to be frank,If you don’t have a few of them,Want to come,Xiao Fan’s own career was definitely not developed so easily。

It can be said,His career can grow to where it is today,His good brothers can be said to be indispensable。
So,Just now,When Xiao Fan’s had such an idea in his mind,In fact, even he himself feels untenable。
Xiao Fan finally smiled bitterly,By the way, he shook his head。
Although in Xiao Fan’s opinion,His actions are unconscious,but,Lin Yuna, who has always been after-sales and beside him, doesn’t think so at all.。
After such an unconscious action by Xiao Fan,Lin Yoona frowned slightly,Just ask directly:“Xiao Fan,what happened to you?”
Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s question,to be frank,He was just stunned for a while,Because he didn’t expect Lin Yoona’s observation power to be so amazing。
In fact, just when Lin Yoona asked him such a question,He reacted violently,He must have had some movement in his facial expression or in his actions just now。
otherwise,Lin Yoona will never notice the thoughts in his heart。
but,The most true thought about myself,It’s absolutely impossible for Xiao Fan to tell Lin Yuner。
in fact,Xiao Fan didn’t plan to tell Lin Yoona the most true thought in his heart,It’s not that he wanted to hide something from Lin Yoona。
Or maybe he has some other thoughts about Lin Yoona,In fact, his simplest idea,He doesn’t want to add unnecessary troubles to Lin Yoona.。
In Xiao Fan’s opinion,The most important thought in his mind,That is to make Lin Yoona,Which is his wife,Can be happy、Just live every day carefree。
And his task is even simpler,That is to do all the aftermath work of Lin Yoona,Best everything in life,He can handle it。
Can he not let Lin Yuna worry about any more,That’s good!
so,When Xiao Fan saw Lin Yun’er’s puzzled eyes,Xiao Fan directly pulled out the most charming smile,And said to Lin Yoona with a smile:“It’s nothing,I’m just thinking about the next time,It’s time for both of us to take a good rest,so,Where do you want to go?”
Say it though,Lin Yoona and Xiao Fan have been married for several years,But even now,Lin Yoona is still extremely immune to Xiao Fan’s smile。