“Ok?what’s up,You said。”Seeing Wang Dazhi’s hesitating expression,Chen Geng’s heart:This old king,Is something embarrassing?

Wang Dazhi said:“Two days before I got up,Your cousin came to the group to find you……”
“My cousin came to me?”Wang Dazhi’s words are not finished yet,Chen Geng’s eyes widened。
“Yes,”Wang Dazhi nodded:“I asked him what’s wrong with you,He said nothing,But I look at him,Not so okay……”
Don’t wait for Wang Dazhi to finish,Chen Geng said without hesitation:“That must be something!”
For my old parents、The uncle and aunt of this life,Chen Geng couldn’t be clearer,That’s why the family’s waist is hard、I don’t know what a compromised family is,right now,Senior leaders in the country and even the military,Who doesn’t know Chen Hongjun、Yuan Jia’s family are their only relatives in China?
Only these old couples are interested,Even if you don’t have to name yourself,The old couple can also make a lot of money,But Chen Hongjun is now the chief of staff of the Demon City Garrison,Yuan Jia still works in the hospital,During the period, I don’t know how many leaders hinted that Chen Hongjun and Yuan Jia would be with Chen Geng.“say hi”,If you say hello, if you say hello“Everything is easy to say”。
Did the couple say hello to Chen Geng??No,Not once。
Chen Geng knows very well,If it weren’t for the hurdles encountered at home,,My cousin is absolutely impossible to go to the company to find myself。
His face tightened,Asked quickly:“What did you do?”
Seeing the sudden nervous expression on Chen Geng’s face,Wang Dazhi didn’t know that he was a bit late?Hurriedly said:“I talked about him in my office,Xiao Chen didn’t say what he was looking for,I just said it was a long time since I saw you,Come here for work this time,Just stop by to see you,I don’t see the expression on his face particularly anxious,Plus I was busy running the route for those two days,on……”
Don’t wait for Wang Dazhi to finish,Chen Geng sighed:“Pharaoh, pharaoh,I won’t say anything about you this time,Next time I meet my family,Must tell me the first time……”Took a deep breath,Chen Geng’s solemn way:“I just have a few relatives。”
This is not an accusation,More serious than accusations,Wang Dazhi nodded hurriedly,Repeatedly assured Chen Geng:“Chairman, rest assured,I promise that nothing like this will happen again in the future。”
What Wang Dazhi said,But Chen Geng became more worried as he thought about it,Think about:Anyway, arms sales can’t be finalized in a short while,It’s normal to only finalize one or two years,simply,Let Lao Wang take over the work he has on hand,Go to China by yourself——Without seeing the situation in person,Chen Geng’s heart can’t let go。
I didn’t deal with it properly,Wang Dazhi is also embarrassed,After listening to Chen Geng’s thoughts,He immediately said:“Don’t worry,I am watching,Guaranteed that nothing will happen。”
Give this stall to Pharaoh,Chen Geng is relieved,Thinking about my father and mother, I don’t know what the trouble is,He really can’t calm down,In Xiangtu Egypt and China Aerotech Import and Export Corporation、Hongdu Factory and others explained that they need to leave for a while,After Wang Dazhi is responsible for all matters of COMAC,He quickly called Chen Hongjun,As soon as the call is connected,Chen Geng hurriedly asked:“uncle,Is there any trouble in our family??”
“trouble?No,”Chen Hongjun’s tone was full of surprise:“Everything is fine at home,It’s your aunt who kept talking about you not coming back for a while,I told you to make dumplings for you……Have you heard something?”
Listening to Chen Hongjun’s tone, it’s not like a fake,Chen Geng is also strange,He briefly told Chen Hongjun about the situation:“Comrade Wang Dazhi of our group just told me,A few days ago, my brother went to the group headquarters to find me,Looks like something,I didn’t say anything after I learned that I was not in the company,Just left,I’m still in trouble at home……It’s okay at home?”

At this moment, a small milky ball of light suddenly appeared on that person’s hand,This little ball of light exudes a soft light,He headed towards the center of Xia Chenglong’s sea of consciousness,So lightly!

That little ball of light turned into a streamer,Flew in that direction。
Xia Chenglong at this time has only one feeling,That is pain,At this time, he seems to have fallen into the endless dark abyss!
Xia Chenglong felt that his body was falling rapidly,The darkness is bottomless,At this time, he felt a trace of despair at the end,At this time, he saw the clear smiling face of all the soldiers of Dahua Country!
This time she,A little strange light flashed in his eyes again:“Do not,I can’t do this,The soldiers of Dahua are still waiting for me to go back,I can’t just fall down,The people of Dahua are still waiting for me!”
It is because of such a strong belief that supports him,So at this time a strong desire to survive suddenly appeared in his heart!
It was originally similar to this kind of soul abilities, but it’s crazy,Most of them will hang up directly,Didn’t even have a chance,But this time Xia Chenglong unexpectedly came back to life,Is it a blessing from heaven?!
In fact, maybe he thinks this way,But in fact it is totally different,This time he could escape from the dead,It’s all because of someone secretly helping!
And after the Lord of the Wild has done all this,The spiritual power accumulated before this hard,Was also consumed a clean,His face is pale at this time,Ugly!
“Hey,I really don’t know how I came to your boy’s sea of knowledge,I really owed you my last life,This time I will fall asleep again,The spiritual power that I finally accumulated,You made a clean!”
Actually this time the Lord of the Wild is really a little angry,The aura that Bijing has finally accumulated,Now it was consumed by Xia Chenglong,And he became his free wage earner,How could this make others not angry?!
But there is no way to be angry,After all, these two of them can be said to share a life,All glory,Lose everything,As long as Xia Chenglong is dead,He can’t escape,Otherwise, the Lord of the Primordial Land would not be able to save himself with such a good temper,Give him all this spiritual power!
After a while,Xia Chenglong woke up leisurely,At this time, he is still standing above the void,In fact, although in Xia Chenglong’s heart,He seems to have been a century long,But all this is just happening between electric light and flint!

He thought about it,Seriously:“Can this business be done?,It depends on your development strategy,But I have been to Huaxia several times,Some investments in China,If Pelise is interested in investing in China to build a factory,I can tell you some information about China。”

Josie·Daniels nodded excitedly:“Ok ok,How much do you know about China,Please tell me。”
He also learned about China’s reform and opening policy through some channels,But compared to the hearsay、Seriously questionable news,Josie·Daniels obviously believes in investing in China、And have been to Fernandez in China many times·Chen’s words。
Chen Gengdao:“Some of our media always promote China to be backward,I don’t deny this,China is really behind,But it’s not what these media say,China is not a desert of technology……You think so,A country that can independently launch launch vehicles and satellites into space,A country that can produce and manufacture long-range and intercontinental ballistic missiles by itself,One can make atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs、Able to make fighter jets、Large bomber、Transport aircraft、Warship submarine、Countries with military equipment such as radar,A country that can independently produce and manufacture cars,Where can I lag behind??at least,Is it equivalent to the level of the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s??”
Chen Geng is secretly changing the concept,In fact, in terms of the overall technological level,The level of science and technology of China in this era may not be as powerful and balanced as the United States just after World War II.,But Chen Gengju’s examples are not convincing.,Whether it’s a launch vehicle、Satellite or intercontinental ballistic missile、fighter、Transport plane or car,These are the basic indicators to measure the industrial level of a country。
Before this time Josie·Daniels really didn’t think about these issues,But now I heard what Chen Geng said,Think carefully,Josie·Daniels also feels that he really made a mistake in the past,Like Fernandez said,A country that can independently produce these things,Where can I lag behind??
He nodded subconsciously:“What you said makes sense。”
“of course,Although Huaxia can produce many things,In terms of overall technical level,Their technology is still very backward,This can be seen from the fact that they need to import CRT technology and patents from the United States and Dongying.。”
“seem……That’s it。”Josie·Daniels thought for a while,Nod again。
“China’s labor costs are very low,Equivalent to us in the United States,Their labor costs are so low that they are almost negligible……You must not have thought,What is the monthly salary of my Chinese employees at the Huaxia scrapped car dismantling plant,”Finished,Not waiting for Josie·Daniels speaks,Chen Geng stretched out his hand,Spread five fingers apart:“Less than50USD。”
“Oh, God!”
Josie·Daniels’ eyes are all round!
He knows that the salary of Huaxia workers is very low,But he didn’t expect it to be so low:Not even the monthly salary50USD?Almost equivalent to one-twentieth of American workers?!
Josie·Daniels felt like he was going crazy:Invest and build a factory in such a place,Is there any reason not to make money?
“I know what you worry about,It’s nothing more than after our factory is built、Or whether it will be confiscated by the Chinese government after a period of operation、requisition,Right?”
“Yes。”Josie·Daniels nodded,Confess happily:“Besides,Their government officials are not very corrupt、I am also concerned about the high cost of public relations。”
Hear this,Chen Geng couldn’t help laughing。

“Call wife!”Jiang Yan interrupted。

“amount.That one,Wife?Then do we finish everything we should do??”Qin Feng said and began to look at Jiang Yan,The latter is familiar with this sight,Although a little embarrassed,But courageous,“I’ll talk about it when you come back from that monk’s college。”
Finished,Jiang Yan went back to her room and locked all the door locks,You can tell by listening to her actions. Actually Jiang Yan was scared.。
It’s just that this kind of behavior seems incomparable。
at last,Qin Fengliu left Dongcheng that night。Take a direct flight to Nanmi, the nearest to Antarctica,Then take a flight。
have to say,With the development of society,Now even the concept of Antarctic travel has come out。
of course,It’s better,Because Qin Feng doesn’t need to be too obtrusive to find the fleet by himself。Although it will be faster if he wants to spend some money。
But Qin Feng didn’t do that,After all that is too high-profile。Now he doesn’t understand what the monk academy is all about,What if you anger some big guys because of your behavior?Qin Feng is very self-aware now,Anyone who jumps out of a realm cultivator can beat him down。
so,For safety,It’s better to keep a low profile。
A few days later,Qin Feng enters the Antarctic continent。But speaking of it this place is very big,If you really want to calculate the area,I’m afraid there are several countries in Europa.。
So if you log in to find it yourself,I don’t know how long to find。Most importantly,No one asks for directions!
Okay,When Qin Feng disembarked,I actually saw some temporary buildings over there。Also marked with the words Consultation Office。In fact, there is also a town-like residence nearby。
After all, people have various needs,Business activities when there is demand。So there are some tools for rent nearby,Tour guide inquiries, etc.。
Logically,They need to go with the group。But after Qin Feng threw a wad of dollars,That tour guide doesn’t care about Qin Feng。
The latter naturally went straight to the information desk。
“amount,I would like to ask,Have you heard of the monks’ college??”Qin Feng is just trying to ask,After all, how do you look at him,I think the consultants who are like guides are just ordinary people。Not even the level of warrior。Anyway, I think this product seems to be cold。
However, what Qin Feng didn’t expect was,He just finished asking,Then suddenly someone popped up from this consultation office。
“You look for monk college?

No one thought,Wu Hao’s physique is too strong,Is so resistant,Even the absolute freezing air in the frozen realm can’t help him,It just freezes the surface of his skin。

Some discerning people present,See this scene,Can’t help but take a breath。
Because of Wu Hao’s move,It means that his body can withstand the power of the frozen realm,This seems to many people,A realm that can only be reached by at least a forty-third level fighter,It seems that Wu Hao’s strength is unfathomable!
if we assume,Wu Hao’s previous performance,Most of it is due to the high magic resistance of the superb white tiger tooth necklace,So now this scene,Has been directly proved,Even without the necklace,With Wuhao’s own strength,Also not afraid of magic attacks,Magic attack at least to this extent,It’s hard to kill him。
In a blink of an eye,Wu Hao frozen into ice sculpture,Has broken through to within one foot of her Royal Highness Princess,Almost everyone in the audience held their breath。
Is it,Will Princess Huanhai be defeated??Was assaulted by a soldier,Does the mage still have a chance to survive??
“Brother Wu,You got it!”Princess Fantasy Sea did not panic,But showed a successful smile。
Because of her next move,Made everyone in the audience puzzled。
Princess Huanhai raised her left hand gently,At the tip of her left finger,Actually holding a magic talisman。
That’s a special item for Taoist profession,So many Taoist priests present,Everyone can see it clearly。
your Highness,What she wanna do?
The magic sea princess gently rubs the magic charm on her fingertips,Turned into a green smoke,Congeal but not disperse。
In the expanding cloud of smoke,There was an extremely terrifying and powerful aura。
Followed by,A huge and majestic figure emerged from the smoke,Slap,He slapped Lu Menglin with a severe palm。
Finally, Lu Meng Lin saw the opportunity quickly,Withdraw in time,And where he just stood,After a loud bang,Actually torn apart。
At this moment,Everyone sees clearly,What came out of that cloud of smoke。
That is a violent bear,It’s three feet tall,Blue-faced Fangs,The arms are stronger than the two thighs of an adult tied together。

Huang Shaotian and Liu Wenzhang were surprised,The two couldn’t think of it anyway,Except Aoki Club,When did the Wuhao brothers make so many good friends in Bairimen?,And all of them are so amazing,So awesome。

“Wuhao Brothers,What are these people?When did you meet!This gift is too expensive!This is Chiyue equipment!Oh my God!”
Liu Wenzhang speaks,And took a look at the contents of the stone box,Almost blinded him,Suddenly even my heartbeat accelerated several times。
Huang Shaotian didn’t say anything aside,She also has a faint feeling,There are too many secrets in Brother Wuhao。
Even the master who fears like a ghost,When I met Wu Hao,,Didn’t shoot him,But disappeared without a trace,It really makes her puzzled。
but,No matter what these two thoughts,They are going back to God City with Wu Hao brothers!
They will act as masters of the younger generation of Bairimen,To participate in the Seed Hegemony of Tianzun City,To take the first name,Fight for that peerless magic weapon,Then get the precious opportunity to merge the magic soldiers。
Believe that after today,News about the mysterious man on the second floor of the Hualixiang Pub,Will be spread to God City soon,Let the noble lords over there be confused。
but,Would they believe that there is a real person,Then it’s unknown。
Three days later,There are more than 100 people in the Aoki Club,Chairman Tu Shanming personally led the team,Leaving the day gate,Go to Tianzun God City。
The beginning of the new year,Melting snow。
The annual God City Seed Tournament officially kicked off。

And once you provoke this guy,He sneaked into the United States,With his terrifying power,If you specifically target the beheading operations,No one can stop it,As powerful as a nuclear bomb explosion。

I am afraid that there is really no need for alien invasion,He killed America first!
General Will’s face changed drastically,Staring intently at Lu Menglin,I’m afraid he will kill him suddenly,I had to murmur:“land,Aren’t we friends?How can a friend be used to threaten?You are immoral like this!”
“This is what I want to ask you!Your organization is threatening me,I can only fight back。We have an old saying in China,Called the Spring and Autumn Unjust War!Since it’s a war,Then there is no justice。”Lu Menglin retorted unceremoniously。
at this time,Zhang Qingtan suddenly stepped forward,Menglin said to Will:“I just contacted China,General Li Qingsong wants to talk to you。”
I heard the Chinese general Li Qingsong calling for a call,Will suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,Nodded quickly:“it is good,Ok!I asked to speak with General Lee。right now,Immediately,immediately!”
It looks like,Lu Menglin can’t be suppressed by force and morality alone,The U.S. military has clearly overestimated its capabilities,When they faced a super power like Lu Menglin,Obviously lack of experience。
but,Timely intervention of the Chinese military,Gave them a buffer,So General Will is already impatient。
“boss,Do you want to come in?”did not expect,Zhang Qingtan didn’t directly answer General Li Qingsong’s phone,Instead, he asked Lu Menglin first。
obviously,In the heart of this strong military man from the Chinese military,Lu Menglin’s status is probably more important than his superiors。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Those fine scales on the shoulders also shook slightly,Made a rustling sound。
“Pick it up!Give you face!”Lu Menglin casually said。
Zhang Qingtan nodded,Put your phone on the table,And pressed the call button。
Layers of light are emitted from his phone screen
,Projected the picture directly on the wall opposite everyone。
What appeared in the picture was indeed the highest leader of the Iron Lion army representing the Chinese military,General Li Qingsong。
This is obviously a special mobile phone on Zhang Qingtan,Possessing black technology far surpassing civilian products,Not only can direct laser projection,And there is also an online video function。
“Instructor Lu,Hello there!”The General Li Qingsong in the picture clearly saw Lu Meng carrying the Yankee,First startled,Then he took the initiative to say hello。


Vomiting blood,**,Kneeling,The state of these so-called strong men at a time is the most realistic portrayal of the battle。
That man stepped onto the second step so easily,This is something no one thought of。
A demigod,Shuttle back and forth among the many warriors who also have semi-god powerhouses,They seem to remember what happened in the imperial capital six years ago。
You must know that the martial artist here is not a dazzling hammer sect,Goods like the Fog Hidden Sect can be compared,They are not qualified to participate in such a battle。
But the result,Still so,No changes。
Everything is done naturally。
The blood has gone down the steps,The original jade-white steps are no longer the same color as before,Strong wind blowing,There is a smell of blood in the air。
to be frank,If on the observability of the battle,Xia Chenglong and their battles are much more exciting。
When reaching a state,It is difficult for them to kill the opponent in a short time,So just the exchange of martial skills。
But this is different,Blood is a measure of the fierce battle。
Scream,Floor sound,Fracture sound,Clash of weapons,These messy sounds add up,Will make people excited。
If there is another attack that attracts everyone’s attention,Those are the two black robe old men that Murong Qianxue brought。
It’s hard to imagine,Ten Thousand Beast City,There is no way to get the top score。
In other words, the famous Ten Thousand Beast City on the road,Only these two warriors can be easily eradicated。

“No,I just think what grandpa you said is very funny。”Lin Yuna said。

“funny?Where is it funny?”Liu Neng suddenly asked weakly。
“Grandpa, when you were just now,Isn’t it the same as telling a nice joke??Of course I want to laugh,otherwise,I’m so sorry for the joke you told me so hard,dont you agree?”Lin Yoona suddenly smiled and said to Liu Neng。
“joke?What joke,I didn’t tell you a joke just now?”Liu Neng asked inexplicably。
“There’s none?Grandpa, you obviously told a joke just now?If you don’t believe it,You can ask my grandma about them!”Lin Yuner said solemnly。
“Wang Dahua,Did you tell a joke just now?”Liu Neng really asked Wang Dahua this question。
Wang Dahua was also taken aback,Then he said with a flushed face:“What she meant by Yoona was that you said that the Lin family borrowed our Liu family’s light is a joke。”
“what?”Liu Neng said with an angry face。
“she was,She seems to mean that!”Wang Dahua still replied weakly。
“Lin Yuna,Is what your grandma said true,Do you mean this?”Liu Neng asked angrily。
“Yes indeed,Grandpa,Didn’t you just tell such a joke??Look at your grandma and you can see that what you are telling is a joke,You didn’t even notice it。”Lin Yoona still said with a smile。
“You stinky girl,Am I wrong??”Liu Neng asked。
“OK,OK,I’ve heard this joke anyway,And i laughed too,Then let’s not say more,Let’s change the topic!”Lin Yuna said。

Everyone felt the violent breath on Xia Chenglong,Is calming down little by little,They were also relieved at this time!

One thousand one hundred and forty four Soul Cone
And at this time Xia Chenglong looked at that person,There was a little cold killing intent in his eyes。
At that time, the tombkeeper seemed to feel the cold killing intent on Xia Chenglong’s body at this time.,This time he,I also raised my head and glanced at Xia Chenglong,There was a little complicated and solemn expression on the expression!
Because in Xia Chenglong’s body,He actually felt a breath of destruction,He didn’t feel such a breath even in the formation of the previous ten thousand people.,But on Xia Chenglong’s body,He felt it!
“World Promise,Borrowing method,Inhale the aura of the sun and moon,Radiance of Slashing Heaven and Earth,To my soul,The magic weapon of condensing me!”
When Xia Chenglong finished saying this,At this time, everyone saw a small golden awl suddenly appeared on Xia Chenglong’s body.,This little awl is extremely small,But it gives people a mysterious feeling!
Even some people who have entered the Holy Land,Just looked at that little awl,At a glance,A kind of own soul,The feeling of being sucked into it,At this time, they were also shocked,Quickly pull out my soul!
These people kept their souls,Turn your head off and come here, I don’t even dare to take another look,There was a solemn look on General Jin’s face,At this time, he was secretly grateful for his choice just now!
“I’m a good boy,Fortunately, I didn’t conflict with this pervert.,Otherwise,I guess I really have to plant here today!”
The gravekeeper saw the little awl above the sky,The expression on my face suddenly became wonderful,Playful,Also fear!
At this moment, I heard his sawing wood sound again:“You are strong,I admit this,But these alone are not enough,Although you understand that the soul is the fault of this seat,But your soul skills,Just just practiced,Not solid yet,So it’s not enough to hurt this seat!”