The company is just this big now,As the general manager of Great Wall Computer, Wang Zhi does not have an independent office.,The conversation between Chen Geng and Wang Zhi took place in the office area again,natural,The content of their conversation was heard by everyone。

Back when Chen Geng said that he would hire a chef for the big guy’s three meals a day,Everyone who already knows the qualities of Chen Geng, a big capitalist from the United States, is already inexplicably excited.,I all know that I must live a happy life with meat.,The whole body is full of fighting spirit,Wait until Chen Geng said that I will send you extra monthly50When the dollar subsidy,If it’s not in front of the king,,Maybe everyone is going to shout“Long live!”Up:50Bucks,That’s almost equivalent to half of my salary!
If it can really provide additional subsidies50Bucks,The mother-in-law at home should have no complaints, right??After three months,That’s a brand new bike!
“This one……”The embarrassment of Wang Yi’s face,Said with a wry smile:“Mr. Chen,I know you are kind,But this……It’s not in line with the company’s rules……”
Pouring down like a basin of water,The people who eavesdropped on the conversation between their boss and Chen Geng,Instantly。
Just go home,Everyone looked at Wang Zhi’s eyes, but they couldn’t help feeling resentful。
“Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to everyone??”Chen Geng will not be fooled by the king,I’m really not familiar with the domestic situation,To these twists and turns in the country,I don’t understand why?
Why did Wang Zhi do his best to oppose this thing that seems to be good for everyone,This actually involves a very important issue:Great Wall Computer Company,Who has the final say?
In terms of shares,Chen Geng Investment200Ten thousand,Take up45%Shares of,Is a second shareholder;
In terms of management rights,As the deputy director of the State Administration of Electronics and Computer Industry, Wang Zhi is also the general manager of Great Wall Computer Co., Ltd. which has not yet been formally established.。
According to the above, some leaders did not say it clearly、But everyone understands the meaning,Just“Mr. Chen Geng is our old friend,This is correct,For Mr. Chen Geng’s outstanding contributions to our reform and opening up,No one can deny,but,Not all projects that Mr. Chen Geng participated in,He is the one who has the final say?”,Chen Geng also understands this,So even though he took a stake in Great Wall Computer Company,But it is better than not requiring the separation of equity and management,But try to respect the authority of the Chinese side。
Wang Zhi, who was sent to Great Wall Computer Company as the general manager,One of the very important、But the unexplainable task is to limit Chen Geng’s presence and influence in the company,Can’t let Great Wall Computer become Chen Geng’s final decision,So although Wang Zhi understands that what Chen Geng said is actually good for everyone,But I have to bite the bullet and express opposition:He really can’t help it。
But now,Wang Zhi was blocked in the corner by Chen Geng:Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to big guys??
of course not。
In fact,Even the most important era of equal pay for equal work in previous years,In industry,For overtime work, I need to give some subsidies,Even research industries that lack funding,The management will also find ways to use some physical objects“Mobilize the enthusiasm of comrades”,Now Chen Geng says that comrades work hard,So give everyone some subsidies,It makes sense in theory,And Chen Geng said,He still pays this money,Wang Zhi has no reason to object。