“Happy to come to korea again。Before,I deposited 4.7 billion U.S. dollars into Hope Technology’s account,I got a chance to stand here and talk to everyone。”

Lu Menglin paused,Continue to smile:“Everybody,Do you think I’m a bit stupid?”
The voice has not fallen,There was a faint laughter from all around。
“Then,I tell you very seriously,Stupid you,You are the fools who are deceived!”
This remark,Shocked,Everyone was stunned,I don’t understand what this Lu Menglin means。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven lie
Elizabeth was also slightly surprised at the side,But she quickly calmed down,Because she knows,Lu Menglin is his own,No one would spend five billion dollars to make this kind of joke!
“In front of true love,Each of us is a fool!We are dizzy,Heart and mind,Roll over,Can’t sleep at night,Like a shy high school student!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
There was laughter again,Everyone’s emotions were raised and lowered by him,Playing between the palms。
of course,This is not how magical Lu Menglin’s words are,But because of his location,A guy who can throw 5 billion dollars,Even if he is really a fool,Most people in this world are also willing to listen to his stupid things。
“and so,I just came to Korea,Came to her hometown,Walk the way she walked,Go everywhere she goes。at last,Let me find her!”When Lu Menglin said this,,The eyes have been staring in the same direction。
quickly,The media reporters at the scene noticed,Those officials and businessmen also noticed,The tens of thousands of spectators present also saw it,All stay in front of the TV,The people who watched the live broadcast also saw it,The direction his eyes have been looking,Never changed!
Jin Suyan was watching Lu Menglin’s hot eyes,Raise your head bravely,Stare at him without fear,The eyes are equally hot。

Woman behind,The moment the door closed,I emptied my energy,Collapsed on the sofa,Open your eyes till dawn。

When Lu Jinning’s daughter didn’t return all night again,Detect something wrong,The sharp eyes look straight at Yang Qiuyun,“Why does Yaoer always go to Ningning’s house recently??Is that girl out of love??Need company?”
Yang Qiuyun was really speechless for his open-minded remarks,Do you have the best girlfriend who cursed your daughter??
“Husband,Daughter is older,What did she say about some things,Just listen to it,No need to be true。”
Lu Jinning has been shrewd for a lifetime,How could I be fooled by Yang Qiuyun’s ambiguous words??
Take a look at the unnatural woman,Hum,There is no trace of emotional ups and downs but with irrefutable affirmation,“Did Yao’er live with the Huo family boy??”
Men in the world are double standards,There is nothing wrong with doing it yourself,Especially in the relationship between men and women,I can still be proud of myself,but,Being a father is different,My daughter is a sweetheart,How could you allow other men to take away quietly?
Then there is the exchange with the consent of both parents,I know that my daughter lives with me,I won’t feel comfortable。
Yang Qiuyun knows him well,Also understand his mentality,I didn’t want to hide it from him,A total of three people under one roof,One less every now and then,As long as you have a daughter in your heart,Will naturally notice。
But he doesn’t ask,She won’t take the initiative,Since I asked,She won’t cover up,“All adults,No matter what,All measure,You still don’t care。”
“Snapped”,Lu Jinning threw the remote control in his hand,Stand up suddenly,Looking condescendingly at Yang Qiuyun,So angry,“Is this what you said as a mother??That’s how you taught your daughter?Yaoer is a girl,No matter how you love me, I would be the one who suffers!We are her mom and dad,Be responsible for her lifelong happiness!Haven’t met the parents officially,Just live with him casually,Will be looked down upon!”
Lu Jinning turned blue with anger,The fire in my chest spreads out,The temperature of the air conditioner is already very low,But he still feels hot!
Walking around the room sternly,The more I think about it,He spoiled the daughter who grew up in the palm of his hand,Just like that, the bad boy was abducted silently,I don’t take him as an old man!
He feels his breathing is not smooth,Walk quickly to the window,Open the front and rear windows,Natural wind blowing on the face,I feel better。
Of course Yang Qiuyun knows how much Lu Jinning loves her daughter,Just let him know about it,Will definitely cause an uproar。
as expected,Saw men pacing around the enclosure on the ground,That face is so dark that it can rain,She knew it would not go so easily。
She is not a pedant,I believe in my daughter’s vision,Although she disagrees with her daughter living with someone before marriage,But my daughter has always been independent,She can’t control it either。

Long Ba hehe laughed,Honest Zhong is also cunning。

Lagon smiled and shook his head,I don’t plan to talk nonsense with Long Ba,Hand it out,Stepped heavily on Dragon Ba’s breastbone。
Hit people often,Often beaten,Just listen to the sound,Long Ba can tell that his sternum is also cracked。
Took a breath,Suppressed all the pain,The pistol and dagger full of bullets were held in the hand by Ryuba。
Without warning,Raising your hand is two shots,And while hiding in Lagong,Long Ba is also in front of him,The dagger is aimed at Lagon’s key。
There is no denying that Ragon is strong,And because of Dragon Ba’s injury,Don’t talk about hurting Lagong,Lagon didn’t even scratch his body。
Somewhat disappointed,But thinking that I have lost some time,Long Ba is also quite satisfied,After all, I don’t have much hope for myself。
The bullets in the pistol have been discharged,Never thought I could leave alive,Long Ba simply lost the gun of his phone。
Rushed to Lagong again,The arced dagger still didn’t hurt Lagon at all,But Long Ba is a small swinging leg by Rajon,Kicked nosebleeds。
“I have no other hobbies,Just like to see others desperate!”
Lagon smiled cruelly,I seem to appreciate Long Ba’s desperate expression now。
Probably everyone will be like this,And Ragon just wasted a little time,Let yourself be more pleasant to follow。
“Don’t be so confident,Watch out for capsize in the gutter!”
Long Ba wiped his nosebleeds several times,But nothing can stop the bleeding,Finally gave up。
I can’t remember how long I haven’t felt this way,Maybe the last time I was running for the Dragon Team,I feel the blood is burning like this。
Watching Lagong’s raging smile,The blood-stained smile on Long Ba’s face is a bit miserable。
Feel it,The pain in my body makes my breathing a little difficult,Long Ba deliberately took a few deep breaths,Make the body pain worse,For sobriety。
Same person,I’m not a rival of Lagon,This was originally a kind of irony to Long Ba,these years,Really too proud。Did not boil,No decadent life,Just live the day and repeat the day seriously。
Finally adjusted my state,Rare blood once,I just miss that tall,I always like my little girl!

Then carry the luggage to the empty bed designated by Heixin,Zhao Feng will leave。

“Wait!Come with some money,After all, I want to keep you secret,Also very tired,Not much,five hundred!”Heixin stopped Zhao Feng,Five fingers with left hand,Direct offer。
Zhao Feng thought for a while,In the end he didn’t say a word,Paid for。
“Without saying a word, he paid out five hundred yuan,Looks like you are quite rich!OK OK,Since you have something, go ahead,Remember to keep the phone call open,I may contact you anytime,If i can’t reach you,Turns out you know……”Heixin took the money,Cheered,Before Zhao Feng leaves,Not forgetting the threat。
Until Zhao Feng walked out of the girls’ dormitory door,Hei Xin, who has been observing secretly, is completely relieved。
“Hehe,I’m a fool again,Looks pretty honest,I didn’t expect him to have such a good face,Isn’t it just learning to run?He cares so much,It seems that I can get more money this time……”
Zhao Fenggang returned to the school gate,I saw Bai Ze hurriedly coming from the direction of the teaching building。
“That person is not at school,He originally planned to stay at school during the holidays to make up lessons,Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, I would have an appointment with a foreign school student on the stadium,Go fast!Taking advantage of the game over there may not be over!”Bai Ze left No. 1 Middle School after speaking,Go straight to the nearby sports square,Zhao Feng followed。
Nanxi Sports Plaza,Two groups of students from Nanshan No. 1 Middle School and Guoguang Middle School are playing on the football field,But the situation at the scene is a bit strange:Eleven people from Guoguang Middle School played,The player is fully armed,Various tactics、Ball skills emerge endlessly,Obviously practiced。
On the other hand,Only one person,But this guy is holding the ball under his feet!
That person is a school uniform,Zipper on the jacket,Sway in the wind,Like a cloak,Under my feet is a pair of canvas shoes,Without affecting the ball。

now,Tian Lu decided not to go back to his hometown for the wedding,The reason is more in my heart“blame”,It’s more than worrying about asking for leave from the company to attract gossip,Selfish don’t want to go。

I downplayed the family relationship,Or the old family ignored the family relationship?Maybe there are both ingredients。
She leaned on the footbridge of the pedestrian passage,The endless flow of vehicles and people below,And a dazzling array of businesses,Such a bustling metropolis,Who is not struggling,Not trying to live a good life。
I silently read Tian Jin,wish you a happy wedding!Your wedding is a major event in life,I should go back because of feelings and reason,But I just don’t want to go back,Forgive my selfishness,You will be cold to me、Blame me for not attending your banquet,I don’t blame you。
Is the wind sore the eyes or the eyes are sour,Dou Da’s tears slipped quietly。
Her heart is complicated,And I feel guilty for not being able to attend Tian Jin’s wedding“Please forgive me,Tian Jin。You want happiness、Be happy,Only I have a good life,So that you can live a good life,You guys have to be good,I also want to be good。”
Thought of here,Tian Lu wiped her tears,Strode down the sky bridge。
Go all the way to reverie,Bustling street scene,Long way ahead,It’s not clear what the future is,I just know that it’s not wrong to work hard。
Eat simple plain noodles on the street overnight,I brought a few pieces of roasted sweet potatoes from the long alley to Maza,Put in the bag,Afraid it’s cold,Mazha will not eat well when I go back。
The streets of the industrial park at night,Bright lights,Most of the shuttles are young people in a hurry,Fashionable、Glamorous、Simple ones,Hurry;Old people strolling leisurely,Or sit、Or stand,Enjoy the evening。
park、Statues of celebrities in the square stand quietly in the vast night,Seems to be telling pedestrians。
A wide variety of shops,The window is bizarre,Attracting children’s attention;The coffee shop is a place for adults,a cup of coffee,Three or two,Chatting leisurely,Relax the tension of work day,Release the pressure。
Past the bustling area,The streets of the industrial park are very plain,Without the roaring nightclub noise in the red light district。

Condensation of thunderclouds in the sky,At this time, everyone saw a robbery thunder the size of a bowl,Towards Xia Chenglong’s Tianling Gai and slashed past。

Everyone saw this robbery,There was a sigh in my heart:“How powerful is this person’s strength?,This is how the first Thunder Tribulation followed,How terrible it is。”
The same is true for the second thunder robbery,Then the third,Fourth way,Fifth way and sixth way,Until the seventh。
At this time, the thunder robbery is accurate,Can’t be called thunder robbery,Because of this seventh thunder,Impressively black。
This early thunder catastrophe is really not too difficult for Xia Chenglong to deal with,Must go through Xia Chenglong’s own cultivation,Where is the strength,You don’t even have to summon the Sky Profound Sword,I just passed these thunder robberies。
But until the seventh thunder robbery,Xia Chenglong,When I saw this, Lin Feng was also,Suddenly tight,There was a little dignity in the expression。
The original Xia Chenglong was sitting on the ground,Early to Thunder Tribulation,He didn’t even move,But at this moment,He stood up。
The first thousand and thirty-eight chapters Tianxuan Sword Broken
And at this time, on Xia Chenglong’s face,Also flashed a touch of solemnity,This thunder robbery can hardly be called thunder robbery,This clearly means I want my life。
Xia Chenglong sighed heavily,Summoned his own Sky Profound Sword in his own hands,Infuse all your aura into the Sky Profound Sword。
The black thunder robbery quietly stopped,And there is not much noise,But the power of the Emperor,It indicates that this will be an unprecedented difficulty in the history of the robbery。
Xia Chenglong at this time does not advance but retreats,Swing the Sky Profound Sword,Slashed towards that robbery thunder,The fitness area of the Sky Profound Sword emits a light blue light,This time the light was particularly dazzling in front of the jet-black Jie Lei。
Everyone is watching Xia Chenglong’s blow,And everyone has put their hearts on their throats,Many people even started to worry about him silently。
Yes,For the strong,People have always respected,Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,Evoked a playful smile。
The tip of the Sky Profound Sword,Collide with that robbery thunder,Two tyrannical forces collided together,Exudes a huge spiritual wave,People around a hundred miles away clearly feel this kind of spiritual power fluctuation。
There are even some people with a low level of cultivation that directly fell over,At this time all the talents began to realize that Xia Chenglong’s cultivation was not simple。

“Just let me try your strength!”

Xia Chenglong sneered,The Xuantian Sword in his hand has already been prepared,The blade suddenly turned,Stopped in front of myself,Simultaneously,The fire-like palm of the old brother has also been taken!
The voice like Hong Zhong Dalu burst out from this guy and Xia Chenglong,The tyrannical aura directly shook the entire elder’s courtyard to pieces,The melodious business is endless,A vast courtyard instantly turned into ruins!
“This guy,Strong!”
Xia Chenglong’s body receded,In the dust,Vaguely able to see that guy’s figure is rushing towards him quickly,Opponent’s strength,Seems to be comparable to the green pheasant,It’s just that Xia Chenglong, who has the Xuantian Sword in his hands, is not afraid of it.,I even want to divide this guy up and down!
But not yet,There are many hidden masters in the tool city,It looks like this guy is just one of them,and,This place is not far from the residences of other elders,Those guys will come over soon,Pestering this guy,Not a good idea。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
Xia Chenglong sneered,The Xuantian sword in his hand is flying wildly,Countless ghosts of dragons flew out from the Xuantian Sword,Charged directly with a powerful unmatched aura,For a time,The elder brother also had to defensively,Just at this time,Xia Chenglong’s body has run away too!
“Wait, then,Dragon King,Even if you are one of the six thrones of the military,I will definitely kill you by myself!”
The guy yelled at the sky,But it only takes Xia Chenglong’s sneer。
“You old boy,See you next time,It’s time for me to send you to see your brother!”
The old brother slapped angrily,Directly shook the entire area,at this time,Several elders hidden in the dark appeared one after another,Look here together,only,The complexion is not very good。
Although these guys don’t like the old guy very much,But the opponent directly rushed in and agreed,Get rid of a powerful questioning god realm powerhouse on your side,And can go out calmly,I’m just slapping them in the face!So many people,Plus it’s still in the formation,Suddenly being single-handedly killed by the opponent!
Some guys who didn’t have a very good relationship with the old man just said a word and left.,Since the person is dead,For them,There is no use value after being old。
Xia Chenglong did not leave at this time,But half way back,Hide quietly in the dark,I simply checked the appearance and strength of these guys,Except for the few elders who attacked the sword city at the beginning,There are also some powerful people who ask the gods in the city,Among them, there are five guys who ask the upper level of the gods!
“Where did these guys come from?!”

But the agents will follow the rules,Naturally, Su Xiaodong and his wife will not meet Su Chengxu for too much time。

What makes Qin Feng more depressed is,Only in the afternoon,He actually saw Jiang Yan’s three daughters appearing in this city。
“You all followed?”When picking up,Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng with surprise。Qin Feng thought that maybe Su Rou would come back because she hung up the phone.。
But what happened to Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng?Actually followed?
of course,Qin Feng couldn’t rush them back,So I can only pretend to pick up these people。
“Can’t we come?”Su Rou is still angry,Only because Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are both,So she is not good。
But according to Su Rou,Although they still have rooms,But now it’s impossible for them to stay home。
Okay,As long as there is money in this place,Don’t worry about hotels or transportation tools。
Jingle Bell——
Su Rou’s phone rang。Listen to the content on the phone,Su Rou frowned。
“You sent my brother to the detention center?”
“Yo,He dare to sue?Interesting,Really interesting!”Qin Feng smiled。
Then the anger at the scene became very embarrassing。
Su Rou looked at Qin Feng,“You get my brother out quickly。”
“Ha ha,Sorry,Official business,He fought at the train station three years ago,Someone seriously injured,Still not cured。So,Your brother is going to suffer!”Qin Feng smiled。
“Qin Feng, don’t go too far!”Su Rou dissatisfied。

to be frank,If you don’t have a few of them,Want to come,Xiao Fan’s own career was definitely not developed so easily。

It can be said,His career can grow to where it is today,His good brothers can be said to be indispensable。
So,Just now,When Xiao Fan’s had such an idea in his mind,In fact, even he himself feels untenable。
Xiao Fan finally smiled bitterly,By the way, he shook his head。
Although in Xiao Fan’s opinion,His actions are unconscious,but,Lin Yuna, who has always been after-sales and beside him, doesn’t think so at all.。
After such an unconscious action by Xiao Fan,Lin Yoona frowned slightly,Just ask directly:“Xiao Fan,what happened to you?”
Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s question,to be frank,He was just stunned for a while,Because he didn’t expect Lin Yoona’s observation power to be so amazing。
In fact, just when Lin Yoona asked him such a question,He reacted violently,He must have had some movement in his facial expression or in his actions just now。
otherwise,Lin Yoona will never notice the thoughts in his heart。
but,The most true thought about myself,It’s absolutely impossible for Xiao Fan to tell Lin Yuner。
in fact,Xiao Fan didn’t plan to tell Lin Yoona the most true thought in his heart,It’s not that he wanted to hide something from Lin Yoona。
Or maybe he has some other thoughts about Lin Yoona,In fact, his simplest idea,He doesn’t want to add unnecessary troubles to Lin Yoona.。
In Xiao Fan’s opinion,The most important thought in his mind,That is to make Lin Yoona,Which is his wife,Can be happy、Just live every day carefree。
And his task is even simpler,That is to do all the aftermath work of Lin Yoona,Best everything in life,He can handle it。
Can he not let Lin Yuna worry about any more,That’s good!
so,When Xiao Fan saw Lin Yun’er’s puzzled eyes,Xiao Fan directly pulled out the most charming smile,And said to Lin Yoona with a smile:“It’s nothing,I’m just thinking about the next time,It’s time for both of us to take a good rest,so,Where do you want to go?”
Say it though,Lin Yoona and Xiao Fan have been married for several years,But even now,Lin Yoona is still extremely immune to Xiao Fan’s smile。

These spirit-eating bees and bee jade flute cherish each other,Now that a large number of people have been beaten down,It was a direct hit for him。

But he knows his mission,Suffocating the blood qi inside the body and continue to command the Spirit Devourer to leave。
Old Lu was relieved to see everyone evacuated,The battle just now was not easy,The power in the opponent is extremely domineering。
“You think you left?”
This group of people rioted him in Lingxiao City,If you don’t let him pay a little, doesn’t it mean that people in the world will laugh?
“The power of Patriarch Tu is indeed domineering,but……I’m not eating dry rice,It may not be easy for the old man to defeat you,But you can’t stop you!”
Old Lu finished,The body disappeared directly from the place in a trance,Only Patriarch Tu watched silently,Because he is clear,I can’t really intercept it。
Lingxiao City is now in chaos,Civilians don’t care,The most important thing is the soldiers,They have nothing to fight under those insects。
“Patriarch,Do you want us to chase。”Elder Tujia came forward,Ask quickly!
Patriarch Tu has been watching the distance for a long time,It took a while to speak:“No need,Let everyone clean up,Then let all the holy places above rank five gather。”
All collections above grade 5?
The elder really doesn’t understand the other party’s meaning。
I knew it would gather a team that was all Rank 5 or above into the Holy Realm,How strong will its combat effectiveness be。
That is no longer the existence of one value for a hundred or one value for a thousand,That is one hundred thousand,Millions of existence。
Faintly,Elder Tujia feels that something very important has happened。
But the other party’s personality is fairly calm,And didn’t rush to ask,But prepare after responding。
Patriarch Tu continued to look at the places where the Spirit Devouring Bees disappeared,His facial features have not become hideous because of what happened just now,Or it’s calm down at this moment,Then the black figure disappeared from the place。
After Xia Chenglong’s riot before,At this moment, the tomb of the Tujia ancestor seems to have lost the mysterious mystery,It’s just a hollow underground。