Xia Jian with mental preparation,So I packed up all my things,If he sees anyone tonight,SZIf you can’t stay anymore,He will leave here overnight。

Prepared for the worst,Xia Jian felt quite calm,He was a passerby,Didn’t plan to stay here for a long time,It’s just that Chen Xia is really a bit uncomfortable to explain。
Think twice,Xia Jian found paper and pen,He left a text message to Chen Xia,And pressed it under the cup on the coffee table。Chen Xia accidentally talked about it when he was chatting with Chen Xia,She said she still has a key to this villa,In the office。if it is like this,He can leave this key at home with the letter。
Wait for everything to be done,Xia Jian cooked himself a bowl of noodles again,Had a good meal,Out of Buckingham Palace,It’s almost time to see,Stopped a car on the side of the road。
He was only around 7:40 when he was Drunk Eight Immortals,I stood by the beach and watched the scenery for a while,Think it’s almost time,Then I walked into the famous Drunken Eight Immortals Restaurant。
He just stepped into the door of the restaurant lobby,A well-dressed waitress greeted us,She smiled and said:“Are you Mr. Xia!please follow me“
Hey!Really hell,How she knows me?It seems that my every move,Are all within the monitoring range of others,This place is really scary。
The waitress took Xia Jian seven turns and eight turns,Through a small courtyard outside the restaurant,Push open the door of a cabin and say to Xia Jian:“Mr. Xia please come in,Guests are waiting for you inside“
Drunk Eight Immortals really deserved their reputation,It looks like a simple restaurant outside,Unexpectedly, there is no cave inside。But this is not the time for Xia Jian to study this issue。Xia Jian stepped in,See the window,Standing with a back of a medium body,A man in a Tang suit。
“Your name is Xia Hao, right?!“Which man asked loudly,But he never turned around,Indescribable arrogance。
Xia Jian has a slight meal,Whispered:“My name is Xia Jian,Did you invite me to this place??“
“not me,Someone gave the money,Let me fix you,But according to some of my men,Your skills are very good,I love someone who is capable“The man said,Then he turned around slowly。
Forty years old,Big eyebrows,The bones of the body can be seen as someone who has practiced martial arts。He sat down on the chair,Then he stretched out his hand to Xia Jian,Motion to Xia Jian to sit down opposite him。
Xia Jian is no stranger to this occasion,So he is not timid,But sat down very generously。The man glanced at Xia Jian,Said coldly:“I can see that you just came from outside,Don’t say you live in Buckingham Palace,Even if I live in Beijing,I can also get you out“

Chen Erniu with a puzzled look,Always can’t figure it out,Why did the beautiful mayor suddenly curse?。

First0104chapter Turn around
Ouyang Hong took a lot of trouble,Just arrived in the city,But it’s already past seven o’clock in the evening,I couldn’t have to go home and stayed for one night,Dawn the next day,I went straight to Captain Qu’s house。
Okay,From a classmate who was the deputy director of the city’s first construction last night,I asked about the residence of the captain of this song,It seems that this matter has to start from the person who tied the bell。
Singapore Airlines Garden7Dong6201room,The taxi master drove the car all the way downstairs,Ouyang Hong paid,Go straight to the second floor,Didn’t even take the elevator。
咚咚咚咚!Ouyang Hong took a few hard shots,She was afraid that Captain Qu would not hear,The door opened with a creak:“Who?Why is it so loud early in the morning?!“I saw Captain Qu in his pajamas,Yawning,Ask loudly。
Ouyang Hong said loudly:“it’s me,Ouyang Hong“
“Damn!Mayor Ouyang,How did you come?Hurry up and sit in the room“When Captain Qu saw Ouyang Hong,A look of surprise,But he can’t figure out Ouyang Hong’s intention,Is it because the engineering team has a problem??His heart couldn’t help but shrink。
Ouyang Hong did not go inside,But asked coldly:“Captain Qu,The engineering team is working every day,But you hide at home and sleep,It’s hard to find you“
“Did something happen to the engineering team??You speak up!“Captain Qu looked worried,if it is ture,How can there be a pot he ate,Competitive employment system,Maybe he could be the captain。
Ouyang Hong said with a straight face:“I ask you,What happened to Xia Jian’s house??You did not receive my order,How can I work privately,Did Xia Jian make you do this??“When Ouyang Hong asked this sentence,I mentioned my throat。
“Oh my goodness!What do i think,So that’s it!Where is Mr. Xiao from Venture Group,They paid out all the expenses of Xia Jian’s house building,Isn’t your second batch not started yet??I just thought,Built Xia Jian’s house first,To put it bluntly, this matter has nothing to do with the village“Captain Qu,So I told Ouyang Hong about the ins and outs of this matter。
Ouyang Hong finished listening,Took a long breath,She couldn’t help but talk to herself:“Really wronged him“

This time the fat man couldn’t help but widen his eyes,He never expected,Xia Jian who looks a little weak,The fight was so powerful。

Xia Jianchao waved behind him and said:“Let’s go!“Four beauties followed him closely,The group swaggered into the disco。This disco seems to have a good business,There are already many people at this time。
Yao Junli took He Jing and Mu Rong Sisi and quickly entered the dance floor。Where there are so many men and women,All the crazy demons danced like they drank chicken blood。
Xia Jian took Wang Lin to find a seat and sat down,The waiter immediately asked them what to drink。Xia Jian glanced at Wang Lin and said:“Two beers!“
“thirty“The waiter stretched his hand out。
My boy,The price of a bottle of beer here,Several times the outside,But they are Zhou Yu playing Huang Gai,A family willing to fight,Just one family。
Two people drinking beer,Enjoying the loud music。Xia Jian asked Wang Lin softly:“Why don’t you jump?“
“Too noisy,Besides, you don’t want to dance,What can i do“Wang Lin pressed her mouth to Xia Jian’s ear and said。
Xia Jian stood up,I was about to say when we went to dance,I saw a fat man limping and leading a group of people towards him,Wait until approached,Xia Jian saw it clearly,The one walking in the front turned out to be Monkey Lu,This guy really hasn’t seen you for some time。
Lu Monkey saw Xia Jian,He was equally surprised。Lu Monkey followed by Gao Wei,This guy looks much older,The back looks a little hunched。
Lu Monkey smiled and said:“It turned out to be President Xia,Can’t blame it for being so cruel,Knocked down so many people at once,Have to give an explanation?“
“statement?What do you want?”Xia Jian said,Forced up step by step。
Facing so many people,Xia Jian is not timid。Gao Wei couldn’t help but laughed:“Brother Xia,Too noisy here,Will affect other people’s business,If you are not afraid, let’s go outside and talk”
“Afraid of you?“Xia Jian said and patted Wang Lin on the shoulder,The wise woman went to Yao Junli and the others immediately。
Lu Monkey waved,Which group of yellow hairs led to the outside of the disco。Xia Jian followed afterwards。Came to the road,They just stopped。It may be almost twelve o’clock at this time,So there are basically no pedestrians on the road。
“Brother Xia!You can do it,You can escape responsibility after committing such a big thing,It’s really impressive,But this is a flat city,You have to be careful“Gao Wei looked at Xia Jian,Yin and yang said strangely。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I won’t accept this person,I’m afraid you guys,Speak!What do you want to do,Just say,Don’t bend around,Everyone is standing and peeing“
“readily!These little-eyed guys hit you tonight,You cleaned up correctly,I have to thank you,It’s just that there’s something small here, brother,I need Mr. Xia to nod“Gao Wei changed the topic,This made Xia Jian still a little bit confused,What needs Gao Wei to nod his head?。

“Casting things??”Zhu Tianguan raised his eyebrows。

Tianguan Zhu had a serious look just now,But turned into extreme joy at a speed visible to the naked eye。
He turned around,Bowed to a statue in the casting room,Tao:“God bless,God bless,My son finally wants to pass on the craftsmanship,God bless!”
“What is the reason for the cast inscription?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“You can solve the inscription texture as the soul of the caster,Any caster,Once I have the soul,Its power is not comparable to those of broken copper and iron。Take Canglong as an example,What makes Canglong powerful is their profound technique,A black dragon without profound arts,It’s not much different from snake python。”Zhu Tianguan said。
“What kind of instrument has a soul,What kind of instrument will not have?”Zhu Minglang then asked。
“Like the world,There is also cultivation theory。By a powerful blacksmith,Refining year after year,Long time,The device will have a soul,Inscribed Radiance。
“A sword,If you kill thousands of enemies,Drink countless blood,Will have a certain level of cultivation,There will be inscription blood。”
“A piece of armor,Tempered,The material comes from the crystal ore that absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon,Every one of its owners is a strong man in the world,It will be extraordinary!”Zhu Tianguan said。
Zhu Minglang lower his head,Thoughtful。
Qi You Xiu Wei Zhi……
This is probably the most incredible thing,If this is heard by outsiders,Feel that the person who says this is sick。
Before,Zhu Minglang would never think of this level。
But after seeing the sword spirit dragon,Zhu Minglang believes in this。
And the inner court of Zhumen already knew this secret。

“Isn’t this your bed?Why is everyone sitting here?”

Qin Hao asked,These two people stood up directly,Said to Qin Hao。
“Who are you?Oh,correct,You are from the Spike Brigade,Qin Hao。”
One of them suddenly remembered something。
“I heard you know how to beat peanuts,Just your little body,Can Afford Gatling?”
“I think he can afford a shotgun even if he is good,”Another person said immediately。
“correct,My name is Zhang Dayong,From the Tigers Training Camp,Nice to meet you。”
“correct,His name is Chen Dalu,the same with me,From the Tigers Training Camp。”
Zhang Dayong stretched out his hand,Was held by Qin Hao。
Zhang Dayong calmly clenched Qin Hao’s hand,Getting stronger。
Qin Hao is not someone who can be beaten passively,Qin Hao tried hard,Zhang Dayong’s face suddenly turned red。
Then red and purple,This is clearly a disadvantage。
Chen Dalu on the side obviously also noticed Zhang Dayong’s state.。
But he is not good at talking,Because he knew it was initiated by Zhang Dayong。
Who can be blamed for inferior skills?

“This issue,Xiaomin doesn’t know。I invite you over,Just want to tell you the truth。But you have to understand,I didn’t make you feel sorry for our family by doing this。If you really don’t have her in your heart,I won’t blame you,Even if this never happened today”

When Li Lan finished saying this,,Tears are already in the eyes。
Xia Jian quickly whispered:“Thanks auntie!I’m not a good man。I didn’t handle it well,Made Xiao Min so sad。Don’t worry,The matter between me and Min,We will handle it ourselves,I won’t let her hurt again”
Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,Because the pendulum clock on the wall has pointed to six o’clock。Qin Xiaomin should be off work soon,Xia Jian didn’t want her to know,He came to her house because her mother called。
Li Lan sees Xia Jian is leaving,Didn’t stop,But sent him to the unit door。Xia Jian until he got in the car,He just understood,It turns out that this is not his dream,But everything is true。
Now it’s time for his life to make a decision。He knew,He missed Zhao Hong,Lost Ouyang Hong。And his love for Xiao Xiao,Can only be a good thing,Stay in my heart。Because Xiao Xiao and him are really not the same passer-by。
Xia Jian thought about this,My heart suddenly became clear。As for Luo Yi,He can only regard her as a good friend,Like a good friend like Fang Fang。
Xia Jian drove out of Qin Xiaomin’s community,Then stopped on the side of the road。Because Qin Xiaomin went home,No matter where she comes from,He can see clearly。
I thought I would see Qin Xiaomin in a while,Xia Jian’s heart is happy。I never felt like this。
Time is passing by,Xia Jian sitting in the driving position,Staring straight out of the car window,But Qin Xiaomin’s figure never appeared before。
Gradually,The street lights on both sides of the road are on,But Qin Xiaomin never came back。Xia Jian is desperate,He is fully experienced,It turned out to be so tormented waiting for someone。
No way,He can’t wait so stupidly。In case of his blink of an eye,What if Qin Xiaomin enters the community??
Think about it,Xia Jian quickly took out his phone,He called Qin Xiaomin。But Qin Xiaomin’s phone turned off。This makes Xia Jian feel a little uneasy,He parked the car directly on the side of the road,So he ran and re-entered Qin Xiaomin’s community again。

“Oh,Thank you。”

“Don’t be fake,Let me tell Xu Wen,Anyway, this guy stayed there too。”Naturally, Shen Yingjie has not forgotten that Qi Baozhu had been injured in the guest house of the base a few years ago.。
“and also,Look at this。”After Shen Yingjie sent the message,He took out a note in the small bag and handed it to Li Tianchou。
There is a phone number written on the note,There is‘Wogua’Two words,Beautiful handwriting,Li Tianchou puzzled,“what is this?Where did you get it?”
“Xiaohuo gave it to me,I told you。”
Li Tianchou’s eyes widened and he obviously didn’t believe it,Although Xiaohuo is young,But a very cautious person,Except my brother,Never trust a stranger easily at this stall。
“Ok。”Shen Yingjie smiled awkwardly,“I asked Liu Qiang to search him。A fire burned all the objects on the scene,I want to find other clues through stakeholders,Try your luck,I don’t know if it’s useful。1”
“What is your relationship with Liu Qiang?”
“Friends and brothers。”
“Found this stuff,Xiaohuo has no explanation?”Li Tianchou naturally doesn’t believe it,But don’t want to pursue,But I wonder why Liu Qiang chose this ordinary little note?Without any value,How could it be given to Shen Yingjie。
“Have,Said Zhu Lei gave it to him when he left,And this‘Wogua’Is a close friend of Zhu Lei。”
“that is all?”
“What else do you want?”Shen Yingjie is upset,Abolished the power of nine cattle and two tigers, fooling the clues brought by Liu Qiang,I secretly copied a copy myself,Bring it back like a treasure,Actually got a result of being suspicion,I was very upset immediately。
“Ha ha,Sorry,Excuse me for nothing。”Talking,Li Tianchou took out his new mobile phone and dialed out according to the phone number on the note.,No one answered for a long time,The same again,It became busy after the third call。
“Unwilling to answer?”Li Tianchou talks to himself,Old confidant?When I talked on the phone in the morning, I only heard that there is a trusted buddy A Fei who is responsible for protecting Xiao Song.,Unexpectedly but missed and was tricked,How come another wugu?This old Zhu is someone who has a back hand。

The Fuwan Dartman is destroyed,Although the brand of Qingcheng is very capable,No because you are out of people,The Qingcheng is a villain、There is no such as the sea to become a recognized evil black road in the rivers and lakes.,But except Qingcheng,No one said,This is the fault of the Fuwan Dart。

Lin Ping is coming to Chuan,In addition to revenge,Can you still?
Soant,Even if there is something urgent,Lin Ping, but if you can’t report your hatred,Never come to this。
And it is said that Lin Ping is in Huashan.,Amazing swordsman,It is likely that it is likely to practice a sword law.……
Although no one thinks,Lin Ping can now beat Yu Yuhai,But this time with Lin Ping has a child,Suddenly sitting in Chengdu,Many people with a lot of people,I’m starting to sit.!
Lin Ping and Qingcheng School,Undoubtedly there is bloody sea and fence……
But the Chu Deman did not,Therefore, the so-called invitation,Nothing to do it and old,For these old guys,Chu Deirers don’t want to take care。
If the Chu Deiren is really coming,I am afraid that some people have questioned this back door.“The second”,But just before,Chu deer talent in Emei“Moon”Seize group,Sichuan’s black white two is also afraid of its mission。
Otherwise, even if Lin Ping is coming to revenge.,If Yu Huahai is really not an opponent,These so-called“Old”NS,I will not look at Lin Ping’s revenge.——After all, Lin Ping is just a nameless child.、Yu Yuhai is the head of the famous family.,at this time,In the cost of hosting fair,“advise”Lin Ping is a rare and cost-effective。
Can harvest a reputation,Can also harvest the friendship between Qingcheng,Not too big risks yet!
But now I am a strong dragon of the Chu Deirers.,The land snake did not dare to have any action。
And the people of Chu Deirers have advantages,At this time, it also reflected it.——Chu is not given to everyone,It seems not to be a news,His kindness,The rivers and lakes in Sichuan Wulin will feel strange.……
Near June,Lin Ping’s way to exclude? I came to Chengdu.。
The reason is to exclude,Because this? It’s inevitable that someone can’t persuade the Chu Deirers.? I will advise Lin Ping’s guys.。
But this is still relatively small.,After all, Lin Ping and Yu Yuhai? But the enemy of the door,People who have no crime in my heart are not too much? It’s all too much to think yourself.“Degrees”of。
Besides? It is inevitable that some disc will? Qingcheng disciples outside the outside、And the Qingcheng sent a situation or the rivers and lakes of the people.,There is also a broken body……
The latter contrary to Lin Ping’s way,Fame is getting bigger and bigger,The moment is getting more and more!
Chu Dee people also? Just staring at Yu Huahai himself——Rivers and lakes rumors? Chu Deiren once,Yu Zhuhai dare to escape,Then I don’t have to work hard.……
This rumor is true,Chu Deirens do not confute? and……Even if the child is really“escape”,No password。
Because of this time? Yu Yuhai definitely can’t escape the bright,If you flee in secret……after that“Missing”NS,Can you blame??
Therefore, Yu Haohai stayed in Qingcheng School is the safest.,At least Chu Deirers“should”Will not go to the door to kill the green city,After all, there is nothing directly to him.。
Most is the town scene,Stop other people interfere……
Yu Shihai does not think,Lin Ping’s feng head kid he can revenge!
As for why Lin Ping is“Come back”?
In addition to symbolizing him just represent yourself,Revenge,Outside of Huashan School,It is also because it is in Fuzhou.,Things are also indifferent。
After the Chu Deee left Fuzhou,Yue did not arrived in Fuzhou,After that, this situation is chaotic.。
First, the Lushan School has been killed.,Then the injured, the fox rush was discovered,A biggest suspect,When Yue does not understand the portal,Fortunately, Ningzhong blocks,And try“Scare”Linghu Chong、tell him“Rod”Is filial piety,Let him take the opportunity to escape……
Then Lin Ping’s settlement,Will“Give”Laudno,And Yue unruly father and female eruption conflict,Finally, Laudno is missing,Yue Yue, I promised the people of the Lushan School,Five Mountain General,He will definitely bring a lot of fox.,——Whether it is dead is life!
When Lin Ping said to the Chu Deirers,It is also a bit embarrassed,Because he is not sure,Is there a evil spirits to be sent back to Lushan??
He feels that he is designed.,It is in front of Laudno、Origong,Another one is not careful,No hiding is stolen……
But that day, Laudno entered Linping’s room.,I will come to see him without groups.,As a result, the two hit the face.,and……When the two left,Lin Ping did not find anyone with signs of 袈裟。
But you stay in your bed.,I don’t see it.。
According to Laudno first,should……Is Laudno taking away?
After Lin Ping, he bid farewell to the friend of the town,Yue Lingshan,Come to Sichuan,The latter is because of the contradiction between Yue Unruly、Still related to Lin Ping,Before being banned by Yue,And Lin Ping also doesn’t want Yue Lingshan and to his own revenge.。

Gu Ting stood up at this time.:“Higher place,Just deal with this rape thief,Random strain,It is difficult to prepose a represented civil policy!But we are also the same as the law.,First,Naturally, it is not leaking.,Let this stielet tightened;The second is not irritable,Everything is going to schedule,So exclusive to send life;third……Everyone is a good brother,Don’t fight for success,Self-competition、Hurt the loyalty。”

The top two said that it is not said.,A few thousand people,There is a fart to keep confidential?
Thousands of people,Most“Turtle”Contribution output,Just a spit,There is a fart danger……
Just this article……If you want to enter the topic。
How can I avoid self-conflict??
Naturally, I recognize a leader.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 818 Difference
I heard Gu Ting said that the law is three chapters.,Everyone is quiet.。
Tight other people shout:“Yue Xiaogong Dawei,It is also after the anti-Qing loyalty,I see Yue Xiao to do the leader.!”
Really some supporters,It’s too many northerners.。
“Thank you, brothers love,Yue Yue Yide,You can’t afford this heavy。”Yue Cheng immediately pivot。
If you can get it,Yue Chengzhi natural is not letting,But this naked eye is visible.,There are many people who don’t take him.,Yue Chengzhi doesn’t want to be an identity,I caught everyone inner。
Zheng Ke Shuang is still in the small and nine difficulties、Or is it deliberately reviewing the life of Yuezhi in front of the Aphank.,Rhetoric“Still me more”the meaning of。
Then some people shouted:“We volts,Situ Marter!Who doesn’t know that Situ’s father is in the mountain customs,Kill the dagger,Not only loyal unparalleled,Moreover,I heard that Wu San Gui,Also secretly purchased artillery from overseas,Let’s grab his artillery when we arrive.,趁 他 出 城,Fried him a rare!”
Situ Berley,It is also standing from humility.:“Old man、Be unwindly,If it is necessary to reflect、To kill Wu Sangui’s dog thief,I can donate my old bones.,But I want me to make a loud hoe,I am afraid that I am old.,Cannot。”
Zheng Ke Shuang is also on one side,And nine difficult:“This person is in the mountain customs,Still Wu Sangui’s deputy,Although there is no clearing to Wu Sangui,But how can I believe?”
Nine hard glanced at him,Not talking。
Mu Wangfu,I strongly recommend Mu Jian,This is some of the meanings,Zheng Ke is still talking about it.:“Mu Wangfu?Ah,Although Mu Wangfu is the top country of Song Dynasty,But now I have already dopened,There is only some Jianghu Mik under the hand.,The soldiers were afraid that they were only a thousand people.。”
Mu Wangfu Mao She recommended,While the leader is horses the elongate,Also start selling“Zhao Sangzhu”——When you die in front of the country,A prince who is missing。
This is also the Mu Wangfu as an anti-clear force.,Instead, Dali funding,Song Ting is not willing to take care of him.……
You have to find a front to prince.,What do you want to do??
At this time, the red fire hall of the world will stand out.:“I have a hundred thousands of overseas in the top five in the world.,After the five halls all over the Qing court,In Luoyang also has the brothers of our heaven,This trap……”
Zheng Ke heard the words,At this time, it is actually said.:“From Chen Tong Roker,You should take the gas.?”
Zheng Ke Shuang:???
OK!I said that the slave rebel!
Although Chen Na South is a total rudder,But behind the heavens and the earth, Zheng Wangfu is undoubtedly。
In fact, if it changed the people in the top five,More than half will also support Zheng Wangye,But after the five halls can be different——The top five is Zheng’s family,Take the army、Development righteous army,Nature is loyal to Zheng,After the five halls are Jianghu Haojie,Many of them are coming to the South。
“Ancient laxative!Family is just that I am chairing this overall situation.!”Zheng Ke stood up at this time。
I heard the words.,But see Zheng Ergongzi,He is not good for a while。

Ten days later,Zhao Xiaoying’s abdomen is gradually become,Different previous pain intensities and number of incidence,Bloating、The number of abdominal pain and pain are slowly reduced。

Pain reduction,Face is not so bad。
Zhou Yewu also found that abdominal muscles were so stiff like admission.,It is not so obvious that Zhao Xiaoying’s pain is not so obvious.。
Her color has also become a lot.……
But the skin is still like a passion,A face of illness。
Zhao Xiao’s breathing status is gradually become,The oxygen concentration of the ventilator is also lowered every day.,I believe that the ventilator can be taken soon.。
Here,Zhou Ye can be full of expectation。
Li Hua is still a dayICUOutside the ward,Zhou Niwu will also communicate with him from time to time.,Tell him the latest situation of Zhao Xiaoying。
ICUThe treatment cost is still quite expensive,one day4k,I don’t know if I have already spent it.3Million dollars。
And Zhao Xiaoying is not a newGWard,Just ordinary patient,It is not to live with newGPatient with isolation ward,So I can’t reimburse it all.……
Here,Li Hua is nothing:“It is a good illness that can use money.,If Xiaoyan is not good,I don’t use it more.。”
Li Hua is a middle-level employee of state-owned enterprises.,Less than a year40More than 10,000,So there is not much to spend money.。
Subsequent days,Zhao Xiaoying’s various physical indications are also slowly improved,Restore normal level,Everyone saw the dawn of cure。
Probably only two weeks later,A few days of indicators to develop good,Zhao Xiaoying took away the ventilator,Take the tracheal intubation,Can breathe freely。
Before you get sick,People can probably understand free breathing and satisfaction,I have walked from the ghost door to Zhao Xiaoying’s deep understanding。
Now she is still weak because of treatment of the body.,But you can open your eyes and look at the ward.,Can speak a few words with Zhou Ye,What is good to look at the previous thing?。
“thank you,doctor。”Zhao Xiaoying looked at the Wild, I suddenly said in the ward.。
Zhou Yewu is also a cold behind it.,Even busy:“Do not talk,have a good rest,You are still oxygen in oxygen,Underwent。”
Although Zhao Xiaoying although these days have been mad。
But she can still hear the sound around the bed.。
I know what happened in myself these days.。
I also know that Wanyi will run for himself.,I don’t know how many days and nights on the side of the bed.。
soon,New reviewCTTime,Doctors did not find the trace of thrombosis,It seems that the pulmonary embolism is already good.。
Factual prove,Antiocoagonal treatment solution is effective,Most of the thrombosis is dissolved.,Pulmonary artery flow recovered smooth。
Even if some small thrombosis does not matter,Will not cause a significant impact,Will be met with people naturally。
After the unremitting efforts of Zhou Yewu and Li Tianci,Also because Zhao Xiaoying’s tenacious life will,17After the day,Zhao Xiaoying leftICUWard,Go to Grease Medicine to continue treatment。
Digestive internal ward。
“I thought I want to be a big surgery.,Leave a scar on the belly。”Zhao Xiaoying smile,Although the face is not very good,The body has not recovered yet,But the spirit is good。
Not everyone has the luck of the dead escape,But Zhao Xiaoying did,The body is weak but has a hopeful hope,Take a break in a while。
“Heavy pancreatitis does not require surgery,Cut the pancreas?”Zhou Yewu was smiled by Zhao Xiaoying’s imagination.,The pancreas is different from the appendix,It is a very important digestive organ,If you cut off the entire digestible system, it will be confusing.。
Zhou Yewei stood in the Acacia patient looked at this from emergency.ICU,Patient who sent it to the digestive internal medicine,Suddenly, some distressed……
One28Aged girl just married,But I have experienced so many twists and turns.,I think of it now.,It is really feeling and embarrassing。
But not saying,Zhao Xiaoying after recovery,The appearance is really moving。
No wonder Li Hui can stay in the door and stay with you in the door.……