“check,Must be thorough,I want to do every way,Give me check!”

……This day,Huayunxian announced the news。
The whole 10,000 robbery is full of joyful atmospheres。
Half a month later,Summer and four elders,Quietly,Town to Tiancheng。
To enter the eight-phase space,Must enter the training of Xiangu Valley first。
Only reaching standard,I have the qualification to eventually enter the eight-phase space.。
on the contrary,If it does not meet the standard,Where can I go back?。
As for how long it is training,Every session is different。
Fortunately, I know an unexpected message in the summer.。
So-called 谪 谪 谷,Is in a region called Xianyu,In fact, it is already a periphery of the eight-phase space.。
Important,Eight phase space,Different with the external http://www.lylj888.cn time flow rate。
It is also this news,Let the summer heart。
If it is training for dozens of hundred years……He really didn’t have time to waste。
Among the five places,Smelters are old、Zhao、Lin Xiao、And the last woman named Huaxai Hui。
She is also the old door,It is said that the Lord China Yunxian is still relatives.。
Five people,No person alarm。
After leaving the rumor,Everyone suddenly fell into a dense yuan cyclone。
Summer’s figure is deliberately paused,Turn back and hope。
Zhantai Xiaoyan and Situ Mingyue have been resolutely decided to close the door half a month ago.。
Middle of their consciousness,Don’t want to pull too much distance in summer。
I don’t know,Maybe it’s going to be a good time.。
Lingha Valley,Also in the summer arrangement。
As early as the initial integration tribute,He uses power to enact orders,All unreasonable systems have been abolished。
Wang Hao is even appointed as a new Google。
What he can do,Only these。
Sigh,Repropted,Quickly catch up with four people in front。
“Millet,You don’t have a body care tool.,come here,I protect you.……”Seeing that there is no shot on the summer,The old four people are complex。
Huaxai Hui is even more distressed to greet the summer。
She was originally a hobby of Huayunxia,Later was selected by Huayun Xian,Wan Years,Among the family,There are only two people left.。
Huayunxian regards summer as a brother,Huaxai Hui naturally does not put a launch。
Important,They all know,summer……Is it really young?!“Uh……No need,I have protection。”
Summer recovery,Some of the gods。
Until this time,A few people,There is a touch of faint mist outside the summer.。
“this……”“Moisture armor?”
Several people stayed all,Looking at the summer with an incredible gaze。
They are naturally clear,Yuanchang,The http://www.bhutanairlines.cn best protection is the legendary moisture armor.。

Maki 哝 哝,immediately,A pair of blue eyes look straight to Luo Tian,“Luo Tian,you say……Boss is not given up.?”

NS2825chapter Maji and Luo Tian
NS2825chapter Maji and Luo Tian
Luo Tian slightly,I’m silent。
for a long time,He asked softly,“Why have you had this idea?。Boss is not that kind of person……”
Not finished,It was interrupted by Maji,“Don’t see you and him is a brother.,But I know more about the boss than you.……”
The sound is abundant。
Luo Tian also consciously sat up straight。
The wine is covered with a wine pan.,Smiling,“Two distinguished guests,This is your Polkock1990。”
Speech,Place a bottle of red wine http://www.hztpysyx.cn to the table,And open it。
Two people thank you,And gave a small fee。
Luo Tian picks up a bottle,First, I poured a half glass of wine,Also pour yourself。
And Maji took the opportunity,“I know how the boss is better than everyone.,He displaced people in the world,Throw one-third of assets,Transfer the remaining two-thirds,And tell me,Since then, the world is turned sharply,Secret development and grow。”
Luo Tian’s eye,Laugh,“I think the boss is right.,This is indeed more conducive to the development of people.。”
Major laughs,“Didn’t you find it?,Since subverting God,He is not very much.,When you encounter any big things,When I ask him,You guess how he answered me,He is the mouthful of me.……Maji,You look at the process.,Maji,It’s up to you,Maji,Everything you are the master,Maji,Don’t ask me in http://www.52ipeal.cn this kind of thing.……”
Luo Tian is again silent。
He and Maji is a lovers。
Also in Maji sixteen years old,Bring her to the summer。
So he is very clear,What will Maji will say next?。
Major’s face revealed,“In fact, the boss did not have a lot of ambition.,These years,He issued several orders,Both deliberately curb the development of people in the world,I can understand this,After all, no one is more clear than me.,Have more strength in the world,Short year,Heady,More than all hegemonics。Boss,Is worried about the wind,Plus the identity of the Chinese people,Every step must be careful,if not,Will usher in a more difficult dilemma。”
Toned,Swift,“and,With his strength improvement,Do you really don’t find it?,We can’t keep up with the boss.,Moreover, now has the strength of God.,His enemy,It’s far from http://www.sxkexing.cn being able to win quantity,in other words,We not only helped the boss,And it will become his cumbersome,I said like this.,You don’t deny it.。I think this is the real reason for his unreasonable people.,Forcing,But it is a matter of time.。”
Luo Tian continues to be silent。
It’s just a face.。
“certainly,He did not dislike us,Instead, I have been thinking about these people who hit Jiangshan in the future.,Just like this,His displaced people in the world,In fact, it is in a silent development.,But you noticed no,He will be the remaining two-thirds of the world.,All are all distributed to us these people,As for how we develop,He will definitely not ask,Take the strength of him,Needless us。”
Maggie made the final summary。
“Said is secret development,Waiting to wait,In fact,He is given these to us.。”
Luo Tian finally looked up,“What do you want to express?。”
“I don’t want to express anything.,I am just very confused.……”
At this time,The mobile phone put on the table is suddenly impressed.。
Maji Yudi,Some dissatisfaction pick up the phone。
However,A pair of eyes are not strong,Excited color on the face。
She looked opposite Luo Tian,Switch is not hesitant to turn,Trend,“Boss……”

That look,It’s a misunderstanding.!

“呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜……”
The two big black bear rushed to the Xuan called,Listen to this,Just want to eat meat。
Good guy!
Eating meat is not simple!
“Come,Come,Just give this tiger away,I will ask you to eat meat today.!”
Shen Xuan pointed to http://www.syhaoda.cn the side,No tiger,Tangible。
If this tiger is still around around,The two black bear will also be afraid,But now only one,Be injured,What is the fear??
not to mention,Drive away this tiger,Also have meat!
Who is not?
“呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜……”
Two big black bear almost no hesitated agreed,I also took my chest.,Look up,Then I ran to the tiger.,And the opponent’s confrontation。
A tiger,Piece of Beast!
Two black bear,Magnificent!
at this moment,Plentiful jungle,There have also been a little frustrated frustrate fear.!
And Shen Xuan and the audience in the live broadcast are stupid.!
Such wonderful,Who can miss?
NS46Zhang directly fainted
“Pre-sale,Gambling drink mineral water,Who wants?!”
“Bravo,Black bear,How many days,Really crazy!”
“Thank Xuan Ge,Take http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn us to witness this historic moment!”
“咚……User 哒 哒 小 小 主 主 主 主 火 火!”
“咚……User Yao Yaode
Gift ten aircraft!”
A time between,The people in the entire live broadcast all boiled,Muffiness,Gift gift,Thermal is also crazy rising。
“Ding……Congratulations to host reach 11,000 heat achievements,Reward draw once!”
“Ding……Congratulations to host to achieve six thousand concerns,Reward draw once!”
http://www.renchenghualang.cn “Ding……Congratulations to host to reach 120,000 heat achievements,Reward draw once!”
all of a sudden,Three consecutive system prompts,The Shen Xuan ear of the earthquake。
really,In this important occasion,Thermality and the rise of the rise,The system rewards you get are more and more。
“Dear audience,Two big black bear and a tiger have entered the stage of white heat,under,Will be,Fighting jade anchor Shen Xuan,Explain the process for everyone!”
Shen Xuan Lima seized the opportunity,Empty host,Explain it。

I heard this flow of water,Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling regard each other,Then Zhao Xiaoli laughed:“The charm of my sister is really strong.,It’s so late, I still let this kid.。”

“elder sister,You are not bad.,Let him take a shower in a word.,But some things,Are we going to talk to the small wind?,Let him have a heart to prepare,Those who you guess are really”Later, Zhao Xiaoling did not say it.,But Zhao Xiaoli already understands。
“Um,Let’s say it for a while.,Look at the kid monkey,We will have a lot of opportunities tonight.。”
soon,Li Hui also found a bath towel in the waist.,Ran out。
Under the light,Li Hui Feng is like a lot of muscles in the dragon directly exudes the yang’s breath.。
Every time I see such Li Hui Feng,Zhao Xiaoli will feel a little excited.。
http://www.xsd-space.cn “breeze,You haven’t said that Xia Ling is looking for so late.?”
“Hey-hey,It is definitely letting Ling sister know that I am not a little plum.。”
When I said this,Li Hui Feng also directly picked Zhao Xiaoling,Then I walked into the house.。
Some subtle sounds sound in very fast houses。
Zhao Xiaoli is outside outside,I don’t know how to go in.。
After all, she is active.,Feeling completely,But just leave,Her heart feels very uncomfortable。
Just when she is hesitant,Li Hui Feng suddenly rushed out,Then laugh:“Scull,Remember what I just said just now??”
“What words?”
Zhao Xiaoli saw the smile in the eyes of Li Hui,It’s also a more delicate.。
“Hey-hey,Of course, let you verify that it is a little plum.,Still big plum。”
Say this,Zhao Xiaoli also feels a light,The instinct, she hugged Li Hui’s neck。
Then a fiber-optic jade refers to painting a circle http://www.jiubaisong.cn in the other chest?,Apex:“You are really bad。”
“Hey-hey,What is even behind?。”
soon,The light in the hospital closed up,The light in the house is also slowly dim.。
Air conditioning breeze is also gently blown,The strictty of the window。
despite this,If there is any no sound, it will come out.。
I do not know how long it has been,Zhao Xiaoli is the same as Zhao Xiaoling is like two well-behaved kittens.,随 随 风 中。
Li Hui is also a long call.。
Laugh:“Scull,Ling Sister,I saw me later, I dared to call me a little plum.?”
“Not dare,Not dare,Are you too bad??”
The first opening for mercy is Zhao Xiaoli,However, although it is begging but the tone of the tone or let Li Hui’s heart follow it.。
“Scull,I just just here today.,I want to have Ling Sister business.。”
“Um,You said.,What is the scorpion will be in your。”
This time,Zhao Xiaoli has been fully discharged,She even feels not to be a person or her heart is completely Li Hui’s。
“Hey-hey,I want my scorpion to learn a driving certificate with Ling sister.。”
We feel very good to ride an electric http://www.finnspace.cn car.,Waste time。”
Think of the work of pig farm,Zhao Xiaoli’s ability to reject。

Turn called,Just sitting on the window,Looking at the window。

Xu, I heard the road.,He turned his head and looked around:“You wake up today。”
“Is it?”
Zhou slam out the phone,Actually eight o’clock。
Really late。
His work is still similar to high school,I woke up at six o’clock in the past few days.。
“I slept very well last night.。”
Recall now,He did sleep well last night.,A awakening to have a feeling of surviving,Probably only really feeling, can experience this。
It seems that the rain-saving and the hustle and bustle of the city are two things.,Helping sleep。
槐 回 回 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼,Say:“Last rain,The owner starts cooking lamb soup、The shelf with grilled lamb。”
“Is it!”
Zhou Jing quickly climbed up。
He feels that he is sleeping here.,The owner is busy http://www.leitapp.cn outside, some are not very good.。
At least you must stare……
See him getting up,槐 is also busy jumping from the window:“They all have breakfast.,You didn’t wake up, I am embarrassed to eat.。”
Simple wash,Ten minutes。
Zhou went downstairs,See Zheng Yuki,He is very embarrassed:“I slept very well last night.,do not know why,I woke up late.。”
Zheng Yuzi smiled slightly:“I am afraid that you are not happy.,Have breakfast。”
Posted on the table for breakfast。
Two plants,Small hoe,And the color is http://www.webbai.cn very good,Red green,Just as exquisite as the supermarket,Let Zharise Suspected that he is not in a rural village but is in a scenic resort.。
In addition to two bowls of porridge,One-purpose tofu,There is also a disc kubble,Lotion。
Small plate small plate possessed。
The table is also a clean,No debris。
About the exquisite。
It has been for a long time.,Suddenly eat it。
“This kimchi is delicious!”
“Spicy,crispy,A little acid!”
“This porridge is strange,I always feel a special taste,Also delicious!”
“Depth,I am now thinking that you are with her.。”槐 抽 抽 周 周 周,I want to think about him again.,“But still can’t delay learning。”
“……Eating you。”
This monster is really annoying。
after eating,He walked to the kitchen with a bowl,Pulling white soup in the pot,After I taught Zheng Yu, he took a http://www.longshengxieye.cn basin to clean water to the dish.。


Take a little bit!
Lin Tian’an is a god of time.,This kid looks like it is really not talking about false words.。
“Killing me,Xuan brother blows the cattle and not draft!”
“How to brag,You are new.?”
“Acknowledge,I will read more than a few days here, I know that Xuan Ge Niu Niu is forced.。”
“that is,Xuan Ge can be with tiger、Lion dealing with people,This is called the size of the animals.!”
People in live broadcast look at this scene,All laugh,Although Shen Xuan is listening, it seems a little fake.,But not there http://www.maxotv.cn is no possibility。
Tiger is the king of the beast!
Lion is the king of the jungle!
Shen Xuan also turned it with them,Both are full,Then, such as a wild wolf、Rhino, etc.,Even the King Kong has a vision,This mountain,Which animal dares to move Xuan Ge?
One does not dare!
“I am still a little uncleary.!”
Lin Tianan thought about it,Sink:“This is just a hacker.,Your kid thinks that I don’t dare to go to the mountain.,So just blow up,Anyway, no one can pay attention to!”
Make trouble?
Shen Xuan smiled,Say:“Lin Shu,Can you walk?,Do you want us to go back??”
go back?
Although Lin Tianan was scratched,But the strength is still,I am not afraid of the root,Tangible:“not going back,We continue to walk,You just don’t say,Are you very familiar with animals in the mountains?,Then http://www.fjmszx.cn take me to see,I have to see it today.,How did you follow the tiger?、Lion’s animal deal!”
Shen Xuan helpless,This age is,Why don’t you go with yourself??
is this necessary?
“Lin Shu,I really advise you.,Let’s still go back.,Your ankle is likely to sprain,Go up,The mountain road will get more rugged,By the time,Will only increase your injury。”
Shen Xuan patient explanation:“You see you now.,It’s scratched on your face.,Do we go back to rest??”
“not good!”
Lin Tianan’s attitude is very hard,Say:“I have climbed a lot of mountains these years.,What is the fear of such a hill?,You will continue to climb now.,What will not be!”
“alright,Then continue climbing,I hope you don’t regret it.!”
Shen Xuan helpless,I have to continue to walk in front.,This guy is so stubborn,What is the way?,Can only have to continue。
Fortunately, he is,Physical security is still guaranteed,Those animals will not hurt Lin Tianan。
Two people,One after the other,Continue http://www.cl10086.cn to continue to advance towards Lao Lin。
Although Lin Tianan has some effort,But also。
“This old man is really uncomfortable.,Why bother?”
“This is the old,That is to find a wrong person.。”
“Xuan Ge said is true,This person does not believe,Never ask for it,Let’s wait!”

Wu Gui’s exclamation came,This open group,Even if it is prepared in advance,There are not many people who can escape.。

Even if the reaction of the auxiliary cattle is so fast enough,At homeADCThe first time to be opened, I handed over myself.WOpen the other partyADCCloud。
But this time,It is also enough to playQSkill,And useEPull back to the feathers to hurt。
Under this irrigation of almost no convitable,Even if the palace clear text is also handed over before igniting his treatment。
But his blood volume,Still inevitably come to the top of extremely residual blood。
Note staring at the screen,Palace Qingwen seems to take everything in the battle.。
not far away,I have already raised the bomb gun in my hands.,Black Tong’s muzzle full of endless murder。
Casa that has been close to the blood,As long as you connect this big trick,Needless to die!
No accident,Male gun’s http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn big move【Ultimate burst】Shot,With the black smoke of the muzzle,This dismmon is rapidly ejected towards the body。
But just in this explosive bomb, you have to hit the moment of Casa.,Casha suddenly moved back to a small distance.,Canada to bounce,Then quickly go to the tower。
Wu Guiupi suddenly narrowed,He just wants to die.,Palace Qingwen is still not flashing。
But next moment,CashaRSkill【Hunter instinct】Shot,Bring the shield and displacement to the Qasha after the birthday,He will no longer be confused.。
but……The crisis is not ending。
Luo has lost the ability to pursue and output,Red squareADCXia and Yaoyu,But there is enough to kill the ability of Casa。
Chapter 24 actor
Male gun is empty in his own big,I rose a touch of impatience in my heart.,Follow,This is an impatient operation of his hand。
Looking http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn at the only blood volume left of Carnama,Gun decisive flash,His bomb gun raised。
QThe trip of the skill takes him with him at this time.,As such a situation in Casa。
Almost at the same time in him,The feet also suddenly pressed on your keyboard.RSkills storm。
The figure of the clouds from the ground,Quickly turn into a state in which。
Colorful full day flying feathers,At this time, it turns a sharp edge of countless margin.。
One instant of them spread to the ground,That is, the last blood volume of Casha is emptied.。
And the operator of the male gun,At this point, I have seen this guy in my own gun.。
But just in Casa to be sent thisQA moment of skill killing,A fine broken golden。
Casha’s figure suddenly moved forward400Distance from the code,Also send this deadlyQSkills pass through。
Guns yourself,It can only be unwilling to walk two steps forward.,But what is helpless to the smart figure。
Sky,Palace Qing Wen this flash,It is also directly pulled out the effective range of your own tricks.。
Looking at the movement of the successful escape,Suddenly,Decades finger quickly press another keyboard in your keyboard。
Along with a fine broken gold,Decons seem to have seen the figure that hands all its skills,There is no way to die in your own hands。
But the next moment,What happened to the victory of the feet。
This is sent to the captain of the captainRflash,But because of the edge of the map,It is not blocked in front of the Capasta50Distance of the code,Again。
Three people who have already saved all skills,There is no way to cause any threat to Casa.。
So,Even if there is not sweet in my heart,Blue square can only be helplessly retransmitted。
And on the side, I witnessed this whole wave of operation.,It is completely stupid at this moment.。


“他们都说,没孩子不行。女人嫁给男人就必须有孩子,这样才http://www.soundrise.cn 能活得有尊严。”
“It’s hard to come back to the land of 渭 水.,Still look at your mother!”
Scenery lifts the head,Big cat:
“is it okay?”
http://www.dsyhome.cn “Naturally,And we can go now。”
Lin rang to shout the carriage,Hold incense,I bought a lot of things.,Pile on the carriage,Some crowded slightly,Take a sleeve,All received。
The fragrant eyes are staring at the Baba。
She always knows that the identity of the forest is mysterious.,But still see him to show the means for the first time.,It is too amazing.!
http://www.tylhcpa.cn Lin smiled at her。
“But it’s writing a small means!”
The carriage slowly moved,Go far from Jiuquang in Beijing.。
The scent of the scent of the scent gradually grabbed the sleeve of the forest。

Xia Jian is a smart man,Get it through,Immediately said:“You drink,I am a bit tired,Want to sleep after eating”

“nonsense!I’m tired of drinking http://www.canyinb.cn to sleep,Pour him“Old Xiao looks very interested,Xiao Xiao hesitated,Pour Xia Jian a full glass,After that, I poured myself the same amount,And then pour it to Old Xiao,natural,Wine poured like this,Old Xiao must be the least。
Xia Jian saw this scene in his heart,He feels very warm,Although Xiao Xiao’s many ways he can’t understand,But filial piety,He Xia Jian also has to learn from others。
The dishes are cooked like a chef’s craftsmanship,This wine must be good wine,Although the three people don’t speak much,But I eat with relish。Three rounds of wine,It’s hard not to speak。
What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,This Xiao Xiaoren is not only beautiful,Drinking wine is also a woman,A full glass of wine,I’ve bottomed out in a few mouthfuls,slowly,Her face as white as snow,Reveals a faint blush,The beauty is beyond description。
Half a glass of wine,Xia Jian’s eyes began to be dishonest,Xiao http://www.gallopoutdoor.cn Xiao sitting directly opposite him,Smile,Rude to Xia Jian’s eyes,Turn a blind eye。
There is an old saying called “Jiu Zhuang hero courage”,Xia Jian is not a hero,But his courage has strengthened,He lowered his voice and asked:“Old Xiao,You said you are almost eighty-five years old,How can she be in her twenties?“Say what Xia Jian said,Xiao Xiao’s face changed immediately,Xia Jian is also a little regretful,Why did I ask such an unqualified sentence?。
Old Xiao’s hand shook slightly,Look slightly startled,Then he took a breath and said:“Why did your kid suddenly ask this question,But i can answer you,My life in the military life of Xiao Xiao,Marrying a wife and having a child is delayed,Xiao Xiao is the abandoned baby I picked up on Kunlun Mountain,Although she is not my birth,But better than your own“That’s what Old Xiao said,The voice is a little choked。
“You bastard,Eating http://www.what001.cn a meal doesn’t make people calm“Xiao Xiao snapped,I threw my chopsticks on the table。
Damn!What do you think of my head,Originally good,I’m bothered,Xia Jian scolded himself secretly,I drank all the wine in the glass when I was angry。
“Nothing!Xia Jian is not an outsider,Know it’s okay“Old Xiao glanced at the angry Xiao Xiao,Raised the voice,He seems to be telling Xia Jian,This can only be known to the family。
Xiao Xiao stared at Xia Jian for a while,Xia Jian is uncomfortable,Only then did he know,It’s uncomfortable to be stared at。
“it is good!Your question is finished,I should ask,You must answer honestly“Xiao Xiao suddenly asked,She hit Xia Jian by surprise。

Here is hundreds of miles away from the game.,Blocking flashing,Isolate everything,Be disturbed。

He sits on the http://www.lytxcy.cn ground,Sacrifice time to cover yourself。
His only advantage,It is more than others to practice more than ten years.。
He is now http://www.jvchuan.cn the strength,Has reached the four days of chaos。
Slot,Chaos Star Belt in Dantian reached 46 layers。
Ten years,He will do our utmost to impact chaos five days!
Sun Moon Rotation,Time flies。
Blink,The outside world has passed for a year.。
Summer wakes up from closed customs,Feel oneself,Satisfied nodded,Tap,Go outward。
This eleven year practice,Gignify him for him,Have different common sense。
Leave the cave,Get up,Wave a streamless ejection。
NS4037chapter Spike
NS4037chapter Spike
Game scene,Hill Mountain Sea。
Summer arrival,Greatway,Many people have arrived in advance.。
Among them, Go Jian is in it.。
But his current situation is very good.。
Because two people in front of him,It is Tang Hao and Qianxiang。
See this scene,Summer eyes,Accelerate the footsteps。
Just arrived,I http://www.xinyingxianglighting.cn heard Tang Yu smile,“Tripd brother,The finals will soon start.,Only fight for the top five,I am somewhat curious.,I will dare to go to the stage for a while.。”
Tattooed,Gringer,“Chaos City has a gambling,The top five are Lin Feng、Fish right、you、I also have a town dragon,We all have the combination of the level,remaining people,Which is eligible to compete with us。”
immediately,Overlooking the sword,“waste,I thought that the first twenty,Can you compare with us?,Fireflies don’t fight in front of the month,You are still far away.。”
Tang Wei also smiled,“What is the inheritance of the Holy King?,Give up the way,You think you still have a chance.?”
Gogjie is anger,The fist clen three times three times,Just anger,Summer came。
“Brother,What’s wrong?”
Gogjian strong anger,Barely squeeze out a smile,“fine。”
Summer nice head,Sitting next to him,Ask,“Brother,Do you feel very annoying?。”
Summer laughing,“It’s always two flies in your ear.,Don’t you be irritable??”
“What did you say!”
“Boy,You are looking for death!”
Tang Hao and Qian Dao Face,Kill。
Summer looks up,Be a surprised,A face idea,“I talk to my friends.,What is the relationship with you??Do you have a flies??”
The killing of the two is substantive。
Summer is not afraid,Calm with them,“how?Also put a sentence like others,Don’t let me meet you??”
Thousands of mouths and Tang Yu’s mouth。
The two obviously have this plan。