2021 Annual Luoyang Internet Industry Party Building Procurement Assembly

The meeting pointed out that since this year, the city’s Internet industry has worked earnestly, focusing on the "Building 100 Anniversary" theme main line, focusing organization, team, activity construction, actively exploring innovative Internet party building work, party organizations in the Internet field appeal and cohesiveness constantly enhanced . The meeting requires that the city’s Internet industry should adhere to the new requirements of the new era of the party’s construction as follows, the concept of "party construction is strong", ensuring that the Internet industry has always thought about the party, politically, and acts on party Chinese, with the party go. It is necessary to grasp the construction of the team, strengthen the cultivation of new students, and the backup power, and incorporate the party’s workload into the corporate performance assessment system, and continuously promote the "same frequency resonance" of the Internet corporate party construction and production operations.

It is necessary to integrate the party building red index with the industry’s health development, public welfare services and innovation and entrepreneurship, realize the party building envision, and strongly promote the healthy development of Luoyang Internet industry, in order to create a national civilized city, building a young friendly city contributing to the Internet industry .

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