Everyone in the hall also reacted differently,Everyone in the Zhang family’s already nervous nerves were once again strained,Has reached the point where it may break at any time。

But the rough-clothed men in the outermost periphery have different expressions.,Some stand still,Some attentively observe,Some have quietly taken out their weapons,Whether it is a saber or a long sword,Looks rusty,But occasionally it flows smoothly,Will make people suddenly aware of the murderous and dangerous weapons。
These so-called guys,Actually all of them are old and not decent,They have lived for two hundred years‘Tianzhenwei’,Practicing the extremely superficial Shinto method taught by Jia Chou,Everyone has magical powers,And lifespan grows,Only limited to qualifications,Few people go to a higher level,But even so,Any one of them would be shocked if they walked the world。
Zhang Zhiqiang, who was hiding on the top floor, suddenly planned to sneak away.,Before coming,His purpose is the secret treasure of the fairy family in the Wuming Mountain,But I never thought that there are so many magicians in this place,And every strength is above him,I thought that only a few people like him and Li Tianzhen in this world knew how to cultivate,Relying on the magical powers and the records in Zhang’s notes,No matter how you can open the seal formation,Avoid danger,But I didn’t expect to encounter such a scene。
Facing a strong breath,Zhang Zhiqiang knows,If you are careless, you will die without a burial place,Especially those two old monsters,The cultivation base is so powerful,Seems to have noticed his existence,There is not necessarily a definite result than fighting hard,It’s better to hide in the mountains and practice,Wait until the magical powers of the magical way become complete。
“There are ancient monsters,How can there be an ancient monster here?”The two-headed wolf demon finally took a sigh of relief,Recalling the horrible experience just now, I felt a little panic,This remark,The hall is even more shocked,Such a powerful old monster is so flustered,You can see how terrifying this ancient monster beast is,And Zhang Baogen, who was on the octagonal stone platform, couldn’t help but spout a mouthful of blood,The mental power has been squeezed to the point where the oil lamp is exhausted。
“What monster?Where is the ancient theory?”The white-robed old man suddenly got up,Two-headed wolves have always been fierce and combative,Panic to the point,Must have encountered a rare and powerful enemy,Originally relying on the two of them,Already the most powerful existence in the underground palace,Even the remains of the two silver armored generals are not their opponents,Seems to have firmly controlled the situation,Suddenly came out such a powerful enemy,The form immediately becomes more complex。
“A terrible dragon,Do not,It’s Kylin,Seems to come from the prehistoric world。”
“You go and replace Qingyunzi。”The white-robed old man is also secretly surprised,But I don’t want the two-headed wolf monster to continue to gaffe,Disturb Dao Heart,Now the enemy is waiting,Clear place‘Tianzhenwei’,What kind of ancient monster beast in the dark,Only when more Taoists come out quickly can we turn the crisis into peace。
“I got hurt,Why don’t you go?”The thinking of the two-headed magic wolf immediately became much more normal,To replace Qingyunzi,It takes a lot of energy,The damage to the body of the soul is particularly great,I boasted that Haikou was Fudge Qingyunzi,Anyway, once the seal is opened,,Can’t stop,Qingyunzi died,Just catch another supernatural power and throw it on,Breaking promises to it is like drinking cold water at will。
“How can you say nothing?”White robe old man furious,Grab the opponent and roar,“Time is extremely important to me now,Old man ask you,You and me join forces,Can you deal with that terrible unicorn?”
“I’m not going anyway,Go you go!”Two-headed magic wolf avoids the heavy and light,But the roar is louder,Kind of thankless,It won’t do stupid things that can die at any time。
The two big monsters pinched in public,Everyone in the hall was stunned again,Then they changed their positions invisibly,Almost everyone is in a state of battle。
Originally a very strange、Delicate balance,In order to remove the seal and get the treasure,Zhang family headed by Zhang Baogen,Led by Jing Tailai‘Tianzhenwei’A truce and wait and see,Subsequently,The altar takes the lead,The primordial spirit of the two demons was released,Broke this balance at once。
But the two monsters don’t seem to be in a hurry‘Tianzhenwei’Hands on,I don’t know if it’s the fearful silver armor god man or the missing Li family son,and‘Tianzhenwei’Before we got the exact order,And no further action,Just sitting on the sidelines,So a balance is re-formed,The focus is still on the progress of Zhang Baogen’s unblocking,But Shitai has risen more than two feet in a row,The altar is no more,Obviously there is a problem with the mentality of Zhang Family and the old monster。
Seeing this weird balance will be broken,Suddenly rumbling,The entire underground palace is another huge earthquake,But this time it’s not the octagonal stone platform rising,But an explosive boom from the depths of the northwest corner,Under the dust,That has been covered in dust for many years,A big hole appeared in the tunnel leading to the ground。
Simultaneously,A terrifying roar blasted like thunder in the ears of the two demons,That is the wrath of the Demon Lord,“Two idiots,Go for that mortal!More wordy,No one can go!”
The old monster who was pinching at both ends was shocked,I saw a thick black smoke gushing out of the hole,Then came the boom、boom、Booming rhythmic sound,Although the sound is not loud,But extremely powerful,There seems to be a formation of thousands of troops and horses marching in neat steps。
“The old demon is desperate!”Two-headed magic wolf shouting。