immediately,Others moved。

Like a quiet wind blowing。
Beyond the Cotai Boat,Immortals and Exterminators will fight for life and death in Yasha。
From the battlefield,The Demon Slayer Club Yasha seems to have the upper hand,The body of Yasha has amazing defenses,The limbs and arms are powerful and flexible enough。
And the Master of Exterminating Demons is to understand the way of the void,The attack moves are very safe。Defense with arms,Fight with arms,Completely suppress the rugged fairy。
But in fact,The rugged fairy,After all, he is a long-range attack,And there are strong people behind。
Although the Lord of Exterminating Demons is desperate,But for a while, it won’t be a rugged fairy,At the same time, I am more afraid of other enemies on the golden flying boat。
suddenly,A black wind appeared between the two fighting,A figure emerges in the black wind。The rugged fairy looks overjoyed,Back quickly。
The master,But instinctively feel an uncontrollable sense of fear。
But his anger,Completely suppressed this fear!
Combine your limbs and arms,Power to destroy a mountain,Bombarded in the black wind silhouette,But like a mud cow into the sea。
“Good strength!”The figure hidden in the black wind stretched out his right arm,Snapped。
The seemingly powerless black wind swept through,The huge body of the candle dragon has no backhand power,Suppressed by this backhand。