The company is just this big now,As the general manager of Great Wall Computer, Wang Zhi does not have an independent office.,The conversation between Chen Geng and Wang Zhi took place in the office area again,natural,The content of their conversation was heard by everyone。

Back when Chen Geng said that he would hire a chef for the big guy’s three meals a day,Everyone who already knows the qualities of Chen Geng, a big capitalist from the United States, is already inexplicably excited.,I all know that I must live a happy life with meat.,The whole body is full of fighting spirit,Wait until Chen Geng said that I will send you extra monthly50When the dollar subsidy,If it’s not in front of the king,,Maybe everyone is going to shout“Long live!”Up:50Bucks,That’s almost equivalent to half of my salary!
If it can really provide additional subsidies50Bucks,The mother-in-law at home should have no complaints, right??After three months,That’s a brand new bike!
“This one……”The embarrassment of Wang Yi’s face,Said with a wry smile:“Mr. Chen,I know you are kind,But this……It’s not in line with the company’s rules……”
Pouring down like a basin of water,The people who eavesdropped on the conversation between their boss and Chen Geng,Instantly。
Just go home,Everyone looked at Wang Zhi’s eyes, but they couldn’t help feeling resentful。
“Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to everyone??”Chen Geng will not be fooled by the king,I’m really not familiar with the domestic situation,To these twists and turns in the country,I don’t understand why?
Why did Wang Zhi do his best to oppose this thing that seems to be good for everyone,This actually involves a very important issue:Great Wall Computer Company,Who has the final say?
In terms of shares,Chen Geng Investment200Ten thousand,Take up45%Shares of,Is a second shareholder;
In terms of management rights,As the deputy director of the State Administration of Electronics and Computer Industry, Wang Zhi is also the general manager of Great Wall Computer Co., Ltd. which has not yet been formally established.。
According to the above, some leaders did not say it clearly、But everyone understands the meaning,Just“Mr. Chen Geng is our old friend,This is correct,For Mr. Chen Geng’s outstanding contributions to our reform and opening up,No one can deny,but,Not all projects that Mr. Chen Geng participated in,He is the one who has the final say?”,Chen Geng also understands this,So even though he took a stake in Great Wall Computer Company,But it is better than not requiring the separation of equity and management,But try to respect the authority of the Chinese side。
Wang Zhi, who was sent to Great Wall Computer Company as the general manager,One of the very important、But the unexplainable task is to limit Chen Geng’s presence and influence in the company,Can’t let Great Wall Computer become Chen Geng’s final decision,So although Wang Zhi understands that what Chen Geng said is actually good for everyone,But I have to bite the bullet and express opposition:He really can’t help it。
But now,Wang Zhi was blocked in the corner by Chen Geng:Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to big guys??
of course not。
In fact,Even the most important era of equal pay for equal work in previous years,In industry,For overtime work, I need to give some subsidies,Even research industries that lack funding,The management will also find ways to use some physical objects“Mobilize the enthusiasm of comrades”,Now Chen Geng says that comrades work hard,So give everyone some subsidies,It makes sense in theory,And Chen Geng said,He still pays this money,Wang Zhi has no reason to object。

And in the chat group at this time,Crowded。

Flower pity:Hee hee,Sister Yun Yun did this,Too second。
Tony:Thus,Yunlanzong has done enough etiquette。
Shen Ziyao:People like the Xiao family don’t care about the occasion,Just the younger generation,The same goes for the older generation,If it’s not a lucky son,Will eventually become more and more desolate。
Wu Xing:The family has this situation,Means it’s over。Fortunately, the angels are different,We are all united and friendly,Thanks to my wife’s management,It’s hard for her to think about it now。
Watching the group leader’s speech,At first everyone didn’t think there was anything,But what the hell is the last two sentences?Completely blinded their new understanding of the group leader!This show of affection has come to the chat group?
Unexpectedly, you are such a big group leader!
shock!The ninth-order boss of the chat group turned out to be a wife control!!!
but,These members are okay,Nothing is more uncomfortable than Hexi now,It seems to have suffered 10,000 points of critical damage。
I was sprinkled with dog food yesterday,No complaints,I had to run to the chat group and lick the wound silently,But I didn’t expect that after joining the chat group, I still didn’t escape.!
Ok,Hexi is extremely uncomfortable,I have the heart to want to die,of course,If you can die。。。
I saw a group of people sent a bunch of symbols,Hexi even gave a few big exclamation marks,Wu Xing could not help but be inexplicable,He just felt good after seeing the situation of the Xiao family。

Originally planned to be close to Qin Xibei,Unexpectedly, she asked directly about marriage,Just ask,And introduce her brother to herself,Where is this?!

“I think so too,I’ll cause you trouble,correct,You don’t need to arrange security work,I brought someone by myself。”Qin Xibei said with satisfaction。
“Security work,We are ready,By our company’s security director Qin Feng,Sister Xibe, don’t worry。”Jiang Yan thought Qin Xibei was worried about safety,So hurry up
Jiang Yan naturally knows Qin Feng’s strength,It’s not suitable for him to be responsible for the security work,I don’t need him for anything else.,There was an opportunity for him to contribute to the company。
“Oh?So,Why didn’t you see him today??”I heard Jiang Yan say that,Since Qin Feng is in charge of security work,Then it should start from the pick-up,How can I not see people。
Of course,Qin Xibei didn’t mean to blame,But she wants to see,Qin Feng in Jiang Yan’s mouth,Is it the Qin Feng she wants to meet?。
“This one?Sister Xibe, don’t blame him,Actually he came today,Waited at the airport for a long time,Just when you just got off the plane。”
He has a sudden stomachache,And afraid that he will affect the company’s image,So he got in the car and rested,But even so,We also arrange a security team。
“So Sister Xibe, don’t worry about the safety of you and your companions,We will do a good job in security,To ensure your safety。”Jiang Yan explained again。
“Yan Yan,you misunderstood,I am not worried about this,You saw it too,I brought a bodyguard myself,But it can be seen,You maintain this called Qin Feng?”Qin Xibei looked at Jiang Yan in embarrassment,Can’t help but smile。
“amount!As the president of the company,Maintaining subordinates should also be,And every capable employee,We all appreciate it,Besides, the company’s good operations,It is also inseparable from an excellent security team。”Jiang Yan explained somewhat far-fetched。
Due to the rush of time,So there are some problems Jiang Yan didn’t even think about,And this task of Qin Feng,Also just added,Even Qin Feng himself didn’t know that he actually had this task。
But in order to show sincerity in front of Qin Xibei,Jiang Yan had no choice but to go wrong,Otherwise it’s the face of yourself and the company,Will be thrown abroad。

“Ok,pretty good!Just this one!Please pack the changed clothes for me,Pay the bill!”

Lu Menglin looked and looked,Very satisfied with my taste,This color match,Shows Zhou Xiaoyu’s girlishness to the fullest,Very trendy,Even if you stand in front of a movie camera,Such Zhou Xiaoyu can definitely make people shine。
Zhou Xiaoyu heard the word pay,Suddenly it looked like a frightened rabbit。
“Do not,Don’t!too expensive!”Zhou Xiaoyu’s cheeks are hot,The voice is getting smaller。
Looking at the girl’s shy and frightened appearance,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but smile,Wave your hand:“Did you forget?Even that old Japanese man wants to fawn on me!I’m actually quite rich!”
“That’s not OK!That’s not my money!”Zhou Xiaoyu was lost for a while,Sober up soon。
Lu Menglin smiled:“Then you can wear this suit for the interview!I think as long as the examiner is not blind,Should admit you!You treat me as an investment,You will be a big star from now on,Give me back the profit!”
“This.”Zhou Xiaoyu was stunned,For her,Admission to Beijing Film Academy is the top priority,Everything can make way for it。
This suit really shows her unique temperament,If you wear this suit for an interview,Maybe it can really add some impression points。
Just think of here,Zhou Xiaoyu hesitated,Because she wants to be admitted to Beijing Film Academy。And the support for her at home is already stretched,If you fail the exam this year,You can say goodbye to your dreams forever。
“that.Ok!Wait until the exam is over,I will return the money to you!”Zhou Xiaoyu said decisively。
“Then it’s such a happy decision!”Lu Menglin walked to the counter,Took out a stack of cash and settled the account。
It’s five hundred and twenty-nine yuan,Zhou Xiaoyu keeps this number in mind,She swears to herself,I must pay back the money in the future。
Lu Menglin looked at the little girl with such a serious expression,Can’t help but be funny,There is also a trace of admiration。
She’s still a girl of this era, and she’s so beautiful!Lu Menglin remembers clearly,Many girls I know later,All treat men as triumphs,When the water fish,They think women spend men’s money just right,No sense of guilt at all。
You are responsible for making money to support the family,I am responsible for being beautiful!There is nothing wrong with this,but,Once any concept is deliberately enlarged,Will produce extreme results。
For example, the later Zhai Xinxin,Put the programmer surnamed Su to death,Cheat money and kill,I feel terrible when I think about it。
From the adidas store,Lu Menglin was not ashamed to hold Zhou Xiaoyu’s little hand again,Two people walking side by side,Walking on the streets of Beijing。
Hua Deng Chu Shang,Crowds on the street。

at last,Those Korean uncles who woke up like dreams shouted:“Sorry!Sorry!”

“We were wrong!Let go of Mr. Mo!”
“We apologize!misunderstanding,All misunderstandings!”
At this moment,People from Moyu’s public relations department also arrived,They had such a big battle at first sight,Bend down quickly,Repeated apologies。
“misunderstanding,All misunderstandings!They are guests from China,I’m here to interview Manager Nan Tianyu。”
“The guests,Please stop,We guarantee that nothing rude will happen again。Please stop!”Several girls in the public relations department screamed。
Lu Menglin coldly,Seeing the Koreans on the spot, all the expressions of pleading,Then frowned:“What do they say?”
Xiao Cai looked shocked,Muttered:“They are asking you to let go,They have apologized。”
“Let go?This guy seems to be hated!I’ll let go!”Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,Stunned。
“Do not,Not let go,Is to let go!Sorry,It’s my fault,Expressed wrong!”Xiao Cai hurriedly waved his hand。
This time Lu Menglin finally understood,Plus, I also smelled an unpleasant show on the fat man·taste,So he pulled him back with disgust,Let go,Mr. Mo, who has a low-mouthed mouth, has been directly limp to the ground,Like mud,Completely shocked。
Seeing that the other party finally let go of Mr. Mo,Korea in the corridor
The men suddenly became a little eager to move。
Someone has called the security guard,More people turned their attention to another tall and strong man。
He is Li Xiuji from the planning department,Taekwondo six stages,Tall and mighty,I always think of myself as a master,Violence in the company now,The ordinary employees thought of him for the first time。
Li Xiuji clearly felt the look everyone was expecting,He is also looking at the other’s body shape,Estimated strength。
The other party looks just a handsome boy,Although not low,But the muscles are obviously not strong by themselves,The two shots that knocked down Mr. Mo just now,In Li Xiuji’s opinion,More by surprise,Not really good。
only,He doesn’t want to play with each other!Because he is often bullied by Mr. Mo,That guy relies on his status as a senior in the company,Always molested yourself,In order to prove to the girls that there is nothing great about kung fu,Or power is more attractive。
Li Xiuji saw that Mr. Mo was so frightened by the kid that he peeed his pants,I don’t know how good it is,At this time, he didn’t want to jump out to grow up for Mr. Mo!

“Sell medicine?Yes!I gave them medicine,Any questions?”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。

Cao Wen was surprised:“How can you do this?Are you short of money?Beiwu absolutely cannot allow such a thing to happen!”
“you,Write a formal written review immediately,Write clearly what happened,Come to my office within 24 hours!”Cao Wen is angry,Added another sentence。
Lu Menglin gave her a weird look,Tilted his head and said:“Who are you?Ask me to write a check,Is the brain sick??”
This remark,There was an uproar all around。
This surnamed Lu dare to talk to Cao Wen in this tone,Does he not want to continue mixing in Beiwu??Lu Tiannan and Wu Yi looked at each other,Feel a little weird。
Does this surname Lu really know Cao Wen??Even if I haven’t met,I should have heard it before!Cao Wen is not only the only class teacher of the sophomore,Or the head of the entire martial arts department,Although not officially appointed,But this is something everyone knows。
“Teacher Lu,It’s wrong for you to say that!Teacher Cao Wen is also the senior of our teacher Wu Ke,She is not qualified to control you,Who is qualified to control you?”Teacher Lu Tiannan fanned the flames。
“Yes!You are young,It’s too arrogant!”Teacher Wu Yi was also unhappy on the side。
Lu Menglin glanced at them lightly,Shrugged,I didn’t mean to fight at all,Just go。
Waited until Lu Menglin walked out five or six steps,Only then did the three martial arts teachers react,They were completely ignored!
“Hey!You stop!”Cao Wen shouted with anger。
Lu Menglin walked forward without looking back,How can he care about these three people!It’s not on one level at all,There is no need to bully others?
“Too arrogant!Too arrogant!How come we Beiwu have such a person?”Lu Tiannan shook his head with anger,Sighed。

only,She doesn’t look like she has a cold,But because of the red mist,The body has undergone a certain degree of mutation。

This conclusion,It made Lu Menglin a little surprised。
But think carefully,Also normal,This way,Those dark races that you kill casually,More or less with some red mist。
Of course I will be fine,But this woman can’t resist the effects of inhaling the red mist and the skin being penetrated by the red mist,The body has changed。
Her current condition,Just like the red zone mutants on earth,First inhale the red mist,Then mutate,Eventually become a mutant species that must live on the red mist。
Red mist energy can strengthen the genes of living things,It also makes it dependent,To some extent,The red mist is a weapon for the dark race to transform the environment of other planes,It is also the crystallization of wisdom used by the dark races to conquer the different planes。
Thought for a while,Lu Menglin took out a secret medicine from the earth world from his portable space,Into Hu Lin’s mouth。
This secret medicine is the latest medicine from Hainuo Lab,Minimal side effects,Not only can greatly improve the physique of the eater,Can also stimulate life potential,Strengthen。
Lu Menglin even felt,This secret medicine is used on this woman,It’s a bit wasteful。
but,The effect of this secret medicine is obvious,Hu Lin just swallowed the medicine,Stop shaking immediately,And the life potential in the body is quickly stimulated。
She itself has undergone level 6 genetic enhancement,The human race in this world has a much higher level of genetic technology than the earth world,When the secret medicine of the earth world is combined with night Korea’s gene-enhancing technology,Suddenly, Hu Lin’s physique and vitality were greatly enhanced。
One thousand two hundred and twenty-nine chapters Circle of confusion
Lu Menglin sensed the change of breath,Of course it is easy to discover the changes in Hu Lin。
After he was slightly surprised,Immediately discovered a secret extremely keenly,When the earth’s drugs stimulate,Plus the red mist mutation of the dark race,Then add some special technology of this world human race,It can produce superimposed enhancement effect。
When these three are one,For Hu Lin,It is simply a transformation of life,Made her vitality soared five times。
Lu Menglin was surprised,Quickly grasped the key to the problem,If you can fully master these three technologies,And bring it back to the earth world,It will be possible to greatly improve the life constitution of human beings in the earth world,Make their life foundation more perfect,The strong will only grow。

“Went out for dinner。”Chen Wenjin added:“You can call him。”

“what,I’ll use the phone。”The woman said,Pick up the phone on the desk,Dialed,moment,Turn on,The woman said:“Director Chen,I’m in your office,Met your son。Oh,Ok,Then you are busy,I’ll come back this afternoon。”
hang up the phone,The woman smiled and asked Chen Wenjin if he had dinner,I heard he ate,Just sit down and chat with him。
Chen Wenjin looks a little strange about this woman,The content of the call just now also shows something wrong,I heard her ask about his mother’s work and whether his family is okay,He just smiled and said:“pretty good,My parents used to have a bad relationship,This year is getting better and better,My dad often volunteered to give my mom money since he was promoted,And told her to stop working and play at home,He pays my mom。I didn’t want to talk to my dad before,Watching him and my mom get better,I kissed him too,Also told him how I feel,He has a good relationship with my mother,My sister and I treat them well,My dad said that’s great,He has to treat my mother better。”
“Your brothers and sisters are really interesting,At a young age, I will care about adults。I also heard that Director Chen’s relationship with your mother is not very good,I heard that there was a divorce,How come it’s all right suddenly?”The woman’s focus is obviously not right。
“How is divorce possible?My dad is not stupid,Have children and daughters,Divorced my son and daughter blame him for the wrong party,Don’t recognize him anymore,Even if he has children with others,In the future, half-parents will fight each other,My sister’s temperament is scary,Maybe someday I got an impulse to choke the child he had with someone else,By then he will die the youngest,Daughter goes to jail again,The wife who married later can’t accept divorce again,My mother and I think it’s his fault,I’m lonely when I’m old,A template for life’s tragedy!He certainly wouldn’t do such a stupid thing,My dad never said about divorce,He told me how many times,Divorce is impossible,I will persuade him this year,Since I never thought about divorce,Then be nice to my mom,How good he is to my mother,We treat him well,Fix the atmosphere of the home together,The effect is pretty good at this stage。”Chen Wenjin,Look at the time,Still early,Just say:“Aunt,I want to take a nap,Are you waiting for my dad here or?”
“No more,I’ll come back this afternoon,Let’s go first, Xiao Chen。”The woman smiled and went out。
‘Nothing is best,You can’t have a fight with my dad if something happens,Looking back to see if my father’s mood is suddenly abnormal.……’Chen Wenjin thought so,Tool found,Do not open the lockable drawer of Master Chen’s desk。
Loose wood,Old,The exterior paint is often peeling off,The shape of the wood board has changed over the years under the influence of heat expansion and contraction and moisture,The screwdriver should not be able to lift up a large gap,The bolt can be pulled out directly。
Chen Wenjin turned over the contents,I saw him and Chen Qian in a notebook,And a photo of his mother when she first came to Shenzhen。
Chen’s mother has high value,From young to a few years ago,The face and body have always been other people’s wives in the eyes of Chen’s colleagues and friends。
I have gradually gained weight in the past two years,Out of shape。
There is nothing suspicious in the first drawer with lock。
Chen Wenjin opened the second one,Open a paper box,There are some new office supplies,There is a box……Indescribable supplies。
Chen Wenjin watched the number,opened,Used。
‘No wonder mom doesn’t trust you,As a husband you are really untrustworthy。’Chen Wenjin tore open all the sealed indescribable items and threw them in the paper box,And then close the drawer again。
When it’s almost a bit,Chen Wen is leaving now。
‘I have to do it again this afternoon anyway,I won’t go to the securities department……’Chen Wenjin is waiting for a taxi on the side of the road,Big bear suddenly drove to the side of the road,When the window is down,I saw him waving and saying:“Get in the car!You guys are very destined!”

Anthony Fokker swallowed hard:150Seated、Voyage in3800Over kilometersf100?This is properly a mainline airliner!

Although Fokker has always been coveted for the heavyweight trunk market,But they know the consequences once they enter this market,I always just think about it,Don’t even dare to discuss it at the company’s internal meeting,And now,Fernandez Chen is going to provoke Boeing、McDonnell Douglas and the future Airbus?
Does he think he died fast enough??Even the giants dare to provoke?
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First656chapter A lot of money
“boss,This is the latest body sheet metal stamping machine tool provided by Dongying Komatsu Machine Tool Plant,The punching strength is900Mpa,Punching rate can reach15Every second,It is the most advanced stamping machine tool for automotive sheet metal parts in the world today……
This is DongyingOTCSpot welding robot provided by the company,Can be welded every minute18Meters of weld,Compared to Miller Electric’s spot welding robot,The welding speed of this welding robot is fast2Meter……”
Jack·Welch gushed about introducing Chen GengAMClie inkenoshaThe latest technological transformation of the factory,His face is full of excitement。
Chen Geng is equally happy,After this technical transformation is completed,AMCOwn production capacity will be from the previous7010,000 vehicles of various types have risen to100Million vehicles per year,Plus the leased production lines of Ford and General Motors,AMCThe problem of insufficient production capacity is finally basically solved。
As for future capacity issues,Then it’s no longer a problem,Just increase it slowly。
“well,”Nod in satisfaction,Chen Geng to Jack·Welch asked:“Is there any financial pressure?”
“No,”Jack·Welch grinning,Smile happily:“Count this technical renovation loan,Our asset-liability ratio is only18%,far below65%Industry average,In fact, the current situation is that banks are begging us for loans。”
Chen Geng laughed too,AMCCars are not the best-selling automaker in the U.S.,But definitely the hottest automaker in the U.S.,The reason why sales cannot catch up with GM and Ford,Not a question of sales,It’s a problem of productivity,Based on advanced and strong development momentum,The financial and banking circles don’t worry at allAMCAbility to repay,They even wishAMCGet more loans from yourself,Just a pity,AMCThe preferred cooperative bank is Chen Geng’s United Credit Bank,Other banks will be considered only if the loan line of United Credit Bank is insufficient,This makes the bankers sad:Fernandez·Chen this guy is not something,He just put the money from the left pocket into the pocket!

“Designed by Mr. Fernandez,”Without waiting for Ding Haijun to finish,Rosemary said in admiration:“Great design right?Everyone praised the design very much,I think this design is unforgettable,Very impactful,Any modification manufacturer on the marketlogoThe visual impact cannot be compared with our magic claws,This is simply a genius design。”

Ding Haijun:“……”
What can he say?What else can he say?
I feel wrong,But Americans just like,What can you do?
Facts proved,On the grasp of American tastes,Chen Geng obviously got rid of dozens of streets he didn’t know。
come“Magic claw”The gate of the modification workshop,Ding Haijun immediately discovered the difference between this place and other departments:At the door of the magic claw,There are even security guards with guns!
Rosemary explained to Ding Haijun:“Two cars currently being modified by Magic Claw,All of them are our company preparing to participate in the autumn Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,Some things in it are secrets of our company,Unless you get permission,Otherwise, the staff of the non-Magic Claw department are prohibited from entering。”
Speaking skills,The two have arrived at the door,The security at the door had been notified long ago,Saw Ding Haijun who came with Rosemary,The other nodded at the two:“Miss Rosemary。”
Although the other party did not ask,But Rosemary still introduced:“This is Mr. Ding,Guest of Mr. Fernandez。”
“We got a call from the boss,”The security nodded:“Two please come in。”
Rosemary said to Ding Haijun while walking inside:“We are empty-handed now,So the security guards will not check,If you came with a bag,The security guards will also check if there are any photos taken among the things we carry、Video equipment。”
“So strict?”Ding Haijun was a little surprised。
Rosemary nodded:“of course,If the secrets inside are leaked,The company’s losses will be great,No one can bear this responsibility。”