Two departments: focus on the high-quality food project with the "six major improvement actions"

Original title: Introducing Quality Food Project, from the 29th of "Six Tasting Actions", is informed of the Ministry of Finance, in order to further promote high-quality food engineering, the Ministry of Finance, the National Food and Material Reserve, and issued "on the in-depth promotion of quality food project" Opinions (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), propose "six major improvements", "14th Five-Year Plan", "145," "The high-quality food engineering upgraded version of the period, speeding up high quality development of the grain industry. Specifically, the food green storage improvement action should rely on the existing food storage resources, encourage the upgrading of the local system to upgrade the storage facilities to meet the needs of "excellent food and savings"; promote green storage technology, improve the online monitoring and intelligent control functions of grain, Improve the food quality guarantee capacity of the storage link. The quality brand improvement of food varieties should strengthen the flow feedback incentive mechanism, and promote the acquisition of high quality and high-cost marketization order, optimize the food supply structure. Grain quality traceability action should improve the functional and inspection and monitoring system of food quality and safety monitoring system, strengthen the construction of grain and oil standard system, optimize the food quality inspection training system. Establish and improve the food quality inspection system to carry out food quality investigation, quality measurement and safety risk monitoring services. Formulate the retroactivity of "good grain oil" products, relying on enterprises to establish "good grain oil" product traceability platform. Grain machinery equipment enhancement action should increase key food machinery equipment independent research and development and promotion, upgrade to configure food storage mechanization, automation, intelligence, environmental protection equipment and "quadrant" transportation, container transportation, finished product grain cold chain transport equipment Wait, transform the upgrade of the grain processing production line, improve the manufacturing level of industry-grained grain loss equipment, and promote localized processing equipment usage.

The improvement of food emergency protection capacity should improve food emergency production, processing, logistics and storage capacity, expand the "good grain" store emergency function, enhance food insurance, improve local food emergency support network, strengthen grain monitoring and early warning and emergency command, Improve usual service, safely preserving, warning emergency supply system. Work saving reduced health consumption improvement action advocates nutrient, balanced, healthy consumption concept, carry out the whole society to love food grain, in-depth "Love Food Festival" into the community, enter the family, enter the school, enter the military, enter the hall, etc. To cultivate saving habits, create a wasteful, saving atmosphere. (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.