Wang Youcai shook his head,Sober yourself up,I’m sure this person is his second brother Wang Youdao Shi,Then he said with a smile:“What call to you?You are the one doing great things,Can’t bother。Hurry back!Here i am”

“What do you mean?Just talk to 2nd brother?”Wang Youdao glared at Wang Youcai,Glanced at the closed iron gate of the hospital,Suddenly backed the car back,Stopped directly on the side of the road。
As soon as the door opens,Youdao is not the only one getting off the car,It turns out that his wife Niu Huiling is here too。Apart from holding a large flower in her hand, Niu Huiling,There is a nice fruit basket in the other hand。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but snorted,Because these things are not practical to rural people,Just save face。But then again,The daughter-in-law is already doing well like this。That’s like Song Fang,Come empty-handed,I still have to talk cold words。
No matter how much he has opinions on the second brother Wang Youdao,This is her sister-in-law is an outsider after all,And came here from Shaocheng。Wang Youcai is not stupid,When he thought of this,So he hurried up in two steps,I took all these things from Niu Huiling。
“Rich!Brother said that Dad is very sick?”Niu Huiling follows Wang Youcai,Asked quietly。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Anyway,Family members can’t go in either”Wang Youcai deliberately said that his father’s illness was very serious。
Wang Youdao,Let go and run towards the hospital,Regardless of the wife Niu Huiling behind。Niu Huiling took two steps,Asked again in a low voice:“The problem won’t be serious!”
“Hard to say,The doctor won’t explain this thoroughly,Because being treated”Wang Youcai finished,Also slowed down。What he cares most about now is his old mother Chen Yueqin,She doesn’t know what the frozen condition is now。
In the passage in front of Wang Degui’s ward,Chen Yueqin curled up and sat on the bench,She covered her leg with a quilt,At first glance, it is covered by the patient in the ward。Maybe the nurse found that the old man’s was too cold,Be kind。
Wang Youdao stood in front of my old lady,Keep your head down。Just listen to Chen Yueqin’s low voice:“Your dad values you most,So I’ve worked hard to provide you,But that’s how you treated him”
Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling walked over,Chen Yueqin stopped talking。Niu Huiling walked two steps with interest,Came to Chen Yueqin and said:“mom!Is it frozen?!”
“Okay,The nurse gave me a quilt。You are all busy,No need to run here。Just have me and wealth”Chen Yueqin said coldly。

Beside this bastard,There was also a girl in a swimsuit standing。Be precise,Should be a woman。This woman is wearing a small swimsuit,Can’t contain her plumpness。

It’s really a narrow road,I thought of him just now,I didn’t expect to run into this person in a blink of an eye。Xia Jian sat up straight,Asked coldly:“what happened?This is your home?Only you,Forbid me to come?”
“Feiye,I just want to say,As you,Shouldn’t come to this place。Unless you have something shameful“Chen Jiang is talking,Haha laughed。
Chen Jiang teased Xia Jian,While still using his big hand,Touching on which woman。
First1961year Solve with the rules of the arena
Xia Jian looked at Chen Feng with a rogue face,It burned with anger。Is it true that the enemy does not meet?,Since I ran into,He has to teach this bastard。
Xia Jian stood up slowly,Approaching Chen Feng step by step。It’s just this time,Chen Feng just discovered Xia Jian’s disadvantage to him,He hurriedly pushed away the woman in his arms,Step back a few steps:“What do you want, Xia Jian?Don’t be foolish”
Chen Feng has taught Xia Jian how great,he knows,Once Xia Jian does it,He must be the one who suffers。Thirty-six counts,Go first。Chen Feng was talking,While turning away。
Watching Chen Feng run away in a hurry,Xia Jian couldn’t help but sneer:“Bastard,Don’t run if you have the ability!”
Which woman was left by Chen Feng,Pale with fright,She stammered:“It’s none of my business,I didn’t know him”
“I ask you,Is he alone?”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Asked coldly。

“In this case,We can’t be bullied!Come come,I just used“Reliable partner”Already got the car!”Zhang Song called the teammates of Team Flower and Grass in the channel to form a team。

“Count the next one,By the way, give you a weapon upgrade1star!”Guo Yinzhe, who is far away in the small town, initiated an evil transaction。
“no problem!Pick you up first!Boss Guo!”Zhang Song is very happy。
“And us,And us!”Zhao Ping hurriedly shouted because he was so close to Shunzi。
After Lu Yi went around and killed a mechanic who wanted to contain Cao Anna,Smashed his mechanical beetle,In addition to looting his ammunition, he got a damaged body armor,And handed it to Cao Anna who came out。
“I’ll send you in the car!”
Cao Anna takes over the equipment,I thought it was hard to get a chance to be alone with Lu Yi,I don’t want to go to the car that Zhangsong drove,So say it willfully:“Do not,I’m not with them,If the car blows up and die together!”
“Fucking!I can hear it!Deprive you of eligibility!”Zhang Song immediately pulled Cao Anna into the passenger blacklist。
“Then where do you want to go?”Lu Yi wondered。
Anna Cao sees her goal,So suggest:“now goSPoint,There must be a lot of people,Better goTPoint it!”
Tpoint,Wind stone“The Roe”It was the least popular spot on the original storm island map。
According to the statistics,The initial storm refresh rate of the wind stone is as high as19%,The only advantage is being inSVisual blind spot position,But no player wants to gamble there“Wait for the wind”。
Once the strategy fails,Will mean that every game is in a tense rhythm chased by the storm,Very low fault tolerance……
Lu Yi understand,Anna Cao wants to choose for two reasonsTpoint,One is to do the opposite,two isTThe point is relatively short in the ruins of the school,If all the way,Find resource points,It can reduce unnecessary casualties in the early stage while developing,After all10There are no weak opponents among 10,000 players。
“Let’s go……Gamble?”
“You agreed?Great!This will be our first date in the game!”Anna Cao showed a happy expression。
“So what did you mean……”Lu Yi is stiff。

“President Xia!You should have had a meal with us。Business not business,My eldest sister always misses you,But every time you comeGZIgnore my eldest sister”

Yang Ying smiled,Light teeth,Really beautiful and charming。
Xia Jian put down his teacup,Smiled and said:“Mr. Yang is so busy every day,I’m ashamed to bother you。This is not,I rushed to your side as soon as I got off the plane to have a meal”
“Mr. Xia, this is nothing but the Three Treasures Hall,Come to see us in such a hurry,It must be related to the settlement of the industrial park。Where are you from, the staff contact us Mr. Yang,But Mr. Yang has been too busy these two days,Eat with you,This time is also squeezed out”
Luo Xiaoyi turns with beautiful big eyes,He smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Secretary Luo,You are more and more able to talk now。Since you have said everything,I just went straight,Let’s go straight to the topic!Bucheon City Industrial Park has been completed,Mr. Yang has to take the lead,I am here for this”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,The waiter started serving。Yang Yingchong Xia Jian said with a faint smile:“Talk while eating at the dinner table”
Xia Jian nodded,Three people sitting together。When the waiter puts the wine on the table,Luo Xiaoyi stood up,She pours everyone herself。
Not to mention,It stands to reason that Yang Ying should drink red wine,Maybe to take care of Xia Jian,So I got a bottle of liquor。
As soon as the wine is poured,Xia Jian mentioned the wine glass and said:“Thank you Mr. Yang for the hospitality,This cup first respects Mr. Yang’s care for me all the time,I am respectful”
“President Xia!Don’t rush to drink this wine,You just said half of what you just said,Go on。I want to ask,Why should I take the lead in entering?In addition,What are the benefits of taking the lead in moving in,To know,I am a businessman。In business,Don’t laugh”
Yang Ying smiled slightly,Staring at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Mr. Yang is among the companies that have settled in,No matter from any aspect,Are very good。So I want to invite Mr. Yang to be the first one,The purpose is to take the lead”
“What you said so nice,Actually where can you go,All excellent。I have always supported Mr. Xia’s work very much,But Mr. Xia left work midway to start a business,I didn’t know I was just a lobbyist when I came back,Or……”
Yang Ying wants to speak but stops,Really smart,She is throwing stones for directions,As ordered。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help laughing:“Mr. Yang really considered the problem carefully。Mr. Xiao went abroad,I manage the business temporarily,So I came to Mr. Yang the first time。If Mr. Yang takes the lead,,We will give strong support in recruiting workers,Secondly, you will be required to give your company the longest tax concessions.,This is not available to other companies”
Yang Ying listened carefully,Keeping eyes on Xia Jian’s body。No one speaks anymore,All sitting quietly。suddenly,Yang Ying patted the table and said:“Deal!The premise is that you are the boss of the business”
“Mr. Xiao went abroad to develop,I can only take over the business,Don’t worry about this”

When Li Tianchou is by her side, Hua Yun doesn’t need to worry about anything.,Although the time is not long,But Li Tianchou’s personality and performance on several shots made her full of trust.,Even have a certain degree of dependence on it。

But now Hua Yun is at a loss,The look in her mind when Li Tianchou left in the afternoon again,Yes,Protect yourself,There can be no mistakes,Don’t let Liang Shaotian and others take advantage of the loopholes,Otherwise, I really failed Li Tianchou’s previous hard work and hard work。She no longer hesitates,Hurriedly packed his things and left the office。
No mind to go back and get food,Hua Yun casually eats something in a restaurant and prepares to take a taxi back to the garden apartment,But when she was standing at the intersection and blocking the car,A black Santana car parked diagonally across the road suddenly started,Turn on the headlights by turning the front of the car slightly,Rushed towards her straight。
Hua Yun with the headlights can see nothing,She suddenly realized the danger was coming,My heart suddenly raised my throat,I want to avoid but feel my legs and feet soft,Not obedient,The other party is really vicious,Li Tianchou just had an accident this afternoon,I hurt myself at night,Such a thought flashed through Hua Yun’s mind,The car has rushed to the front。
At this critical moment,Suddenly, a figure in the oblique stabbing pounced and pushed Hua Yun out a long way.,And the black shadow rolls on the ground,Can’t escape Santana’s wheel,Extremely vigorous and flexible。
The car did not give up,Slam the brake,Ready to turn around and start again,But the dark shadow knelt on the ground and pulled out a pistol,Shout,“parking,do not move!”Then a bang shot through the night sky,Very decisive shot warning。This figure is a mature man,Look like a policeman。
Santana’s driver is obviously stunned,Never thought that Cheng Yaojin would be killed on the way,It seems that today’s task is difficult to accomplish,He reacts extremely fast,Hardly any hesitation reached out and quickly put into gear,The car roared forward,Ran away in a hurry。
“stop!”The man fired a warning shot in the sky again,But there is nothing I can do。He bitterly spit on the ground,Rush to Hua Yun’s side。But found Hua Yun was in a coma,Maybe the brain hit the road teeth。The man secretly annoyed,Just to save people,Do everything in desperation,But there is no way to control the strength。He put away the gun,Dialed quickly120Emergency call。
After dinner,Peng Weihua is a little depressed,He spent a lot of effort to find out where Chen Bin came from,To this end will be farSZThe broad bean summoned back。He excitedly sent a text message to Li Tianchou,Ben also wanted to show off when the apprentice called back,But I waited for a long time and there was no answer。
Whoops,What’s the situation,Are you still fighting against Lao Tzu??Can’t you make a joke??Peng Weihua is very upset,Know that Li Tianchou is stubborn,Poor face,May be stunned by the last call。
Peng Weihua wanted to leave it alone,But Uncle Geng’s words can’t be violated。No way,Waited for more than an hour,He finally couldn’t help calling the bad apprentice,But no one answered。
Oh shit,Unethical、Be careful,I really don’t care。Peng Weihua threw the phone aside out of anger,Anyway, Uncle Geng asked something to say,Tried my best,But no one can be found,Then there is no way。

“What’s the date today?”Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,Asked Wang Lin, who was driving。

Wang Lin sighed and said:“25number”Wang Lin finished this sentence,His face became tense。This is a sensitive day,Once which funds can’t come in,The tone of the entrepreneurial group can’t come up for a while,That was really a big event when the sky fell。
Xia Jian stretched out,His brows became lumps invisibly。He doesn’t know how to spend today’s day。Is a blessing or a curse,Really unpredictable。
When he was most annoying,The phone in my pocket rang,Xia Jian pulled out annoyed,When he was about to shut down,I couldn’t help but swept the screen,I saw Gu Yue came here,He quickly connected。
“Hey!What do you mean,Not give me a call,I’m calling, do you still want to pick up”Gu Yue on the phone blamed。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You have clairvoyance!Honestly,I almost hung up and turned off,One look is your phone,I picked it up now”
“Oh!What annoys you so much?I forgot to ask you,Why is your boss making you rush back??”Gu Yue changed the topic,So I asked Xia Jiandao concerned。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“The bank suddenly tightened its money,The group has invested too many projects recently,So there is a situation in the capital chain。As long as it is a loan owed to the bank,Today is the last day”
The smart Wang Lin heard Xia Jian talking on the phone,Busy parked the car on the side of the road。So Xia Jian’s call quality will be higher,At least he won’t be distracted。
“Ok! This time it is really strong,Many companies have died。You won’t be until the last day of today, this problem has not been solved yet, right!”Gu Yue asked worriedly on the phone。
Xia Jian took a breath,He told Gu Yue about the loan with He Wei from Beiwei Group from beginning to end.,Unexpectedly, Gu Yue scolded Xia Jian on the phone:“You’re such a bastard,Encountered such a big trouble,Don’t tell me,I have always regarded as my best friend,But you don’t trust me at all“
“Is not,I caused you too much trouble。Not to mention the huge funding gap this time,How can I drag you down!“Xia Jian busy explained。
Gu Yue took a breath on the phone and said:“Yunmao Group used such a large amount of capital,I really don’t have such a big right,Must be signed by my dad。But don’t forget,Don’t I still have a leader?Which sales are very hot recently,It’s really not a problem to borrow tens of millions temporarily“
“what!So awesome!It seems that I still underestimated this land“Xia Jian heard Gu Yue say this,He couldn’t help but get excited。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“This is your function,So I have to help you through this difficult time。After returning to the company,Let your finances immediately contact the director of Leader Mi。Put the money in your other account first,If any of your money arrives,Our money returned as much as possible“
Xia Jianyi listen,This makes him happy,Thus,It is equivalent to double insurance。He said with a busy smile:“that is really good,Thank you Gu Yue“

First49chapter How could you!

Sasha went out。
I saw my cousin,Dumbfounded。
“how,Afraid to see me?You borrowed my 30,000 last time,Should pay it back?I heard from Grandpa,Sell medicinal materials for some money!”Cousin watching salsa,Serious face。
“Cousin……Can you slow down?My father is short of money for treatment。Gave you,I have no money……”
Sasha murmured。
“What does that have to do with me?I want money too……Debt repayment,Justified!Moreover,What your father wants is hundreds of thousands,These tens of thousands are just a drop in the bucket!You don’t tell me,You can cure your father with these tens of thousands!”
Cousin despised。
Cousin just doesn’t want to pay back。
others,All excuses!
“Give him back!”
At this moment,Fang Yu came out and said。
“he is?”
Cousin looked at Fang Yu,Puzzled。
“This is Doctor Fang!”
Sa Sa introduced。
“Hahaha……Cousin, stop teasing,If he can cure your father,Am I not a genius doctor?!”
Cousin shook his head。

“You hate it!I’m not coming,You turned out to be a coward。Let me tell you the truth!We are just a couple in name,And there are no formalities,If you believe,Then leave quickly”

Du Xiaohong on the phone acted like a baby,Wang Youcai on the phone is a little bit arrogant。
After all, this matter is still a bit risky,In case this Du Xiaohong gives him a set or something,Where is Baishui Town,He can’t do it alone。
Wang Youcai holding the receiver,No idea at all。Don’t go!He thinks this opportunity is rare。He took so much effort,This woman is sending a hug,In case missed,Then the life between them is over。
It’s not like that“Peony is dead,Be a ghost”Maybe this is a true portrayal of people like Wang Youcai。
“it is good!I’ll come,But you have to be honest,Don’t play any tricks for Lao Tzu,If you really make me angry,Then don’t blame me for being impolite”
Wang Youcai left such a sentence,And hung up with a snap。Isn’t it just Baishui Town??Is there anything he dare not go。
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai got the car key,Walked out of his office。It’s already over eight o’clock,Darkness in the sky。The night in the mountains seems to be thicker,As thick as ink。
In order not to disturb others, Wang Youcai,I opened the big iron door first,And after driving the car out,I closed the big iron door again。the whole process,No one came out in the compound、
From Chenzhuang to Baishui Town,It’s only ten minutes’ drive during the day。But at night,Not very good light,So Wang Youcai didn’t drive the car very fast。
When he arrives at Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil store,Where is Du Xiaohong waiting for him。The woman first glanced at the shop next to him,I found that they had closed the door long ago,She told Wang Youcai:“You parked the car a little farther away,And then came around to the backyard”
Only then did Wang Youcai know,It turned out that there is a small courtyard behind Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil。When he goes around,Du Xiaohong has opened the courtyard door。He flashes,People squeezed in。
It’s dark in the courtyard,There is only one room with a light on。After Du Xiaohong led Wang Youcai into this lighted room,This is just a turn around,Closed the door tightly again。
The room is not very big,A big bed,The rest is the sofa and the coffee table,There is also a TV。The room is a bit smaller,But it’s clean and tidy。
Wang Youcai doesn’t wait for Du Xiaohong to speak,So he sat on the sofa very generously。He even smelled a touch of perfume。This shows that Du Xiaohong, a woman with good taste in life,Definitely not an ordinary rural woman。
“Boss Wang sits first,I have two snacks here,There is nothing else to prepare”
Du Xiaohong said,So I put a bottle of white wine that had been prepared on the coffee table,Then he turned around and brought out two plates of snacks from the cabinet。
When Du Xiaohong turned around, Wang Youcai found out,This woman is wearing a cream shirt tonight,The lower body turned out to be a short black skirt,I feel nothing on her lap。Although it is the deep spring season,But the night in the mountains is still a bit cold,This woman seems to be really beautiful。

“Junior Brother。”Daojun Yuanyu hesitated,Continue to say:“Although Junior Brother is the pinnacle Daojun now,But the rise time is shorter,Some things may be unclear。”

“My Dao League,It’s a powerful force in internal fighting,Among the eight holy cities,Except for Chisang Temple and painstakingly overseas,The other six forces are fighting fiercely。”
“For those in power of these six forces,Peak Daojun is strong enough,Life limit again,It’s a very useful chess piece。As for Hedao?Endless Territory is now also the two peak Taoists who join together to become masters,Possibility is too low,Even they pay more attention to some weak Taoists,At least there is a lot of hope for harmony。”
“However, Junior Brother, you choose Dao League Immortal Palace,Nominally Dao League Immortal Palace is the leader of Dao League,Is the largest faction in the Dao League,Although the direct territory is not too big,But do nothing,Indisputably,Huge internal interests。But if Junior Brother doesn’t want to fight for benefits,,Just for the inheritance of various methods,The power of the Dao League Immortal Palace is the best choice。”
“Join the Daomeng Palace,Support the joiners themselves,And the practitioners can’t help joining forces outside the dark kingdom and eternity。Can be regarded as the most at ease。”
“As for the ancient practitioners、Country of Wind and Rain and Mangya Country。The country of wind and rain gathers special lives,They collect few methods,Little help in practice。”
“It’s Mangya Kingdom and the forces of ancient practitioners,Joining these two parties won’t fail,And it can completely avoid factional fights in the Dao League,More detached—The disadvantage is that there are more constraints。”
“Since Junior Brother has already obtained the Dao League’s General Level Immortal Palace token,Sister’s suggestion is to join the Daomeng Palace,Jin can intervene in many forces to fight for the front,Retreat to practice peacefully。”
Yuan Yu Daojun hands over,A token appeared in the palm。
“Junior brother just got an alliance token,This token is a status symbol。Practitioners on the edge of the common path,All I got is‘Soldiers’First-level token,The top Daojun and some peak Daojun take‘will’Level token,You can only get it if you completely take refuge in the Dao League Immortal Palace or the peak Dao Monarch of a certain holy city‘king’Level token?“
Yuan Yu Daojun sighed,Single talk,She also realized the strongest way to refine pill,It’s a pity that the combat power is not obvious,And arrived at the realm of Daojun,The desire for pill is not too big。
So that her status is only slightly higher than other powerful Taoists,So far, there is only a soldier-level token in hand。
“Good over there,I myself want to join the Dao League Immortal Palace,But before joining,I still have to see the two envoys from the Dao League Immortal Palace。”
Beyond the Three Realms,Now that the Three Realms have surrounded a hundred chaotic worlds。
And these chaotic worlds surround a world that is a full circle larger than the normal chaotic world。
From the outside alone,This chaotic world bursts out with strong energy rays,There is a lot of chaotic energy instilled in it。