25 oktober Network Reception Laatste bedrijven hebben bedrijfslicenties verkregen

Yangguang.com, Beijing, 13 november, volgens het ministerie van Transport, Micro-Signaal Nieuws, de National WebMark Auto Supervision Informatie Interactive Platform Statistieken, vanaf 31 oktober 2021 zijn er 251 netwerkontvangstbedrijven in het land om de WEBLINE-platform De licentie is gestegen met 3 dan het voorgaande jaar; het netto ongeveer netten van het net zullen het rijbewijs hebben, het voertuigtransportcertificaat is 10.000, en de ring neemt toe met%,%.

De National Webmaster Supervision Interaction Interaction Platform ontving bestellingen informatie van bestellingen in oktober, die opgewonden geworden.

Vanaf deze maand is er een functie: in het online benaderingplatform van meer dan 300.000 singles is de envelopreisorder in de eerste plaats, met een sinaasappel om de bodem voort te zetten. In oktober 2021 waren er 18 online benadering van meer dan 300.000 singles.

In vergelijking met september, de nieuwe Blue Road Travel, overtroffen de E-Line 2 Network Reception Platform-bestellingen 300.000.

Volgens de nalevingssnelheid van de bestelling (verwijzend naar het bedrag aan bestellingen dat de bestuurder en het aantal toegestane bestellingen) van hoog tot laag worden, wordt het genoten, zoals Quan Travel, Recruit Trips, Timely gebruik de auto, Blue Road Travel, Join Hua Travel, Sunshine Travel, Shenzhou Speciale auto, T3 Reizen, Pitone E-lijn, Cao Cao Travel, Eerste steile auto, Amerikaanse groep Taxi, Wanshun auto, help de baai, druppelen, een klein varken doorbrengen, vergezeld door een sinaasappel. De top drie in de top drie in de volgorde in deze maand zijn de hoofdauto, de zon reist, geniet van de weg; de laatste drie van de groei is als een reizen (-%), rekrutstripjes (-%), pitone E-lijn (-%).

In grote centrale steden is de nalevingssnelheid van de bestelling de hoogste in Xiamen, de laagste is Kunming. In grote centrale steden is de naleving van de bestelling van hoge naar lage ranglijsten. Het is Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Hefei, Changchun, Hohhot, Nanjing, Qingdao, Nanchang, Xining, XI ‘ An, Ningbo, Lanzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Haikou, Changsha, Jinan, Taiyuan, Harbin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Yinchuan, Peking, Shijiazhuang, Kunming. Onder hen, 7 nalevingsnummers van de stedelijke orde, zoals Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guiyang, Zhengzhou waren meer dan 80%. De top drie in de top drie in de volgorde in deze maand zijn Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou; de laatste drie van de laatste drie zijn Fuzhou (-%), Wuhan (-%), Lanzhou (-%).

Behind the "Snow Ruyi" is the stability protection of these positions

Original title: The stability of these positions behind the "Snow" This winterly, the light is used to use 160 ACMEXP-20RBSW beam lamps, 104 A cutting pattern lamps and 8 30W full color laser lights, distributed in the home area, The viewer’s stand and the back area square position is mainly used for the atmosphere lighting effect of special lights before and after the game. On December 5, the two Intercontinental Cup Terminals in Beijing Tilted and the Nordic Intercontinental Cup Test were all ended. During the test competition, the national jumping platform ski center conducted a game of two three projects of men and women. When the competition ends in the evening, "Snow Ruyi" and cross-country venues also dedicated the wonderful light show for athletes.

Behind the snow, it is the full guarantee of the team positions in the test competition.

According to the team responsible for the power supply guarantee when the test competition and the winter Orance, the power security team has reached the "six nine" levels on the supply of green electricity supply in the core area, which is%, ensuring high quality, environmental protection, and reliable supply of Winter. power supply. The National Tilter Ski Center is the world’s largest skiing venue. The main architectural design is inspired by traditional Chinese accessories, the top of the tower, the track cross-sectional line and the bottom look, and the Chinese traditional mascot "Ruyi" S The perfect curve is perfectly integrated, and it is called "snow". During this test, "Snow Ruyi" venues and cross-country ski venues have lit up sports show light show in the evening in the evening, showing the most exciting "Snow Ruyi" stadium for athletes from all over the world. one side. After the game, these athletes from all over the world expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the work of the track and staff.

In the "back" "behind", it is responsible for the efforts of technical and power security.

According to Huo Dawei, the national cross-country ski center, Huo Dawei, the venue power security team is mainly based on the staff of the National Grid Corporation. Since the test event in February this year, four competition venues, five non-competition venue guarantee teams, more than 600 people participated in the security team, and made a comprehensive medical examination of the permanent power facilities of the venue. Since August this year, according to the electricity demand in the winter Orance, the construction of temporary power in the OBS, media operation, the operation, the operation, athlete synthesis is fully launched.

Li Xiaohu, which is responsible for power grid monitoring and emergency organization, and the team has established a power network emergency plan, signed electricity safety notices in the field of electricity, and all electricity equipment have been statistically and monitored. Emergency plans have been developed on all equipment on all equipment, and is divided into four levels according to importance. "For special loads, we set up dual UPS to ensure power supply, subsequently set-level setup UPS, followed by dual power supply and single power supply, and finally do the reliable power supply of ‘six nine’." Li Xiaohu Say.

According to the team introduction, during this test competition and future Winter Olympics, all the electrical energy used in Zhangjiakou Fair is "green electricity".

Huo Dawei introduced that Zhangjiakou area is rich in renewable resources.

"The new energy installed capacity in Zhangjiakou area has exceeded the traditional installed capacity.

Every 10 degrees of electricity here, there are 5 degrees or more are cleaning power. The new energy installed capacity has exceeded the installed capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower, and it is called the Three Gorges in the dam. Huo Dawei said. During the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou area used the wind and electric energy from the wind, but also looked at the Zhangjiakun District, but also made a force for the green Olympics in the Beijing Division. (North Youth Daily Reporter Cui Jun (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Beijing Metro first "Hebei created" train in Baoding City

It is reported that the Western Section of Metro Line 11 is located in Shijingshan District, the North to Northern Rocking Station, south to Xinshou Steel Station.

The length of the line is 4.The Western Section of Metro Line 11 uses a type A aluminum alloy subway train, and the group mode is 3 moving 1 to 4 groups, and the maximum operating speed is 100 km / h, and some people can realize the full automatic operation.

Subway Line 11 is used to use the national treasure giant panda image. It uses blue white tune inside and outside. It symbolizes white ice and snow and blue sky.Show "ice and snow" elements.At the same time, many innovations in the train lead to the advanced level of intelligent metro, which can achieve automatic driving without drivers operation in full scene.

Berlin giant panda twins have been weaned to return to China

  On November 11 local time, the reporter learned from the Berlin Zoo that two years ago, the giant panda twins "Dream" "Dream", born in Germany, has been weaned.

Berlin Zoo is currently being discussed with China to send giant panda twins back to China.

  The giant panda "Jiaqing" and "Dream" from Sichuan, China arrived in Germany in June 2017, and stayed in Berlin Zoo to build a giant panda pavilion built. On August 31, 2019, "Dreams" had a pair of male twins "dream" "dream". On August 31 this year, "Dreams" "Dream Round" spent two years old in Berlin, with less than 200 grams of weight from birth to about 65 kg from birth.

  Berlin Zoo Gardeard Cranirem said that the latest progress shows that "dream" "dream circle" will be possible to return to China next year.

He said that although the specific date of the giant panda twins returned to China has not yet been determined, Berlin Zoo has been discussed with China’s giant panda experts to prepare the arrival of this day.

(Produced Yue Ziyan).

Bring your family healthy moisturizing breathing – Chimmy Srifeng Humidifier 1S

Air drying will bring some adverse effects, especially in the winter, indoor heating will evaporate moisture in the air, and some dust and suspended particulate matter lose attachment substance, will flutter in the air, easily become a bacterium Communication media. The external temperature in winter is low, and people will reduce the number of outlooks and remain in the room, but the dry air environment in the room will not only affect women’s skin health, and the low immunity will also have a respiratory disease. Many users put a pot of water in the room to increase air humidity, but it is conceivable that the effect is very small, and the best way is to use a high quality air humidifier.

It is only a simple and humidified air humidifier that cannot be called high-quality products. In addition to bringing comfortable wet air to users, it can protect the aerosolic air is healthy and clean. .

Wet environment is easy to become a hotbed of bacteria, if there is no sterilization device, there is a hidden danger of bacteria.

It is well known that ultraviolet rays are better than sterilizing and disinfection, and the interstitial hygroscopic 1s induced by the interstitial humidifier can be used to potentially inactive bacteria in water and there is no pollution, not only the sterilization area, and can also Ultra-high sterilization rate. Under the premise of ensuring atomized water source region, the Zhi Mi Sterilic humidifier 1s also takes into account the cleanliness of the wind, using ABS materials containing broad-spectrum antibacterial ingredients, can effectively inhibit bacterial breeding, double protection, guarding users Breathing health. The advantages of the intelligent hygroscopic 1s are also intelligent, and users do not need frequent regulatory air humidity values. If the interstitial humidifier 1s will be very smart to determine the environmental humidity, which will increase when air humidity is low Working speed; Conversely, the operating speed will also be reduced when the air humidity is high. With the high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, the honey sterilizer 1s can intelligently create and maintain a comfortable air environment to the user, allowing users to use it and worry.

Science and technology change life, in this day-new era, why not experience more healthy and more comfortable life by means of a honeymosis humidifier 1s, so that the family can enjoy warmth and enjoy moisturizing air in winter.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

China – Brunei "Double 30 Years" ushered in broad development prospects

People’s Network Bangkok March 8th (Sun Guangyong) Busy Wenlai Bay, boat shipped to the ship.The last 5 km from the land is thriving, the air is full of scene: a stunned refining device directly in the clouds, the thick silver white oil pipeline flashes in the sun.

This is one of the Chinese flagship cooperation projects, China in Brunei’s largest investment project – Hengjing Petrochemical Solar Morai Comprehensive Refining Project. In the first three quarters of 2020, Hengjing gaged value accounted for% of Brunei’s domestic product, accounting and exports accounted for% of Brunei trade, and the important contribution to Brunei foreign trade, economic growth, and made important development of the oil and gas downstream industry. contribute. "I am very happy to see the first phase of Hengjing Petrochemical Morra Island Comprehensive Refining Projects to put into production, safe and smooth operation.

The Chinese-funded enterprises in Brunei contributed to the local prevention and control new crown epidemic, and it hopes that companies will continue to do safety production and localization, and actively promote the Diversification of Brunei and China and China. "On December 14, 2020, Brunei Sudan said in the chairman of Mengyi Group, Chairman, said.

Hengfei Brunei petrochemical is only a microcosm of Chinese economic and trade cooperation.

In recent years, Chinese in China has been building a "all way" as the main line, steadily promoting the cooperation between major projects such as Hengyi Petrochemical, "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor", expanding mutual benefit and interests, bringing the people of the two countries. In the interest. In the face of the epidemic, the two countries should work in hand, and the significant results of the anti-vaginus have become an economy that achieves growing under the situation of the epidemic situation. 2020 bilateral trade vendors, year-on-year increase, China’s year-on-year increase in the year-on-year increase, and the increase in the first ASEAN countries. In terms of two-way investment, China has increased in the year-on-year increase in the year-on-year, the increase in the ASEAN countries; absorbs Brunei investment year-on-year growth, and the increase is the second place in ASEAN countries. Distance is not far from Damori, the lest reef, such as a chopstick is located on the Bay of Wenlai. On the sea, a huge breeding net box is neatly arranged, the yellow railing exposes the water, the blue fishing nets go deep into the seabed, and the tanks pass secretly marma. This is the Shenhai Internet box breeding base of Haizi Tong Fisheries (Brunei) Co., Ltd. as the first floor project of "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor". Bring seafood fish, changed the history of Brunei seawater fish farmed fish relying on import.

In the "2035 Magnifill" launched by the Brunei, the Diversified "2035 Magnificent" is one of the key development industries, known as the "vegetable basket" project of Brunei.

Brunei Junior Resources and Minister of Tourism, Hargi Ali, said that China and Enterprises have carried out pragmatic cooperation in the fields of seafood breeding, providing strong support for Brunei to protect food security and promote economic diversification.

A large container ship slowly entered the port, and the ship was stopped after the ship was stopped, and the container was hoisted to the pier. Then piled up from the front hanging and stacker to different regions of the yard.

Morra is the largest container terminal of Brunei, which is operated by Chinese joint venture, promotes Brunei to surrounding national routes, and continues to enhance port freight processing. Hong Kong, not only promoted China-Brunei, but also promoted the construction of "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor" project, and promoted the corridor and China-East Zeng District cooperation and "Luhai New Trigation" docking, enhanced Brunei Regional cooperation in the hub position. Brunei is not large, but the oil and gas resources are rich. For a long time, Brunei economic development is highly dependent on crude oil, natural gas export, 56% of its GDP, 85% of export trade, and 81% of fiscal revenue from the oil and gas industry.

Single question of economic structure plasted with Brunei. In 2008, in order to better achieve economic diversification, the Brunei Government proposed Brunei Middle and long-term development planning Brunei "2035 Magnificent". 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Chinese construction diplomatic relations.

Standing on the "Double 30" anniversary, the two countries agreed to improve the level of Chinese mutual benefit, implement the Chinese "Visionary Objectives" and the "2035 Master" strategy docking, deepening high quality and build a "all the way" cooperate. The two countries will actively focus on the development of the anti-vloise, develop two major themes from bilateral and multilateral levels to build a "all road" as the lead, promote cooperation and upgrading in various fields, and push Chinese and China-ASEAN relations. Higher levels have brought greater well-being for both countries and people.

"The Chinese will continue to carry out anti-v.cinations, including vaccines, agree to establish a ‘shortcut channel" of convenient personnel, and explore the’ green channel ‘to establish cargo exchanges’ to help each other’s economic and social development. Both sides should accelerate Hengfeit Peng , ‘Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor’ and the farmer’s fishery cooperation, developing new growth points such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, and makes new contributions to the Wen Fang.

"Secretary and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Brunei during January this year.

Brunei Sudan Hassan said that China is Brunei’s traditional friendly neighboring and important partners, and the relationship between the two countries is based on mutual trust, respect each other, mutual benefit. We are willing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and cooperate with the "2035" Master "and the Chinese" Visionary Target "in China, strengthen agriculture, fisheries and other fields," Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor "The construction of major projects, deepening the strategic partnership between the two countries. "Thirty and standing, Chinese relations ushered in a broad development prospect. ‘Double 30’ anniversary plus Brunei as president of ASEAN, providing an important opportunity for Chinese two countries to fully cooperate. Both parties have released the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomacy, logo With the sailing boat, it indicates that the relationship between the two countries through the new crown epidemic is haze, and it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

(Editor: Su Tongxiang, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

China @ 四川 | Spring tea is more "green"

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, April 30 (Reporter Zhang Chaoqun, Yang Hua) At the moment, the top of spring tea is listed, the tea industry is the backbone pillar industry of the characteristic advantage industry and farmers in the famous mountains of Sichuan Province, and promotes the clean energy in the tea processing process. Instead, reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, so that spring tea is more "green". Ya’an Mountain Area is now more than 350,000 mu, and the comprehensive annual output value of tea industry is 16 billion yuan. In the past, more than 2,000 tea processing enterprises here were mainly from coal and other fossil fuels. In recent years, Ya’an City incorporates tea processing "coal" into the green load energy industry, encouraging electrical energy replacement, and promoting tea processing enterprises to transform and upgrade in energy use. Teachers enterprises have lost their dark coal, move into the industrial park, and use clean and clean electricity.

  Soft, killing, fried tea, squatting, drying … The production workshop of the Qing Dynasty tea factory is opening the foot horn processing spring tea. The Qiqing Tea Factory is the "pioneer" of the local tea processing "coal and electricity". Zhang Chenglong, the factory manager, told reporters to improve the quality of tea, and improved the production efficiency of tea while optimizing tea. , Coal ash and coal residue pollution. "This year, the weather is good, the output is increased in previous years, we try more to tea, multi-machining, 24 hours, basically keep ‘zero stock’." He said. Chuncha production also made a requirement for electricity safety and reliable supply. The gridized service personnel of Nameshan Power Supply Company in Guoyan City, China regularly inspected the electric lines in the tea garden, carried out infrared temperature measurement, and cleaning of the tree barrier.

"In the peak of spring tea, we arrange a special person to check the line equipment involving tea processing electricity, as well as the user’s equipment facilities to ensure that they safely stabilize.

Chen Wanbing, the staff of Baizhang Power and Power Supply Company, Ya’an City, Guo’an City, said that Zhao Lei, the head of Ya’an Fangyangyuan Tea Co., Ltd., in the factory "coal modification", put more energy on the purchase of fresh tea. "I used to burn coal, I have to find one or two people to burn boilers, and I have to find a lot of venues.

Since I have been changed in the industrial park, I saved the cost of workers, solved the problem of more coal pollution, and the efficiency also increased. "According to statistics, since the implementation of" coal change "electric energy replacement since 2018, Ya’an City has implemented more than 80,000 kilowatts of new electric energy, alternative to electricity, 300,000 tons, sulfur dioxide tons, nitrogen Tens of oxygen oxygen.


Borrowing "Two Learning One" Normalization Institutionalization Casting Iron Army Team

Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on the Promotion of" Studying "and the Institutionalization of School Education." The party committees of all sectors in all regions have clearly do a good job of implementation, and ask the majority of party members to persist for a long time. To form a normal state.

Calcium to build a soul, firm ideals and beliefs, and strictly cast the "iron army" team.

Industry is in diligence, it is watched; it is integrated, it is destroyed.

The party constitution is the total charter of the party to the party, party regulations is the specific follow-up of party members and behaviors. General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is the latest achievement of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics. The party organization and all party members must always adhere to the party organizations. guide. The goal is before, the core is clear, and the comrades of party members should insist on reading the original, learn the principle of the original, and so much, how to exchange more, often correct than usual. It is necessary to talk to the party rules, comparison of the party constituency, comparing the advanced typical, compared to the actual situation, timely check the short board, immediately rectify, effectively enhance the "four awareness", clean ideas and dust, strike standards for "party sexual examination", cast one The iron army team of loyalty Qigda standard.

From the strict governance of the party, crack the work style, and strictly cast the "Iron Army" team. The law can serve people, and the body can bring people, selfless.

Party discipline law is the basic criterion of party members and cadres, always keep in mind, fully implement the "Code" "Regulations", and strictly implement the "eight provisions", and resolutely prevent the behavior of the interests of the masses. Doing qualified party members is definitely not a wind, not three minutes of heat, must be strictly asked to practice, grasp the early grabbing daily, and constantly refine the quantification of party members. From the strict treatment of the party, there is absolutely no rest, it must always tighten the wind to build this string, and grasp the future, and party members should often do common thinking, I am in the three provinces, a province, "There is a" today " The province "is justice", the three provinces "How to act in the future" Quick action, focus on achieving results, and strictly cast "Iron Army" team.

It is like a wind, it is like a fire, invading like a fire, does not move like a mountain, it is difficult to know if the yin, moving like a thunder. "Two learning and one" is the key to learning, the foundation is doing, the implementation is being changed: the ideological understanding should be deepened, the problem is highlighted, the effectiveness is obvious, the local characteristics should be embodied.

Deployment, classify, and implement the implementation, comprehensive supervision, etc., ensuring that it is incorporated into daily, and it is often in the moment. Whether the basic system is functioning, whether the basic system is implemented, the learning content is serious and implemented, whether the scope is covered, whether the party building strength is strengthened, and the key task is strongly promoted, and the party building leads, education leads, benchmark Leading, paying attention to learning teaching, promoting "two learning and one" education results landing roots, resolutely prevent formalism, prevent "two skin".

Deep plow "Party Building +" model in the industrial promotion, project attack, ecological protection, environmental remediation, social governance, etc. The truncation, the first front, "is found to be loyal to the iron army who dares to do.

The tide is standing to Tao head, and the hand is not wet. Adhere to the "two studies" often, do not engage in specialization, no level, strict implementation of education full coverage, adhere to the combination of learning, knowing the party, more political belief, more rules, more rules, morality Good behavior, more dedication, that is, the investigation is changed, to promote, cast a team of iron military teams. (Lu Fangfang) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

Central Civilization Office uitgebracht "China Good People List" in december 2021

  Onlangs bracht het Central Civilization Office de "China Good People List" in Wuhan, Hubei-provincie, 92 (groep) die anderen helpen te helpen, het zien van rechtvaardigheid, eerlijkheid en betrouwbaarheid, toewijding, filiale deviale liefde, goede mensen. Ze worden aanbevolen bij de meerderheid van de Netizens, waaronder 179 kandidaten aanbevolen door alle lokale beschaving, via het eerste scherm, online display, Netizen-beoordeling, deskundige beoordeling. Publiceer de evenementensite.

Beeldbron: Wuhan Civilization Office, er is een goed persoon in de lijst, er is moeilijk om moeilijkheden met hek te overwinnen, de online winkel openen om de mensen naar de Hubei Inspirational Guy Chenz Fang te leiden; Er is een winterseizoen in de koude winter , rustig liaoning oom Wu Enguo; meer dan 30 jaar naleving van traditioneel vakmanschap met de hand gemaakt elk stuk tofu, van de Shaanxi-tractor Zhao, vanaf de twee, twee, Shaanxi, Zhao Fei Lin; een familie is een halve eeuw om op de Lake Bohai, wachtend op het moederland de grens van Tibetaanse herders Awandi; er is een universiteit met paraplegisme, zorg voor zijn vader meer dan 10 jaar van Henan "00" Boy Horse Yongn … hun daden veroorzaken Netizens om Resonate te resoneren, wat Netizens Laat een bericht achter: "Het zijn allemaal gewone mensen hebben een buitengewoon ding gedaan.

Ze gebruiken vriendelijk, serieus, aanhoudend, onbevreesd om de geest van goede mensen uit te leggen, hulde aan hen te betalen! "China Good Man" Yang Xiaoling ontving een interview in de scène.

Beeldbron: Wuhan Municipal Civilization Office in Wuhan Vrijgegeven eventsite, "Express Brother" Wang Yong, die dapper is, het opnieuw bezienswaardigheden in de epidemische preventie en controle-logistiek, zei: "De toekomstige dag, ik wil een goede dag doorzoeken persoon..

"Handheld Yang Xiaoling, 30 jaar, deelde het geluk en de kinderen van de kinderen, ze zei:" Je kunt je zorgen maken over elk gehandicapte kind, is je grootste geluk. "De bloederige jeugd van het terugzenden van thuisbedrijf vertelt het verhaal van het veld van het veld. Hij zei:" Het is geen slogan voor de landbouwdienst.

"Beoordeel het leven en de dood van de hero?sche besparing mensen, de hulppolitie Guy Zheng Qinglin zei:" Als ik een soort van een soort van instinct is, verander dan een collega om me heen, ontmoette zoiets, er is geen erfgoed.

"Voor de verontruste familie, een goede vrouw, Zhao Fang, die een dag, retrospectief is, heb ik het gevoel dat" zolang een gezin wil denken, de dagen zullen worden gemaakt, de dagen zullen steeds populairder zijn. "Hun vriendelijkheid is misschien niet geschokt, maar ze passeren liefde en warmte, raakten elk publiek aan de scène aan.

"China Good Man" Zheng Qinglin accepteerde een interview in de scène.

Beeldbron: Wuhan Civilization Office Central Civilization Office heeft georganiseerd "Ik raad me aan om de activiteiten van het goede volk voor 13 opeenvolgende jaren te bekijken.

In 2021 zijn de activiteiten beoordeeld in 1217 "China Good People". De netibens hebben een beetje in totaal meer dan 100 miljoen, gecombineerd met het 100-jarige thema van de partij, en hebben de maand in 11 steden gehouden als Jiaxing, Guizhou Zunyi, Sichuan Dazhou. "China Good People lijst" Release-activiteiten, levendig vertellen het verhaal van goede mensen in de buurt, het tonen van gewone helden, cre?ren een sterke sfeer van het leren van Chinese goede mensen in de hele samenleving, en streven naar nieuwe mensen het tijdperk.

Chengdu is selected in the Chinese European Regional Policy Cooperation China Case Area

Original title: Chengdu Selected National Central European Regional Policy Cooperation China Case Area Reporter Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission office issued notice, clearly including 22 cities (New District, Development Zone), including Chengdu, and the China European region Policy cooperation China case area, the cooperation period is 2021-2023.

  Notice is clear, the case area must conscientiously implement the regional major strategy and regional coordinated development strategy, give full play to the comparative advantage, innovate China-EU cooperation, enrich the cooperation between the two parties, improve the level of regional openness, and promote China-EU’s pragmatic cooperation. According to the State Council, in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission established regional policy cooperation mechanisms with the European Commission. The two sides have turned 12 high-level dialogues and 14 policy seminars. They have carried out two rounds of support for 40 cases of collaboration, effectively promoting the smooth communication, industrial collaboration, cultural interoperability and personnel exchange.

(Chengdu Daily Reporter Baiyang) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing more people see.