[Loofah tastes bitter]_It tastes bitter_What’s up

[Loofah tastes bitter]_It tastes bitter_What’s up

Everyone knows that loofah has high nutritional value. Loofah can be used as both a heat-relief and a detoxifier and a beauty product.

First, people like to eat fried loofah.

The loofah should be sweet and sweet, but some people eat the loofah with a bitter taste.

They think that the loofah should be immature, but it is not.

Such loofah is not edible, and food poisoning may occur.

Normal loofah tastes not bitter and is good for the body after consumption.

However, there is a risk of poisoning after eating bitter loofah.

Alkaline sugar alkaloids are a toxic substance, its toxicity is not less than that of arsenic, and it is difficult to be dissolved even by high temperature.

And bitter gourd contains alkaloids with alkaline sugar content.

Alkaline sugar alkaloids are also difficult to remove after heating.

After eating, symptoms of poisoning may occur within half an hour to several hours.

Lighter poisoning is dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, severe vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dehydration, pus and blood, and even life-threatening.

Therefore, it can be seen that the bitter loofah is very toxic, so don’t hesitate to throw away the poisonous loofah.

What’s going on with loofah? The bitterness of bitter gourd is controlled by genes, and genes can be inherited. If bitter loofah seeds are planted, the grown loofah is also bitter.

2. In the process of insect pollination, the luffa plant without bitterness received pollen from the bitter luffa plant, or the bitter gourd caused the bitterness.

That is, the loofah bunches pollinated during flowering and pollination, resulting in abnormalities and bitter taste.

3, continuous high temperature, insufficient light, emergency and other factors will affect the normal nutrient absorption of the plant will lead to the formation of bitter gourd.

4. During the growth of loofah, if too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the amount of organic fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer will be less, and the lack of water will increase the bitterness.

Although some people do not have any adverse reactions to this alkaloid, and not all bitter gourds contain this alkaloid, we must remind everyone not to be lucky, and throw away this kind of obviously bitter gourdDon’t consume it to avoid accidents.

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[Fancy Man Goes To Die!

12 details to see whether men are romantic]_Male

[Fancy Man Goes To Die!
12 details to see whether men are romantic]_Male

The most opaque thing in this world is how people’s minds are.

In the world, there is no distinction between good men and bad men. It is the nature of men to be attentive. It is impossible to keep men from being attentive. It is just how to make men’s attentiveness for their own use.Huaxin’s strict self-discipline and other laws within the siege of marriage need to be continuously explored. This is also a woman always worried that her husband will not be cheating on her own, and this kind of thing is always after it is rumored.I knew it myself.

First, after your husband returns home at night, you can feel that he is always looking at the color, and the things that follow his wife ‘s intentions have increased significantly, and he is extremely sensitive to his wife ‘s change in his attitude and his tone of speech.Wife’s emotional interaction with himself.

After all, a thief must have a gu