South Korea’s "Yuan Coyong Seoul" plans to target municipal services

[] The Korean Seoul Municipal Government has recently announced that they will build a public service "Yuan Cosmic" platform, and temporarily named "Yuan Coyong Seoul", I hope to provide new concepts of public services with this platform. "Yuan Yin Seoul Five-Year Plan" planned $ 39 million, divided into three phases, completed construction and expansion in about five years.

  According to Seoul City Government, the current epidemic is still continuous, and the non-contact communication channel has been vigorously developed. The platform construction of "Yuan Yixiang Seoul" is expected to begin since 2022, and it is expanded from 2025 to 2026. Basic formation, ultimately realize all the traditional business sectors of economic, cultural, tourism, education, complaints, etc. to create a Yuancai Administrative Service Ecology. This plan is also included in the mid- and long-term Yuan Cosmic Policy Comprehensive Planminated in Seoul Mayor Wu Shixun in "Seoul Vision 2030". According to the plan, Seoul City has established seven basic services in accordance with the current situation and needs of the universe in the public and private sectors, including the creation of the Yuan Cosmic Industrial Ecology (Economy), the experience-based learning (education) based on the universe, is not subject to time and space restrictions Non-contact cultural marketing (Wen Travel), open communication services (communication), combined with real and virtual space XR technology city innovation (city), more convenient new virtual administrative services (cities), and more convenient for new virtual administrative services (cities) for XR technology, innovation (cities), and more conveniently ) And infrastructure that specializes in "Yuan Coso Seoul".

  As the launch demonstration project of "Yuancai Seoul", 2022 New Year’s Day Seoul City will hold a virtual bell ceremony in the Yuancosian. From next year, Seoul will build a virtual mayor office and Seoul Financial Science and Technology Lab, invest in Seoul, Seoul Campus City and other enterprises, and provide relevant services. By 2023, it will also create a virtual integrated consultation room "Yuan Cosen 120 Center". The public no longer needs to personally visit the office building of the Seoul City Government to conduct complaints, consult, but directly through the visit to the Yuan Cosmic platform, it can communicate with the virtual civil servants.

  In the field of Yuancai virtual sightseeing, 2022 Jahr City Government plans to establish a "virtual tourist special zone" including the main tourist attractions of the Gangzhan Square, De Shou Palace, and South Gate Market, and reproduce Dunyi Gate through virtual space I have disappeared precious historical resources. From 2023, a representative celebration ceremony with representative celebrations in the Yuan Universe and tourists will also meet in the Yuanhe Universe and visitors.

  In addition, the municipal government will also use extended reality technology to develop some metacular services for social vulnerable groups, such as service content that guarantee the safety and convenience of persons with disabilities.