Condensation of thunderclouds in the sky,At this time, everyone saw a robbery thunder the size of a bowl,Towards Xia Chenglong’s Tianling Gai and slashed past。

Everyone saw this robbery,There was a sigh in my heart:“How powerful is this person’s strength?,This is how the first Thunder Tribulation followed,How terrible it is。”
The same is true for the second thunder robbery,Then the third,Fourth way,Fifth way and sixth way,Until the seventh。
At this time, the thunder robbery is accurate,Can’t be called thunder robbery,Because of this seventh thunder,Impressively black。
This early thunder catastrophe is really not too difficult for Xia Chenglong to deal with,Must go through Xia Chenglong’s own cultivation,Where is the strength,You don’t even have to summon the Sky Profound Sword,I just passed these thunder robberies。
But until the seventh thunder robbery,Xia Chenglong,When I saw this, Lin Feng was also,Suddenly tight,There was a little dignity in the expression。
The original Xia Chenglong was sitting on the ground,Early to Thunder Tribulation,He didn’t even move,But at this moment,He stood up。
The first thousand and thirty-eight chapters Tianxuan Sword Broken
And at this time, on Xia Chenglong’s face,Also flashed a touch of solemnity,This thunder robbery can hardly be called thunder robbery,This clearly means I want my life。
Xia Chenglong sighed heavily,Summoned his own Sky Profound Sword in his own hands,Infuse all your aura into the Sky Profound Sword。
The black thunder robbery quietly stopped,And there is not much noise,But the power of the Emperor,It indicates that this will be an unprecedented difficulty in the history of the robbery。
Xia Chenglong at this time does not advance but retreats,Swing the Sky Profound Sword,Slashed towards that robbery thunder,The fitness area of the Sky Profound Sword emits a light blue light,This time the light was particularly dazzling in front of the jet-black Jie Lei。
Everyone is watching Xia Chenglong’s blow,And everyone has put their hearts on their throats,Many people even started to worry about him silently。
Yes,For the strong,People have always respected,Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,Evoked a playful smile。
The tip of the Sky Profound Sword,Collide with that robbery thunder,Two tyrannical forces collided together,Exudes a huge spiritual wave,People around a hundred miles away clearly feel this kind of spiritual power fluctuation。
There are even some people with a low level of cultivation that directly fell over,At this time all the talents began to realize that Xia Chenglong’s cultivation was not simple。