The Nuclear Submarine of the South China Sea "Hill" appeared in the beautiful coast boat.

The US military nuclear submarine in the "hill" accident in the South China Sea has a new "moving".

According to the US media, this nuclear submarine has been secretly transferred from Guam to San Diego, the West Coast of the United States.

The latest exposure screen also discloses the damage of the submarine, and you can see that the entire sound cover of the boat is gone. The US "The Battle District" column reported on December 12th, the previous US Navy "Connecticut" nuclear submarine after the underwater "hit the mountain" accident, appeared in San Diego (California, USA) The state city is almost certain that this submarine is or more floating gesture to this. According to the report, some netizens found and confirmed the "Connecticut" nuclear submarines entering San Diego port by San Diego port. It can clearly see the damage of this submarine – the entire sound of the boat is gone.

According to reports, the US Navy’s "Connecticut" nuclear submarine was exposed from the mid-November to the Guam Terminal, and then unknown. The "Theater" has asked the US Navy asked the information of this submarine, but did not receive a reply. The "Theater" has speculated the destination of the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine is its portal of the Breton Navy Base in Washington, there is a base of three US Navya-wolf nuclear submarines. According to the report, the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine failed to overhaul in Guam is the lack of large dry dock facilities.

Although Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor Navy Base has the ability to overhaul submarines, considering the uniqueness of sea wolf nuclear submarines, this is also a major challenge for the Pearl Harbor Navy Base.

According to reports, a serious damaged nuclear submarine sailed 6200 miles (9977 km) at sea, and it was a very unpleasant process in the case of no boats. I don’t know what the ship is sent to the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine. On November 18, the US "Military Times" website reported that after the "Mountain" accident occurred in the US Navy "Connecticut" accident, the US Naval Submarine sector has begun to download the "navigation suspension" command this week.

However, officials of US submarine troops explained that this "navigation pause" command promulgated on November 17 will not stop the US military activities from the previous waterfront stop or the aviation troops.

There were also American media analysis that the degree of damage to this nuclear submarine may be seriously retired, and the US Navy is now facing two difficulties, whether it is to retire it or retire, will pay a huge price.

The Chinese Naval Research Institute, Zhang Jun, who said, said that the official statement of the seventh fleet of the United States is still obscured. "The US military is in the strong appeal and requirements of the international community, and after a month, it is like a unknown statement that is unknown to the extrusion cream. It is not only a lack of sincerity, not transparent, not professional, it is really disappointing." Wang Wenbin, China Foreign Ministry, said on the routine reporter, on November 2, we once again urge the US to explain the relevant situation of the accident, fully responding to the concerns of the regional countries, the key is to stop sending military ship military machines to challenge, show off force Stop damage to the active safety of other countries, otherwise this type of accident will not be less than less.

Party representatives Li Aiwu: Strive to be the inland reform and opening up

Li Awu.

Yueyang Municipal Party Propaganda Department is located in Chauyang, located in the northeastern part of Hunan Province, embrace Dongting, North Yijiang, Nanna Sanxiang Siwu, Jianghu intersection.

This famous historical and cultural city with a long history of more than 2500 years, is named by the original county is located in the south of Tianyue Curtain. "Since the" 13th Five ", Yueyang has actively docked, comprehensive integration into national strategy, the city’s open economy is booming." The 12th Party Congress of Hunan Province said, Yueyang Mayor Li Awu said, "14th Five-Year Plan" It is necessary to put Yueyang in Hunan Province, Yangtze River Economic Zone and the National Grid, and High Standard Construction Yangtze River Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone, struggling to build high-quality development growth in Hunan, actively, actively, actively, in the inland regional reform and opening up. Now, this Hunan has an open "bridgehead", is actively involved in the full construction of the vivid practice of socialist modernization in Hunan, and strives to add light to the overall light.

Continued Tradition "Music Spirit" Dongting Tianxia, ??Yueyang Tianxiang Building.

Yueyang ancient buildings, long-awaited a meal, although leaping thousands of years, but long-lasting.

In recent years, Yueyang City adheres to the spiritual core of "the world’s worries and worries, the happy world," to ensure that the people’s livelihood as all the starting point and the foothold of all work, and focus on solving the people in the study party "." I hope "China’s most happy city" has been selected for many years.

"Minsheng expenditure accounts for more than 70% of the total financial expenditure, the old community renovation, the tale transportation ring, the agricultural (collecting) the trade market renovation, the stains of water points, and the elevator installation and other people reflect a strong realistic problem. Effective resolution. "Li Awu said.

In the retrofit of the old community, Yueyang City will be arrested as a key link, and it is based on the successful competition for the financial and central budget funds for 1.8 billion yuan, from the "People’s Urban People" "Enterprise Pipe Network Enterprise Reform" "Public Resource Publicization" is precise to force, raise all kinds of capital billions, effectively crack the financial funds "can’t afford" and social capital "unwilling to invest". In 2020, Yueyang City has renovated 537 old communities, and the people of the masses were upgraded at home.

Not only that, Yueyang City also adheres to the development and safety "two-hand arrest", and solidly carry out the anti-black and evil, anti-drug people’s war, traffic, stunning, safety, safety production, emergency department.

Among them, Yueyang Letters and Visits Work "Three None" units have created the forefront of Hunan Province and won the excellent market governance of national social security. The problem of people’s livelihood is effectively solved, the quality of life is guaranteed, the security of the people, the satisfaction continues to rise.

"When the Yueyang Xihuan Project, when he was discovered on the spot, he heard a dangerous house and relocated his household.

"This sentence makes Li Awu very touching, but also makes her more convinced: As long as I really do a good job in the people in my heart, do practical things, the people will trust you, support you.

Playing advantages to help open development, Yueyang is born in Hong Kong, in port. As the only port city of Hunan Province, the port is not only the biggest advantage of Yueyang, but also strategic resources in Hunan Province. In order to give full play to the advantages of the port, Yueyang will build a strong self-trained area and four international maintenance zone, cultivate export-oriented leading enterprises, development and growth of bonded warehousing, bonded processing and other international trade support industries, shipping logistics, bonded logistics and other special logistics, focus Building a "Pearl River Delta" north, "Yangtze River Triangle", Xiangjin, Chengdu Shuangcheng Economic Circuit, China, cross-regional logistics, large channel, to create a port-type national logistics hub. At the same time, Yueyang will rely on the Yangtze River Golden Waterway, accelerate the construction of Chengliji Port as the hub, with the "satellite" port, "one lake and four water" watershed in the Hong Kong, "Sanhu Four Water" watershed. Feeding Hong Kong’s modern port system, constructing water railway air multi-purpose interloader system to create a national integrated transportation hub. Li Awu said that the report of the 12th Party Congress in Hunan Province put the "comprehensive deepening reform and opening up, creating the reform and opening up highland" inland areas, fully showing the firm determination of Hunan to further deepen the reform and opening up in the next five years.

As the deputy center of the province, Yueyang has a unique area of ??Tongjiang Dahai. It is also responsible for the responsibility and mission of the pioneer in the Yangtze River Belt. It must be in the new journey of the "three high four new" strategy and Hunan to build reform and opening up highlands. Take the front, make demonstration.

Li Awu said that Yueyang will further deepen the reform of the service, and create a first-class business environment. Further enlarge the platform advantage to open the depth of depth in institutional innovation.

Further, strong modern logistics, highlight the position in the double cycle pattern. Further expand regional cooperation, reflecting in the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the rise of the central government. During the implementation of the new achievements in five years, in the face of the intricate development situation, Yueyang actively responded to the disaster disaster, and took the initiative to participate in the high school entrance examination. The region has a continuous crossover of 300 billion yuan, 400 billion yuan, and the second economic power in Hunan Province has further consolidated; Xin Jinbao, Zhengwei, Panhua, Heceramide and other a batch of billion flagship industry projects have solidly promoted, new Increase modern logistics, cultural tourism, two hundred billion products … Yueyang is steadily entering the development of expressway, and economic growth continues to be good.

At the same time, Yueyang City adheres to the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone to take advantage of the pollution prevention and control, and the national black odor governance demonstration city, the first batch of sponge city construction demonstration city.

"Dongfeng Lake once is the largest black odor in the center of our central city. The water quality of the former lake is a poor V, which is a typical black aqueous water. We have consistently adopted the core goal of the water environment, comprehensive adoption of ‘cutting, dredging, complex Green, retreat, strict management’s five remediation measures, in 2020, completely eliminate black odor. "Li Awu said that the water quality of Dongfeng Lake has stabilized in Class III, and the water ecological environment in the basin is significantly improved. , "?" that is hidden in the shore, Jingmei, former citizens, now turned into a good place to fight, and Dongfeng Lake New District also became a new highlight of Yueyang and urban construction new brands.

Not only that, Yueyang "hollow housing" rectification is "Reform and Opening 40 Years Reform Innovation 40 Case", the comprehensive reform of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative "2019 China Reform Annual Case" Yue Yang ‘s regional brand. These achievements are real, "dry", and it is hard to hard "".

"We must vigorously implement the ‘Three High Sixth New’ Strategy, Accelerate the Construction ‘Three District One Class’, in the construction of a strong and beautiful socialist modern new Hunan journey in the new Hunan journey, walk in the forefront." Future planning, Li Awu is full. In the next five years, Yueyang City will adhere to the four new chapters of green high-quality development in the next stage.

Adhere to the ecological land without shaking. Yueyang will accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Bai Li’s green economy development hallway, highlight the "Ten Observatory Engineering" construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone, overtracting the construction of a harmonious rivers and lake, cracking the "chemical surrounding rivers", and strive to achieve The "Gold Situation" and "Containing Green" double increase. Adhere to the industry’s strong market is not shaken. Yueyang will put the focus of the development economy in the entity economy, go all out to grasp the project, hit the entity, strong industries, and strongly promote the construction of chain-chain chain, deepen the "five good" camps, and continue to do large industries. Improve the industrial level, accelerate the creation of a batch of standby, called the fabric manufacturing plant, manufacturing base, and strive to lay a high-quality system of industrial fundamentals and the modernization of the industrial chain.

Adhere to the Hong Kong, Xingkong.

Yueyang will vigorously implement the open rise strategy, strengthen the airport, Shuanggang driver ", actively integrate the new development pattern of domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion, pay close attention to the construction of the tracker area, and focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of consumption Accelerate Yueyang to become a big hub of Tongjiang Dahai, open bridgehead.

Adhere to high quality development is not shaken.

Yueyang will focus on innovative driving as a center, focus on improving the quality of development, continuing to do a large economic volume, ensuring that GDP reaches 650 billion yuan, strive to break through 700 billion yuan; local fiscal revenue reached 26 billion yuan, strive for 30 billion Yuan, comprehensive strength enters the top region of the central region and the Yangtze River basin.

"We must break out a new road in the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone. In the advanced manufacturing gathering area of ??the construction of the central area, we will break out a new world in the construction of Hunan Tongjiang Hai, which is a new weather. The construction of a modern provincial sub-center city broke out. "Li Aizu depicts the beautiful blueprints developed in Yueyang City, and the vision is very clear.

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Pu Xishi wild horse went to "new home" endangered species long-distance population proliferation

At 10 o’clock on September 18, the 6-Popard wild horses in the Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center were successfully loaded into the tidist box, and they were allowed to go to the Inner Mongolian Datun Mountain National Nature Reserve to return. This will help the Popka Musk, which is mainly propagated by the population, turning to the wild horses in the field of natural conditions, and achieve the goal of rebuilding the wild population in the wild. It is reported that the wild population of rare and endangered species elk and Pu Makama, China National Forestry and Grassland Bureau of China National Forestry and Prairland, China National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia, China National Nature Reserve Elk, Mustang population proliferation and expansion column.

Yang Jianming, director of Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center, said: "Xinjiang Yamu Breeding Research Center will be divided into 12 wild horses (4 8 females) in the jurisdiction of Datunhan National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia, carrying out long-distance population proliferation and expansion Return to work, expand the source of excellent wild horses, thus improving the Makama species habitat.

"After more than a year, the first batch of wild horses (2 male 4 females) started on the same day. According to the adaptation of these 6 wild horses, the Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center will carry out the transportation and return of the second batch of wild horses." It was the first time through the truck for more than 2,000 kilometers of Push’s wild horses. We specially sent six staff to escort.

Yang Jianming said.

Pu Maka is one of the most endangered large wild animals in the world. It is included as a national-level protected animal in China, and is included in the Endiffoot Level by the World Nature Conservation Alliance (IUCN).

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The first time responds to rescue in people’s livelihood

  Since November 5, the Eastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has placed blizzard, and the wind is cooling and raging.

Among them, Tongliao City has the most stronger storm in the local weather record, the maximum snowfall is mime, the maximum snow is 68 cm, which exceeds the historical value.

As of 12:00 on November 10, the snow disaster caused the 8 flag counties in Tongliao City, 112 Sumu Township Street, 30,838 people were affected, and one death was killed, causing a direct economic loss.

  After the Storm, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the various departments at all levels at all levels in Tongliao City launched bad weather emergency plans. On the morning of November 9, Shi Taifeng, secretary of the party committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, pointed out that it must be highly valued, be sure to put emergency disaster as a top priority, urgent urgency, and grasp the grasp.

  Tongliao City public security, fire protection and other departments have made emergency assistance work with snow.

On November 9, the police officers of the Public Security Bureau of Tongliao City, the police station of the police station, took the snow of the lords, over 8 hours, hiking for her herders to retrieve 30 cows. "No matter how big the snow is large, the safety of the mass life and property is the unshirkable responsibility." Sun Lu said.

On the morning of the 9th, in the western house of the old transportation bureau of Xinhua Street, Kaipu County, 3 people in a bungalow have been trapped in the house. The firefighters immediately rushed to the scene, using the tools such as the snow shovel to carry out rescue, successfully rescued 3 Personnel.

As of 16:00, Tongliao City dispatched 11,082 police officers, 982 police cars, a total of 2467 vehicles, 1707 personnel, and found 8 people, rescue the affected houses, more than 50 shopping malls. In order to ensure the safety of residents, the National Network Inner Mongolia Eastern Electricity Co.

Organize important insurance lines to carry out a resident, key positions, perform 24-hour emergency duty management.

As of 9th, the company has sent 600 power supply and support teams, and the power supply support personnel is 10,000, and 5003 vehicles are dispatched.

  At the same time, Tongliao City keeps snow, with a clear working model, the city has dispatched 4,819 sets of fresh snow vehicles, and participated in more than 10,000 people. The market supervision and administration department has a steady price, and the price of important commodities that may have an abnormal fluctuations, take a reminder, warn, warning, etc. in advance.

At present, Tongliao City rice, face, oil, meat, egg and vegetables are sufficient. In order to ensure the warmth of the masses, Tongliao thermochemical limited liability company improves the heating temperature, staff all day, ensuring that urban users have stable heat.

The moisturizing mask really solves the "dry" puzzle? Experts say this

Original title: Can a moisturizing mask solve the "dry" problem? Reporter experience: There is no moisturizing effect, and the skin sensitive people don’t know why, from 2020, masks have become a must for everyone in everyday life. But with the arrival of the autumn and winter season, many citizens reflected to the reporter, the mask is insisting, but the mouth, the cheek is getting more and more. If wearing a mask is long, even the face is a bit "skin". The reporter found that there is no lack of "moisturizing masks" on the market. What is the effect? In the days to "accompany" in the mask, how should I refuse "dry Barba"? Kong Yulong, deputy director of the Dermatology of Nanjing Jiangbei Hospital, pointed out that the skin moisturizing is the foundation, but also the personal protection needs during the epidemic, not suitable for the skin-sensitive population.

The reporter experienced the "moisturizing mask" mouth and nose did have a moist and autumn dryness. Is there any product that wear a mask and moisturizing? After searching for "Moisturizing" "Mask" in a online shopping platform, the reporter found that the mask brand of the moisturizing effect is currently known as the styles, only one Japanese imported product. However, the sales of this product is good, the brand official flagship store month sales exceed 1000. Mask prices with moisturizing function are not cheap.

The reporter calculates that although the more it is more cost-effective, the price of a single piece of the moisturizing mask is about 10 yuan.

Most of the places are mostly ordinary, not equipped with moisturizing functions in 1 yuan, even cheaper.

Where is the price of a moisturizing mask "moisturizing effect"? The reporter purchased and experienced it.

The moisturizing mask is divided into "masks" and "moisturizing". The mask part of the material is a common nonwoven fabric.

However, in the middle of the mask, the position close to the nose can be inserted into two moisturizing slices, thereby generating "wet" feeling in the process of wearing the mask. Wearing a moisturizing mask, the reporter is apparent that the moisturizing effect is mainly concentrated on the lips placed in the moisturizing piece, near the nose, but it is not much to improve the dry feelings of the cheeks because of the wear mask.

On the other hand, the moisturizing effect will slowly weaken over time, really feel the wet time is no more than half a day.

According to business publicity, the effect of this moisturizing mask is 4-5 hours, but many buyers also commented that their effects can only last for about 2 hours. Experts analyzes that the epidemic prevention effect is also used to wear a mask, the main purpose is to personal protection during the normalization of the epidemic. So can this moisturizing mask really achieve an epidemic prevention? The reporter is described in which the outer mask is found that the outer mask is a normal nonwoven fabric material, and the moisturizing sheet in the end is to hydroxybenzoate and spices. In this regard, the reporter also asked the official flagship store customer service, and the other party said that the mask did not have an anti-virus. "First such a moisturizing mask because its material does not contain a filtration layer, it cannot replace the general medical surgical mask to achieve protective effect.

In addition, a preservative has been added to the composition of the moisturizing sheet, and some with fragrant styles will add spices, which may not be sensitive to the skin or allergic skin, or even hormone-dependent dermatitis may not Too suitable for use. In fact, there are quite a few people who are allergic to preservatives.

"Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physicalist, Department of Dermatology, Nanjing, told reporters that when the above crowd uses this mask with moisturizing slices, it is easy to cause stimulating reaction or allergic reactions.

In the view of Kong Yulong, such a moisturizing mask can play more about "new flowers" to the ordinary population to temporarily relieve uncomfortable feelings. I want to solve the wearing mask at all, the skin care is the most important.

Kong Yulong reminded that as long as the skin moisturizing is done, even if wearing a mask, the risk of drying or "poppox" will also decrease. (Reporter Lu Yanlin).

Shanxi Municipality: Pingdu Woye is full of new

Jiaocheng County has a local rich wild bacteria resource-based, developing rare meter – sheep belly, silver white fungus and other special projection; relying on the edible bacteria research center to solve domestication of domesticated planting test technical problems, using test demonstration base to promote rare meal test Planting, while guiding the support of the people, developing the precious wild bacteria, famous medicine materials, etc., and cultivates a group of techniques, the planting capabilities, and focusing on the development of the agricultural industry in the mountainous area. Representatives of Hao Xuan Planting Professional Cooperatives, under the guidance of the county edible fungus research center, successfully introduced the hanging bag fungus cultivation technology and achieved breakthroughs, "Pangquan Snow Ear" is vigorously promoted as the intersection of the city characteristics.

As of now, now, the county has built 153 hanging bags, 1770,000 bags of fungus rods, and directly drive more than 3,000 people with more than 3,000 people to achieve depletion. Find new models for local facilities agricultural development and came out of a new road that promoted farmers’ income. Faucet – Strong Three Industrial Clusters to Develop Label Production and Processing Industry Clusters.

Jiaocheng County fully supports the implementation of various policies, enhances standardized scale farming levels, and the whole year of pig deposit is 10,000, and the number of columns is 60,000. Vigorously support the development of small and medium-sized aquaculture, promote the construction of new 40,000 pig breeding bases, guiding the formation of industrial consisters such as slaughter enterprises such as old farmers. Develop agricultural products in the deep processing industry cluster. In 2010, Shanxi Huaxin Group founded the original forest of Pangquangang, excavating the wine culture, giving wine citaries more than 1500 years ago, and giving the 虎 沟, in the archaeological discovery, the local unique mine spring water – tiger bubble Spring, planting wine crops – Weihe sorghum, preparation is sweet, sweet and fragrant white wine, reconstruction of ancient law wine technology, reappearing the ethnic culture of Chinese wine gods during the treatment of the ancient Datun. Jiacheng County actively guided the encouragement of Huaxin winery to build a high-giled base in order to promote the county to plant a high oriented beam, and used alcohol to use as a coupling, the construction of a farming base, and build a characteristic industrial park.

Representatives in Huaxin Winery, Mingcheng County is surrounded by red dates, walnuts, small grains, livestock products, brewing industry and other agricultural products, promoting the development of processing industry, driving industrial base construction. Develop a seabuckthorn forest fruit industry cluster. Mainly "Building a typical, demonstration lead, comprehensive push" model, innovating the mechanism of "enterprise + cooperative + farmers + collective economy, support cooperative expands the scale of operation through contracting, stock, lease, etc., relying on the Provincial Forestry Hall The economic forest improvement and efficiency construction project, the cooperative community should adopt a striped dredging, the elective cutting, and the restriction update, etc. .

Wheat Wort Golden Wanli, colorful colorful autumn field.

The development of special agricultural development in Mingcheng County is realizing the transformation of tradition to modern, green, and ecology will give full play to the advantage of Taiyuan suburbs. The business, support the new subject, broaden the new channels, rely on "Ming Mountain" public brand, provide rich "name, excellent, thin, special" agricultural products to make agriculture, more beautiful, farmers are more rich, let the world The drunkenness is here. (Wen / Guo Chao Yongtu / Tian Yagang) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

The Shanghai Site: Focus on Perfecting the Capital Market Support Science and Technology Innovation System Mechanism

  On December 13th, the party committee of the CCA held a party committee to study the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and study the idea of ??working next year ‘s work in the work requirements of the central economic work conference and the requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. According to the party committee of the CONIHD, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, our country will calmly respond to the hundred years of change in the century epidemic, and the construction of the new development pattern has taken new steps. The high-quality development has achieved new achievements, achieving the "14th Five-Year Plan" and fully proved. The decisive significance of "two established". All cadres and employees of the Shanghai Sitial Stock Exchange should unify thoughts and actions to the central decision-making deployment, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", implement the actual actions, implement the Central Economic Work Conference Spirit.

  First, the comprehensive and accurate implementation of the total tuning of work. To "stabilize" in size and speed, "into" in structure and quality. To enhance technology innovation capability, actively support high-level technology self-improvement, adhere to the "hard technology" positioning, encourage and support "hard technology" enterprises, and focus on improving capital market to support technology innovation system mechanisms, better playing Cork listed company leads the role to drive the innovation activities of SMEs around the industry chain and supply chain.

  The second is the whole-hearted service to force the economic foundation. It is necessary to further develop the market direct financing function, support the promotion of manufacturing core competitiveness and guarantee primary products supply, service and manufacturing, and the integration of the long triangulation.

With moderate advancement of infrastructure investment, optimize REITS system construction, steadily expand the scale.

  The third is to fully implement a major reform task. Under the unified leadership of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, we will deepen the "Three Principles" of the registration system, and fully prepare for the full implementation of stock issuance registration system to ensure the stability of the reform.

At the same time, based on the construction of the systematic thinking promotion market basic system, deepening the reform of the pilot registration system of the creative board, and play the "Test Field" function. The fourth is to keep the bottom line thinking. To play capital as a positive role of production factors, effectively controlling its negative effects. Strengthen the effective supervision of capital according to law to prevent capital barbarism. The fifth is to strengthen the political construction of the CCA.

In accordance with the unified deployment of the Securities Regulatory Commission, we will conscientiously carry out the political mission, political function and political responsibility of the CSR, and profoundly understand the duties of the relevant national conditions and the new situation. The awareness of the attributes, effectively considers political requirements to implement the entire process of the implementation of the exchange.

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Safety of railway roads, residents, clean Liuliqiao street demolition illegal

It is understood that in 2003, Jinjia Village is built in 2003 and has been used as a railway employee dormitory. Most of the house buildings are built by color steel and bricks, but there are not only public land, but there are still many security issues.

In recent years, the area of ??illegal construction has continued to expand, forming the "big cluster" of the railway service company, auto repair, and employee, and the environment is noisy, and there are many residents.

In response to this illegal construction, the inspection team made detailed records and filings, and the associated clue was transferred to the integrated administrative law enforcement team for the first time. Have way: patient communication gradually retreats after the on-site investigation and discharge, finally identified thousands of square meters of construction in the No. 1 courtyard, and did not obtain the construction project planning permit of the relevant departments. It belongs to illegal construction and should be removed according to law.

Subsequently, the law enforcement team immediately develops relevant discovery options. Contact the homeowner by calling communication, home notice, etc. Demolition, for its own dismantling, it is difficult to work, and the law enforcement team is coordinated. "It belongs to the construction, there is a serious safety hazard. For your safety, please move in time.

"In the persuasion of the staff, the staff is in the west, and there are nearly 200 residential people in the west, and they have completed all over the week.

New Progress: A week of violation of the construction of the establishment of the construction warning line in the weeks of the illegal team, with a shovel, the implementation of a forklift, the degenerator and other equipment, the demolition work officially begins.

The list of red cultural specialty villages in Shandong Province publicizes 5 villages in Jinan

  According to the "Assessment Management Measures for the Creating Assessment of the Red Cultural Specialty Village of Shandong Province (Trial)" "Assessment of Red Cultural Characteristics of Shandong Province", Shandong Province organized the first batch of red cultural specialty villages in Shandong Province.

According to the declaration of each city, the 50 villages, such as Shiwanzun Village, Xinzhuang Street, Jinan City, etc. From December 10 to 16, 2021).

  In the selection list of the formula, Jinan City has 5 red cultural specialty villages, which are Ji’an Village, Shiwanzu Village, Xinzhuang Street, Railway District, Town, Laiwei District, Town, Laiwei District. Village, Yinjiadian Village, Zhonggong Street, Southern Mountainous Area, Wanglou Village, Kongcun Town, Pingyin County.

  The creation of red cultural specialty villages in Shandong Province launched in May this year.

The work aims to vigorously explore the revolutionary culture, carry forward the revolutionary culture, inherit the red cultural gene, guide the scientific and standardization of red cultural special villages, help rural resolution, build Qilu sample, systematically, standardize the rural revolutionary artifact Protection utilization. "Shandong Red Cultural Characteristic Village Create Assessment Management Measures (Trial)" In "General", it gives a clear concept for red cultural characteristics: "Red Cultural Village, is named by Shandong Province Culture and Tourism Hall, village The red cultural remains in the domain protection, the red culture is highlighted, and the inheritance promotion is powerful, and the administrative village (community) is displayed.

Among them, the red culture refers to the Chinese Communist Party of China since the May Fourth Movement, the basic principle of Marxism with China, leaders united the historical value, educational significance, and commemorative substances that all people of all nationalities in the revolution, construction, reform The sum of wealth and spiritual wealth.

Red cultural remains refer to the red material cultural heritage of buildings, monuments, sites, such as revolutionary cultural relics.

"In addition, the conditions for selecting red cultural in Shandong Province include: has red cultural relics; there is a red cultural publicity display space; a sound management institution; relying on red cultural relics to promote depletion of poverty and rural revitalization; nearly three years Environmental pollution, ecological damage, cultural relics safety, etc. have no serious violations of violations.

  (Jinan newspaper business full media reporter Zhao Xiaolin).

Precision training

This newspaper Guiyang News This year, Guizhou has adhered to the grasping of grassroots cadres and training as an important political task, continuously improve systemization and training mechanisms, and continuously enhances the ability of grassroots cadres, in order to promote economic society High quality development provides strong organizational assurance.

Based on actual, carefully plan to formulate implementations. The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee organizes forces to conduct research in the province, and listened to the actual situation of the number of the grassroots first-line observations, the number of training targets, grassroots training needs, and training funds.

Research and formulate training work programs, focusing on improving the political ability of rural resolution, improving the political ability of grassroots cadres, reforming and innovating capacity, according to law capacity, and mass work ability, etc. In the five phases, it is implemented for different types of cadres and classification, ensuring that 450,000 grassroots cadres training full coverage in the province will achieve 450,000 grassroots cadres training in September 2022. Demonstration drives, fully deploying launch training work. The Provincial Party Committee organizes the provincial level cadres training teachers, inviting relevant leadership experts to conduct demonstration teaching, and mobilize the implementation of grassroots cadres training in the province, the provincial direct department units and city (state), counties (city) , District Party Committee Organization Department, the party school is related to 400 people and other 400 people and other 400 people. Around the party to promote the revitalization of the country, the party construction leads the urban grassroots governance, led the second phase of township (street), village (community) party organization secretary provincial demonstration training class, Choosing the work foundation, Guiyang City, Zunyi City and the provincial party committee organization In Taijiang County, Jianhe County as a pilot, first trial, and trial, demonstration to drive the party organizations at all levels of the province to implement the grassroots cadres training tasks. Coordinate linkage, and effectively strengthen the guarantee of elements.

Incorporate grassroots cadres training work into the national party building effectiveness assessment and party committee (Party group) secretary to grasp the assessment of the evaluation of the criteria.

From the party members and cadres’ education and training institutions and relevant departments, the expert teachers have formed provincial-level teachers team, according to at least 20 teachers per city (state), each teacher is responsible for 1 main curriculum, and assigns 200 teachers to group The province’s 9 municipalities (states) launched a demonstration teaching, curriculum development guidance. City, county, two levels, to form the provincial practice, form a city-level, county-level teacher team, tight training theme, and focus on local actual development characteristics, forming a curriculum system for "10 main curriculum + N-door". Compiled "Country Revitalization Theory and Practice" "Party Construction Leading Grassroots Control" 2 provincial teaching materials, establishing teaching quality assessment, training tracking, positioning mechanism, etc., positioning, funding guarantees, etc., and effectively protecting the required training.

(Editor: Wang Wen, Ma Chang).