Then carry the luggage to the empty bed designated by Heixin,Zhao Feng will leave。

“Wait!Come with some money,After all, I want to keep you secret,Also very tired,Not much,five hundred!”Heixin stopped Zhao Feng,Five fingers with left hand,Direct offer。
Zhao Feng thought for a while,In the end he didn’t say a word,Paid for。
“Without saying a word, he paid out five hundred yuan,Looks like you are quite rich!OK OK,Since you have something, go ahead,Remember to keep the phone call open,I may contact you anytime,If i can’t reach you,Turns out you know……”Heixin took the money,Cheered,Before Zhao Feng leaves,Not forgetting the threat。
Until Zhao Feng walked out of the girls’ dormitory door,Hei Xin, who has been observing secretly, is completely relieved。
“Hehe,I’m a fool again,Looks pretty honest,I didn’t expect him to have such a good face,Isn’t it just learning to run?He cares so much,It seems that I can get more money this time……”
Zhao Fenggang returned to the school gate,I saw Bai Ze hurriedly coming from the direction of the teaching building。
“That person is not at school,He originally planned to stay at school during the holidays to make up lessons,Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, I would have an appointment with a foreign school student on the stadium,Go fast!Taking advantage of the game over there may not be over!”Bai Ze left No. 1 Middle School after speaking,Go straight to the nearby sports square,Zhao Feng followed。
Nanxi Sports Plaza,Two groups of students from Nanshan No. 1 Middle School and Guoguang Middle School are playing on the football field,But the situation at the scene is a bit strange:Eleven people from Guoguang Middle School played,The player is fully armed,Various tactics、Ball skills emerge endlessly,Obviously practiced。
On the other hand,Only one person,But this guy is holding the ball under his feet!
That person is a school uniform,Zipper on the jacket,Sway in the wind,Like a cloak,Under my feet is a pair of canvas shoes,Without affecting the ball。