Summer figure disappears in the stage,Transfer back to the ninth spirit。

For this provocation of Qian Mu,He did not play in the heart,But it’s a dog.。
Starting from allocation,Summer is standing with their gangs on the opposite side。
Said so much?。
Back to the spirit,Sitting on the Xuanlu futing,Sacrifice time。 One year,Summer can be used in eleven years。
He adjusts the whole heart,Take 20 pieces of secret treasures。
One piece of details identification,Then start fixing。
As he said,Fix these to him,Not too difficult。
Some seem to be the original propulsion,Rejuvenate。
Those defective products,Also restored the old brilliance。
For two years,Summer can be said,Concentrate all the hearts to do this。
Have the idea of the propriator secret treasure,Reprinted by him、After the reflection method,Changed into a one。
Damaged Joiner,He is repaired by him,Change again with your own ideas,Even beyond the peak state。
“Twenty,It should be able to sell 130,000 contributions.。”
Today this form,He doesn’t want to put too much energy on the refiner。
After all, there is more than a year.,The competition of the spirit is to start。
Time field is still nine years,He pumped energy,Activated Duan Xuan Finger,Entering the practice of the Tooan Soul Print again。
Time passed one day。
He continues to exercise too yin soul Indian,I can’t remember how much it is.。
Logo in the depth of the sea,It is also raised in a very slow speed.。
Summer feel,Taiyin Soul Indian is more and more increasingly increasing。
By the time,He can calculate the limit of the limit。
To know,Too yin soul print a total of three sets,Every set of three,Every time you can do it again.。
He is now practiced is the first first first style.。
This is visible,What is horror。
Blink,Eleven years has passed。
Agree,He stopped practice,Collapse time,Pushing away the spirit。
Several transferred,I came to Tianshui Pavilion again.。
This time,He saw many people,Come and go out,More than the previous people have increased, how many times。
what happened?
Is it a result of Zhangfeng’s auction??
Interrogate,He enters the 1st floor of Tianshui Court Hall,Go back,Into the city。
More people in the city,Dense,Noisy。
“summer,Give me a summer jade。”
“I have to be in summer.。”
Heard this sound,Summer Hawow。
I saw there in a big case.,I crowded in front。
A monkey is paying the contribution,I took a blue jade in one person behind the case.,Hats the crowd。

“Deceive too much!Deceive too much!”

Gano face,A young white,Teeth,Hateful。
However,Under resentment,It is fear that is embarrassed。
He is afraid。
A drink。
Accompany your footsteps,Xia Ming and Liuhe Mountain have come in。
After seeing the debris on the ground,The face of the two changes。
“Let me talk。”
Gigo turned,A word a day,“I want to challenge the summer!”
NS2895chapter No way
Gangan wants to challenge the summer!Just afternoon,This news is like a windy wind, spread through the Huaxia ancient weapon.。
Making a month,Gordi finally sounded。
Also let all the ancient Wu Shi and the martial arts that have been in the wait and see,Everything is heavy。
Next,All all look at the lively attitude。
It’s nothing to do,Height hangs。
And watching your lively is not too big.。
Even people are rings in the dark。
Say what summer is not worthy of the god of the Chinese ancient military borders。
Also said how many ancient martial arts he had killed,How many ancient martial arts and family clouds。
Especially those ancient Wu Shi and Hidden families who have been targeting summer.,Darkly don’t do small actions。
Today, Jogan issued a challenge,Summer is like a slump turtle, I don’t dare to respond.。
Naturally also lifting the true words,Said that the last summer was defeated,It is to use toxic。
all in all,What you say。
They are not hoping that Gangan can take the summer.。
Nothing, I want to provoke two people don’t die.。
No ancient Wu Shijia and the master,Willing to see someone is pressing on his head。
When this news is known in the summer,It is already three days later.。
He travels alone to visit the mountains,Hungry thirsty,晓行 宿,The mobile phone has already been out of power.。
He originally planned to go to Tianshan Mountains,I didn’t expect to have encountered ancient martial arts from the big knife.。
“Mr. Xia,You go back.,Many people are looking for you now.。”
Summer stunned,“what happened?”
“Gangan wants to challenge you……”This person said that the short story of things,Also,“Later, Tianstroom broke out,If the major gathered ancient martial arts encountered you,Be sure to give you,Tianting Yuan will return you。”
Although the three-education replacement has replaced the Once Guardian Alliance。
However, for the major ancient martial arts,More believed or tiage。
after all,Although heaven is very low,But in the ancient downtown influence is very large。