[Can you eat bread for confinement-]_ postpartum _ can you eat

[Can you eat bread for confinement?

】 _ Postpartum _ can you eat

Women will be very injured after giving birth, so they need to recover from confinement. During confinement, they must eat some nutritious foods. Some women usually like to eat bread and confinement.I also like to eat bread when I am confinement. I can eat bread when confinement. Although bread is a staple food, the mother in the confinement needs a lot of nutrition, so it must be some kind of diet.

What nutrients to add during confinement? During confinement, women need multiple nutrients. These nutrients can be absorbed from the following foods: 1. Protein: lean meat, fish, eggs, milk and poultry such as chicken, duck, etcContains a lot of animal protein; peanuts, beans and soy products such as tofu contain a lot of plant protein.

2. Adults: Meat and animal oils contain animal feces; beans, peanut kernels, walnut kernels, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and sesame contain plant feces.

3. Sugars: All cereals, sweet potatoes, potatoes, chestnuts, lotus seeds, coriander, water chestnuts, honey and sugar are rich in sugars.

4, minerals: pig liver, pig kidney, fish and bean sprouts have large phosphorus content.

Kelp, shrimp, fish and seaweed are high in iodine.

Meat, shellfish, poultry, peas, black beans and yogurt have zinc oxide.

Rape, algae, celery (especially celery leaves), snow red, amaranth, lettuce and pakchoi contain iron and calcium oxides.

5. Vitamins: Vitamin A: Cod liver oil, eggs, liver, and milk all contain a lot of vitamin A; spinach, amaranth, carrots, chives, amaranth and lettuce leaves contain a small amount of carotene.

Carotene can be converted into Vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin B: Millet, corn, coarse rice, wheat flour, beans, liver and eggs all contain a large amount of vitamin B. Vegetables and fruits also contain vitamin B.

Can confinement eat bread? Confinement bread can eat bread, because bread is a staple food, there will be no problems, but it should be noted that the confinement women need a lot of nutrition, diet should be a bit, and pay attention to the thickness, With meat and vegetables.

In the confinement, grains, chicken, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables and various fruits can be eaten, and eat more than usual to ensure the needs of the mother and the baby.

Confinement in the confinement is also 1. Don’t eat spicy foods, because chives, garlic, peppers, peppers, fennel, wine and other foods and drinks are spicy, warm and dry. Overheating can cause maternal heat and irritations, sores in the tongue, and constipationThe onset of knots or hemorrhoids can cause stomatitis, drooling and other problems after the baby is fed.

Therefore, the above spicy products can be used as seasonings, but not more.

2. Avoid cold rice, because cold rice can easily damage the spleen and stomach, affect digestive function, and cause diarrhea.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “hot and cold stagnation”, cold things easily cause congestion and retention, causing postpartum abdominal pain, lochia and other diseases.

3. Don’t eat malted milk, because the main raw materials of malted milk are maltose and maltol, which are extracted from malt, and malt is the main medicine of Chinese medicine for weaning. Therefore, malted milk cannot be absorbed during confinement.

4, do not drink tea, because the caffeine in tea can be carried into the baby’s belly through milk, causing baby intestinal obstruction.