Originally planned to be close to Qin Xibei,Unexpectedly, she asked directly about marriage,Just ask,And introduce her brother to herself,Where is this?!

“I think so too,I’ll cause you trouble,correct,You don’t need to arrange security work,I brought someone by myself。”Qin Xibei said with satisfaction。
“Security work,We are ready,By our company’s security director Qin Feng,Sister Xibe, don’t worry。”Jiang Yan thought Qin Xibei was worried about safety,So hurry up
Jiang Yan naturally knows Qin Feng’s strength,It’s not suitable for him to be responsible for the security work,I don’t need him for anything else.,There was an opportunity for him to contribute to the company。
“Oh?So,Why didn’t you see him today??”I heard Jiang Yan say that,Since Qin Feng is in charge of security work,Then it should start from the pick-up,How can I not see people。
Of course,Qin Xibei didn’t mean to blame,But she wants to see,Qin Feng in Jiang Yan’s mouth,Is it the Qin Feng she wants to meet?。
“This one?Sister Xibe, don’t blame him,Actually he came today,Waited at the airport for a long time,Just when you just got off the plane。”
He has a sudden stomachache,And afraid that he will affect the company’s image,So he got in the car and rested,But even so,We also arrange a security team。
“So Sister Xibe, don’t worry about the safety of you and your companions,We will do a good job in security,To ensure your safety。”Jiang Yan explained again。
“Yan Yan,you misunderstood,I am not worried about this,You saw it too,I brought a bodyguard myself,But it can be seen,You maintain this called Qin Feng?”Qin Xibei looked at Jiang Yan in embarrassment,Can’t help but smile。
“amount!As the president of the company,Maintaining subordinates should also be,And every capable employee,We all appreciate it,Besides, the company’s good operations,It is also inseparable from an excellent security team。”Jiang Yan explained somewhat far-fetched。
Due to the rush of time,So there are some problems Jiang Yan didn’t even think about,And this task of Qin Feng,Also just added,Even Qin Feng himself didn’t know that he actually had this task。
But in order to show sincerity in front of Qin Xibei,Jiang Yan had no choice but to go wrong,Otherwise it’s the face of yourself and the company,Will be thrown abroad。

“Designed by Mr. Fernandez,”Without waiting for Ding Haijun to finish,Rosemary said in admiration:“Great design right?Everyone praised the design very much,I think this design is unforgettable,Very impactful,Any modification manufacturer on the marketlogoThe visual impact cannot be compared with our magic claws,This is simply a genius design。”

Ding Haijun:“……”
What can he say?What else can he say?
I feel wrong,But Americans just like,What can you do?
Facts proved,On the grasp of American tastes,Chen Geng obviously got rid of dozens of streets he didn’t know。
come“Magic claw”The gate of the modification workshop,Ding Haijun immediately discovered the difference between this place and other departments:At the door of the magic claw,There are even security guards with guns!
Rosemary explained to Ding Haijun:“Two cars currently being modified by Magic Claw,All of them are our company preparing to participate in the autumn Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,Some things in it are secrets of our company,Unless you get permission,Otherwise, the staff of the non-Magic Claw department are prohibited from entering。”
Speaking skills,The two have arrived at the door,The security at the door had been notified long ago,Saw Ding Haijun who came with Rosemary,The other nodded at the two:“Miss Rosemary。”
Although the other party did not ask,But Rosemary still introduced:“This is Mr. Ding,Guest of Mr. Fernandez。”
“We got a call from the boss,”The security nodded:“Two please come in。”
Rosemary said to Ding Haijun while walking inside:“We are empty-handed now,So the security guards will not check,If you came with a bag,The security guards will also check if there are any photos taken among the things we carry、Video equipment。”
“So strict?”Ding Haijun was a little surprised。
Rosemary nodded:“of course,If the secrets inside are leaked,The company’s losses will be great,No one can bear this responsibility。”

And once you provoke this guy,He sneaked into the United States,With his terrifying power,If you specifically target the beheading operations,No one can stop it,As powerful as a nuclear bomb explosion。

I am afraid that there is really no need for alien invasion,He killed America first!
General Will’s face changed drastically,Staring intently at Lu Menglin,I’m afraid he will kill him suddenly,I had to murmur:“land,Aren’t we friends?How can a friend be used to threaten?You are immoral like this!”
“This is what I want to ask you!Your organization is threatening me,I can only fight back。We have an old saying in China,Called the Spring and Autumn Unjust War!Since it’s a war,Then there is no justice。”Lu Menglin retorted unceremoniously。
at this time,Zhang Qingtan suddenly stepped forward,Menglin said to Will:“I just contacted China,General Li Qingsong wants to talk to you。”
I heard the Chinese general Li Qingsong calling for a call,Will suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,Nodded quickly:“it is good,Ok!I asked to speak with General Lee。right now,Immediately,immediately!”
It looks like,Lu Menglin can’t be suppressed by force and morality alone,The U.S. military has clearly overestimated its capabilities,When they faced a super power like Lu Menglin,Obviously lack of experience。
but,Timely intervention of the Chinese military,Gave them a buffer,So General Will is already impatient。
“boss,Do you want to come in?”did not expect,Zhang Qingtan didn’t directly answer General Li Qingsong’s phone,Instead, he asked Lu Menglin first。
obviously,In the heart of this strong military man from the Chinese military,Lu Menglin’s status is probably more important than his superiors。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Those fine scales on the shoulders also shook slightly,Made a rustling sound。
“Pick it up!Give you face!”Lu Menglin casually said。
Zhang Qingtan nodded,Put your phone on the table,And pressed the call button。
Layers of light are emitted from his phone screen
,Projected the picture directly on the wall opposite everyone。
What appeared in the picture was indeed the highest leader of the Iron Lion army representing the Chinese military,General Li Qingsong。
This is obviously a special mobile phone on Zhang Qingtan,Possessing black technology far surpassing civilian products,Not only can direct laser projection,And there is also an online video function。
“Instructor Lu,Hello there!”The General Li Qingsong in the picture clearly saw Lu Meng carrying the Yankee,First startled,Then he took the initiative to say hello。

Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,Although not like others,But it’s also full of suspicion,Xiao Fan saw Lin Yuner like this,Did not speak,Take out the phone directly,Walked outside the meeting room。

Lin Yuna knows,Xiao Fan must have gone out to make an appointment,Secretly shook his head,Although I know the hope is slim,But I hold so little hope,I hope Xiao Fan can surprise her。
Xiao Jiajia saw Xiao Fan went out with the phone,Also returned to the chair from the door of the meeting room,Sat down again,Speaking contemptuously to Lin Yoona:“I won’t leave today,I want to see how your crazy family got such a big star to Lin’s?”
Chapter 58 Su Shihan is here
Everyone present,More than Xiao Jiajia,Even others don’t believe that Xiao Fan really has the ability to invite Su Shihan。
Outside the meeting room。
Xiao Fan took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers,Put it in my ear。
Su Shihan’s Family。
Su Shihan is on vacation at home these days,So at the moment, Su Shihan is wearing a matte and matte home clothes, lying on the sofa reading a book!
For Su Shihan,The best rest is not to sleep in,But reading、listen to music,She has always felt that a person wants to develop,Must keep learning new knowledge,Only keep charging yourself,Will make you better。
And she feels that reading and listening to music will not only completely relax one’s body and mind,And it can also improve her overall personality。
So always,This is why Su Shihan will be able to become the most promising female star in the entire cloud city soon after her debut,It is even more highly praised by the entertainment industry“Little Asian Queen”Title。
Others say the reason why female stars in the entertainment circle are so popular,It depends on a beautiful face and a hot body,But when you truly integrate into this environment,You will understand that if you want to last in this industry、Long-term development,You must have your own charm,otherwise,Everything is interviewed。
“I’m the bridge girl……”A beautiful bell rang。

When Bai Qi saw Lin Yun coming in with a bag in his hand, he asked him:“Yoona,What did you just hold,Let me see。”

He got out of bed quickly,Lin Yuna said:“Didn’t Xiao Fan go to town today??He looked at the stinky tofu we bought yesterday,And the chicken fillet thinks we like it。”
“So I brought a few more pots back for you。Ok。”
Baiqi said:“Yo We love it,You love it, right?Mr. Xiao of your family is really caring and always remembers you。”
Lin Yoona smiled,Say:“Sister Bai,If you don’t eat,I just took it。”
Baiqi said:“No no no,Of course you still have to eat it,Thank you Mr. Xiao for us。”
Qiao Si also said:“Yes yes yes,Thank you Mr. Xiao。”
Lin Yuna said:“Then you two eat it,I’m going back to the room first。Sister Bai,What’s the matter with you?And got into Qiao Si’s bed。Are you planning to take root here? This is。”
After Lin Yuna’s words came out,。Bai Qi thought of what he discussed with Qiao Si before。
He was meant to live here,He said to Lin Yun:“Yoona tell you something,I will live in the supermarket room in the next few days。”
Lin Yuner asked her in surprise:“why,how about it?Live here?”
Baiqi said:“Why do you say?Mr. Xiao is here。If I’m still thinking about living together。Isn’t it a bit cruel??”
“Those boys who went alone。Let them squeeze a big bed and sleep on one bed for several people and the workers are all together,Isn’t your family Xiao always obsessed with hygiene??Can he stand it?”
Lin Yun’s absence of a word is regarded as acquiescence to White’s statement,Then Bai Qi said again:“Yeah,It’s okay。You see, Qiao Si’s bed is the same size as our two beds。”

Woman behind,The moment the door closed,I emptied my energy,Collapsed on the sofa,Open your eyes till dawn。

When Lu Jinning’s daughter didn’t return all night again,Detect something wrong,The sharp eyes look straight at Yang Qiuyun,“Why does Yaoer always go to Ningning’s house recently??Is that girl out of love??Need company?”
Yang Qiuyun was really speechless for his open-minded remarks,Do you have the best girlfriend who cursed your daughter??
“Husband,Daughter is older,What did she say about some things,Just listen to it,No need to be true。”
Lu Jinning has been shrewd for a lifetime,How could I be fooled by Yang Qiuyun’s ambiguous words??
Take a look at the unnatural woman,Hum,There is no trace of emotional ups and downs but with irrefutable affirmation,“Did Yao’er live with the Huo family boy??”
Men in the world are double standards,There is nothing wrong with doing it yourself,Especially in the relationship between men and women,I can still be proud of myself,but,Being a father is different,My daughter is a sweetheart,How could you allow other men to take away quietly?
Then there is the exchange with the consent of both parents,I know that my daughter lives with me,I won’t feel comfortable。
Yang Qiuyun knows him well,Also understand his mentality,I didn’t want to hide it from him,A total of three people under one roof,One less every now and then,As long as you have a daughter in your heart,Will naturally notice。
But he doesn’t ask,She won’t take the initiative,Since I asked,She won’t cover up,“All adults,No matter what,All measure,You still don’t care。”
“Snapped”,Lu Jinning threw the remote control in his hand,Stand up suddenly,Looking condescendingly at Yang Qiuyun,So angry,“Is this what you said as a mother??That’s how you taught your daughter?Yaoer is a girl,No matter how you love me, I would be the one who suffers!We are her mom and dad,Be responsible for her lifelong happiness!Haven’t met the parents officially,Just live with him casually,Will be looked down upon!”
Lu Jinning turned blue with anger,The fire in my chest spreads out,The temperature of the air conditioner is already very low,But he still feels hot!
Walking around the room sternly,The more I think about it,He spoiled the daughter who grew up in the palm of his hand,Just like that, the bad boy was abducted silently,I don’t take him as an old man!
He feels his breathing is not smooth,Walk quickly to the window,Open the front and rear windows,Natural wind blowing on the face,I feel better。
Of course Yang Qiuyun knows how much Lu Jinning loves her daughter,Just let him know about it,Will definitely cause an uproar。
as expected,Saw men pacing around the enclosure on the ground,That face is so dark that it can rain,She knew it would not go so easily。
She is not a pedant,I believe in my daughter’s vision,Although she disagrees with her daughter living with someone before marriage,But my daughter has always been independent,She can’t control it either。

[Guilin Rice Noodles Brew Method]_How to make _How to make

[Guilin Rice Noodles Brew Method]_How to make _How to make

Guilin rice noodles is a local national snack. It is famous at home for its unique fragrance and deliciousness.

To make the best Guilin rice noodles, the most important step is to boil the brine.

Guilin rice noodles need to add a variety of spices in the brine, so the rice noodles blanched with this brine are extremely delicious, and the side dishes are very nutritious.

Ingredients: 4g each of star anise, cinnamon, licorice, lemongrass, Amomum villosum, 3g each of nutmeg, Chuan amomum, betel nut, 5g each of ginger, fragrant leaf, 5g of peppercorn, 8g of cumin, quarter of Luo Han GuoOne, 1 g male clove, 3 g aged peel, appropriate amount of spring onion, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of salad oil, 5 kg of water, 500 g of pork bones, 30 g of beef 500 g rock sugar, 50 g of old soy sauce, 100 g of tempeh, 50 g of chicken powder, 3 dried peppers,South milk 4 pieces, 50g salt, appropriate amount of dry rice noodles, appropriate amount of fried peanuts, appropriate amount of parsley, appropriate amount of garlic, appropriate amount of sour beans or bamboo shoots, Guilin rice noodles (with brine solution, first make brine.

Put all the spices except pork bones and clear water in the ① in the oil pan and add the water and pork bones. After the fire is high, turn to low heat and simmer for 4 hours. Put the beef in the spice pot, and after half an hour on low heatPick up the beef, add all the ingredients of ② in the spice pan, continue to simmer for 2 hours, filter all the spices, cool and bottle them for use, and the brine is ready.

In the second step, the beef is too oily.

Pour edible oil in a small hot pot and fry the beef over low heat until the color of the beef becomes slightly darker. Refrigerate for 20 minutes and chop it for later use.

The third step is to make dry rice flour.

Use a large pot to boil the water and turn off the heat. Add dry rice flour to soak for 1 hour and then turn on the fire for 10 minutes. Use the chopsticks to slightly break the rice flour.

The fourth step, the peanuts into the oven for 120 minutes and 30 minutes, you can smell the aroma, and at the same time prepare coriander, garlic.

Separately fry sour beans or bamboo shoots.

The fifth step is the last moment.

After boiling the water in the pot, simmer the rice noodles in boiling water for a few seconds and then put it in a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of brine and mix well. Put the beef slices, parsley, garlic, peanuts, and start to eat.1. After 5 hours of boiling with 5kg of clear water, about 3kg of brine is left. Because the amount of each time is very small, the remaining brine can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time. 2. The brine can be boiled for 4 hours the night before.Let the spices suffocate overnight and marinate the beef and season the next day.

3, the dry rice noodles must be in the foam to control the heat, the first time the water must be turned off before putting the rice noodles stuffy hair.

Soaked rice noodles must be taken out of the cold water and filtered to dry. If you continue to soak in the water, it will not be glutinous.

If you have too much rice noodles at once, you can put them in a fresh-keeping bag and keep them in the refrigerator for a day or two.

4. The seasonings in this recipe are basically indispensable, and it is not difficult to get them together.

[Clam practice]_Clam_How to do_How to do

銆 愯 洡 铚 卄 婄 宑 餭 抭 抆 慱 铔 よ 湂 _ 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 傘 傡 傘 傡 備 傡 傍 傍 悍 綍?
铔よ湂鑲夎川姣旇緝椴滅編锛屽瘜鍚泲鐧借川鑴傝偑纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╀互鍙婇挋閾佺7绛夛紝浜轰綋鎵€闇€鐨勮惀鍏荤墿璐紝鍚屾椂杩樻湁涓€瀹氱殑闃叉不鎱㈡€х柧鐥呯殑鏁堟灉锛屾墍浠ヤ笅闈㈡垜浠彲浠ヤ簡瑙dWhat is it?1 銆 佺 伀 鐒 mix 擡 铚?It ‘s hard to tell if you ‘re tired of your child ‘s life. It ‘s hard to stop. It ‘s hard to stop. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s hard to stop it. It ‘s very common.姸鎬侊紝鍐嶉厤浠ュ姹併€佹棩鏈叡娌广€侀杈f眮鐨勮緟浣愶紝鏇翠护浜哄瀭娑庛€?2 銆 佽 姗 钃 夎 洡 铚?鎿嶄綔锛氬皢铔よ湂娲楀噣锛屾按鐑у紑鍚庢敖涓€涓嬶紝鎹炶捣锛屽皢鑲夊彇鍑猴紱灏嗚泲娓呮墦鎴愭场绯婏紝鏀惧叆鐑у紑鐨勬按姘戒竴涓嬶紝鎹炶捣锛屽垎鍒斁铔よ湂澹冲唴锛屽啀灏嗚洡铚婅倝鏀捐姍钃変笂闈紝鍕句笂鐜荤拑鑺″嵆鎴愩€?3 銆 ? 噜 浜 鸿 洡 铚?鍋氭硶锛氫笣鐡滃幓鐨垏绮楁潯锛屽叆鐩愭媽鍖€锛涘湪涓€寮犻摑绠旂焊涓婃斁4鍧椾笣鐡滄潯锛?I ‘m not sure what to do. I ‘m not sure what to do. I ‘m not afraid of it. I ‘m afraid of it. I ‘m afraid of it.0 鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 虫 垚 銆?銆 佡 洡 铚 喃 堡 闱?It ‘s very difficult to get it right. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s fortified. It ‘s for you. It ‘s for you. It ‘s for you. It ‘s for you. It ‘s for you.按2姹ゅ寵锛屽ぇ鐏倰鎷岋紝鐩栦笂閿呯洊闂疯嚦铔よ湂寮€鍙o紝鏀句笅鍏朵綑璋冨懗鏂欐媽鍖€锛屽皢铔よIf you want to know how to open up the lawsuit, you will be able to sue the lawsuit, and you will be able to read it, and you will be able to write it out and write it out, destroy it, write it out, destroy it, write it out, destroy it, destroy it.In the meantime, there are many people in the world who are in a state of affairs, who are in a state of affairs, who are in a state of affairs?妗屻€?銆 佹 Huanhuan?You will be able to see the difference between each other, and you will be able to find out how to do it, and how to do it.Looking down on it?N澶氱殑楣呭嵉鐭崇敤娌圭偢鍒颁竴瀹氭俯搴︽斁鍏ラ攨鍐咃紝鎶婅洡铚婂拰閰掍竴璧峰€掑湪鐭冲ご涓婇潰锛涙皵鐔熸楠ゅ樊涓嶅銆?

[How to cook eggs]_ boiled eggs _ how to make _ how to make good

In the meantime, any ring chain will be linked to the chain, and the chain will go to the bottom of the chain. The chain will go to the center of the world, and it ‘s going to be a lot of time.Ke Shou yu Zhou Chen ヨ Korean Huajinglianjie  Jian Ren last ╋ ¤ Jifeifanshu Ping Mengfuxiaheng mutual heading  Hubudianliao Gaofujuanhuo Ren Yaohandugjuan  Souliangxijing Yi ュ吇淇濈暀鏁堟灉鏄渶濂界殑锛屼篃鏄渶鍋ュ悍鐨勫悆娉曪紝浣嗘槸鐓楦¤泲闇€瑕佸仛濂藉噯澶囧伐浣滐紝涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鐓浮铔嬬殑鍋氭硶鎬庝箞鍋氬惂銆?涓€銆佹竻娲楅浮铔嬫嵁鎴戞墍鐭ワ紝寰堝浜哄湪鐓浮铔嬬殑鏃跺€欑洿鎺ュ皢楦¤泲鏀惧叆姘翠腑寮€鐏叜锛屽疄闄呬笂杩欐槸閿欒鐨勫仛娉曪紝鍥犱负楦¤泲琛ㄩ潰寰堝鏄撳惛闄勫緢澶氱伆灏樸€佺粏鑿屼互鍙婄梾姣掞紝濡傛灉鐩存帴鏀惧叆姘翠腑鐓槸寰堜笉鍗敓鐨勶紝鎵€浠ワ紝鍦ㄧ叜楦¤泲涔嬪墠锛屾垜浠娓呮礂涓€涓嬮浮铔嬨€?浜屻€佸噳姘存斁鍏ラ浮铔嬪湪閿呭唴鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐨勬按锛屽彧瑕佹极杩囬浮铔嬪嵆鍙紝娉ㄦ剰锛岃繖鏃跺€欐垜浠彧闇€瑕佸姞鍏ュ噳姘村嵆鍙紝鍚屾椂鏀惧叆楦¤泲銆備负浜嗛槻姝㈤浮铔嬬牬瑁傦紝涔熸槸涓轰簡鐓ソ鐨勯浮铔嬪墺鐨洿瀹规槗锛屾垜浠繕鍙互鍦ㄦ按涓姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勯鐩愩€?涓夈€佸紑鐏憼鍏堝ぇ鐏簲鍒嗛挓锛屽啀灏忕伀涓夊垎閽燂細杩欐牱鐓浮铔嬫瘮杈冪渷鐏紝鑺傜害鑳芥簮锛岃€屼笖鐓嚭鏉ョ殑楦¤泲姣旇緝瀚┿€傜伀鍊欙紝澶у鍙互鑷€夛紝浣嗘槸涓嶇鏄ぇ鐏繕鏄You can use it as a guide to help you find the best way to feed you, and you will be able to feed your children, and you will be able to see if you can see each other.辩殑鏈€灏戯紝涔熻兘鏈夋晥鍦版潃姝婚浮铔嬪唴閮ㄧ殑鐥呮瘨銆佺粏鑿屻€傗憽娓╃伀浣挎按涓€鐩翠繚鎸佹哺鑵撅細杩欐牱楦¤泲鍐呴儴娓╁害鍙樺寲涓嶆槸寰堝ぇ锛屼笉瀹规槗鐖嗚锛屼篃姣旇緝瀹规槗鎺屾彙鏃堕棿銆傗憿涓€鐩村ぇ鐏細杩欐牱瀛愮叜楦¤泲锛屽鏋滄椂鍊欐病鏈夋帉鎻″ソ锛屽緢瀹规槗鎶婇浮铔嬬叜鑰併€傚洓銆佸嚭閿呭彲浠ュ皢鍒氭崬鍑烘潵鐨勯浮铔嬬洿鎺ユ斁鍏ュ喎姘翠腑锛岃繖鏍峰瓙鍓ョ毊浼氬緢瀹规槗鐨勩€?

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): GMV continues to maintain a high growth foundation and looks forward to future performance explosion

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): GMV continues to maintain a high growth foundation and looks forward to future performance explosion

Investment Highlights: The company released the 19H1 semi-annual report, and the overall growth rate was in line with expectations.

19H1 company revenue was 16.

3.4 billion, an increase of 32.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

8.6 billion, 杭州桑拿 an increase of 32.

4%; 19Q2 company revenue was 8.

10 billion, an increase of 11.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

6.4 billion, an increase of 30.


The company’s GMV has maintained healthy growth on all platforms.

The company’s 19Q2 full platform GMV reached 57.

900 million, an increase of 69%, the GMV of the whole platform reached 109 in the first half.

800 million, an increase of 61.


In terms of different platforms, the growth rate of 19H1 in each platform of Ali / Jingdong / Social / Vipshop has reached 55.

6% / 37.

6% / 130.

7% / 167.


At the same time, in terms of brands, the Antarctic brand 19H1 increased by 67.

6% to 95.

4 billion.

The Antarctic people’s main brand has become China’s leading consumer goods brand, which is dominated by e-commerce channels.

(1) From the perspective of consumer visits, the number of payments made by Ali Platform Stores in 19H1 was nearly one.

300 million pieces, paying more than 100 million person-times; the average monthly number of visitors of the Antarctic underwear category on the Ali platform is nearly 40 million, the average monthly unit price is 49 yuan, and the average monthly conversion is 19.


(2) From the perspective of core categories, the company’s “Men’s Underwear / Men’s Underwear / Home Service” GMV 23.

2.9 billion, a 56% increase with a market share of 7.

1%; “Bedding” GMV 12.

9.2 billion, a 52% increase with a market share of 7.

0%, ranking first in the industry.

(3) Looking at the growth rate of large stores, the official flagship store of Antarctic people (women’s underwear / men’s underwear / houseware) increased by 242% to 4 in the same period.

At 0 billion, the Antarctic People’s Choice Store (bedding) 19H1GMV also increased by 215% to 3.

0 billion.
The main business income and average profit grew steadily, and the monetization rate shifted slightly, but still in the normal model.

The company’s 19H1 vital modern services business revenue also increased 29.
2% to 4.

2.4 billion, of which brand integrated services + dealer authorization business increased by 36% to 3.

At the same time, the company’s 19H1 continuing business net profit also increased by 39.

6% to 3.

2.9 billion.

From the perspective of 19Q2, the ratio of company (brand integrated services + dealer authorized business income) / GMV was 5 from the same period last year.

8% fell to 4 this year.

4%, we believe that it is mainly due to the company’s continuous development of new categories that need to sacrifice its own revenue in the short term to support the growth of new categories, and the overall monetization rate remains stable.

Cash flow from main operations was stable, and accounts receivable continued to improve.

The company’s 19H1 main business operating cash flow 1.

2.4 billion, continued to maintain stability; at the same time, brand receivables and comprehensive services business receivables.

900 million, an increase of 26.

24%, lower than the growth rate of this business income, and the accounts receivable continued to improve.

At the same time, the company’s factoring business receivables3.

1 billion, down 23 previously.


The time scale of time interconnection income remained stable, accounts receivable, and cash flow improved significantly.

Time Connect’s 19H1 revenue also increased by 33.

7% to 12.

100 million; net profit attributable to mothers was 57.39 million, an increase of 2%; on this basis, the net operating cash flow turned from 96.67 million last year to 26.08 million; the amount of time receivables continued to decline.

5% to 1.

85 billion.

Profit forecast and investment grade: We continue to expect the company’s main business to achieve close to 40% performance growth in the 19th year, driven by the rapid growth of GMV, and the main business net profit is expected to reach more than 1 billion.

At the same time, the time integration is combined, and we maintain that the company’s 19-year net profit is expected to reach more than 1.2 billion, corresponding to the current estimate of 21X.

We believe that the company’s organizational model has significant 深圳桑拿网 advantages, and the momentum of continuous growth in the main industry is still in place. It is currently estimated to be relatively reasonable.

As a rare high-growth target in the apparel and retail sectors, it will continue to receive high attention from the market and maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Monetization rate is not up to expectations, new brand operations exceed expectations, and third-party platform policy risks.