solubility, fast anesthesia effect, but short duration of effect, coupled with poor analgesic effect, incomplete muscle relaxation, it is mainly used clinically for induction anesthesia, basic anesthesia and short-term minor surgery.

[1]Ketamine (Ketamine) is the only non-barbital intravenous anesthetic that has analgesic properties and can be used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

It is an NMDA receptor antagonist, which can interrupt pain metastasis and stimulate brain stem and limbic system at the same time, causing pain to disappear and part of consciousness to exist.

[1] 对心血管具有明显兴奋作用。Clinically, it is mainly used for minor surface surgery.

Etomidate is a fast-hypnotic, ultra-short-acting intravenous anesthetic that is mainly used for induction of anesthesia.

The efficacy is fast and the duration is short. Its intensity is about 12 times that of thiopental sodium. Anesthesia occurs about 20 seconds after intravenous injection.

This product has little effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, and is suitable for the elderly and patients with cardiovascular disease.

Large doses of rapid intravenous injection of this product may have respiratory depression.

After applying this product, array contractile muscle contraction may occur, and nausea and vomiting may appear during recovery.

Therefore, nausea is prone to occur, and patients who vomit should not be replaced.Propofol is the most commonly used short-acting intravenous anesthetic. It has a rapid onset of action, short duration of action, rapid wake-up, no stimulation to the respiratory tract, and can reduce brain metabolic rate and intracranial pressure.

For general anesthesia induction, maintenance anesthesia and sedation and hypnosis auxiliary medication.

The main adverse reactions are the inhibitory effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. If the injection is too fast, breathing and / or cardiac arrest may occur, and blood pressure may drop.

Sodium hydroxybutyrate has little effect on cardiovascular and is suitable for anesthesia in elderly, children and neurosurgery, trauma and burn patients.

It is widely distributed in the body after intravenous injection, so it has a slower onset of action and a shorter duration of action.

This product can cause delirium and muscle twitch when used alone or by injection too fast. In severe cases, breathing stops.

Fewer patients with severe hypertension, cardiac atrioventricular block, and epilepsy.

(3) Compound Anesthesia Compound anesthesia refers to the application of two or more anesthetic drugs or other auxiliary drugs at the same time or in succession to prevent the patient’s nervousness and overcome the shortcomings of long induction period and incomplete skeletal muscle relaxation of general anesthetic drugs.

(1) Designation before anesthesia refers to the application of drugs before the patient enters the operating room.

(2) Basic narcotics For people who are overly stressed or uncooperative (such as children), use high-dose hypnotics before entering the operating room to make them into deep sleep or light anesthesia.

Inhale anesthetic after entering the operating room.

(3) Induction anesthesia Use thiopental sodium or nitrous oxide with a short induction period to quickly enter the surgical anesthesia period, and then use other drugs to maintain anesthesia.

(4) Low temperature anesthesia combined with the application of chloropropane on the basis of physical cooling, which reduces the body temperature to 28-30 ° C, reduces the oxygen consumption of life organs such as the heart, and facilitates open heart surgery.

(5) Controlled hypotension and short-acting vasodilator sodium nitroprusside or calcium antagonist can moderately lower blood pressure and raise the surgical site to reduce bleeding.

Commonly used in craniocerebral surgery.

(6) Neuroleptic analgesia is commonly used for intravenous injection of a mixture of fluorophenylridol and fentanyl at a ratio of 50: 1.

Suitable for minor surgical operations.

If simultaneous addition of nitrous oxide and muscle relaxant can achieve satisfactory surgical anesthesia, called neuroleptic anesthesia.

[Whole mushroom chicken recipes]_ making method _ how to make

[Whole mushroom chicken recipes]_ making method _ how to make

Mushroom baked with chicken is a kind of food that many people like to eat. This is mainly because whether it is mushroom or chicken, its nutritional value is relatively high and the taste is very delicious.

However, if you want to successfully make chanterelles with winter mushrooms, you still need to master certain methods and skills.

Below, I will introduce the three methods of shiitake mushrooms and chicken in detail for your reference!

First, the production method of chanterelles with mushrooms 1 (1): hot oil pan, put ginger slices and scallion white segments, put in the pan to simmer, add some sugar to melt; (2): pick up the chicken and put it in the pan, keep on highFried 1?
2 minutes, turn a bit golden, then turn it; (3): After turning it, fry it in the same way to golden; (4): put winter mushrooms in; (5): add winter mushrooms, season the chicken seasoningAlso pour into the pan and stir fry evenly; (6): Pour the water that has been soaked in the mushrooms into the pan (not much water, just dip the chicken in 1/3); after the high heat is boiled, simmer slowlyCook 5?
About 8 minutes, the chicken is fully cooked; (7): Add the green onion and stir-fry until the juice is dry.

Second, the production method of winter mushroom baked chicken 2 ingredients: a few slices of ginger, 2 garlic, a few chives, a few soaked soy mushrooms, a spoonful of raw powder, a little sugar method: use chicken raw, raw powder, sugarRemove the mushrooms for half an hour, drain the oil and boil, add the ingredients and stir-fry the chicken.

On the way, cover the pot, slowly pour cold water along the side of the pot, and hear the sound of squeaking water vapor.

After a while, when the chicken showed some bones, it got out of the pan.

In this way, the chicken is tender and smooth, with the flavor of mushrooms.

Third, the production method of winter mushroom pheasant 3 Ingredients / Condiment: 10 grams of winter mushroom, 200 grams of chicken, 1 red pepper, 10 grams of ginger and spring onion.

30 grams of peanut oil, 10 grams of salt, 8 grams of MSG, 3 grams of sugar, 10 grams of oyster sauce, 10 grams of raw meal, and 5 grams of sesame oil.

Production process: (1): mushrooms, red pepper, ginger slices, chicken cut into pieces, green onions cut into sections.

(2): Chicken nuggets, mushrooms, ginger slices, red peppers, and shallots are added with salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, oyster sauce, raw flour, and sesame oil.

(3): Boil the water in the steamer, put in the raw materials, steam it over high heat for 10 minutes and take it out. Boil the oil and pour over the chicken.

[Hainan Famous Snacks]_Hainan_Species

[Hainan Famous Snacks]_Hainan_Species

Hainan is a well-known tourist attraction. When you think of Hainan, you may first think of the sun, the beach, the sea, etc. When you think of it, people think it is very beautiful.There are also a lot of foods, but if you are traveling in Hainan, you must always do sun protection work. Long-term exposure to seawater will damage human skin.

What are Hainan’s famous snacks?

Wenchang chicken: Wenchang chicken is Hainan’s traditional “top four famous dishes”, because it is produced in Wenchang, and it is also a famous dish at home and abroad.

Wenchang chicken in Hainan is traditionally eaten with white chop (also known as white cut). It is one of the best edible chickens in China. It is the most tender and original flavor of Wenchang chicken.

The flavor of Wenchang chicken is very particular. Orange juice + soy sauce + garlic puree. Hainanese have no habit of being jealous. Orange juice is an essential seasoning when eating Wenchang chicken.

Baizhang Wenchang Chicken is always a feast in Hainan. Light meals or family dishes can be used.

It is very popular in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Bao Luo Fan: Mont Blanc is a famous local snack in Hainan. It is prepared by using rice and noodles with a variety of condiments and other spices.

This name was obtained because the production of Bao Luo in Wenchang County is very famous, but because the powder of Bao Luo is slightly thicker than “Hainan Flour”, various places in Qiongbei are also called “coarse flour soup”.

Because this powder is very white, soft and smooth, the hot flavor of the soup and the wonderful flavor of the chew are very chewy, not sticky and greasy.Alluring appetite.

Jiaji Duck: Jiaji Duck is rich in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan, and is one of the “Four Famous Dish” of Hainan.

The protein content of the accumulated duck meat is 34%, which is higher than that of pigs and chickens. The content of beef is very high, and the content of aunts is only about 12%.In comparison, the content is 8% less, but it is not the least, it is even less than the geese and grass ducks.

Its chest and leg muscles account for 60% of the total meat. It is fat and succulent, high in protein, low in weight, and a lot of vitamins that are very healthy.

In folks, Jiaji duck is used as a tonic, and stewed with cordyceps and it will have a more nourishing effect. It can also be eaten with glutinous rice to cook duck congee.Stomach, Shengjin, blood and so on.

Hele Crab: One of the most famous traditional dishes in Hainan is the “Four Famous Hainanese Dishes”, which is also known as Hewenchang Chicken, Jiji Duck and Dong Goat.

Hele crabs are produced in Wanning and Hele, Hainan. Its carapace is very hard, and it is famous for its fat and cream.

The method of Hele Crab is various, especially “steamed” is the best, which not only guarantees its original flavor, but also has the beauty of the original color.

The characteristic of steamed Hele crab is that it highlights some of the original flavor of Hele crab, and the crab meat is very tender. The crab cream is yellow, and it looks like salted egg yolk nutrition.Eat together, the taste is very delicious, very nutritious.

[What are the benefits of semen for women]

[What are the benefits of semen for women]

The semen can pass through the vagina and is used to conceive women during ovulation.

After the semen enters the vagina, in addition to allowing women to conceive a baby, there are some magical effects. Some clean the vagina and correct the disinfection of the vagina. The following editor summarizes the 11 amazing effects of men’s semen.

Miraculous effect one: It helps to eliminate insomnia. Everyone desires a deep, sweet sleep, but insomnia caused by various reasons often destroys everyone.

Especially women are more prone to insomnia.

And after experiencing a harmonious sex life, the nervous and excited body began to relax, the muscles at the same time recovered and stretched out after fatigue, and drowsiness naturally struck, eliminating sleep disorders.

And the better your sex life, the easier it is to fall asleep afterwards.


[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

Loofah seeds are a relatively common Chinese medicine. They also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They have the effect of relieving wind and analgesics. They also have a good effect on joint pain.For treatment, loofah seeds can also be used to drink wine, which can play a good role in treating postpartum women’s low back pain. Let’s take a look at the effect of loofah seeds.

The effect of luffa seed sparkling wine: half a catty of luffa seed, stir-fried yellow husks and grind it into powder. Liquor is delivered for service, 1 yuan each time, twice a day.

This method may cure women with postpartum low back pain.

The “Outline” of Luffa Seeds records: cooking to eliminate heat and intestines.

The old man burns clothes, removes wind and phlegm, cools blood and detoxifies, kills insects, passes through the meridians, runs the blood veins, and lowers milk; cures blood in the stool, drops and hemorrhoids in the hemorrhoids, yellow deposits, painful oocysts, painful blood gas, scabiesSores, pimples and fetal poison.

Lumbar intervertebral problems are generally caused by irregular meridian, stasis of qi and blood, dysfunction of bones and bones, and impaired blood and gas. Oral prescription medicines have little effect on some patients, and external application of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve warming and driving cold, and dredge meridians.

External application of medicine on the body’s acupuncture points and specific parts through the meridian replacement, transforming the warming of the blood, the role of righting and eliminating evil, to achieve the purpose of treatment and health.

Therefore, for the treatment of osteopathy, the “fly poison weed penetration method” commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine is applied externally to treat cervical spine, lumbar spondylosis and similar osteopathy, and the effective rate can reach more than 90%.

Prescription herbs: 200g of fly poisonous weed, 100g of rhodiola, 20g of saffron, 100g of chuanxiong, 100g of mangosteen, 150g of Duhuo, 80g of continuous offending, and 50g of panax notoginseng.

Method: Grind the above medicinal materials into fine powder, boil them together to make a paste, apply it to the cervical spine for 3-8 hours a day, and use it continuously for one month to cure cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine and other diseases.Tongluo, diabetes, pregnant women, menstrual men should be used with caution. Friends with conditions can find the specific medicinal materials of the fly poison poisoning method and prepare them by themselves.

In the past, people often dispensed their own medicine to make a paste and applied it to the pain. Because the formula is more complicated and difficult to prepare, it is difficult to master. Fortunately, when old Chinese medicine is used, the poisonous weed is based on ancient recipes and manual cooking methods.The osteosynthesis method is directly made into the original paste, which is very convenient to use. There are related articles and materials in the fly venom osteosynthesis method. The article has more specific methods of use. You can take a look at it to find a treatment method that suits you.Symptoms can cure lumbar spondylosis.

It is better for patients to choose a stiffer bed, and to make the bones full of force when sleeping, which is helpful for the rest of the bones.

Types of low back pain: 1, middle back pain: upper spine, interspinous ligamentitis 2, middle back pain: lumbar facet joint injury, complications 3, lumbar tendon muscle pain: lumbar muscle strain 4, middle waist + pain pain: Lumbar discogenic pain 5, middle waist + hips + thighs + calf belly + toes: disc herniation

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

For men, sex is actually a gas station for life, giving them confidence and strength.

However, in clinical practice, some men often come to see a doctor because of a loss of sexual desire, and they gradually suspected it all day long, even affecting normal life and work.

In medicine, we judge that male libido generally meets a standard, that is, at least 3 consecutive months of adult men’s lack of sexual interest or no sexual life requirements.

In fact, normal men ‘s requirements for sexual life vary from person to person, and there are great differences. Just like drinking, those who are good drinkers can drink 1 kg of liquor, and those who are not good drinkers may be overwhelmed.You can compare yourself, not horizontally.

There are many factors that affect male sexual desire. The most common are the following.


[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

Tiger Piranha is one of the plants of this species. It is mainly used for someone to absorb formaldehyde in a new house after decoration. This method of removing formaldehyde is still very significant, and the leaves of Tiger PiranchiIt can be eaten directly as a medicinal material, which is also a good method for treating diseases, especially for some trauma, swelling and pain relief effects will become more obvious.

Putting plants in a renovated new home to absorb formaldehyde is a suggestion often heard in daily life.

But in fact, the absorption of formaldehyde by plants is actually quite low, usually on the order of 1mg / h / ㎡, and the highly respected spider plant is only 0.

15 mg / h / ㎡.

For the indoor space of tens or hundreds of square meters, the absorption rate of spider plant, ivy, etc. is too slow, which has no practical significance.

The mechanism by which formaldehyde is absorbed by plants is that formaldehyde molecules can bind to proteins in plants.

Therefore, formaldehyde is toxic to plants.

Although plants cannot absorb formaldehyde, some formaldehyde-sensitive plants, such as bougainvillea and safflower sorrel, can produce toxic effects in the presence of low concentrations of formaldehyde and can be used as environmental indicator plants.

Therefore, to eliminate gas pollutants in the home, open windows and ventilate in good weather, and use some Mayan blue at the same time is the most reliable method.

Medicinal material source: the whole grass or root of the lily plant Chlorophytum.

Harvesting and storage: The initial harvesting, washing and fresh use.

[4]性味味甘;微苦;性凉 [4]功能主治化痰止咳;散瘀消肿;清热解毒.

Main phlegm fever cough; bruises; fractures; bloated; hemorrhoids; burns.

For children with high fever, lung fever, cough, vomiting blood, bruises and so on.

[4]Oral dosage: Jiantang, 6-15 grams, fresh products 15-30 grams.

Topical: appropriate amount, mashing; or frying.

[4]Ornamental value Chlorophytum is a perennial herb. The branches are drooping at intervals. In summer or other seasons when the temperature is high, small white flowers are blooming. The flowers are concentrated at the ends of the hanging branches. The flower core is yellow.Watch.

Take 3g of the crude powder, add 50ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter while hot, dry while steaming, add 2ml of ethanol to the residue pool to dissolve, filter, filter and add a small amount of magnesium powder to react with hydrochloric acid, the solution is dark red。
(Check flavonoids)

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

Alcohol is a very important drink in life, and the amount of alcohol that everyone can drink is called the amount of alcohol. Each person has a different amount of alcohol. Some people can drink it. One thousand glasses are not drunk. This is the performance of large amounts of alcohol, but,Some people start with a lot of alcohol, but over time, they get smaller and smaller.

Let ‘s take a look at why some people are getting worse.

Excessive drinking every day, or drinking poor quality wine, will lead to physical immunity and endurance!

Severe brain cells are severely damaged, causing damage to the body.

Alcohol is not forbidden, it is for drinking in moderation, and it cannot be drunk every day.

First, abnormal alcohol in the liver requires the liver to break down. If there is a problem in the liver, the ability to break down alcohol will decrease.

If you drink a bottle of white wine, you suddenly feel that drinking two or two is not enough, it is likely that it is caused by liver problems.

After the liver is abnormal, everyone must go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise a more serious situation may occur.

Second, alcoholic gastritis often drinks alcohol, which may irritate the stomach and may make the stomach feel very uncomfortable. At this time, if gastritis appears in the stomach, it may affect everyone’s normal life.

The appearance of gastritis may cause abnormal decomposition of alcohol, and a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption occurs in the robe.

Third, people with a cold may have a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption when they have a cold.

Physical discomfort may cause the enzymes in the body to run too slowly, and then at this time, it is likely that a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption will occur.

Because everyone’s alcohol is different, everyone can’t control their own amount when they are drinking normally. Many people may feel powerless when drinking normally, so at this time everyone should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
If the liver is abnormal, symptomatic treatment should be timely to avoid the emergence of diseases such as hepatitis B.