Gu Xiaoyamai is cold.,“Who knows??

She doesn’t know gratitude,I want to get everything,She has today,You also have a responsibility。
You are the world’s largest people in this world.。”
Lin Dami listened to this,Instantly feel a big hat on your head。
“Mother,How can you tell me this??
You also look at your eyes when you are small.,How did I educate her?,Give her the best school,Accept the best education,Let her wear the best clothes,What she wants to buy?,Also give birth to her,But she wants to grow like this.,What can I have??”
Gu Yimei slightly shakes the head,“You are her mother,You give her love and education,Did not educate her into a good person,This is your failure。
But now I am not used.,Our house,I have not yet,It’s worthy of you.。”
Ugh!Gu Xiaoyama is sighing,Life。
Lin Dami did not speak,Many things she also reflect,Things have come to this step.,No one wants to turn back。
Xu Jinghe took time to call Ning Feifei,Ask what she is going to do??
“Mr. Xu。”
Ning Feifei just came out from the factory,I received a call from Xu Jinghe.。
Ning Feifei knows that he will call himself.,Ou Jing, I have told her how to answer.。
“Fifi,Last two or three days,Why didn’t you call me??”
Xu Jinghe’s voice is very gentle,But Ning Feifei listened,It is very disgusted。
“Mr. Xu,Have already closed,My big brother has promised,But I am very busy in these days.,Looking at the house,When do you see it?,I value the house in the villa area.,You will give me it.?”
Ning Feifei is full of expectations。
Xu Jinghe came out 。
“Fifi,Not an apartment?,How to become a villa?”
Listening to this test,Ning Feifei laughs laughs,“Mr. Xu,I have not said it is a apartment.,I will keep you peaceful,You keep me, I am delicious.,This is what you said.,Do you want to regret??”
Ning Feifei tone is threatened。
When they started from their trading,He must have such preparations,Her Ning Feifei took the nose。
Unfortunately,She is not the same as the golden woman。
this way,It is just to stabilize Xiang Jinghe。
Let the police get more evidence。
“Fifi,you”Xu Jinghe wants to say,Do you have so much money??
But I thought of Ning Feifei,He can’t be worried。
“Fifi,You decide,But can you come to my apartment tonight??”
Xu Jingwei,Ning Feifei knows now what it means。
She vomited her heart.,This stinky。
“Mr. Xu,I have to work overtime today.,If you want to take care of Anan, you already know,Our company is very busy now,When I have time, I will call you again and see the house.。”
went,Has she still come tonight??
Ou Jing, the vinegar, you can’t give her ate.。
“Well,I’m waiting for you。”

She didn’t think of it.,Your own plan is actually seen,even,Even the ability to use the fantasy royal hand, he is clear.。

“I won’t stop you from saving those children.,Even I can also help you temporarily block the third place.。”White eagle pastone hoarse sound,It is really impossible to distinguish his age and sound line.,“but,You have to give me the fantasy。”
“Can。”Mountain Shanni heard this requirement time,“I haven’t intended to put these people.,After the calculation I want is completed,I will solve the fantasy,Restore their brain wave。”Say,She took a small piece from the pocketuplate,Hand gave an eagle。
Take overuAfter the disk,Eagle face,Take a copy of the card directly from your own sleeves,willuThe content in the plate is copied after one pass.,In the surprised eyes of Mountain Spring,Gently throw her。
“This is……”Mountain spring,Some of the eyes of the eyes。
“If this thing is taken away by me,You may have no way to release the brains of those people.?”White eagle is smiling,“Unlike‘Protocol’Methods,In addition to active release,You are probably being made once an accident,You actively sacrifice to release the controlledaiBreakfast?”
Mountain spring is silent to look at the figure in front of,Nothing。
“I am helping you.,Also because I used to be myself。”The eagle face is silent.,Only slowly say,“I have also experienced those things.,So I can understand what you are pursuing.。”
“Those children……All innocent。”Mountain spring, the throat moved,It is also a long-lost excitement in the dark scorpion.,“I just……”
“Don’t explain it to me.。”White eagle face,The first time is not the kind of hoarse like a metal friction.,“Explain with it,It is better to leave early.,Third place,How long can I get to?。”
I deeply read an eagle face,Mountain Shanni directly went to the car,Pull the door,The roar of the motor rang again again,Next, the same degree is the same,Zhan left here。
“Kaya,Something is in your hand.。”Looking back in the car,The voice of the eagle face is gently trembled,Then it became the Qing Dynasty sound line of the Qing Palace.,He laughed and picked up the one who was thought to be a card reader.,Tangible,“Think,You should have received it.?”
“Um。”Yunchuka’s voice came from inside,With a laughter,“What level of achieving this thing and fantasy,I can’t guarantee it.。”
“That is nothing。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“Anyway, today’s purpose is just a test.,but,That is very steady like his style.,There is no distribution in the lag return line.。”
“Is it……What can I explain??”
“Explain what I have to wait for me to go back and say it.。”The Qing Palace is faint,Once again, he recovered his hoarse voice.,“Since I promised Mountain Mountain,Do you have to do the resistance?。”Say,He slowly looked up,The eyes are far from the eagle.,That galloped electric light,Next moment,Creating a faceful teas。
Yu Meiqin!
(This chapter is over)
NS75chapter Running the collision of ice and thunder
“Who are you。”American piano slowly stopped,The tone is cold and said to the Qing Palace.,“Unrelated person flash。”
Facing this eagle,Menqin has no attitude towards the Qing Dynasty,The touch of faint tone is unhappy,Currents that are flashing, Zhang Yang’s powerful,The dazzling is a little dare to see。
“This intensity current,Plus your school uniform,May only be a person?。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,The sound recovered over the previous hoarse,Step without refund,Standing quietly in place,“1eve1 5Third place,‘Electromagnetic gun’,Really less。”
“If you don’t want to be injured, you will flash it.。”Meiqin’s tone is slightly impatient,The amber scorpion flashes a cold meaning,“Since I know me?,I should know that I will not be in my hand.!”
The eagle people in this black robe in front of them know their own,But it is uncomfortable.,I want to come to a high-level ability,CanaiThe power field is very blurry,I don’t identify myself.。Plus remote monitoring that I have just taken by rent and black,It’s easy to catch up with the car of Mountain Spring.,But here is stopped here,Think about it, let Meiqin feel uncomfortable.。
“Feel sorry,It’s just that it is subject to people.。”Qinggong deliberately,Let your voice more dumb,“What is the power of the third ability?,I also want to try it.。”
“Then you will lying down.!”Meiqin is still in the anger of the heart.,Liu Hai is light blue,A arc is directly to the direction of the Qing Palace.,But the action of seeing the eagle face is slightly shocked.,I only see that the eagle face is straightforward.,It seems that it is generally,It’s easy to flash it directly before the arc is turned.。
“Although the promise is blocking,but……”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“It seems that I have no reason to be beaten.。”Say,Pulled a bottle from the cuffs,Slow open bottle cap。
“water?”Meiqin’s eyes,Can’t help but。
next moment,http://www.hackersha.cnHer pupil suddenly shrinks。
In front of this eagle pasta,Under her,Like the soft wizard,Slowly jump out the bottle mouth,Then in the hands of the eagle,Slowly condensed a crystal clear dagger。
“This is……Control water?”Meiqin brows,“‘Water flow operation’?wrong,‘Fluid operation’?”Heart is slightly shocked,The movement is dissatisfied,Darkness in hand,The sword of the iron sand has appeared again in her hands.,Meiqin directly,The sharp iron sand of the iron sand is directly to the dagger in the hands of the Qing Palace.。
Qing Dynasty,This girl is still so heartless.,I am afraid that my iron sand sword misunderstood people.,Just want to destroy your weapons。
pity……Qing laugue in the heart of the Qing Dynasty,Piano,You are planning,It is dead.。
As a sound,That is, the sound of the eardrum of the sound of the metal collision,The Qing Palace does not see the face with the mask,But the face of Miqin’s face is a changing change.。
It is easy to cut off in the high-vibration of iron sand in high vibration.,But actually on a small ice-coated dowager.,The sound of iron sand cutting ice surface,A messy sound,But Ice is like an indestructible,It seems to be perfectly blended with water characteristics,Tough abnormal。The two actually stalemate。
“This is……”Looking at the sword of the iron sand, there is no way to break through the small ice cubes.,Meiqin’s eyes are getting surprised,Difficult to deepen the idea in her heart。
In her awareness,Even if it is a Qing Palace‘Metal shield’There is no way to completely block the cutting of iron sand swords.,Let’s mention a small ice。so,Only one possibility,It is that ice is just illusion.,Inherent or liquid,Only this,In order to explain the unbelievable iron sand swords can’t cut off this small ice.。

This chase,Who is people,Who is something,That is really two?!

“good,Praise,Run away!”
Dog head seems to recover a bit of physical strength,Alever or I am noticeable to spurt my horror,A group of people rushed to the narrow alley,as predicted,Alley is deep,But it is a deadline of a ground channel.!
This alley is just the interval between the house and a temple.,Nature is a dead road,Because the wall is behind people.!
“Run?You are running.,Not running fast??”
For the first person, the five major three rough,tall and big。
His beard is extremely dense,Tie a cyan hair band on the head,A big brort behind him,It seems to be the leader of this generation。
Fish praised Yesterday, I found these people in systemic spreading Gao Baoyi poison.。These people have found that fish praised people after discovering other rumors.,Two conflicts。
Fish praise deliberately let yourself have the younger brother,So a lot of losses,But it is finally not dead.。
With the limited wisdom of the other party,Naturally, I will not know that they are praised by the political opponent.。These people also thought they were green skin around Yucheng.,Come here to follow them“Grab business”of。
Peer is a family,Wherever you go。
“Grab my business business,Just with you??”
This nickname“Zhangda”Green skin,Poke with a finger,Ask the toes。
If this guy is put on a thumb up the gold chain,Um,Throw it into the water can float,It’s almost the mixed blends in the dance halls in the karaoke hall of Gao Biyi.。
It looks very good,Obviously there are no drops in the chest,Only some city smart and full body color。
“If it is,You are now a dead person.。”
Fish praise cold,Not afraid at all,It seems that they will occupy the wind,And dozens of people in the other party are the same as mud。
Zhang Dajing seems to hear the best laugh in the world.,There are still something wrong in a time.,Some incredible。
It is the younger brothers behind him not to laugh.,Mock the fish is not self-tempered。
“OK,You are not very powerful,Then you let me die.,You kill me.,You kill!”
Zhang Da Eye picked up the garment of the fish,A face is facing him,Disgust:“I want to see it.,How can you pack me?。But before this,You must become a dead.!”
Zhang Da Eye gave a fist toward the face of the fish。
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
A sudden,Zhang Daoci retired a few steps later。
He is wrong to look at the dagger on his wrist.,There is also a bloody fish,I can’t believe so thin and weak.,Excellent shot。
“Handle!One is not going to go!”
The fish shouted。
There are dozens of hand-held bows in the walls on the walls of the alley.,All is a saponed taking,Clear short。
A team of running shields and spears,Although there is no armor,But the array is completely,It seems like the banned army.,Directly replaced the uniform’s uniform。
Zhang Da’s eyes are in the heart of a dark call.,Too big this time,I am too waved, I have no preparation.,The result was a dumplings!
NS582chapter Attack(Down)
Narrow alley,The ground is lying on the green skin。The leader of the head is looking at the frightened fish.,A cleanest chill from the bottom plate,Let him can’t help but two war。
Some people look like a big brother,In fact, there is a table。Be bullying,They are a good hand,Various flower sausages can be given。
However, I have a hard 茬,These people are faster than ordinary people!Because they know,I bully those who bullied others.,Others should use them right away.,How can I not afraid??

Moreover,If there is really,Then the system will definitely tell Shen Xuan’s right.。

But now,In fact, relative to these,Shen Xuan’s root, there is no news。
So these,Is the most sad reminder。
Agua,It is put a swing,A pair, I know what I know.。
“fine,Despite your reassurance,These things,We all have a heart,You don’t need to get it here?。”
“Since I have already known,So next,You don’t have to be so anxious!”
When Agua said to his eyes,This is to let Shen Xuan itself,It is a feeling that can’t be said.。
After all, I will follow it.,These things,How to do it?,In fact, Shen Xuan,It is also looking forward to it here.。
Xu Jiahe Fangjia,Must be a family as a main attack,Another one as auxiliary。
certainly,If you really have the situation they say,So naturally,It could not be better。
only,Shen Xuan is also secretly thinking here.,Do you really have this possibility??
I want to understand these,Shen Xuan is slightly curious,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
Justiment,Still here, secretly thinking about this, what is the situation?,For the current,In fact, they own,It’s quite clear.。
Even so,But look at Angua,In fact, Anguo itself,It’s probably it already understood。
“Yet,Shen Xuan,You feel we now,It is a for the family,Still the other party?”
What about the rest,Also, I have seen it here.。
Say something wrong,this matter,In fact, it is now,Also really need to make a decision quickly。
After all, two families,Waiting at any time to pack them?。
And Shen Xuan is coming soon.,Then,Do you hurry to implement it.。
And Shen Xuan,Think someone。
What is the situation above,In fact, Shen Xuan is rooted,Not clear at all。
but,Well,Shen Xuan feels,Whether,Be sure to speed up the speed to solve,This can only。
so,When http://www.aicq99.cnShen Xuan’s heart wants to understand this,Shenxuan at this time,The more you look, the more you feel very touched.。
“Since the next,What has already happened?,So other things,In fact, it is not possible to avoid it.。”
“So I think it is,Let’s take your hand.!”
Shen Xuan said to his eyes,At this time,It is even more bright.。
“Ha ha,Great,I just said,Shen Xuan, you will definitely start with your family.。”
“This look,Someone here is here.。”
When Agua said to this,Warrior of other war temples around,Also, I watched the brush.。
After all, I will follow it.,This point itself,In fact, it has been fully placed.。
As for next,In the end, we should start to handle it.。
In fact, it is,Shenxuan’s heart,It is more harmonious to understand this。
And the soldiers of other war temples,It is the discussion here.
“What to say,The church is definitely someone on the side of the house.。”
“If you think about it,I feel more in my heart.。”

“summer,I have studied some of them again.,You let me refine these knives,Material is very common,However, small amplitude amplification array,It is indeed suitable for practicing some kind of exercise,Is what you said。”

Summer nice head,Laughter。
The sashimi in the side can’t help but ask,“summer,Why don’t you trade with us?,You feel it.,I am stronger now than a few months ago.。”
Summer laughing,I have to continue repeating the excuse before,“I only break through the sky.,I feel that there is no big progress,so……”
“It turned out to be like this。”
绫 清 清 打 打,“now what,Do you have a breakthrough sign??”
“What is so easy?。”
Summer smiles and shakes the head,At the same time across the storage ring,Amens,I am grateful to the Yuan Queen’s master again.。
He did not stay,Can see,Everyone is holding time practice。
Boring two people,Take the passage of the cave with the fastest speed,Re-retraction。
Cannot be denyed,Fish Right Weave reached the Tongtian Yixiang,Think about the genius of other four,I really feel a sense of urgency in summer.。
Reflect,That is at least to break through the combination of chaotic four peaks.。
Summer is still a level in the summer。
Never say,The more the backward practice,The more difficult the power of chaos。
He immersed his heart in the empty spirit,The energy of the body is crazy。
Through the 无极 图 in Dantian,Transform more chaos。
Gathering into the star ring of the periphery。
More than a year,He must take a second to improve himself every minute.。
Time passed one day。
every day,I can feel my progress in summer.。
No polar image periphery,Ring of the thirtieth floor of chaotic,Like a bright nebula,Layers,Vast。
Unpredictable map each rotation,The mystery on it repeats chaos,Chaos Replay World,Constantly recover。
Blink,A year has passed。
The speed of the thirtieth floor of the summer in the summer is full of the speed of the eye,Gradually become complete。
But this step,Summer encountered bottlenecks。
Just like a big level of cards,In the final stage,Energy is like no bottom,Regardless of how much chaotic,That layer of star ring,But I can’t be successful。
This bottleneck,Every conscriptor will encounter,No better way。
Only one side of hard work,Go to the refreshment law,Break it with the biggest perseverance。
Summer is also the case,Immediately change the focus。
Start relatives and pruning this layer of mystery contained‘Taoism’。
Just in this boring closed door,Three months after again。
The fire list inside the fire system,There are only more than 20 days left in the outside world.,In the summer,There are only more than 2,000 days of time available。
but,That bottleneck is no induction,A universe black hole,Greed swallowed all energy。
Summer is still patient,Convert chaos。
He has a feeling,I practice my own moments.。
But just this day,He once again induced the volatility of the message.。 Summer slow open eyes,Brow。
Rotate the message,I’m invading into it,Continue。
It’s a message of Gogjian.。

Lu Hao nodded,Looking at Blue Xin said:“ Blue,I am fine tomorrow.,I am going with you.?If needed,I know a professional decoration team”

“Continental,thank you for your kindness,House is very good,Do not need special renovation。”Blue Xin smiled and interrupted his words。
She didn’t know what this Lu Hao Cheng became?
She always feels that he is deliberate to her.!
But think about it and impossible?But she can’t find a reason to explain this.。
and,She has no money to decorate,She has three children to raise,Can save。
“Ok!”Lu Haozheng slightly,Loss of the bottom of the eye。
NS215chapter:pity,He doesn’t want to go

NS215chapter:pity,He doesn’t want to go
“Mother,I am going to bathe。”Blue 梓 俊,I saw a look of Lu Haozheng.,Say:“Lu Shu,Good night。”
“Good night!”Lu Hao Cheng responded to him,pity,He doesn’t want to go。
Lan Jun is deeply http://www.juzishuxia.cnglanced at him.,Come into the bathroom。
Lu Haocheng sat quietly,Not intended to go。
“Bark”Lu Hao’s belly,咕咕 的 叫 叫。
He looked at Blue Xin,Lan Xin is also very shocked to look at him.,at this time,Why didn’t he have dinner??
Will n’t you deliberately come over??
Both people look at the same time。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Sound:“Blue,you say!”
Blue Xin looked at his stomach,Ask:“Continental,have you not eaten yet?”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Isn’t her sentence??
He has been waiting for the news of Muzi,Waiting,No feelings。
It turned out to be sold in the sale.,But the call is really time,Let him leave again。
“and you”
“Blue,Give me something to eat.,I am overtime to now,Forget to eat。”How good this excuse,Can you get along with her。
He found her for more than ten years.,Emperor is not,In the most beautiful year,He still waited for her.。
The process of waiting is painful,But the result is that happiness and warmth.。
Blue,thank you,Can returning like this。
Blue-blue work,A pair of women’s workplace,Privately,She is like a child.,Sexual gentle。

“The eagle before the truly free flying sky,Let’s be full of yourself。”

Standing in this door, there is no window without a window“Building”forward,Some of the Qing Palace,The Soil will leave him directly after this.,He looks at this bare architecture.,Think how to go in。
He nature knows who is it inside?。
A traveler,He has also contacted some animation about this world.,Nature knows that a certain is called“Pour”The presence,It’s true that it is about to face this.,Even if he also has some handsome。
Right now he,But it is a ten-year-old child.。
“How to go in……”Just when the Qing Palace looked at the building muttered,Sudden look,Body flashes,The light golden scorpion brightens,“Who!come out!”When the boy’s low drunk sounds,Holding hands have been quietly opened,The edge of ten fingers faintly blurred。
See the direction of seeing no response,Boy snort,Right hand, like a knife,Slaid,Earthly,A blurred fluctuate,Take a burning airflow!
The ability of the Qing Palace has experienced the experiment of the nightmare.,Plus capabilities,Surprised completed another evolution,Depend on1eve1 3Reached1eve1 4Degree,Officially changed“temperature control”。He can freely control the temperature changes around you,Is a very rare powerful person in the temperature。In addition to the ice cone formed by the above-controlled temperature released during the recovery of the research institute,In fact, there is still a lot of attacks.。I just made a palmatic thing,It is the temperature he controls the air near your palm.,Make it to the high heat and then launch air。Because1eve1 4,He does not have free handling of thermal energy,According to his ideas,If his capacity calculation method can reach a higher level,Maybe you can truly have this ability.。certainly,These are not ideal now.。
“This trick,Just call“Heat sword”Bar。”The high-fever of the Qing Dynasty looked at the high-fever through the air over a blurred trace.,The last heavy hit on the wall,Leave a trace of Focus,I can’t help but nod.。
“Humph!”With a cold,Just now the direction of the Qing Palace attack,A temporary appearance,When I saw the Qing Palace,The face of the figure is also invisible to a surprised look.。
Qing Palace also stunned,He didn’t expect him to think that people who attacked their own are a little girl.。
Because it can control changes in surrounding temperatures,Nature can also perceive。Just now, he feels close to the temperature of the body temperature in the front of the body.,The ideology of consciousness is to attack their researchers。
Looking at this girl who is estimated to have only a pink head of more than a year,Qing Palace does not help but。
Yes…Come according to your own age,Now she is just a child.。
“‘Traveler?’”Careful looking at the girl in front,The Qing Palace is slightly frowning,Say faint tone。
“how do you know?”The girl in front of this is really stunned.,How did she not think,She is just orders to send a person.,I didn’t expect to send the goal of being a child.,I also shouted three words of the leader.。
“nothing。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Girl looking at front,Totto exposed a complicated complex。
did not expect,She didn’t touch these things so small?……
“Humph,never mind。”The girl snorted.,“fine,remember,My name is the lake。under,mission accomplished。”Say,Girl walks forward,Catch the hand of the Qing Palace。
“Hey?Equal meeting,What is this?……”Qing Palace,Girl looking at sudden holding his hand,I don’t feel some.,But he didn’t have time to finish.,Suddenly I feel awkward,Then head,Instantly disappeared in place。
“……condition。”There is no expression of sudden changes in the Qing Dynasty.,Spit out the last word。
“This is the space movement?Service attitude is really bad enough。”After the boss is sent here after it,It’s another transient directly left.。Nothing from the Qing Dynasty。But why don’t you understand?,Qing Palace also knows,I have already entered this tower now.,Sorctivity no longer considers the end of Tim Ji,Instead, I got up the inside of the tower.。
Don’t look at the appearance is just a set of towers that have nothing.,If you come to see it, you are now the space here.,If it is called indoor, it is too broad.,I feel as if there are several football stadots.,Let the Qing Palace can’t help but doubt,From the outside, it is impossible to achieve this extent.。and,The Qing Palace did not see lighting equipment at all,The inside of the tower is not dark,The whole space is full of bright light,Such as a star,Silently shining throughout the room。These“Star”Is the countless screen with countless screen on the wall,It looks full of technology。Extend from large and small tens of thousands of instruments,Tens of thousands of cables and pipelines,As the blood vessel extends on the ground,All concentrated in the center of the room。
Central center,Is a huge glass cylinder,Looking at the test tube like a huge buckle,Diameter of four meters,The length of ten meters long“test tube”in,Blood color liquid,Countless pipes are connecting“test tube”bottom of。And the Qing Palace is obvious,Is the figure in the blood color liquid。
How to describe this silver figure?
He is wearing a green surgical jacket,Silver long,Slowly floating in the liquid liquid,The whole person is hovering in the liquid in the blood color,And his long phase is undoubtedly perfect。Qing Palace looks like a face that is not a human,Can’t help but some tap。
“Like a man is like a woman、Like adults, like a child、Like a saint。”Look at the figure in front of,Qing Palace can not help but absorb a breath,Light opening。“This is the chairman of the urban urban city.。”
“Qing Palace to Summer,See Mr. Accisa。”
Heard this sentence,Suspended in the blood color liquid figure eyelash,Slowly open your eyes,Looking at the small figure in front of,It comes out of a smile look。
This chapter is relatively short, it’s here.,Compensate everyone,Tomaaa can shoot
(This chapter is over)
NS4chapter Dark partOwlet
Looking at the boy looking at you quietly,The look of Aresta is a look of interest.。
this boy……
“Very interesting evaluation。”Yaresta looks at the boy’s tender cheek,I have revealed a trace of expression on the face of thousands of people.,Although this expression is inert,Can be loaded into life and maintaining equipment,Even brain activities have a great extent by the machine,have17ooYueza, the hundred years of life,This is very rare。
What did you say in the Qing Palace?,Because he knows,In front of this man who is a monster,I am afraid that I am afraid that I am not alone.。
“Qing Palace to Summer,Unknown,One of the orphans of the academic city,Researcher,Six-year-old awakening1eve1 1“Save storage”,Ten years old have evolved1eve1 3of“Temperature perception”。”The voice of Asaresta said faintly,“He has participated in the tree map designer“Autonomous test”,Striped by tree diagram designers, they have autonomous“evolution”Ability,Therefore, it is studied by the Wooden Research Institute。Because you see the clearance of the palace and the ability to lose control,Autonomous evolution1eve1 4“temperature control”。Attack the director of the research institute,Wooden Fantasy younger brother Wooden original to save the research institute,Save the soul by the soul of the soul during the escape process,Officially renamed Qing Palace to Summer。This is the report I received by the day before yesterday.。”Looking at the face of the boy,Yaresta laughed。
“You investigate me?”The face of the Qing Dynasty is very good,But there is also a kind of feeling in the bottom of your heart.,Let him be out of power。
This is the strength of strength!Secretly,The face of the Qing Palace looks gradually recovered.,However, the bottom of the heart rose a unprecedented desire.。

late at night,Gao Boyi is located in the temporary study. Wang Lin’s map provided by Wang Lin.,揉 揉 太 太,The tired body is on the boulder,Feel some no more。

Wang Lin, who is difficult to deal with others in the eyes of others, was taken with his nose.,However“Small”The city has a hard time.。
The importance of this city,Until the South Song Directors came later,It is only fully highlighted!
If you say that China’s north and south,Southern political power to keep Fuyang,Then in the two Huai area“Elastic defense”,Using the Yangtze River’s Gold Waterway as a transported aorta,Can be safe!
Xiangyang back,The endless mountain wall of Ranama and other waves did not take the mountain construction.,Hanshui in front of the door!
Other three sides,I have digged the moat of the living water.。
But it is not the moat of the small bridge in Sanwu area.!
Ancient excavator,Manual,This kind of living moat,No way to fill!
If the authority will be a turtle,It is not coming out in the city of Fuyang.,Then pass the Hanshui transportation。So once the West Wei reacts to send aids to come,I have to retreat.。
And there is no Fuyang as a soldier horse with the portal,This is only afraid to retreat to Jiangling.,Even Jiangling can’t afford,To retreat to Zhangzhou。
Probaratory is not a famous wisdom,But isn’t it a matter?。He is clearly understood that there is a 10,000 soldier horse in his hand.,Death, Fuyang for a month,Isn’t something wrong at all??
How do I break??
“Yang Su,You go to call Cai Dabao.。”
Gao Bao shouted with the book house.。
“Leader,Who is Cai Dabao?”
Yang Su is a little bit of a little bit of high-alum。
He doesn’t remember what is called Cai Dabao under his owner.。
“It is the person who surrendered today, anyway, you have a hair.,A big fat man is right.。”
This is also a prompt?
Yang Sui nodded,soon,Cai Dabao is really found by him.,It’s just that the expression on your face is cloudy.,I don’t know what Yang Su is telling him.,Anyway, the other party seems to be very tangled and worried.。
“sit,Now everyone is Qi Guo,I won’t be hard for you.。”
Gao Bao is gentle,He didn’t know that this fat man seems to be more tangled.。
“Dasu, please,I know that there is no unfairness.。”
Cai Dabao deeply。
I didn’t kill innocent in Jiangling.,Xiao, I didn’t kill.,Why do he be afraid of me??
Doubt in my heart,Gao Boyi smiles:“I heard that Mr. Cai is very understanding of the situation of Fuyang.,Can you tell you next??”
Cai Dabao listens to the pine,Point:“The Dadohorse is asked to ask people.。Say to the understanding of Fuyang,This Jiangling City really can’t find the second person.,In this year in Xiangyang,Is coordinating Xiangyang City defense。”
Asked about people!
Gao Bao said excited:“Also ask Mr.!”
Cai Dabao nodded,Take a thin brush from the table,Start drawing plan on paper。
“Xiangyang City is slightly four squares,City of the city7000Multi-meter,Height8Mo,There are also two feet in the narrowest in the city wall.5Mo,The widest place is more than six arms15Meter,Can run in the city wall。
4,000,Take six city gates,City wall with soil,External use of large green stone blocks。There are two big Tibetan caves,Can accommodate hundreds of people。Hundreds of small Tibetan caves,Three to five people。
City North Hanshui as the pool,East、West、South three south chisel,There are also seven or eighty pieces in the narrowest in the weight.150Meter,Well,Water wave,Liang Ruohu。
This kind of deep groove,It is also uncommon in Jiangdong.。”
Not many see,It’s just that there is no just。
Cai Dabao painted on paper,Some sidelines。
What do you know?,Didn’t you see my face?!
This Cai Dabao is really a sincere man.,It’s too sincere.。

If not because he,She will not lose。

Lu Haocang is a little more,He thought about it,Asked:“Blue,I promised you,Help you find your mom and dad?Then you know you childhood,How did you get to Jiang’s family??”
“Don’t know?”Blue Xin shook his head,If she knows the original committee of things,Will not send those text messages to Tao Mengyi。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Sorry in my heart,Now he can’t tell her life.,Gu Anan’s woman will not be guarded.。
At least,Waiting for Gu An’an to leave Gujia,After marry Lu Haokai,He will tell this matter out!
“Slowly find it slowly!Be unhappy!”Blue Xin’s voice is somewhat lost,Can not be anxious to be fake,The only wish is to know,Her parents have good,If they are well,She is relieved.。
“Um!Blue,You rest assured,Will find。”Lu Haocheng is soft,With a warmth that can calm。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“Lu Hao Cheng,Thank you!”
“No need!”Lu Hao,Gentle, I looked at her.。
Blue Xin looked around,Remind:“Lu Hao Cheng,You drive the car to the parking lot,We get off at the front,Then walk the past!”
Lu Hao Cheng asked:“Blue,Is Xiao Jun and Kiki here??”I can see my daughter,Lu Hao’s heart,I can’t afford the excitement.。
Lan Xin is embarrassed to look at Lu Hao Cheng,“Lu Hao Cheng,Sorry,I will let you come over today.。”
“Quota”Lu Hao Cheng。
“Work hard?”He instantly can’t understand。
“Blue,What to do?”
“I will know it.。”Blue Xin sells a Cat。
Lu Haocheng is gentle,Blue Xin’s side,That shower is gentle,Let her feel slightly。
This Lu Hao Cheng is really a enchanting,I have to admit it even.,Sometimes I will be confused by his gentle smile.。
Lu Haocheng stopped the car,Two people get off,Blue Xin took his shop in Shen Jiaqi’s shop.。
Late glow is like a fire,Shuttle in the high floor building,Mapped evening sight is a bit blurred。
People on the street,A lot of,Lively and bustling!
Lu Haocheng looked at the street to people,Here he knows,This is the Night Market Street in Jiangpu District。
He looked at Blue Xin on his side.,Ask:“Blue,What do we do here??”
Blue Xin refers to the shop not far away.,Say:“Let’s go to the shop。”
First330Chapter:Today, you have to wrap me.

First330Chapter:Today, you have to wrap me.
Lu Haocheng looked at her gaze,Suddenly I saw Shen Jiaqi in the storefront,He instantly understands what is going on?
“Ah!”Lu Haochong quickly looked down to Lan Xin:“Blue,What you said let me do hardship?,Is it let me cleanse??”
This kind of thing is not good at!

He explored the right palm,Mysterus,Condensed road,Strision with the summer fists。

As a sound,Actually issued a shock。
Follow,Middle-aged people were shocked to go out to go out,There is a change between the look.。
Summer is like lightning。
Then I have a six-box in a moment.!
Be right,It is a moment。
His speed is too fast,Dictionary is six punches,But if you look from outside,Summer is like only a punch。
Air blown,Even the space has emerged a taraminated fine crack,Energy large wavy is tangible waves generally collapsed sweaters。
Middle-aged people pass a painful boring,Being up to have a pound of great strength, there is a hundred meters away.。
And then heavy,Surgery layer dust crumble。
Wow! He stood up,It is a three-row of three major mouthfuls.,Shake,Stand unstable,Five internal organs are like fragmented,The fierce power is integrated into his body,Qi and blood and energy are unable to run。
“not bad,Can resist me seven punches。”
Summer rushing him laughing,Turning to the third level。
Middle-aged people look at the back of the summer,I can’t say a word.,Only a horror of face。
Lin Feng and fish right in not far from also use the most powerful means,The radiance of the sky。
They also firmly press their respective opponents with an overwhelming advantage.,Winning is destined。
But seeing so late in the summer.,Direct all the two genius。
They suddenly discovered,I seem to be farther and farther away from the gap between summer.。
Gel integrates nine drop god,Can you really change this?。 Just came up、Su Chan、Dragon、Avenue、Tang Hao five people,I also stay in the sky。
There is also the second level of guards.,Looking at the summer,All face each other。
Until this time,They finally understand the suffering of the first guard。
Just a few interest, the battle,The first level of guards who guards。
Summer is another victory again。
No slightly,Uncompromised。
Elderly,More than 300 elder eyes,No one speaks。
But the atmosphere in the field does not know how to change.。
Through the first level, it can be a long-term approach to the external care method.,Through the second level,On behalf of the summer, it is qualified to become a real rights.。
Once returned to the elderist,Implement identity,He is not just the name of the genius.。
“How far can you get in summer?,Can you get the third level??”