[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

Loofah seeds are a relatively common Chinese medicine. They also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They have the effect of relieving wind and analgesics. They also have a good effect on joint pain.For treatment, loofah seeds can also be used to drink wine, which can play a good role in treating postpartum women’s low back pain. Let’s take a look at the effect of loofah seeds.

The effect of luffa seed sparkling wine: half a catty of luffa seed, stir-fried yellow husks and grind it into powder. Liquor is delivered for service, 1 yuan each time, twice a day.

This method may cure women with postpartum low back pain.

The “Outline” of Luffa Seeds records: cooking to eliminate heat and intestines.

The old man burns clothes, removes wind and phlegm, cools blood and detoxifies, kills insects, passes through the meridians, runs the blood veins, and lowers milk; cures blood in the stool, drops and hemorrhoids in the hemorrhoids, yellow deposits, painful oocysts, painful blood gas, scabiesSores, pimples and fetal poison.

Lumbar intervertebral problems are generally caused by irregular meridian, stasis of qi and blood, dysfunction of bones and bones, and impaired blood and gas. Oral prescription medicines have little effect on some patients, and external application of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve warming and driving cold, and dredge meridians.

External application of medicine on the body’s acupuncture points and specific parts through the meridian replacement, transforming the warming of the blood, the role of righting and eliminating evil, to achieve the purpose of treatment and health.

Therefore, for the treatment of osteopathy, the “fly poison weed penetration method” commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine is applied externally to treat cervical spine, lumbar spondylosis and similar osteopathy, and the effective rate can reach more than 90%.

Prescription herbs: 200g of fly poisonous weed, 100g of rhodiola, 20g of saffron, 100g of chuanxiong, 100g of mangosteen, 150g of Duhuo, 80g of continuous offending, and 50g of panax notoginseng.

Method: Grind the above medicinal materials into fine powder, boil them together to make a paste, apply it to the cervical spine for 3-8 hours a day, and use it continuously for one month to cure cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine and other diseases.Tongluo, diabetes, pregnant women, menstrual men should be used with caution. Friends with conditions can find the specific medicinal materials of the fly poison poisoning method and prepare them by themselves.

In the past, people often dispensed their own medicine to make a paste and applied it to the pain. Because the formula is more complicated and difficult to prepare, it is difficult to master. Fortunately, when old Chinese medicine is used, the poisonous weed is based on ancient recipes and manual cooking methods.The osteosynthesis method is directly made into the original paste, which is very convenient to use. There are related articles and materials in the fly venom osteosynthesis method. The article has more specific methods of use. You can take a look at it to find a treatment method that suits you.Symptoms can cure lumbar spondylosis.

It is better for patients to choose a stiffer bed, and to make the bones full of force when sleeping, which is helpful for the rest of the bones.

Types of low back pain: 1, middle back pain: upper spine, interspinous ligamentitis 2, middle back pain: lumbar facet joint injury, complications 3, lumbar tendon muscle pain: lumbar muscle strain 4, middle waist + pain pain: Lumbar discogenic pain 5, middle waist + hips + thighs + calf belly + toes: disc herniation

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

For men, sex is actually a gas station for life, giving them confidence and strength.

However, in clinical practice, some men often come to see a doctor because of a loss of sexual desire, and they gradually suspected it all day long, even affecting normal life and work.

In medicine, we judge that male libido generally meets a standard, that is, at least 3 consecutive months of adult men’s lack of sexual interest or no sexual life requirements.

In fact, normal men ‘s requirements for sexual life vary from person to person, and there are great differences. Just like drinking, those who are good drinkers can drink 1 kg of liquor, and those who are not good drinkers may be overwhelmed.You can compare yourself, not horizontally.

There are many factors that affect male sexual desire. The most common are the following.


[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

Tiger Piranha is one of the plants of this species. It is mainly used for someone to absorb formaldehyde in a new house after decoration. This method of removing formaldehyde is still very significant, and the leaves of Tiger PiranchiIt can be eaten directly as a medicinal material, which is also a good method for treating diseases, especially for some trauma, swelling and pain relief effects will become more obvious.

Putting plants in a renovated new home to absorb formaldehyde is a suggestion often heard in daily life.

But in fact, the absorption of formaldehyde by plants is actually quite low, usually on the order of 1mg / h / ㎡, and the highly respected spider plant is only 0.

15 mg / h / ㎡.

For the indoor space of tens or hundreds of square meters, the absorption rate of spider plant, ivy, etc. is too slow, which has no practical significance.

The mechanism by which formaldehyde is absorbed by plants is that formaldehyde molecules can bind to proteins in plants.

Therefore, formaldehyde is toxic to plants.

Although plants cannot absorb formaldehyde, some formaldehyde-sensitive plants, such as bougainvillea and safflower sorrel, can produce toxic effects in the presence of low concentrations of formaldehyde and can be used as environmental indicator plants.

Therefore, to eliminate gas pollutants in the home, open windows and ventilate in good weather, and use some Mayan blue at the same time is the most reliable method.

Medicinal material source: the whole grass or root of the lily plant Chlorophytum.

Harvesting and storage: The initial harvesting, washing and fresh use.

[4]性味味甘;微苦;性凉 [4]功能主治化痰止咳;散瘀消肿;清热解毒.

Main phlegm fever cough; bruises; fractures; bloated; hemorrhoids; burns.

For children with high fever, lung fever, cough, vomiting blood, bruises and so on.

[4]Oral dosage: Jiantang, 6-15 grams, fresh products 15-30 grams.

Topical: appropriate amount, mashing; or frying.

[4]Ornamental value Chlorophytum is a perennial herb. The branches are drooping at intervals. In summer or other seasons when the temperature is high, small white flowers are blooming. The flowers are concentrated at the ends of the hanging branches. The flower core is yellow.Watch.

Take 3g of the crude powder, add 50ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter while hot, dry while steaming, add 2ml of ethanol to the residue pool to dissolve, filter, filter and add a small amount of magnesium powder to react with hydrochloric acid, the solution is dark red。
(Check flavonoids)

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

Alcohol is a very important drink in life, and the amount of alcohol that everyone can drink is called the amount of alcohol. Each person has a different amount of alcohol. Some people can drink it. One thousand glasses are not drunk. This is the performance of large amounts of alcohol, but,Some people start with a lot of alcohol, but over time, they get smaller and smaller.

Let ‘s take a look at why some people are getting worse.

Excessive drinking every day, or drinking poor quality wine, will lead to physical immunity and endurance!

Severe brain cells are severely damaged, causing damage to the body.

Alcohol is not forbidden, it is for drinking in moderation, and it cannot be drunk every day.

First, abnormal alcohol in the liver requires the liver to break down. If there is a problem in the liver, the ability to break down alcohol will decrease.

If you drink a bottle of white wine, you suddenly feel that drinking two or two is not enough, it is likely that it is caused by liver problems.

After the liver is abnormal, everyone must go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise a more serious situation may occur.

Second, alcoholic gastritis often drinks alcohol, which may irritate the stomach and may make the stomach feel very uncomfortable. At this time, if gastritis appears in the stomach, it may affect everyone’s normal life.

The appearance of gastritis may cause abnormal decomposition of alcohol, and a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption occurs in the robe.

Third, people with a cold may have a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption when they have a cold.

Physical discomfort may cause the enzymes in the body to run too slowly, and then at this time, it is likely that a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption will occur.

Because everyone’s alcohol is different, everyone can’t control their own amount when they are drinking normally. Many people may feel powerless when drinking normally, so at this time everyone should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
If the liver is abnormal, symptomatic treatment should be timely to avoid the emergence of diseases such as hepatitis B.

[What is the practice of one-year-old baby pig liver]_Baby_How to do

[What is the practice of one-year-old baby pig liver]_Baby_How to do

Pork liver is a common viscera for animals, but because its nutrition is very rich, and because it contains many nutrients contained in the human body, eating pig liver often has many benefits to human health.Yes, pig liver is often supplemented with iron and blood. Everyone knows that babies need a lot of iron elements to supplement the body’s nutrition during the growth process. What are the practices of one-year-old baby pig liver?

Pig liver is a very common animal viscera. It contains nutrients that can prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia in babies. However, pig liver is inherently bitter, which makes many babies unacceptable. Mothers can make pig liver into pigs.Liver paste, pork liver spinach porridge, etc. for one year old baby.

A mother can make porridge of liver and spinach for a one-year-old baby, prepare a bowl of broth, a small piece of pork liver, two spinach, and 2 small pieces of ginger.

Cook the white porridge.

Cut the pork liver into small pieces and rinse them with running water.

After boiling the pork liver and ginger with water, wash the liver.

Mince the whole pork liver and spinach.

Add white porridge to the broth and boil, add pork liver mud, mix and boil, add spinach, mix and boil for 3 minutes, turn off the heat, and serve it when the temperature is appropriate.

The mother can also make pork liver puree for the baby, wash the pork liver and pork, remove the tendons, put it on a wooden board, scrape it with a stainless steel spoon with a balanced force, put the liver puree in the bowl, and then add saltStir in cold water and steam over the basket.

The mother can also make porridge with porridge for one-year-old babies, slice the pork liver into pieces, boil it with boiling water, and remove the chop.

Wash and cut some cabbage into shreds.

Put some oil in the non-stick pan, stir-fry the pork liver, add the green onion, ginger, stir-fry the right amount of soy sauce, add the right amount of water to boil, and put the washed rice and millet to cook.

Finally add shredded cabbage and some fine salt and cook for a while.

The mother can also make mashed liver custard for the baby, cut the pork liver into slices, put it in a boiling water pot and simmer it again, and then chop it out into mashed liver.

Scoop the eggs into a bowl to make egg liquid, mix the egg liquid with pork liver mud, add the seasoning and mix well, then steam it in the drawer for 15 minutes to cook.

Notes for babies to eat pork liver ① Although there are many benefits for babies to eat pork liver, the common ones are blood supplementation and night blindness, but they should not consume too much. It is advisable for your baby to eat 30-50 grams at one meal, and 2-3 meals a weekThat’s it.
② The liver is the largest poison transfer station and detoxification organ in the body, so be sure to buy fresh and good quality, and do not rush to cure the fresh liver that you bought back, rinse the liver under a tap for 10 minutes, and then soak it in water for 30 minutes.
③ Pig liver often has a special odor. Before cooking, first wash the liver blood with water, then peel off the thin skin, put it in a plate, and add a suitable amount of milk soak. After a few minutes, the odor of pig liver can be removed.

④Pig liver should be cut in place. Fresh pork liver will be exchanged for a long time after being cut, which not only loses nutrients, but also a lot of particles coagulate on the liver after cooking, which affects the appearance and quality.Quickly mix with seasoning and wet starch and remove from the pan as soon as possible.

⑤ The cooking time should not be too short, at least 5 minutes should be fried in the heat to make the liver completely gray-brown, no bloodshot.

Matters needing attention when the temperature drops suddenly into the winter

Matters needing attention when the temperature drops suddenly into the winter

First, the hydration is now dry, it is easy to make people’s skin easy ‘very dry’ or yellow, it is best to wipe the moisturizing cosmetics before going out, let yourself look mentally, have a full mental state.

Moreover, people say that ‘women are pleasing to themselves’ but they will have this kind of mentality whether they are boys or girls, so good makeup will make them feel beautiful.

Second, drinking water now the weather is dry and your voice is very uncomfortable. It has the feeling of tightness or dryness. It is very important to protect the scorpion. Always remember to drink water, and drink water and detoxification.
Adults who normally drink 8 cups of water a day are good for the body’s metabolism.

But don’t drink too much water, otherwise there will be a state of physical collapse.

Third, the current weather is erratic, but the temperature difference is very great in the morning and evening. To keep warm, remember that the body is the capital of the revolution. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable or sick because of the beauty of love.

Young people often wear less to show their body and so on, but it is easy to catch cold, so it is best to wear more.

Fourth, prevent you from wearing a mask in your pocket before going out, because the wind is still very big in this season, and it is easy for someone to have a feeling of breathing.

It is also important to focus on prevention and stay away from strong winds.

Long winds will make people look old, easy to love long wrinkles, etc., and will also have some pollution to the human nose and mouth, so it is best to wear a mask to prevent it.

Fifth, the diet may be caused by the weather, our mood is a bit bad, so that our diet has been affected, not overeating or simply not eating, which causes a great impact on the stomach, accumulation of many days will lead to the gastrointestinalDisease-related diseases, so we should be able to eat normally, let our stomachs suffer less sin, and make our physiology healthier.

Sixth, exercise winter, people also started the winter days, basically do not go out, reset the ground nest at home, and will not always exercise, they did not hibernate themselves, so people’s weight will only increase at this timeNot reduced.

But in fact, this practice is very unscientific, we should do some exercise properly, do not do too much hands.

Seventh, the safe autumn and winter season is a season that is easy to neglect, and it is also a season of various diseases and dangers. We should pay more attention to it.

The basic wind in autumn is relatively large, and those items that are not fixed are easily blown down, which is easy to pose a certain threat to human safety.

In winter, the road is slippery, and people and vehicles are prone to certain safety hazards.

So we have to pay more attention.

The most effective dialysis abdominal massage technique

The most effective dialysis abdominal massage technique

For women, the waist is the most attractive part.

If the waist is too swollen, it is difficult to match the fit of the body curve.

However, the waist is a part that is extremely difficult to move, and it is easy to accumulate.

If you reasonably stimulate the waist, abdomen and back of the meridians, acupuncture points, muscles, you can gradually eliminate waist obesity.

  Stimulation of the lumbar acupoints at the lumbar acupoints: the vein points, located at the tip of the eleventh rib, the same height as the navel; the abdomen cleansing point, located at the line along the RUTOY line, 3 cm lower than the navel.

The acupoints at the front end are: Jingmen Point, located at the top of the twelfth rib; Zhixue Point, located 5 cm below the second lumbar vertebra.

Press your thumb or forefinger and pinch and squeeze these acupuncture points and their associated muscles.

  The kneading massage is located at the waist with the veins in the belt, which is the thinnest part of the waist.

Massage this meridian often, and the waist reduction effect is very good.

From both front and rear directions, use both hands to pinch from both sides, pick up points, and take the veins.

  If the massage stimulates the abdominal muscles with strong stimulation, the abdominal rectus muscles of the abdomen and the abdominal oblique muscles in the abdominal muscles can also make the waist lose weight.

The specific technique is the same as the massage of the waist.

Fitness tricks that keep you fit at any time

Fitness tricks that keep you fit at any time

Don’t have time to go to the gym?

The following groups of supplemental fitness tricks will allow your body to exercise anytime, anywhere.

  1. When reading a newspaper, it is best to have a straight upper body, a back against the wall, a curved bend of 90 degrees, and a thigh that is parallel to the ground.

In fact, when you finish reading a piece of news, stand up and relax, then repeat the action until you finish reading the newspaper.

  2, when the supermarket is lined up for checkout, the originally boring time can be sent out by exercise.

Stand with your feet alternately, and you can exercise your balance well with one foot.

You can also touch the ground on your toes and lift your heels so that you can stretch the muscles of your calves.

Whether it’s a slender leg or a toes, try to hold on for as long as possible.

  3. What should I do after I am unable to take a shower?

I believe that many friends will give up rubbing their backs because they are struggling. In fact, this simple movement is a good opportunity to stretch muscles.

Use your right hand to rub the back from the upper right to the lower left, and rub forward to the left shoulder blade and rub it 5 times.

Then use your right hand to rub the back from the lower right side to the upper left side. Similarly, rub it forward to the left shoulder blade and rub it 5 times.

Repeat the above action for the left hand.

When you take a shower, remember not to save your troubles and wipe your back with a bath towel. Try to use your own hands, and the better than the better.

  4, boiled soup is not good, can also exercise when the kitchen is waiting.

Take a step back, put your hands on the refrigerator or table, bend your arms, and straighten your legs, and let your upper body slowly approach the refrigerator or table.

In general, you can do 15 “push-ups” in the kitchen every time you cook.

  5. Have you washed your hair today?

Did you blow your hair after washing?

Although it is a daily repetitive movement, these are good opportunities to move the body.

When you wash your hair and blow your hair, try to lean forward and bend it slightly, then twist it to the left and right.

Note that the head is best kept still, hands on the hips, with the neck as the axis of the body as much as possible to rotate.

Autumn pumpkins are at the time, so eat anti-disease and health, the elderly should eat more!

Autumn pumpkins are at the time, so eat anti-disease and health, the elderly should eat more!

“Autumn is, the pumpkin is pretty,” the autumn climate is dry, the pumpkin is rich in vitamins, and it has a great benefit to improve the symptoms of autumn dryness. In addition, eating pumpkin in autumn can effectively maintain good health, prevent disease and health.

So, do you know the nutritional value of pumpkins?

1, improve the body’s metabolic capacity Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, of which higher levels of carotene, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

It also contains a certain amount of iron and phosphorus, which have an important role in maintaining the body’s function and can also improve the body’s metabolic capacity.

2, the cobalt component contained in the blood-sucking pumpkin, the effect of blood supplement after consumption.

Therefore, eating pumpkin often makes the stool smooth and the skin becomes full of elasticity.

And for those women who are weak and lack of blood, if you want to nurse your body, you need to make your body’s blood more and more rich, so you should eat more pumpkins.

3, lowering blood pressure Because pumpkin contains all kinds of glyceric acid, they are all good quality oils, which can help treat high blood pressure. The so-called medicine supplement is better than food supplement, like high blood lipid patients can eat more pumpkin.

4, protect the gastrointestinal mucosal pumpkin contained in the pectin can also protect the gastric mucosa, to avoid it is stimulated by rough food, but also promote ulcer recovery, very suitable for patients with stomach disease.

And the rot contained in the pumpkin promotes bile secretion, accelerates dialysis and helps digestion of food.

5, heart health is mainly because the pumpkin contains more high-fiber substances, can provide nutrition to the body, effectively protect the heart, but also promote the body’s blood circulation, to avoid heart disease.

How to choose a pumpkin?

Generally, when selecting pumpkins, try to choose dark colors and clear stripes. Such pumpkins have higher maturity and more complete nutrients.

For those pumpkins with dark green skin, you can choose a black-skinned pumpkin.

If the epidermis is damaged, don’t choose it, because these pumpkins may be crushed by insects.

And when you shoot a pumpkin, if you make a dull sound, it also shows that it is ripe, so the taste will be better.

Raiders health analysis analysis Raiders

Raiders health analysis analysis Raiders

Although humans’ initial drinking behavior can not be called drinking and health, it has a good connection with health care, prevention and treatment.

Scholars generally believe that the original wine is the wild fruit collected by humans.

Since many wild fruits are of medicinal value, the original wine can be called a natural “medicine wine”, which naturally has a certain protection and promotion effect on human health.

Of course, at this time, although human beings have the benefits of health care from drinking, they may not have a clear purpose for health.

  (1) There are many kinds of wines, and their sexual effects are similar.

Generally speaking, the wine is warm and tender, the warmer can chill, the guide, the spleen can divergence, and the guidance, so the wine can clear the meridians, qi and blood, phlegm and stasis, warm and cold, can soothe the liverDeconstruction, a sense of well-being; and wine is the essence of grain brewing, so it can also benefit the stomach.

In addition, wine can kill insects and exorcise evil spirits.

“History of the Museum” has a record: Wang Su, Zhang Heng, Ma Jun three people fog morning.

One person drinks alcohol, one person eats, one person fasts; the fasting person dies, the full-eater is sick, and the drinker is healthy.

The author believes that this shows that “the wine is developing evil, better than eating.”

“The combination of wine and drugs is a major advancement in drinking and health.

There are three main functions of alcohol in medicine: 1.

Wine can be used for medicine.

The ancients said that “wine is the longevity of various medicines.”

The wine can be used as a medicine to reach the top of the table, so that the role of the qi and blood drugs can be better played, and the nourishing drugs can be supplemented without stagnation.


The wine helps the drug to be effectively analyzed.

Alcohol is a good organic solvent. Most of the residue and water are insoluble. Some substances that need to be dissolved in non-polar solvents can dissolve in alcohol.

Many components of traditional Chinese medicine are easily dissolved in alcohol.

Alcohol also has good permeability, can easily enter the medicinal tissue cells, play a dissolution role, promote replacement and diffusion, and help to improve the leaching speed and leaching effect.


The wine also has an antiseptic effect.

Generally, medicinal wine can be stored for several months or even years without deterioration, thereby greatly facilitating drinking and health care.

  (2) Common preparation methods of medicinal liquor The common preparation methods of medicinal liquor mainly include cold soaking method, hot dip method, percolation method and brewing method.


Cold soaking method: chop the medicinal material, after processing, place it in a porcelain jar or other suitable container, add a prescribed amount of white wine, seal and replace it, stir it daily?
2 times, one week later, stir once a week; a total of 30 days of recovery, take the supernatant, press the dregs, extract the supernatant and the supernatant, add the right amount of sugar or honey, stir, seal, let stand for 14 daysAbove, filtration, filling is available.


Hot dip method: Take the medicine pieces, wrap them in cloth, hang them on the upper part of the container, add white wine to the top of the fully immersed package; cover, immerse the container in the water, slowly heat the simmer, warm soak 3?
7 days and nights, take out, let stand the high temperature, take the supernatant, the dregs are pressed, the extract is combined with the supernatant, and the hail or honey is dissolved and allowed to stand for at least 2 days, filtered, and the filling is obtained.

This method is called hanging immersion.

This method was later reformed to remove the water to boiling, immediately removed, poured into the tank, dissolved with sugar or honey, sealed cylinder sealed, replaced for 30 days, replaced with liquid, combined with the dregs press liquid, after standing for a suitable time, filterClear, filling is available.

Leakage method: The medicine is broken into coarse powder, placed in a covered container, and then the amount of coarse powder is 60.
After 70% of the leaching solvent is uniformly wetted, it is sealed and left for 15 minutes to several hours, so that the medicinal material is fully expanded and ready for use.
Take another piece of absorbent cotton, moisten it with the leachate, and gently spread it on the bottom of the leaking cylinder (a type of cylindrical or conical funnel with an outlet at the bottom, with the piston controlling the liquid injection), and then the wetted expansionThe powder is injected into the leaking cylinder in several stages, and it is flattened after each expansion.

After loading, cover the top with filter paper or gauze.

When slowly adding the solvent to the leaking cylinder, first open the piston of the leakage outlet of the cylinder to remove the remaining air in the cylinder. When the solution is replaced by the outlet, close the piston.
Continue to add the flux to a few centimeters higher than the powder, and place it in place 24?
After 48 hours, the solvent was thoroughly infiltrated and spread.

Then open the piston and let the sputum slowly lower.

If the concentration of the sputum is to be increased, the first sputum can be reused for the second or multiple leaks of the vehicle of the new medicinal powder.
Collect the percolate, let it stand, filter it, and fill it.


Brewing method: that is, the medicinal material is used as the raw material for brewing, and the medicinal liquor is brewed.

For example, the Baizhu wine, alcoholism, etc. recorded in “Qianjinyifang” are brewed by this method.

However, due to the difficulty of making this method, the steps are complicated, and now the general family alternative.

  (3) Note 1.

Moderate drinking: This is crucial.

The key to the controversy over the ancient and modern reasons for drinking alcohol is the amount of drinking.

It is beneficial to drink less and drink more harmful.

Shao Yong’s poetry day in the Song Dynasty: “People don’t drink well, but they like to drink too much; people drink alcohol well, and they are hard to drink.

Drink more into a casein, simmering in the body; drinking and simmering, sputum.

“The “harmony” here is moderate.

Nothing too much, no more.

Too much damage to the body, not equal to no drink, can not play a role in health.


Drinking time: It is generally believed that wine can not be drunk at night.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” has a load: people know to quit drinking early, but not knowing that night drinks are even worse.

Both drunk and full, sleep and sleep, hot and hurt.

The night air converges, the wine is made up, the chaos is clear, the spleen and stomach are relieved, the sores are stopped, and the fire is aided, so that the sick person is embarrassed.

It can be seen from some that the reason why the night drink is mainly because the night air converges, so that the drink can not be diverged, enthusiasm in the inside, there are hurts and injuries; the alternative wine is a divergent thing, and disturbs the nighttime popularity.Convergence and calm, the sum of wounds.

In addition, there are two different views on the issue of drinking alcohol.

Some people think that the temperature in the season is high and low, and it is considered that the winter is cold and suitable for drinking.


Drinking temperature: On this issue, some people call it a cold drink, while others call it a warm drink.

Those who claim to drink cold drink think that the alcoholic heat is hot, and if it is hot, its heat is even worse, and it is easy to damage the stomach.

If you drink cold, you can use cold to heat up without excessive damage.

Zhu Zhenheng, a medical scientist of the Yuan Dynasty, said: “The wine is straightforward, and there are three benefits.”

Too much lungs into the stomach, and then lukewarm, the lungs first get warm in the cold, you can qi; the second to get the temperature in the cold, you can raise the stomach.

Cold wine is late, and it is gradually passed down. People should not drink.

“But the Qing Dynasty Xu Wenzhao advocates warm drinks. He said that wine is “the most suitable for warm clothes”, “hot drinks hurt the lungs”, “cold drink hurts the spleen”.

The more compromised point is that although the wine can be warm, don’t drink hot.

According to the cold drink, which is appropriate, this can be treated differently depending on the individual situation.


According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking and drinking are more suitable for the elderly, those with slow blood circulation, those with weak yang, and those with cold, stagnation and stagnation.

This is for pure wine, not for medicinal liquor.
The medicinal liquor has different properties depending on the drug used. The supplement has blood, nourishing yin, warming yang, and benefiting the qi. The attacker has the difference of phlegm, dampness, qi, blood, and accumulation.In fact, you can’t use it all.

Those who are physically weak use tonic, and those who do not have blood circulation use medicinal liquor that qi and blood circulation; those who have cold should use warm wine, while those who have heat should use clear wine.

It is best to make a choice under the guidance of a doctor.


Adhere to the belief that the practice of any body-building method must be sustained, and it can benefit for a long time, as well as drinking and health.
The ancients believed that drinking alcohol could make the wine gas-filled.

Sun Sijing, a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said: “Where you take medicine and wine, you have to make the wine gas-fired, you have to cut off, and you must not use medicine.

How much is the sum of the degrees, can not make drunk and spit, it is also a great loss of people.

“Of course, Sun Si’s is only a few months old, and he insists on participating for life. He may mean to be persistent in driving.”

  (4) Commonly used medicinal wine, longevity and solid wine, health wine, reading pill soaking wine, five fine wines, ten full big tonic, Baiyi Changchun wine, big tonic wine, champion wine, ginseng wine, Xianling spleen wine, 枸杞Wine, Zhougong Baisui wine, Heshouwu Huichun wine, Wujiapi wine, Huangjing wine, chrysanthemum wine, Shenqi Baizhu wine, alcoholism, Shouwu Jinying wine, Dingzhi wine, Yangrong wine.