Berlin giant panda twins have been weaned to return to China

  On November 11 local time, the reporter learned from the Berlin Zoo that two years ago, the giant panda twins "Dream" "Dream", born in Germany, has been weaned.

Berlin Zoo is currently being discussed with China to send giant panda twins back to China.

  The giant panda "Jiaqing" and "Dream" from Sichuan, China arrived in Germany in June 2017, and stayed in Berlin Zoo to build a giant panda pavilion built. On August 31, 2019, "Dreams" had a pair of male twins "dream" "dream". On August 31 this year, "Dreams" "Dream Round" spent two years old in Berlin, with less than 200 grams of weight from birth to about 65 kg from birth.

  Berlin Zoo Gardeard Cranirem said that the latest progress shows that "dream" "dream circle" will be possible to return to China next year.

He said that although the specific date of the giant panda twins returned to China has not yet been determined, Berlin Zoo has been discussed with China’s giant panda experts to prepare the arrival of this day.

(Produced Yue Ziyan).