25 oktober Network Reception Laatste bedrijven hebben bedrijfslicenties verkregen

Yangguang.com, Beijing, 13 november, volgens het ministerie van Transport, Micro-Signaal Nieuws, de National WebMark Auto Supervision Informatie Interactive Platform Statistieken, vanaf 31 oktober 2021 zijn er 251 netwerkontvangstbedrijven in het land om de WEBLINE-platform De licentie is gestegen met 3 dan het voorgaande jaar; het netto ongeveer netten van het net zullen het rijbewijs hebben, het voertuigtransportcertificaat is 10.000, en de ring neemt toe met%,%.

De National Webmaster Supervision Interaction Interaction Platform ontving bestellingen informatie van bestellingen in oktober, die opgewonden geworden.

Vanaf deze maand is er een functie: in het online benaderingplatform van meer dan 300.000 singles is de envelopreisorder in de eerste plaats, met een sinaasappel om de bodem voort te zetten. In oktober 2021 waren er 18 online benadering van meer dan 300.000 singles.

In vergelijking met september, de nieuwe Blue Road Travel, overtroffen de E-Line 2 Network Reception Platform-bestellingen 300.000.

Volgens de nalevingssnelheid van de bestelling (verwijzend naar het bedrag aan bestellingen dat de bestuurder en het aantal toegestane bestellingen) van hoog tot laag worden, wordt het genoten, zoals Quan Travel, Recruit Trips, Timely gebruik de auto, Blue Road Travel, Join Hua Travel, Sunshine Travel, Shenzhou Speciale auto, T3 Reizen, Pitone E-lijn, Cao Cao Travel, Eerste steile auto, Amerikaanse groep Taxi, Wanshun auto, help de baai, druppelen, een klein varken doorbrengen, vergezeld door een sinaasappel. De top drie in de top drie in de volgorde in deze maand zijn de hoofdauto, de zon reist, geniet van de weg; de laatste drie van de groei is als een reizen (-%), rekrutstripjes (-%), pitone E-lijn (-%).

In grote centrale steden is de nalevingssnelheid van de bestelling de hoogste in Xiamen, de laagste is Kunming. In grote centrale steden is de naleving van de bestelling van hoge naar lage ranglijsten. Het is Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Hefei, Changchun, Hohhot, Nanjing, Qingdao, Nanchang, Xining, XI ‘ An, Ningbo, Lanzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Haikou, Changsha, Jinan, Taiyuan, Harbin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Yinchuan, Peking, Shijiazhuang, Kunming. Onder hen, 7 nalevingsnummers van de stedelijke orde, zoals Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guiyang, Zhengzhou waren meer dan 80%. De top drie in de top drie in de volgorde in deze maand zijn Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou; de laatste drie van de laatste drie zijn Fuzhou (-%), Wuhan (-%), Lanzhou (-%).

A passenger plane in Japan is an urgent persistence of Okinawa

  Xinhua News Agency, on February 26th, the Japanese media reported on the 26th, because the engine failed, a Malaysian passenger plane was urgently lost in Taimen Airport in Okinawa, on the morning, and 379 people on the machine were injured.The Common Society reported that the passenger plane plans to fly from Tokyo to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.The right engine suddenly failed in the air near the island of Kagong Island County, and then emergency to the Naterna Airport at 3 o’clock in the morning of the 26th time.The "Dynasty News" reported that the flight is a private guest A330 passenger plane of Malaysia Air China, and there are 379 people.AirAsia X aviation is a cheap airline in Malaysia, belongs to Malaysia Asia Airlines.

  "Reading on the News" quoted the news source of Japan’s land transport province’s airport firm report that emergency loss did not affect other flights, and passengers on the machine will leave Japan on the 26th.

China @ 四 川 | Height anxiety hit "increased needle"? Danger!

  Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, August 4th, Suggestion: Height is anxious to play "increased needle"? Danger! Xinhua News Agency, "Xinhua Side" reporter handsome, Huang Yu, Dong Xiaohong "child is lower than the same age people, can I increase the high needle?" "My son wants to grow to one meter, the doctor will increase the needle!" …… During the summer vacation, some parents went to the hospital for consultation and wanted to give the child "increased needle". In recent years, the "increased needle" treatment of shortcomps is mainly used in medicine.

The "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter survey found that the so-called "increased needle" is actually injecting growth hormone.

Experts believe that the growth hormone has a slider that is abused, which may bring the user’s endocrine disorder, femoral head slip, spinal bending and other health risks.

  "Parents are too anxious to the child’s height", there is a growth hormone enterprise in 5 years, "people don’t have more demand," the parents are too anxious to the child. "Lin Ming in the Endocrinology of Wuhan Union Hospital. The doctor told reporters that he received 50 people every day from Monday to Friday and 70 to 80 people on Sunday, only on Saturday. Now I am a summer vacation, and the daily access is more than.

  Lin Ming said that in someone who came to seek medical treatment, half of the parents came to ask the child’s height, and whether to use growth hormone to help grow.

  "Some parents feel that the child is not high, I want to increase the high needle and use to increase the product.

"Xu Wei, the children’s internal secretion department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, the full name of children’s growth hormone is genetically recombinant human growth hormone, which can only be used to treat growth hormone deficiency, idiopathic short body, etc., can not expand treatment category.

  The reporter found that some private hospitals play a slogan such as "70% of the height by genetic, 30% relying on the day, custom hard". In recent years, with the increase of social needs, the use of growth hormones is getting bigger and bigger. An annual income of domestic growth hormone leading enterprises has grown year. In 2016 to 2020, its annual income increased more than 4 times, more than 90% of income from growth hormone-related products. Lin Ming said, in fact, it is only a very small part of the treatment of hormone treatment. Most children only need conventional diet, exercise, sleep guidance, and do not need to use growth hormone. Zhang Yining, Director of the Pediatric Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, the First Hospital of Jilin University, said: "Drugs are used to treat diseases.

It doesn’t say that I feel short, I want to grow more, I have some hormone, which is very ridiculous. Zhang Yining said: "The phenomenon currently excessive inspections and irregular checks is very common.

Have a parent to the outpatient clinic, be sure to give the child to grow hormone and chemical, I don’t have to do it. This test is to use drugs to test, 5 times to draw blood, there are many external factors that affect the stimulation level of hormones at the time, need to be synthesized.

Some hospitals have checked with irregular techniques. After the results are obtained, they will start to use increased needles to children, and it is very irresponsible. "" Spending $ 480,000 for children grows up to 1 cm ", playing" increasing needle "to save health risks Ms. Wang worried that his son was short, and the land is continued in various "height promotion outpatients". It took 480,000 yuan a year, and the son only heated 1 cm.

  "Children’s growth hormone exceptions have become hidden rules, clinical diagnosis is irregular, freely expand growth hormone applications, excessive treatment, etc., bring serious health hazards." A pediatrician said worried. Parents unnecessary height anxiety is easily exploited and enlarged by informal medical institutions.

Industry insiders said that some pharmaceutical representatives use parents to increase their hormones into "increased their godbs", in fact, children with normal growth hormone secretions cannot be injected with growth hormones, otherwise it will cause endocrine system disorders. Some doctors introduced that some children have symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, weakness, etc. after injection growth hormone. Some children will have high blood sugar after injection growth hormone, which requires regular monitoring to avoid diabetes.

There is also a child injection growth hormone, which causes the femoral head slip, the spinal side bending.

  The reporter inquiry related literature found that there is currently the adverse reaction related to growth hormone treatment has a benign intracranial hyperbaric, sugar metabolism, hypothyroidism, pigment, hand feet, local redness and rash, otitis media, etc. According to experts from industry experts, the treatment of growth hormone treatment is given by different formulations, the weight and sensitivity are different, and the monthly fee is between 3,000 to 15,000 yuan, and it is often necessary to inject 2 to 5 years.

  Since the promotion of "increased needle" can get profits, some medical representatives use high rebates to attract children’s abuse. Some growth hormone pharmaceuticals invite pediatricians to participate in training, and the so-called training is to make doctors to give their children to grow hormones and commission according to certain proportion of sales.

  Standard growth hormone use is forced Yang Wenqing, an East Hospital of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, said that some shortcomps have some basic diseases, and after the basic disease is cured, there may be chasing growth. If it is only biased and there is no lack of growth hormone, it does not require injection growth hormone at all.

  Zhang Yining and other suggestions to standardize the use of growth hormones. The Ministry of Health shall strengthen the training and supervision of doctors. Doctors must strictly abide by the diagnosis and treatment of relevant children, beware of clinical growth hormone abuse, and use. For those who drive the child’s injection growth hormone, health, drug supervisors, and public security departments should form a cooperation, severe investigation. Industry experts pointed out that adolescent children treated with growth hormone should regularly monitor the effectiveness and safety of the treatment in pediatric endophagelicular clinics. The doctor will monitor the child’s growth and development indicators, adverse reactions, etc.

  "There are very few hospitals in the United States of the Children’s Endocrinology, and our department is also new, and there is not enough staff.

In the grassroots, professional children’s endocrine doctors are more lacking, it is difficult to perform regular monitoring of these children, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of children. Director of the Children’s Endocrinology of a Hospital.

  According to industry experts, for children with short children, children must be examined in children’s bone age, growth hormone secretion, and also need to exclude various diseases, and can decide whether to use growth hormone therapy.

Children with children, growth hormones are currently considered the most effective treatment. In the best treatment, the drug is intervened by drugs, and the child grows to a certain extent, but must choose a formal medical institution. Cheng Yixi, the Children’s Genetic and Endocrinology, the Children’s Genetic and Endocrination Metallographic Science and Endocrinations, the parents need to establish the correct health concept, understand that the growth hormone does not want to play, the crowd really need, must pass the relevant examination by professional doctors Before you can use it. (Participate in the reporter Zhao Dandan, Hanquan) (End).

Bevordering van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van particuliere ondernemingen met hoogwaardige partijbouw

  General Secretary Xi Jinping hecht veel belang aan het Partij-gebouw van niet-publieke ondernemingen, en maakte een reeks belangrijke instructies, die de richting van de niet-openbare bedrijfsfeesten heeft aangegeven en een sterke kracht injecteerden.In Wenzhou City, de provincie Zhejiang, de belangrijke instructies van algemene secretaris-secretaresse, de belangrijke instructies van algemene geheimen, omringd door een substanti?le rol bij het innoveren van niet-openbare bedrijfsfeestbouwwerkzaamheden, die het feestgebouw van niet-openbare onderneming, sterk, bevorderen Partijleden verhuisden, hebben een groep praktische resultaten en systeemresultaten bereikt.

  Wenzhou is de eerste particuliere onderneming partij-organisatie in de provincie Zhejiang opgericht in 1987. In 2001 werd de Middle School aangeduid als "het ontwikkelen van partijleden in de nieuwe sociale klasse" aan de piloten uit te voeren, en vervolgens ingezet "red motivatie" in de afgelopen jaren. engineering, enz., vormde een goede situatie van de universele collectieve partij bouw en ondernemingen bij de ontwikkeling van dezelfde frequentie en wederzijdse winnen.

In 2020, Wenzhou City’s economische uitgebreide sterkte gerangschikt 30 in de nationale stad, zesde plaats in het land in de "Wanjia People’s Enterprise Milieu Ondernemingen", georganiseerd door de Nationale Industrie en Handel, het bereiken van 1130.000, Wanjia, niet-openbare collectieve partij-opbouw stof wordt volledig afgespeeld.

Tijdens de "14e Five-Year Plan" -periode, moeten we nauwgezet de uitvoering van de belangrijke instructies van de secretaris-generaal van de Communistische Partij van China op de partij bouw van niet-openbare ondernemingen, met de nadruk op het consolideren van regerende fundering van de partij, in overeenstemming met de promotie van niet-openbare economische ontwikkeling van de gezondheid en niet-openbare economische mensen gezonde groei "de eisen van een gezonde", strak spelen van de stof aan de universele collectieve partij-opbouw te begrijpen, het bevorderen van de modernisering van de niet-openbare collectieve partij-opbouw, de totale sprong, build een sterke partij-opbouw, sterke "dubbele sterk" nieuwe hooglanden, het cre?ren van een nieuw tijdperk een belangrijk venster voor collectieve partij de bouw.

  Houd u aan politiek leiderschap, beter te spelen de "rode piloot".

De niet-openbare collectieve partij organisatie is de strijd vesting van de partij in niet-overheidsbedrijven, het spelen van politieke leidende rol in de ontwikkeling van bedrijven.

In de afgelopen jaren hebben we ons gericht op het werk, in-diepte bevordering van nieuwe tijdperk van de socialistische denken Xi Jinping in de werkplaats, voer het park, de investering vereniging (zakelijke) zal, etc. "acht-way" activiteiten, het realiseren van de partij organisatie teamleden en management "twee-weg binnenkomst, kruis het dienen van de partij organisatie secretaris voert de onderneming in het midden van de onderneming. De praktijk heeft bewezen dat de partij-opbouw is sterk, en de ontwikkeling is sterk dialectisch. In de nieuwe fase van ontwikkeling, moeten we voldoen aan het leiderschap van de partij, en speel de politieke kern rol van niet-publieke organisaties partij ondernemen in de onderneming personeel. Achtergrond kleur.

  Houd u aan de organisatie leider, een betere rol in "sterke base begeleider".

De niet-openbare economie is een belangrijk onderdeel van de socialistische markteconomie en is ook een belangrijk gebied van de bouw van de partij.

Directe relatie tussen de bouw van de corporate organisaties partij niet-openbare direct gerelateerd aan de materi?le effect.

In de afgelopen jaren hebben we ons gericht op effectieve dekking, door middel van niet-openbare enterprise clustering, chainization, de industrie, en de gemeenschap "four-way koppeling" om de bouw van de partij organisaties te bevorderen, het organiseren van de "double-dekking" concentratie aanval, met kleine micro Enterprise Park Party, eigendom collectieve partij Bouw, Internet Enterprise Party Bouw, etc.

De praktijk heeft bewezen dat de verbetering van de organisatie van niet-publieke organisaties partij ondernemen is zowel voor de lange termijn meters, maar ook de kracht. In de nieuwe fase van ontwikkeling, we moeten verder te verdiepen "twee dekking" in hoge normen om ervoor te zorgen dat de opkomende gebieden hebben ontwikkeld, en de bouw van de partij zullen volgen, en streven naar een doorbraak, dekking te bereiken, en het verbeteren van de kwaliteit. Houd u aan de ontwikkeling die leidt, beter rol in "de integratie van navigatie". De effectiviteit van de partij Organisatie van Niet-vennootschappen moet de ontwikkeling voordeel van politieke voordelen van de partij en organisatorische voordelen weerspiegelen in de bedrijven. In de afgelopen jaren hebben we ons gericht op de rol, de uitvoering van het "gram harde aanval en strikte pioniers", vooral in de "anti-epidemie, het bevorderen van ontwikkeling", en ge?mplementeerd "800 gevallen van assistenten", build 124 industri?le keten partij bouw, en add Partijleden, Pioneant 3807 de opening van de secretaris hotline geopend en de onderneming een aanvulling op al snel de productie.

De praktijk heeft bewezen dat de partij constructie is sterker, en het kan effectief te verbeteren van de productiviteit, het concurrentievermogen en de samenhang.

In de nieuwe fase van ontwikkeling, moeten we de bouw van de partij en het maximale aantal verdragen te vinden om de ontwikkeling van ondernemingen te bevorderen en te innoveren de interactie van niet-openbare collectieve partij de bouw en de industri?le keten, innovatieve keten, talent keten, value chain, interactie, en build strijd vesting " ‘op de keten, wordt de service garanderen gevangen in de’ lijn", verder waardoor de niet-openbare collectieve partij de bouw van de noodzaak voor de ondernemingen in te voeren, ondersteuning van de financiers, is verheugd over de partijleden, en ondersteunt medewerkers. Zich te houden aan innovatie leads, beter het wezenlijke effect van "en functionerende concurrentie" te spelen.

De partij organisatie van niet-openbare bedrijven daadwerkelijk speelde de rol. Door de hervorming en innovatie, is het noodzakelijk om een goede omgeving die bevorderlijk is voor enterprise transformatie ontwikkeling, de bevordering van de kwaliteit change, change-effici?ntie, dynamische verandering te cre?ren. In de afgelopen jaren hebben we ons gericht op de ontwikkeling van de "twee gezondheid" in het nieuwe tijdperk van "twee gezondheid" in het nieuwe tijdperk van "twee gezondheid" in de partij bouwwerkzaamheden, en doe een goede particuliere economie. "In combinatie boksen , de vorming van "twee gezondheid" evaluatie index systemen.

De innovatie patroon van de "één district, één sessie, een kamer" in het systeem, en speelde het voordeel om een nieuw tijdperk van particuliere economie innovatie en ondernemerschap te bouwen in het nieuwe tijdperk van de particuliere economie innovatie en ondernemerschap. De praktijk heeft bewezen dat de hervorming en innovatie is een sterke drijvende kracht in het bevorderen van de partij-opbouw van niet-openbare bedrijven, het versterken van de partij-opbouw van niet-openbare bedrijven is bevorderlijk voor zakelijke hervorming en innovatie. In de nieuwe fase van ontwikkeling, moeten we voldoen aan de eerste strategie van innovatie en ontwikkeling, het bevorderen van niet-openbare collectieve partij-opbouw in sterke hervorming, en pak de innovatie, het bevorderen van de opening en discipline, en de injectie van hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling voor privé-economie?n.

  Zich te houden aan het vermogen om te leiden en beter te spelen de essentie van "head ganzen introduction".

De niet-openbare collectieve partij organisatie daadwerkelijk speelde de rol van kwaliteit, hoge kwaliteit, het begrijpen van de partij zaken, het bedrijfsleven, en een goed beheer.

In de afgelopen jaren hebben we concentreren zich met de bouw van het team van de partij, de uitvoering van het "Leadership Project" van de niet-openbare collectieve partij-opbouw, gedurende vele jaren, vele jaren vast te stellen gediversifieerde opties, gespecialiseerde opleiding, gestandaardiseerd beheer, doeltreffendheid stimulansen , institutionaliseren het mechanisme, continu uit te voeren nieuwe generatie van ‘relais rood’ actie ondernemers.

De praktijk heeft bewezen dat de "leidende ganzen" de sleutel van de partij-opbouw van niet-openbare bedrijven heeft begrepen.

In de nieuwe fase van ontwikkeling, moeten we de "double sterke rode-collar" certificatie-systeem te verdiepen, en het cre?ren van een "dubbele sterke" goede secretaresse die voldoet aan de socialistische modernisering. (De auteur is het Permanent Comité van het Comité Zhejiang provinciale partij, de Wenzhou Gemeentelijk Comite secretaris Party) (Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).

Rapid response and timely rectification! Nantong illegally built the first field of safety hazards are eliminated

Modern Express News (Reporter correspondent Chen Cheng Yu spent) July 16, Modern Express reporter from Nantong rule violations do understand, July 14, ChongChuanOu streets east of comprehensive administrative enforcement bureau found within the jurisdiction of the investigation and security risks in North Guo Kitamura 34 south side of the wall and there is a 30 degree tilt cracking phenomenon.

Bureau rapid intervention, contact the parties and help the demolition site, promptly eliminate safety hazards. After and this is Nantong rule violation Office issued "urgent notice on further strengthening the illegal construction management field of work safety" (through rule violation Office [2021] No. 1) (hereinafter referred to as "emergency notice"), the elimination of the first case illegally built security risk areas.

According to reports, open source is deep and suck out the Four Seasons Hotel houses collapsed lessons from the accident Suzhou Wujiang District, to prevent such incidents from happening again, and effectively protect people’s lives and property safety, July 13, Nantong rule violations to the Office of the counties (cities) after issuing "emergency notice", called on all localities to quickly organize field of illegal construction safety hazards intensive combing investigation, focusing on the house wall to the roof, fire exits, property services area of ??public space exists Luandaluanjian over lifetime and other types of promotional activities before the anniversary Sidaluanjian temporary buildings and commercial complexes and tying up gas pipeline in Sidaluanjian have suspected security risks of temporary structures included in the list of special rectification problem.

Rapid implementation around Nantong, launched a comprehensive investigation and remediation work.

After July 14, ChongChuanOu streets east of comprehensive administrative enforcement bureau found in investigation and security risks in the area within the North Guo Kitamura 34 on the south side wall and there is a 30 degree tilt cracking phenomenon, the first time to contact local community members do safety tips publicity posters put up, pulled the rope alert to inform people around there do not go near the wall.

By the law enforcement team at the scene, where two people because the old walled old, 10 years ago the old walls demolished for redevelopment. According to the surrounding masses, the construction process due to lack of time, there is a certain angle of inclination to build this fence, over time, lead to a growing inclination of the wall cracking, there are security risks.

Since the main home during the day to work from home, law enforcement bureau arrange night-site, to the two people propaganda, inform the serious consequences of the wall inclined, if not immediately subsequent rectification will result in serious personal and property safety, law enforcement officers through the laws and regulations of the publicity, the parties agreed on the spot to help law enforcement teams split. July 15, East Street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team invite Chongchuan District Urban Management Bureau and street safety supervision departments responsible person to the scene, guiding demolition work, demolition site specific program, and the next morning arrange the inclined walls It was removed, eliminating the security risks.

Nantong rule violation remind the general public do not have luck, unauthorized renovation and expansion, construction of the building if it proves necessary, must bid for planning permission and other related approval procedures, otherwise, the urban management department will be dismantled according to the law firm.

related suggestion.

Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China

Het ministerie van de United Front-afdeling, het Ministerie van het Ministerie van Municipal Party Committee, het Ministerie van Hebei Provincial Party Committee, de United Front Department, de United Front Department, de United Front-afdeling, Ministerie van Jiling, het Ministerie van Jilin Provincial Partijcommissie, de United Front-afdeling, de Provinciale Comité Heilongjiang, het Provinciale Partij Comité Heilongjiang, het Ministerie van Gemeente Partij Comité, Jiangsu Provinciale Partijcommissie Verenigde Staten Zhejiang Provinciaal Partijcommissie United Front Afdeling Anhui Provinciaal Partijcommissie United Front Department Jiangxi Provinciaal Partijcommissie United Front Department Shandong Provinciale Partijcommissie United Front Afdeling Henan Provinciale Partij Comité Ministerie van Hubei Provinciale Partij Comité Ministerie van Hunan Provinciale Partij Comité Ministerie van Regeringen Guangdong Provinciaal Party Committee Ministerie van Autonome Regio Hainan Provinciaal Partijcommissie, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Ministerie van Sichuan Provinciaal Party Committee, Ministerie van Sichuan Provinciaal Partijcommissie, Ministerie van Communicatie, Ministerie van Tibet, Ministerie van Tibet, Het Partijcommissie van de Tibet Autonome Regio, Bank van de Gansu Provincial Party Comité United Front, Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Verenigde Staten , Xinjiang Autonome Regio, Partijcommissie Productie- en Bouw Corps Party Committee Union Department.

The use of legal means to prevent major public health risk

  Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee meeting stressed the need to strengthen law enforcement, strengthen market supervision, and resolutely crack down on banned and illegal wildlife markets and trade, and get rid of the bad habits of excessive eating of wild animals, control of major public health from the source risk. February 24, thirteen NPC Standing Committee 16th Meeting of the "Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the complete prohibition of illegal wildlife trade, get rid of excessive eating habits of wild animals, decided to effectively protect people’s lives and health and safety." (hereinafter referred to as the "decision").

"Decision" to implement the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping major decisions and plans for the control of major public health risk from the source of great significance.

  Excessive eating wild animals will make a big public health risk. More complex wildlife habitat, or who carry latent virus in vivo.

In recent years, a number of emerging infectious diseases mostly related to human consumption of wild animals.

Get rid of excessive eating habits of wild animals, not only helps to protect wildlife resources, but also help prevent viruses and bacteria harmful to humans through the food chain, so as to prevent epidemic diseases. This requires a total ban on illegal wildlife trade legislation from a height, and get rid of the bad habits of excessive eating wild animals.

  Compared with hunting, trading, transportation and other sectors, the consumption of wild animals is part of the terminal.

Did not eat this session, there will be no hunting, transport, there will be no market transactions. For a long time, because it did not block the abuse of this food source, which leads to law enforcement, the judiciary a lot of effort, but did not put an end to illegal hunting, trading, transport of wild animal behavior.

Therefore, only the law and get rid of the bad habits of excessive eating of wild animals, in order to correct the violations of the law fundamentally. In this sense, the "decision" to safeguard public health and safety, according to the law to protect the ecological environment of great significance.

  "Decided" to establish a range of eating wild animals is prohibited.

First, the Wildlife Protection Act and all other relevant laws prohibit hunting, trading, transportation, eating wild animals, it must be strictly prohibited. The second is a total ban on consumption of state protection has important ecological, scientific and social value of terrestrial wildlife and other terrestrial wildlife, including artificial breeding, artificial breeding of terrestrial wild animals. This reflects the significant progress on the legislative concept. Under existing wildlife laws is to prohibit the consumption of illegal purchase of national key protected wild animals and their products, prohibited by essentially buying behavior is illegal, the act itself is not edible. The "decision" expressly prohibit the consumption of these legal protection of animals.

"Decision" made it clear violations of wildlife protection laws in force in the existing legal provisions aggravating basis. A total ban on edible for the purpose of hunting, trading, transportation in the wild natural growth and reproduction of terrestrial wild animals, and strict liability.

  Ensure that the "decision" has been implemented, need improving information and education, so that people fully understand the need to "decision" after the introduction, the popularity of eco-environmental protection, public health laws and regulations and scientific knowledge, improve people refuse to eat wild animal abuse awareness, as in the whole society to get rid of the bad habits of excessive eating of wild animals create a good atmosphere. Implementation of the "decision" could have an impact of related industries, relevant government departments should support and guidance to help businesses related adjustments, changes in production and business activities.

In addition, according to the "Decision" and relevant laws should strictly enforce the law, and to develop as soon as possible, adjusting the related provisions, refine the requirements "decision" to speed up the modification of wild animal protection law, animal epidemic prevention, the development of bio-safety law as soon as possible , the use of legal means to effectively prevent a significant public health risk, and effectively protect people’s lives and health. (Author: Law Dean Tianjin University, Tianjin Research Center of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics researcher).

The moisturizing mask really solves the "dry" puzzle? Experts say this

Original title: Can a moisturizing mask solve the "dry" problem? Reporter experience: There is no moisturizing effect, and the skin sensitive people don’t know why, from 2020, masks have become a must for everyone in everyday life. But with the arrival of the autumn and winter season, many citizens reflected to the reporter, the mask is insisting, but the mouth, the cheek is getting more and more. If wearing a mask is long, even the face is a bit "skin". The reporter found that there is no lack of "moisturizing masks" on the market. What is the effect? In the days to "accompany" in the mask, how should I refuse "dry Barba"? Kong Yulong, deputy director of the Dermatology of Nanjing Jiangbei Hospital, pointed out that the skin moisturizing is the foundation, but also the personal protection needs during the epidemic, not suitable for the skin-sensitive population.

The reporter experienced the "moisturizing mask" mouth and nose did have a moist and autumn dryness. Is there any product that wear a mask and moisturizing? After searching for "Moisturizing" "Mask" in a online shopping platform, the reporter found that the mask brand of the moisturizing effect is currently known as the styles, only one Japanese imported product. However, the sales of this product is good, the brand official flagship store month sales exceed 1000. Mask prices with moisturizing function are not cheap.

The reporter calculates that although the more it is more cost-effective, the price of a single piece of the moisturizing mask is about 10 yuan.

Most of the places are mostly ordinary, not equipped with moisturizing functions in 1 yuan, even cheaper.

Where is the price of a moisturizing mask "moisturizing effect"? The reporter purchased and experienced it.

The moisturizing mask is divided into "masks" and "moisturizing". The mask part of the material is a common nonwoven fabric.

However, in the middle of the mask, the position close to the nose can be inserted into two moisturizing slices, thereby generating "wet" feeling in the process of wearing the mask. Wearing a moisturizing mask, the reporter is apparent that the moisturizing effect is mainly concentrated on the lips placed in the moisturizing piece, near the nose, but it is not much to improve the dry feelings of the cheeks because of the wear mask.

On the other hand, the moisturizing effect will slowly weaken over time, really feel the wet time is no more than half a day.

According to business publicity, the effect of this moisturizing mask is 4-5 hours, but many buyers also commented that their effects can only last for about 2 hours. Experts analyzes that the epidemic prevention effect is also used to wear a mask, the main purpose is to personal protection during the normalization of the epidemic. So can this moisturizing mask really achieve an epidemic prevention? The reporter is described in which the outer mask is found that the outer mask is a normal nonwoven fabric material, and the moisturizing sheet in the end is to hydroxybenzoate and spices. In this regard, the reporter also asked the official flagship store customer service, and the other party said that the mask did not have an anti-virus. "First such a moisturizing mask because its material does not contain a filtration layer, it cannot replace the general medical surgical mask to achieve protective effect.

In addition, a preservative has been added to the composition of the moisturizing sheet, and some with fragrant styles will add spices, which may not be sensitive to the skin or allergic skin, or even hormone-dependent dermatitis may not Too suitable for use. In fact, there are quite a few people who are allergic to preservatives.

"Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physicalist, Department of Dermatology, Nanjing, told reporters that when the above crowd uses this mask with moisturizing slices, it is easy to cause stimulating reaction or allergic reactions.

In the view of Kong Yulong, such a moisturizing mask can play more about "new flowers" to the ordinary population to temporarily relieve uncomfortable feelings. I want to solve the wearing mask at all, the skin care is the most important.

Kong Yulong reminded that as long as the skin moisturizing is done, even if wearing a mask, the risk of drying or "poppox" will also decrease. (Reporter Lu Yanlin).

Strict implementation of unsupported measures, Tencent’s minor game length accounts for a new history

On November 10, Tencent announced the third quarter of this year.

According to the financial report, the third quarter of this year, Tencent revenue was 14.24 billion yuan, an increase of 13% year-on-year. For the protection of minors concerned about the external concern, Tencent announced the performance of minors’ games and time-length proportion in the earnings report, and the two data were low in history.

According to the financial report, the length of the game when Tencent’s domestic minors fell to the length of the game in September, and the same period was% in the same period last year; the game flow rate decreased to%, and the same period was% in the same period last year.

Tencent said in the earnings report that the company continued to combat the problem of adult adult accounts through the leading industry, such as upgrading the face recognition system to identify the counterfeit account. Through continuous technological and functional perfect, Tencent’s related effects of minors are constantly improving. According to the latest data, as of October 2021, Tencent game has an average of 6.92 million accounts per day in the login link, 10,000 accounts trigger face recognition in the payment link, which is dejected or not verified, and about 71% of the login links. The account is incorporated into the anti-addiction supervision, and 77% of the payment link is intercepted.

For the issue of the minor rental number around the anti-addiction system, Tencent has been prosecuted or sent to more than 20 account trading platforms and multiple e-commerce platforms, requiring stop related services; at the same time, Tencent assists in Nanjing Jianyi in October this year. The police smashed a criminal gang of illegal rental of the game account through illegal trading of personal information in Jiangsu.

In the protection of minors, Tencent has been practicing the idea of ??blocking the combination, making new exploration under the guidance of technology. On September 1 this year, Tencent Growth Guardian, Tencent Games Joint Tencent Foundation officially launched the intelligent body double public welfare program, the first phase provides 100 futuristic classrooms and 100 happy sports farms for urban and rural children to provide new schools. The choice helps them happiness, healthy growth.

Since 2017, Tencent’s game has continued to upgrade the unitian protection system, and protects the healthy growth of minors.

In the future, Tencent will continue to strictly implement the unacained measures, as always, do a good job in the protection of minors, and work together with the community to create a good game space.

Shenzhen News Front "Three Learning Education Training Course"

  On the morning of September 15th, the Shenzhen News Front "three learning education" training courses open in the Shenzhen Newspaper Hall. Zhang Baixin, a member of the Party Group of China’s Reporting Association, and the Secretary of the Secretary of China, and Zhang Baixin, deputy director of the "Three Education Office" to strengthen the professional spirit of the news practitioners, and the professional ethics construction. About 200 edited business backbone from the city’s news units and various districts and media centers participated in the training. In the lecture, Zhang Baixin has a question of "firmly adhere to Marxist news concept" as the topic of the impact of journalism and morality; Moral Guidelines; enhance the level of news professional ethics, faithfully fulfill the mission of the responsibilities of the party and the people, focusing on how to strengthen the professional ethics of journalists, carry forward the professionalism, and do the party’s news public opinion.

  Zhang Baixin said that adheres to the right political direction, it is the fundamental requirement of journalists must firmly grasp; adhere to the people-centered political position must firmly stand firm; adhere to the principle of news authenticity, is a news worker must Always abide by the basic requirements; constantly excellence, is a lifelong career pursuit of journalists should establish; always improve innovation, is the key to the work that journalists must master; comply with legal discipline, is the bottom line of journalists must comply; strengthen international Communication capacity building is an inevitable requirement of journalists to constantly enhance international discourse rights.

  This lecture made Shenzhen journalists deeply educated and harvested. They have said that "this lecture has high political stations, strong reality, existing news theory knowledge, and specific case analysis, deeply telling the advanced deeds of excellent journalists, so that we can fully recognize the spirit of journalism The importance of journalism and moral construction.

As a party’s journalist, we must adhere to the era of socialist socialism in Xinping, further enhance moral cultivation, strengthen moral self-discipline, moral practice, and better take the mission mission given by the party and people. (Reporter Liu Sha) (original title "Shenzhen News Front" Three Learning Education Training Course "to open, enhance news professional ethics, faithfulness to fulfill the responsibilities of the responsibilities of the party and people") Editor: Zhang Shuang.