After returning to the birthplace of the party chapter, the top rate

The Director of the Second Central Committee of the Party School of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Jingqing, Director, Director, Director of the Scientific Research, made a special lecture "to learn to practice the party constitution". Zhou Jingqing pointed out that the party rules of the party constitution have been based on our party’s political declaration and behavioral norms, profoundly reflecting and reflecting the initial and mission of the Communists. She emphasized that every member of the Communist Party must always learn the party constitution, abide by the party constitution, and implement the party constitution, and strengthen the consciousness and action consciousness of the strict treatment of the party, thus conjunction with the birthplace of the party, move toward the second hundred years Belief power and action power. Since September this year, the "Jiji Lecture Hall" is one large, four major, two major succession, relying on Shanghai’s rich red cultural resources and academic thinking weigns new ideas to build a new era of party members’ education platform. Next, under the guidance of the city and district-related departments, the Second Order Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China will be based on the first party constituity, and the red resources in the area will develop the "Jiji Lecture" series of quality courses.

(Editor: Ge Junjun, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

BAOTOU Bevordert de constructie van een regeringsinvesteringsproject Intelligence Management-platform

  Om het begrotingsbeheer, de evaluatie- en projectinformatiebeheer te bevorderen, nam Baotou City Finance Bureau het voortouw in het lanceren van het projectbibliotheeksysteem, als projectbeheersysteem als de financi?le begrotingsprojectenbibliotheek van de stad, implementeert projectreserves, Project Review, Performance Evaluation en budget dynamisch management. Tot nu toe hebben verschillende investeringsprojecten meer dan 3.000 warehousing, met een investeringsschaal, met 60 projectbeleid, 25 types van de industrie, 30 managementafdelingen, 10 vlagtes.

  Baotou Municipal Government Project Management Platform is de drie kenmerken van "Internet Cloud-opslag, volledige procedure, ondersteuning, intelligente gegevens".

Het projectbeheersysteem stelt projectinformatie, projectprocedures, projectinvesteringen, biedopdrachten, contractaanbestemming, voortgangsbeheer, voltooiing en prestatie-evaluatie, volgens de volledige levenscyclus.

U kunt bronnen delen, in parallelle kantoor, procesinstelling, meldportfolio, dynamisch supervisie, grafisch display, online beoordeling, bouwlogboek, classificatiebeheer en Wechat-service en andere beheerservices.

Sinds de implementatie van het projectbibliotheekplatform is de 3-jarige beleggingsdoeltaak van energiebesparing en emissiereductie met succes voltooid en zijn 158 demonstratieprojecten ge?mplementeerd en de feitelijke investering van 19,4 miljard yuan en 121% van de taken van de demonstratie.

(Reporter Geekli) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu ZE) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

China @ 四 川 | Qingshan Green Water Belt smile – the development miracle on the Dangdogan Dangerous Dangdress

  Xinhua News Agency, April 20th: Qingshan Green Water Belt Smiley – Tonguan Red Dangerous Development Miracle Xinhua News Agency, Wu Guang, Wu Xiaoying, Chen Land, Kang Jinqian, Lu Wei Yuyu Yuji, Sichuan The earth is voted. Under the golden mountain, the morning war wakes up the floral bones in the 10,000 mu of roses; Qinba Mountain, the lying pepper tree has spanned the new bud; the scent of the Chi Shuihe, the sweet orange flowers filled the river valley; Dadu River, bright and bright cherry The branches … "Jinsha Water shot cloud hamper, Dadu Bridge horizon.

"In front of this piece of meritorious place was the red army soldiers. In the past 80 years, the generation of people will continue to struggle, will" more difficult, more and more ", in this piece of land, former The reddish development miracle was born on the earth.

  Difficult to change the red river, the morning fog is gradually dissipated, and a neat house is hidden in the sweet orange forest, just as ink painting.

  Li Zhengfen, the villagers in Taiping Town, Guzhang County, in the early morning weeding fertilization.

With sweet orange, her home is like a poor household in the country, the more sweeping the days.

"I used to back coal in the ferry, black, like panda." This ferry is the Taiping Exit of Guzhang County, and it is located between the Sichuan Valley. More than 80 years ago, the Central Red Army took the bridge along the ferry, the armor, completed the great strategic transfer of the second ferry and the fourth Africa, and broke through the rules of the Kuomintang army. Open the long history, around Sichuan, there is a Red Army: the three major main force of the Red Army in Chuanjun, crossing the rapids, conquering snow mountains, crossing the grass, leaving red in the mountains of dozens of counties (district) Footprint. On the occasion of the Central Red Army, the Red Army soldiers in the Sichuan Sichuan are also beginning to grow. In the heart of Sichuan, Tongjiang County, the heart of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, located in the depths of Qinba Mountain in the Ditch.

In the county’s hair bath, the "Red Year" "Red Army Hanging" store name and Red Army, which are visible everywhere, and the Red Army stone engrave, and the Red Army and the local people will fight together.

  Baiyu, the mountains in the mountains, and the mountains in the hills.

The town planted more than 1,300 mu of Chinese herbs, and became a big industry in farmers. Sichuan Luding Bridge Head, from time to time, there is a hometown of the headscarf called the red cherry.

Luding this red small town, because of the high quality cherries, becomes a famous "Hong Cherry Town". In the past, the bullets rains are like the world, and the mountain wind blows the iron cable on the Luding Bridge, which makes people feel the dangerous danger of the Red Army Bridge. The Central Red Army "Flying Lian Dingqiao", after crossing the Dadu River, all the way to the Jinshan march, began to embarrassed the difficult history of conquering the snow mountain grass. Banbou Village, Brazil Town, Kawue County, the Sichuan Plateau, a sculpture called "Victory Dawn" standing in the place where hundreds of Red Army sacrificed, and people passing through the context, long time silence.

  After the village is a vast prairie, the Red Army left the "Golden Fish Hook" and "Seven Match" and other touching stories.

  Today’s grass, has become a tourist card, grass, flying bird, yak … becomes "Ruo Ruo Ruo Cove".

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total number of tourists in Jojku County was over 10 million, and the economic income was nearly 8 billion yuan.

  Qinba Mountain, Umon Mountain, Dadu River, Plateau, Platema Grass … It is located on the red land of Sichuan, a large corridor of green development is formed, and a solid ecological barrier has been erected upstream in the Yangtze River. The unchanging vow is difficult to change, and it is the unchanging vow.

  Davi Town, Sichuan Xiaoyu County, two major red army victory.

The story of the story of the "Rose Long March" in Dapi Town. Rose, is the "beautiful cause" of Chen Wanghui, who took the village, the village, leading the folks.

Once, local crops were mainly potatoes, cousin, and people got up to be black, but they were always rich. A few years ago, the villagers’ potatoes were "sweeping" in the wild boar, leaving a strong wild rose, letting Chen Wanghui have been unforgettable.

When you know that the rose essential oil is more expensive than the gold, she is excited to sleep all night.

  Since then, she is sitting on the bus, squeezing three rounds, ticking the tractor, from Gansu to Shandong, "Taking Baste" around, and the weak woman has finished "Rose Long March". 50 acres, 500 mu, 10,000 mu … Driven a rose in more than 30 villages in Xiaolu County. More than 3,000 villagers, the households increased around 10,000 yuan.

"I saw everyone’s waist bag, I was happy from my heart." Chen Wanghui said that the Red Army hit the world for the people, now I can’t forget the initial heart. On the bank of the Chi Shuihe, Wang Chongdong, the total agronomic agricultural rural bureau of the Guzhang County, in order to promote sweet orange, rushing on the mountain road. Once, he fell in the mountains and bleeding. After a few days, he still worried about the sweet orange forest and rushed back to the red water.

Wang Chongdong said that the tradition of the fellow is strong, and it is necessary to be a corn next to the sweet orange seedlings. Later, Wang Chongdong made the demonstration households, and the old towns slowly accepted scientific implant technology. "The mountain clear show, the fruit of the fruit is fragrant, the fellow is rich, and it is not worthy of this red land." Wang Chongdong said now, now the Chi Shui River in Guzhang County, more than 200,000 mu sweet oranges make the old township "sweet and sweetened". In the Alis Memorial Hall of the Yinyi Sea, the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a piece of board wrote "Red Army to help return to the emancipation".

In the past 8 years, tens of thousands of party members from all over the country have been fighting in the depths of Dakashan, practicing the solemn commitment of "one that cannot be less" on the poverty alleviation. Since the death of the campaign, 150 poverty alleviation cadres have sacrificed.

They are only 23 years old, the oldest 68 years old. Convey the poor, drain the roots, unfortunately … The new time party cadres don’t forget the ancestors vows, and the red is difficult to get around the Sichuan, have become green mountains, Jinshan Yinshan.

  The eternal spirit is the sea, the 58-year-old Sha horse is stunned. He is a grandson who witnesses the "Pi Mo" Shamar of the Yihai.

In that year, the Red Army successfully passed the Yi District under the escort of the Yi nationality, and successfully slammed the Dadu River.

  However, many of the Yi people who have helped the Red Army have been revengeged by the anti-warlords.

In 1945, Shamar had an unexpected death. "He is waiting for the Red Army to come back." Samal’s daughter-in-law, 84-year-old Su Tieki said.

  In 1986, the Sea established the management office. The 23-year-old Shama is the first staff member, and persuaded the deforestation and the fellows of the deforestation, the hometown of tall materials is busy "sitting." In the 1980s, there have been many old towns in the Haihai Village, but the people of the Shamist family have left. "The Yi people said the place where the ancestors lived, and the descendants could not be broken ‘, guarding it, is a part.

"Shama is a must to be here.

  Years of year, Shama is guarded the sea.

In May 2005, the Haihai Commemorative Memorial Hall is completed, and he looked at the storytelling, and every time he told grandfather’s story. Red land is a red spirit and rooted in the hearts of the masses.

Chengdu Wuhou District Wangjiang Road Street Business Environmental Service Center does a good job of epidemic prevention and control and corporate service work

  Recently, in the face of the epidemic, Chengdu Wuhou District Wangjiang Road Street Business Environmental Service Center is watching assistance, wind and rain, ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic and the company’s stable "two incorrect".

  In order to ensure the normal production and operation of the jurisdiction, the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Gang" organized the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Gold Team", providing an epidemic prevention and control assistance and government service for the building, and actively investigate , Active prevention.

For buildings, organizational volunteers, and control measures are strict, and strictly implement the key closed-loop management of building commercial supermarkets, implement "temperature measurement, scan code, wearing masks", resolute Prevent the gathering of public places, fully ensure "zero input, zero transmission".

  In response to the key construction projects such as Sichuan Museum, Subway Line 13, Shuangshi Road, Shuangshengda, and Shuangshi Road, Shuangshengda. Measures to force the shutdown project to recover as soon as possible. (Jiang Yan) [Editor in charge: Xu Meida].

De centrale overheid ontvangt dit jaar 64,18 miljard yuan van verschillende soorten directe fondsen in Hunan.

  Op de middag van 28 juli beschouwt de 19e bijeenkomst van het 13e Nationaal Volkscongres Comité van de Provincie Hunan van de provincie Hunan het verslag van de regering van de Provincial People on the 2020 Provincial Budget Passment Plan (Draft).

  Dit jaar heeft het managementmechanisme van het centrale innovatiefonds zich gericht op het nieuwe financi?le tekort en de anti-farmaceutisch aanvaardbare nationale obligaties, die een direct mechanisme van fondsen tot stand brengen, de nieuwe financi?le fondsen bevorderen aan het grass-niveau, direct Hui en binnen, LI MIN, Een totaal van allerlei soorten directe fondsen uit allerlei soorten directe fondsen uit de provincie. Naast het tijdelijk gereserveerde 20% van de tijdelijke treasury-schatkist, wordt het gebruikt om nieuwe moeilijkheden op te lossen bij het oplossen van follow-up van stedelijke provincies. Het provinciale niveau van het provinciale niveau zal niet blijven, allen volgens de Centrale regering vroeg de stad County. Het ministerie van Financi?n ontvangt in totaal 1.74,9 miljard yuan in de provincie Hunan in 2020, inclusief algemene obligaties van 41,5 miljard yuan, speciale obligaties 13.34 miljard yuan. Dit jaar Bond-arrangementen, meer gericht op "twee nieuwe, zware", markeren de belangrijkste gebieden van het handelen, stedelijk en landelijk milieubeheer, medisch en gezondheid, transport, waterconservantie, en Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangjiang New District, "Two Mountain" , Industrie sleutel regionale ondersteuning voor parken; gekantelde stadsgerichte begeleiding is anders, obligaties 174,9 miljard obligaties, provinciale niveaus van 19,7 miljard yuan, slechts 10%, overgedragen door 155,2 miljard yuan, steeg met 66%; obligatie-uitgifte is meer Nu zijn nieuwe obligaties uitgegeven voor 116,8 miljard yuan, dat vorig jaar een aanvulling is van dezelfde periode; het voorkomen van schuldenrisico’s krachtiger, resoluut verdedigen van de juridische schuld en heeft geen risicofijn. Volgens de relevante bepalingen van de pre-bits zijn de bovengenoemde directe fondsregelingen en nieuwe obligaties opgenomen in de begrotingsaanpassing.

In vergelijking met het provinciale dertiende nationale volkscongres werden de provinciale algemene publieke budgetbetalingen verhoogd met 100 miljoen yuan, bereikte 474,2 miljard yuan, en het saldo van betalingen was gebalanceerd.

Het begrotingsinkomen van de provinciale overheidsfondsen steeg met 108,4 miljard yuan om 100 miljoen yuan te bereiken.

  In de beoordeling zijn de leden van mening dat het 2020-provinciale instelprogramma van de begroting (concept) voorgesteld door de regering van de provinciale volk voldoet aan de bepalingen van de bisendheid, en de nieuwe schuld van de schuldgrootte bevindt zich binnen de limiet van de nationale goedkeuring, de rangschikking van obligatiefondsen en directe fondsen zijn in overeenstemming met de richting van het gebruik van de Raad van de Staat en de werkelijke situatie in onze provincie.

Ongekend fiscaal beleid, het effectief verlichten van de huidige financi?le operaties, die een solide ondersteuning biedt voor de "zes stabiele" "zes garanties" in de tweede helft van het jaar, en brengt ook hogere eisen voor de veiligheid en prestaties van het fondsen. De leden suggereerden dat de financi?le secties op alle niveaus goede fondsen moeten overwegen, prioriteit om de uitgaven "drie garanties" en de centrale en provinciale duidelijke beoordelingsvereisten te beschermen, de harde taken die moeten worden voltooid, en de tilt ondersteunt de constructie en aanvulling op KORTE BOAKPROJECTEN, concentreren de werkgelegenheid van de financi?le middelen bewoners, garanderen het levensonderhoud van de basismensen, beschermt het hoofdlichaam van de markt.

Om het toezicht op fondsen effectief te versterken, zorg er dan voor dat elke fondsgegevens waar zijn, het account is duidelijk, de stroom is duidelijk en wordt de snijkant gebruikt.

(Reporter Yu Zhen Yu) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).

Bank hosted anti-"run road" Henan comprehensive supervision school training institution pre-recovery fee

  On November 12th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Education that in order to prevent the "refueling" "reflex" "reflex" "roll-money running road", the reporter, the issuance of six departments of the Provincial Department of Education, and requires all localities to strengthen the school Training institutions pre-recovered supervision work, pre-recovered funds for pre-recovered funds for school training institutions, and ensure the safety of training service transactions. For all, some school training institutions "refund fees" "roll-money running road" have seriously violated students (parents) rights.

In order to strengthen supervision, the Ministry of Education and other six departments have been notified in recent days, guiding the supervision of the training services fees pre-charged for primary and secondary school students (including kindergartens children) proof schools (including online and offline), clear off-campus The training fee period and teaching arrangements should be coordinated, and it shall not be charged or recharged in one time.

At the same time, all parts can be combined with the actual, the bank hosted, risk margin, and the pre-recovery fee of the school training institution is taken.

  The notice requirements issued by the six sectors of our province, immediately immediately fund the local school training institution (the number, category type, existing state, the number of unparalleled institutions, the number of government guidance), the number of students, the number of students, unable to eliminate the course The amount of money, the number of fund regulators, the amount of funds, the number of existing teachers, the number of layoffs) and the pre-recovery, risk margin, training fee special account supervision and whether there is "refund difficult" "volume money Problem and other issues to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and rectify the existing problems.

  By investigating, based on comprehensive, accurate mastering basic training institutions, establishing a financial supervision system and regulatory platform covering the pre-recovery fee, banking hosting or risk margin, risk warning and disposal, etc., realizing school training The full coverage of the agency pre-receiving fee fund supervision work, stabilizes the "refund is difficult" and "roll money running".

At the same time, it is important to include the pre-charges of the school training institutions into fund supervision, including the daily supervision, special supervision and annual inspection of the proofreading, and annual inspection of the annual inspection of the annual inspection of proofreading. (Editor: Since the quiet, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

China · Jinhu (Beijing) Menselijke cultuur hoogniveau Forum gehouden in Peking

"Huai Wei Millennium Fresh Mei Lake" Hoogwaardige landbouwproduct Regional Public Brand Display zal worden gehouden in Beijing. Personen Net MA Xiaobo Photo Jinhu County Party Committee Permanent Comité, Changxian County, Zhang Bao, Comité Changhu, Minister van Bescherming, Minister van bescherming, minister Zhang Bao, het industriebeleid en het talentbeleid van de provincie, en de ontwikkeling van de boerderijindustrie. Liu Yichun zei dat Jinhu niet alleen goed is, de ecologie is goed, het landschap is goed, en het ontwikkelingsvooruitzicht is beter.

In 2020 heeft de totale productiewaarde van de provincie 100.000 yuan overschreden. In de hoogwaardige verkroeide beoordeling van Huai’an City, is de stad eerst, nogmaals, waardoor de provinciale overheid naar de provinciale overheid is gebracht Bevordering van de geavanceerde kwaliteit van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling, vele jaren heeft vele jaren nationale investeringspotentiaal, wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie en groene ontwikkeling "honderden provincie" toegekend.

Zhang Bao introduceerde dat Jinhu een beroemde Lotus-bloemkapitaal is. Vanwege het water is het water mooi, het water is de ziel van Jinhu.

De afgelopen jaren heeft Jinhu vertrouwen op de voordelen van een unieke landbouwtoerisme-bron, en heeft een reeks resultaten behaald.

In 2020 is de toeristische ontvangst in de hele provincie 3,98 miljoen, een stijging van 15% op jaarbasis, en het toeristische inkomen is 100 miljoen yuan. Het is met 12% op jaarbasis gestegen. De eerste cijfers van Jiangsu heeft met succes de tweede batch van nationale domein toeristische demonstratiezones gemaakt.

Ph.D., de algemene redacteur-in-chef van de centrale feestschool, de president van de Lotus Branch van de Chinese Flower Association, Professor, Southwest Forestry University, Dr. Chen Longqing, en Nanjing Normal University, Yu Xiangshun, omgeven door het doel van het bos. Yu Xiangshun zei dat vanuit het perspectief van "Cultuur" veel lotusschotten in het land zijn, en velen van hen ontdekken niet veel de culturele connotatie, en sommige zijn ondiep. "Jinhu kan profiteren van bestaande voordelen, grote hit culturele kaarten, uitgebreid, diep exploiteren van de culturele connotatie, en wordt de ‘kraan’ van de promotiecultuur van China, speelt de leiding, het project en draagt ??de loterij door." Yu Xiangshun zei .

(Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

2021, national community education, advancement and results display activities held in Xing’an League

  On July 15th, the 2021 national community education work promotion and results showcase was held in Xing’an League.

From the Ministry of Education Community Education Research and Training Center, the National Open University and the field of community education in all regions of the country fully exchanged, inspected research, brainstorming, focusing on the key, difficulties, "card neck" issues in the development of community education, proposing solutions, During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, urban and rural community education integrated development, the balanced development of the East and Western region, the high quality development of community education.

  During the meeting, many experts scholars conducted a chairman, regarding the main ideas and graphics of community education in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, integrated resources to form a multi-cooperation collaborative governance system of community education, and do a good job in training training in community education workers. Discuss and communicate. The two-day outcomes show four themes, including the third party building leading to the Third Party Construction of Xing’an League to lead the community education and literary exhibition, "Community education full of eye spring" special film, Xing’an League Old Open University Calligraphy Painting Photography Exhibition, Wulante City Area Three communities view, fully show the results of Xing’an League community education. In recent years, Inner Mongolia Open University is fully integrated, reasonable use of local resources, explores the new model of community education into community governance, solid promoting community education in ethnic regions, in helping rural resolution, community education workers training, promotion Inheriting the red culture, etc. have made outstanding results. Inner Mongolia Radio and Television University, Xing’an League, has always adhered to characteristic development, carefully cultivated community education brands, focusing on the "Revolutionary Traditional Culture" "Family Education" "Family Education" "Family Education" "Non-legacy Inheritance" and other brand projects, build up From the three-level urban and rural community universities, 16 township street community schools, 123 community education and teaching points, the created "Community Lecture Hall" and "Elderly Centralized Learning Base" have been educated The Association, Inner Mongolia Occupation and Adult Education Association awarded the title of "Lifelong Learning Brand Project".

(Reporter Hu Ji Gao Min Na) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership to promote common prosperity

[Learn to implement the Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts in Xi Jinping] General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes the 10th meeting of the Central University of Finance and Economics to promote common prosperity in high quality development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the promotion of common prosperity, and made a series of major deployments, a series of major deployments, deeply answered why the common prosperity, what kind of common wealth and how to achieve The common prosperity of common prosperity provides a common prosperity for hundreds of millions of people to provide ideological guidance and action guidelines.

The Communist Party of China is the core of the leadership of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the status of the whole game is in the overall situation. Promote common prosperity and must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership. Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure the nature and direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the common prospect road. The Chinese Communist Party always represents the fundamental interests of the broadestherence, without any special interests, never represent any interest group, any power group, any privilege of any privilege. Achieving common prosperity is the common expectation of the people, and it is also a struggle for our party for a hundred years. Adhere to the party’s leadership, it is the fundamental guarantee of adhering to socialism with Chinese characteristics and invariability.

Promote common prosperity only to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, in order to ensure the nature and direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can we ensure that "a blueprint is painted in the end" on the common prosperity road.

Comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries is a process of continuous struggle, constantly accumulating, and promoting common prosperity is also a process of continuous struggle and gradually developing forward.

Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, which is conducive to playing long-term, dry in the moment, a blueprint is painted in the end, and there is a dry, maintain a strategy, and achieve steady future.

For more than 100 years, our party has always been in order to achieve the prosperity of the country, and the people are struggling and unrelenting.

At the beginning of the founding of New China, Comrade Mao Zedong put forward the goal of my country’s development and prosperity, pointed out that "this rich is common, this strong, is a common strong, everyone has a copy."

The establishment of the basic system of socialism has laid a social system basis for gradually realizing common prosperity. After the reform and opening up, Comrade Deng Xiaoping repeatedly emphasized that common prosperity, pointed out, "Socialism is not a few people rich, most people are poor, not that look.

The greatest superiority of socialism is common prosperity.

In the reform and opening up, our party has started from actual, allowing some people, part of the region first rich, through the first richest, to strengthen various aspects of vitality, liberation and development of social productivity, and lay a strong material basis for achieving common prosperity.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that common prosperity is the fundamental principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics, achieving common prosperity is an important mission of our party; we promote economic and social development, and it is necessary to realize all the people to achieve all the people. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee put "all the people’s common prospective progress" as the promising target of socialist modernization in 2005. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, we will win the poverty of poverty, and build a well-off society in an all-round way to promote unprecedented conditions in order to promote common prosperity. Practice has proved that only to adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, such a grand strategy painting can be used to consider, "a blueprint painted into the end".

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure the full prosperity of the socialist system advantage in the common prospective road. my country’s national institutions and governance systems have a significant advantage, of which the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the biggest advantage in the socialist system of Chinese characteristics, leaving the leadership of the party, and other significant advantages cannot be truly converted into national governance efficiency.

On the common prospective road, only the relevant major issues and work deployments involving the economic and social development are held, and the overall promotion of the top design, overall layout and coordination of the relevant major issues and work involved in the economic and social development can fully play the advantages of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Governance system and governance ability transformation into national governance efficiency, a national people, concentrate on power, prevent local interests, unsearous with each other; can cancel each other; in order to put new development concepts throughout the process of economic and social development, build a new development pattern, effectively transform development , Promote quality change, efficiency change, dynamic change, achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair, more sustainable, and more secure, promote common prosperity in high quality development; can consciously actively solve the regional gap, urban and rural The gap, income gap, etc., solidly promote common prosperity, effectively prevent both polarization; improve economic development, social progress and people’s life improvement, improve development balance coordinated inclusive, continuous "Make Big Cake" "Pieces the cake", form a reasonable allocation pattern of everyone, everyone share the results of high quality development, and ultimately realizes common prosperity.

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure that effective preventing various major risks challenges on the common prosperity road. At the intersection of "two hundred years" struggle, look back in the hard work, and more profoundly understand that the party’s leaders are both the fundamental guarantee of the work of the party and the state, and it is also the "Ding Haimen" of all difficulties and risks. ". Nowadays, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process, but the road to the road cannot be a tanks. In the face of the large change in the world, facing the profound changes in the main contradiction between the domestic society, the risk challenge of economic and social development. More, involving contradictions and problems, the complex struggle situation is unprecedented.

The more the situation is serious and complicated, the more you have to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership. On the critical junction of the climbing cross, only the party’s comprehensive leadership can we will organize two major internationalities in China, and do two major events in the development of safety, prevent the resolution of major risk challenges, and parenting the machine in the crisis. The bureau, realize the quality, structure, scale, speed, efficiency, and safety of economic and social development, and ultimately realize common prosperity.

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can only recognize and grasp the development law, carry forward the spirit of struggle, establish the bottom line thinking, fully mobilize all aspects of enthusiasm, and form a unified will, gather in the deep complex changes and major risk challenges of domestic and foreign development. Realize the power of common prosperity.

Countless facts prove that when the wind is coming, the Chinese Communist Party is always the most reliable and stronger of the Chinese people.

With the strong leadership of the party, the people of the country have a great force that has no storms and high songs.

The great cause must be led by the great party.

We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, more than 1.4 billion Chinese people have a common heart, and work together, it will be able to achieve the full prospects of all the people’s common prospects. (Author: Yang Shaohua, Department "seeking" deputy director of the Magazine Political Editorial Department, National Party Construction Research Association Special Researcher) (Editor: Library, Wanpeng).

31 provinces added new coronary pneumonia constant diagnosis cases 60 cases

Original title: 31 provinces added new crown pneumonia, the local confirmed cases, 60 cases, China, Xinwang, December 9, 833, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) The Construction Corps reported a new diagnosis case.

Among them, there were 23 cases of overseas, 9 cases in Guangxi, 4 cases in Hubei, 3 cases in Guangdong, 2 cases in Yunnan, 1 case in Tianjin, 1 case in Fujian, 1 case in Shaanxi, 1 case Regarding cases (in Guangdong); 60 cases of local cases (42 cases in Inner Mongolia, all in Hulunbeier; Zhejiang 12 cases, including 9 cases of Shaoxing City, 3 cases in Ningbo, 4 cases in Heilongjiang; 1 case in Harbin; Nanjing; 1 case in Yunnan, in Dehong Dai Jinglu Autonomous Prefecture).

No new death cases.

No new suspected cases.

  On the same day, the newly added treatment was 48 cases, and 781 close contacts were released, and the intensive cases were added 2 cases higher than the previous day. Overseas input existing diagnosis of 461 cases (2 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases of 2 cases.

A total of 10,369 cases of diagnosis, cumulative treatment of 9908 cases, no death cases. As of 24:00 on December 8, according to 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps report, there were 1190 cases of diagnosis cases (including crop-shaving cases), cumulative cure 4,3628 cases, cumulative death cases 4636 cases , Accumulated a diagnosis of 99,454 cases, existing suspected cases of 2 cases. The accumulated tracking to close contacts 1348,974 people, still in close contact with medical observation, 42668 people. 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 33 cases of no symptomatic infection, including 20 cases of overseas, 13 cases of local (12 cases in Zhejiang, including 8 cases in Shaoxing, 3 cases, Hangzhou 1 case; 1 case in Guangxi, in Chongzuo); 1 case of confirmed cases (for overseas input) on the same day, 13 cases (12 cases of overseas input); 484 cases of non-symptomatic infections that are still observed in medicine (406 cases outside the country).

  Accumulated receipt of 29,236 cases of diagnosis in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. Among them, 12,471 cases (1,2155 cases of death, 213 deaths in the hospital), 77 cases (77 cases discharged from the hospital), 16688 cases in Taiwan (848 deaths in the hospital).

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