China – Brunei "Double 30 Years" ushered in broad development prospects

People’s Network Bangkok March 8th (Sun Guangyong) Busy Wenlai Bay, boat shipped to the ship.The last 5 km from the land is thriving, the air is full of scene: a stunned refining device directly in the clouds, the thick silver white oil pipeline flashes in the sun.

This is one of the Chinese flagship cooperation projects, China in Brunei’s largest investment project – Hengjing Petrochemical Solar Morai Comprehensive Refining Project. In the first three quarters of 2020, Hengjing gaged value accounted for% of Brunei’s domestic product, accounting and exports accounted for% of Brunei trade, and the important contribution to Brunei foreign trade, economic growth, and made important development of the oil and gas downstream industry. contribute. "I am very happy to see the first phase of Hengjing Petrochemical Morra Island Comprehensive Refining Projects to put into production, safe and smooth operation.

The Chinese-funded enterprises in Brunei contributed to the local prevention and control new crown epidemic, and it hopes that companies will continue to do safety production and localization, and actively promote the Diversification of Brunei and China and China. "On December 14, 2020, Brunei Sudan said in the chairman of Mengyi Group, Chairman, said.

Hengfei Brunei petrochemical is only a microcosm of Chinese economic and trade cooperation.

In recent years, Chinese in China has been building a "all way" as the main line, steadily promoting the cooperation between major projects such as Hengyi Petrochemical, "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor", expanding mutual benefit and interests, bringing the people of the two countries. In the interest. In the face of the epidemic, the two countries should work in hand, and the significant results of the anti-vaginus have become an economy that achieves growing under the situation of the epidemic situation. 2020 bilateral trade vendors, year-on-year increase, China’s year-on-year increase in the year-on-year increase, and the increase in the first ASEAN countries. In terms of two-way investment, China has increased in the year-on-year increase in the year-on-year, the increase in the ASEAN countries; absorbs Brunei investment year-on-year growth, and the increase is the second place in ASEAN countries. Distance is not far from Damori, the lest reef, such as a chopstick is located on the Bay of Wenlai. On the sea, a huge breeding net box is neatly arranged, the yellow railing exposes the water, the blue fishing nets go deep into the seabed, and the tanks pass secretly marma. This is the Shenhai Internet box breeding base of Haizi Tong Fisheries (Brunei) Co., Ltd. as the first floor project of "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor". Bring seafood fish, changed the history of Brunei seawater fish farmed fish relying on import.

In the "2035 Magnifill" launched by the Brunei, the Diversified "2035 Magnificent" is one of the key development industries, known as the "vegetable basket" project of Brunei.

Brunei Junior Resources and Minister of Tourism, Hargi Ali, said that China and Enterprises have carried out pragmatic cooperation in the fields of seafood breeding, providing strong support for Brunei to protect food security and promote economic diversification.

A large container ship slowly entered the port, and the ship was stopped after the ship was stopped, and the container was hoisted to the pier. Then piled up from the front hanging and stacker to different regions of the yard.

Morra is the largest container terminal of Brunei, which is operated by Chinese joint venture, promotes Brunei to surrounding national routes, and continues to enhance port freight processing. Hong Kong, not only promoted China-Brunei, but also promoted the construction of "Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor" project, and promoted the corridor and China-East Zeng District cooperation and "Luhai New Trigation" docking, enhanced Brunei Regional cooperation in the hub position. Brunei is not large, but the oil and gas resources are rich. For a long time, Brunei economic development is highly dependent on crude oil, natural gas export, 56% of its GDP, 85% of export trade, and 81% of fiscal revenue from the oil and gas industry.

Single question of economic structure plasted with Brunei. In 2008, in order to better achieve economic diversification, the Brunei Government proposed Brunei Middle and long-term development planning Brunei "2035 Magnificent". 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Chinese construction diplomatic relations.

Standing on the "Double 30" anniversary, the two countries agreed to improve the level of Chinese mutual benefit, implement the Chinese "Visionary Objectives" and the "2035 Master" strategy docking, deepening high quality and build a "all the way" cooperate. The two countries will actively focus on the development of the anti-vloise, develop two major themes from bilateral and multilateral levels to build a "all road" as the lead, promote cooperation and upgrading in various fields, and push Chinese and China-ASEAN relations. Higher levels have brought greater well-being for both countries and people.

"The Chinese will continue to carry out anti-v.cinations, including vaccines, agree to establish a ‘shortcut channel" of convenient personnel, and explore the’ green channel ‘to establish cargo exchanges’ to help each other’s economic and social development. Both sides should accelerate Hengfeit Peng , ‘Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor’ and the farmer’s fishery cooperation, developing new growth points such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, and makes new contributions to the Wen Fang.

"Secretary and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Brunei during January this year.

Brunei Sudan Hassan said that China is Brunei’s traditional friendly neighboring and important partners, and the relationship between the two countries is based on mutual trust, respect each other, mutual benefit. We are willing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and cooperate with the "2035" Master "and the Chinese" Visionary Target "in China, strengthen agriculture, fisheries and other fields," Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor "The construction of major projects, deepening the strategic partnership between the two countries. "Thirty and standing, Chinese relations ushered in a broad development prospect. ‘Double 30’ anniversary plus Brunei as president of ASEAN, providing an important opportunity for Chinese two countries to fully cooperate. Both parties have released the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomacy, logo With the sailing boat, it indicates that the relationship between the two countries through the new crown epidemic is haze, and it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

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Chengdu is selected in the Chinese European Regional Policy Cooperation China Case Area

Original title: Chengdu Selected National Central European Regional Policy Cooperation China Case Area Reporter Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission office issued notice, clearly including 22 cities (New District, Development Zone), including Chengdu, and the China European region Policy cooperation China case area, the cooperation period is 2021-2023.

  Notice is clear, the case area must conscientiously implement the regional major strategy and regional coordinated development strategy, give full play to the comparative advantage, innovate China-EU cooperation, enrich the cooperation between the two parties, improve the level of regional openness, and promote China-EU’s pragmatic cooperation. According to the State Council, in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission established regional policy cooperation mechanisms with the European Commission. The two sides have turned 12 high-level dialogues and 14 policy seminars. They have carried out two rounds of support for 40 cases of collaboration, effectively promoting the smooth communication, industrial collaboration, cultural interoperability and personnel exchange.

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Chinese and foreign experts explore the way to the neutralization of carbon

The GCOMASIA project director Assei Budia stated that this seminar aimed to promote communication between urban cities and GCOM cities to discuss how to effectively integrate climate mitigation and adaptation actions into urban development planning to promote national carbon And the achievement of the goal. The Director of the European Union and the Director of Climate Action and Environmental Academy, Mr. Junwei, the China Ecological Environment Department, and the Director Chen Zhihua, the Director of the International Cooperation Office of Climate Change, expressed deep expectations for GCOMASIA to carry out in-depth cooperation in China. The State responds to the climate change strategy research and the Director of Cao Ying, Director Cao Ying, introduced the progress of the pilot work of China ‘s climate adaptive cities, and experts from Wuhan, Hubei Province, and Zhejiang Province shared pilot experience. Highly praised. The EU and Japan’s climate officials share the characteristics of urban agriculture, biodiversity protection, zero-carbon cities, tough cities and other fields. Professor Zheng Yan, Professor Zheng Yan, the Sustainable Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that participating in the International Urban Climate Alliance helps strengthen Chinese and foreign cities experience exchanges. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization, and also has some unique Chinese models.

Andi Diken, Executive Director of the Global Climate and Energy, said in a summary statement: "Whether it is to reduce carbon emissions or enhance the toughness of climate change is not easy, the future challenge is still arduous.

To address these challenges, reach a carbon neutral goal, and the city plays a key role. GCOM is willing to work closely with all parties to promote the sharing of international successful experience, and work together to achieve global sustainable development goals. "(Editor: Su Tongxiang, Liu Hui) Sharing let more people see.

The drama debuted in China’s rare drama "the first group of the world" reward performance week

Original title: The drama debut in China’s rare drama "The first group of the world" The "China Rare Drama" The first group ‘Guide Performance Week "event was held in the Shanghai World of Shanghai from November 27th to December 5th. The drama of Gansu Province will be on the Shanghai Grand Stage, a unique charm of the show of local characteristics. "The First Orchestration", that is, a drama "solo" is only a drama.

In 1959, there were more than 360 dramas in my country. At present, there are only about 280 left and left, and there are three dramatic species every two years, and the remaining dramatic rows are "the world’s first group".

Unlike previous traditional repertoires, this event takes performances, interactions, explains the performance of organic fusion, vividly conveys the cultural connotation of rare drama to the audience through performance, drama, and live interaction, vividly conveys the cultural connotation of rare dramatic models and the customs of all parts. It is reported that the event invited Gansu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places to show, drag, japanese drama, Taizhou chaos, Xinchang cavity, Huaibei flower drum play, etc., will be unveiled.

As the leading figures of the Gansu Province, the Chinese drama plum award winner, the national non-legacy inheritor Raytong, a disciple Zhao Dan will represent the Dragon Opera to show the performance week on December 4th. The dragon drama is a representative drama of Gansu, which has been developed by the folk shadow art of the private shadow art, who has been popular in the Kuan County, Qingyang District, and the music belongs to the form of "complex" combined with the cartoon.

After 60 years of art in the art of art, the art of art is already a flowering and delicate art in my country’s drama.

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Beijing City Residential Area Charging Facilities 2022 Basic-dekking

  Het Capital Urban Environmental Construction Management Comité Office heeft onlangs het "Implementatieplan voor verdere versterking van de gemeentelijke elektrische fiets" uitgevaardigd ", Peking Youth Daily Reporter heeft geleerd dat vóór 2022 de residenti?le oplaadfaciliteiten van de stad in principe bedekt waren.

In principe is de opgeladen interface en de protectiebeschermingsratio ongeveer 1: 3 en de schaal van het kerngebied kan matig worden afgenomen.

Het plan is duidelijk, vóór het einde van 2023, die een gestandaardiseerd beheer, veilige en ordelijke elektrische fiets- en oplaadmarkt vormen, in feite elektrische fietsen en batterijgebouwen op het gebouw elimineren, het aantal elektrische fietsbranden en het aantal mensen en de Aantal mensen is aanzienlijk afgenomen. Het is duidelijk dat de elektrische fiets oplaadfaciliteiten die in deze stad worden gebruikt momenteel opgenomen in de oplaadpaal, een oplaadkast en een omzetter.

Door de veiligheid, het gemak, de economie en de duurzaamheid van deze drie soorten laadfaciliteiten te vergelijken, is de stad duidelijk: In het Business-gebouw is Pakaway Express Collection promootte om de Power Exchange Cabinet te promoten; in de oude gemeenschap, het platte huis en Andere openbare onvoldoende ruimte bevindt zich in de bouw van een oplaadkast; de oude gemeenschappen die ruim zijn en een waterig hebben, zoals parkeerplaatsen voor voertuigen kunnen een oplaadpaal bouwen. Voorwaardelijke stappen transformeren geleidelijk bestaande oplaadpalen naar een veiliger oplaadkast of omzetter. Voorafgaand aan het voorstel, vóór 2022, streven ernaar de basisdekking van laadfaciliteiten in de woonwijk van de stad te bouwen.

Tegelijkertijd vestigen en verbeteren en verbeteren het standaardsysteem van elektrische fietsen en oplaadfaciliteiten Verkoop, gebruik, beheer, constructie, bediening, wetshandhaving, enz. Specificatie. Om de bouw van oplaadfaciliteiten krachtig te bevorderen, stelt het "Programma" voor om de basis van de elegante faciliteit aan te raken, selecteert u de hoogwaardige oplaadfaciliteit Bouw Enterprise. Hoeveel oplaadfaciliteit Interface moet de residenti?le community moeten bouwen? Noord-jeugd Dagelijks is in principe het aandeel oplaadinterfaces en elektrische voertuigen ongeveer 1: 3 en de schaal van het kerngebied kan matig worden afgenomen. Wie is de elektrische fiets oplaadfaciliteit? Beiqing-verslaggever heeft geleerd dat alle straten, townships de bewoners, de Gemeenschap, de Gemeenschap en de Industriecomité (Eigenschapsbeheervergadering), enz., De Community Eigendomseenheid, Industriecommissie of Authorization Property Service Enterprises-selectie hoogwaardige schaal opladen opladen Faciliteiten Bouwbedrijf Ondernemingen als het hoofdgedeelte, identificeren bouwprogramma’s en teken de samenwerkingsovereenkomst voor bouwbediening. De geselecteerde oplaadfaciliteit Bouwbedieningsbedrijven moeten een geluidsveiligheidsproductiebeheersysteem en een sterke platformbewerking en onderhoudstoezichtcapaciteit hebben. De productie van laadfaciliteiten moet voldoen aan de nationale en stadsgerelateerde standaarden, gerelateerde productveiligheidsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering en andere vereisten, beloven Implementeer de onderhavige verantwoordelijkheid van het veiligheidsbeheer, het oplaadkosten van de oplading is niet hoger dan elektriciteitsrekeningen en toegang tot het Toezichtsplatform van Gemeentelijk oplaadfaciliteit.

"Programma" is duidelijk, vanaf 2022, de straten en steden worden niet langer gebruikt als het hoofdlichaam. Er wordt gemeld dat oplaadfaciliteiten in de woonwijk, oplaadkosten "elektriciteitskosten + servicekosten" -modus nemen, die beide moeten worden geprijsd, in rekening gebracht en niet verpakt.

Onder hen voert het laden van elektriciteitsrekeningen uit het elektriciteitsprijsbeleid dat door de overheid is vastgelegd, volgens de eigen elektriciteitsprijs van de bewoners; elke Gemeenschap moet duidelijk de inzamelingsstandaard opladen, de codeprijs uitvoeren, om ervoor te zorgen dat bewoners bereid zijn, stijgen .

De geselecteerde oplaadfaciliteitbedrijven beloofden dat de laaddienst niet hoger is dan de elektriciteitsrekening en geen kosten in rekening brengt, niet gemarkeerd.

(Reporter Wang Bin).

Constructing "China Practice" and Natural Life Community

  Establishing a national park to effectively integrate regional regions of various levels of natural protective land and surrounding ecological values, establish a unified and efficient management system, effectively solve crossover overlap, multi-man management issues, and improve my country’s natural ecosystem protection level.

  In order to improve the management capabilities of the National Park, lead the development of the entire natural protection system, and national parks should pay attention to the following points in specific construction.

  Adhere to people and natural harmony symbiosis.

Protecting the ecological environment is the primary mission of national parks, and must follow ecological protection laws, respect the ecosystem characteristics, and build a national important ecological safety barrier. At the same time, we must pay attention to the development and cultural inheritance of people, so that the "civilian, human" is complement, and complement each other. Adhere to green development. To conduct scientific assessments, carry out the total value of the ecosystem production, relying on ecological resources, participate in the carbon discharge transaction, wake up "sleep" green assets, and promote the conversion of ecological resources to ecological assets; to protect the green economy system and high Quality, diversified ecological product system, realize the conversion of "Ecological Capital" to "Fumin Capital"; to follow green production methods, develop eco-tourism, etc., form an industrial structure based on ecological agricultural and animal husbandry and ecological service frame.

  Adhere to system governance. It is necessary to adhere to the governance of the lake grass sand ice system of lake forest, break the striking situation due to administrative divisions, resource classification; focus on management system, form an integrated, whole process, concentrated high-efficiency and unified management system, solve multi-man management, government I have a departure of multiple gates; the establishment of "Government leadership, management separation, multi-party participation" franchise mechanism, continuously improve the long-term mechanism of government, enterprises, social organizations, and public to participate in nature protection; build national park space basic information Platform, natural resource information service platform, continuous improvement of "Tiandi Integration" Ecological Environment Monitoring Network, building wisdom natural protection, formulating assessment assessment index system and evaluation method with ecological assets and ecological service value as the core, formulating national park series Standard specification. Adhere to people-oriented.

To deal with the relationship between ecological protection and people’s livelihood, set up an eco-organizer and other positions, guide local people to actively participate in ecological protection work, and establish a perfect volunteer service system, incentive, social organization and individual participation in nature protection, ecological protection, Construction and development; adhere to the ecology for the people, scientific utilization, meet the urgent needs of the people on the beautiful ecological environment, excellent ecological products, quality ecological services, provide rich ecological products; promote people’s comprehensive development, integrity and nature harmony Experience in the process of symbiotic is inherited, internalization is a strong action of respecting nature, protecting the environment, and externalizing a powerful action of ecological civilization construction. Adhere to international cooperation.

To strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, promote the establishment of cross-border ecological protection, Northeast Tiger leopard cross-border corridors; actively participate in global natural ecosystem protection, earnestly fulfill the international responsibility of developing and developing China, Chinese Program of World Contribution and Natural Harmonious Development.

  Professor of the Special Researcher of the Sino – Party Center of Southwest University, China University of Economics and Management, China University of Economics and Management, Chongqing University.

The diseased masses did not open, cadres helped to find the door

  Xinhua News Agency Xi’an Electric (Reporter Shao Rui, Xue Tian) "This year I reimburse two relatively large treatment fees this year, the villages and towns will soon find the door to understand the situation. I was still strange, how do they know? "Square Chrysanthemum lives in Matsuma Community, Tanba Town, Hanbin District, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, and her husband’s work, she went to work at home.

The original calm family life is broken because of her mother-in-law. "After taking care of the child’s mother-in-law, I can only quit the work to take care of them, and the income is reduced.

"Founder said," the treatment fee is mostly reimbursed, but the self-funded part of this year is nearly 20,000 yuan, the pressure is very pressure. "I have a difficulty of reflecting difficulties in the opening of the county, which can guide the villages and towns to find the door. It is the Hanshin District government to use the medical insurance big data development. This system is on the line of Operation in May this year, through real-time monitoring Removal, outpatient, hospitalization, payment, etc. Then, then the base is investigated, and ultimately because of the construction of the policy. Wang Gongjiang, the director of the Hanshin District Medical Branch, and the Hanbin District is located in the Qinba Mountain, which is one of the national rural revitalities. Povenant, poverty alleviation and unstable households, severe difficulties "three types of people" are widely distributed, and the monitoring is difficult. In response to this situation, Hanbin District screens the multi-index screening of multiple indicators through the Pelling Risk Early Warning Monitoring system, Such as personal month-opening, slow disease, hospitalization costs cost more than 3,000 yuan; personal annual burden fee has exceeded 10,000 yuan; personal quarters hospitalization frequency is too high, time too long, etc., create new workflows, changed the original household Declaration, town village investigation, and report to the bottom-up monitoring method of the discharge, forming the mechanism of the top and direct, and also breaks the "data barriers" between the department.

As of October, the system has provided more than 500 pieces of information, visiting the household, comprehensively studying, and the sectors of the district and the town villages have implemented the relevant personnel’s anti-refunds.

  "Preventing the poor to poorer due to illness, the previous mainly relying on the grassroots cadres, the workload is large, and there is also lag.

Now, by the superior department feedback by month, we will be more accurate.

Li Fei, Chairman of the People’s Campus of Tanba Town, Hanbin District, said. In order to consolidate the effectiveness of the poor to poor due to the disease, Hanbin District has also established the leading group of the poor and poor monitoring and early warning work, and clarifies the relevant departments to carry out normalization synthesis The measures of helping help achieve precision help on the basis of precise identification.

From the Hanshin District Red Cross, the District Retired Military Affairs Bureau, the District Civil Affairs Bureau, District People’s Society, District Agricultural Rural Area, District Charity Association, etc. Guide, specialty support, resettlement, payment of pension insurance, industrial award, social donation and other different levels of help.

The square as a public welfare position that can take care of the care family, with a monthly income of 1800 yuan, and the whole family has received 5,000 yuan temporary assistance from the district civil affairs department.

  In the Hanli Town Convenience Service Hall, the reporter saw Yang Wenzha, the reporter, using a brand new high-shot, and can apply for a single medical insurance reimbursement business for the masses for 7 or 8 minutes.

According to reports, in the second half of this year, Hanbin District passed the distribution equipment, trainers, so that all township streets in the whole district can handle 38 business services such as medical insurance reimbursement. "The benefits are that the patients with remote towns don’t need to go to the district to reimburse the treatment, and the people are rampage; on the other hand, the more convenient reimbursement, the patient’s family can report the time, the medical insurance big data monitoring system can be more I have discovered the problem early, and the intervention is faster, avoiding delays. "Wang Qijiang said.

  Wu Dalin, District, Hanbin District, said, establishing a prevention of the effectiveness of the disease, the need for a timely and effective monitoring of the risk group.

Taking medical insurance data monitoring as a faucet traction, it can significantly improve accurate identification effect, and promote the intensity of helping work. Editor in charge: Li Hui.

The Nuclear Submarine of the South China Sea "Hill" appeared in the beautiful coast boat.

The US military nuclear submarine in the "hill" accident in the South China Sea has a new "moving".

According to the US media, this nuclear submarine has been secretly transferred from Guam to San Diego, the West Coast of the United States.

The latest exposure screen also discloses the damage of the submarine, and you can see that the entire sound cover of the boat is gone. The US "The Battle District" column reported on December 12th, the previous US Navy "Connecticut" nuclear submarine after the underwater "hit the mountain" accident, appeared in San Diego (California, USA) The state city is almost certain that this submarine is or more floating gesture to this. According to the report, some netizens found and confirmed the "Connecticut" nuclear submarines entering San Diego port by San Diego port. It can clearly see the damage of this submarine – the entire sound of the boat is gone.

According to reports, the US Navy’s "Connecticut" nuclear submarine was exposed from the mid-November to the Guam Terminal, and then unknown. The "Theater" has asked the US Navy asked the information of this submarine, but did not receive a reply. The "Theater" has speculated the destination of the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine is its portal of the Breton Navy Base in Washington, there is a base of three US Navya-wolf nuclear submarines. According to the report, the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine failed to overhaul in Guam is the lack of large dry dock facilities.

Although Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor Navy Base has the ability to overhaul submarines, considering the uniqueness of sea wolf nuclear submarines, this is also a major challenge for the Pearl Harbor Navy Base.

According to reports, a serious damaged nuclear submarine sailed 6200 miles (9977 km) at sea, and it was a very unpleasant process in the case of no boats. I don’t know what the ship is sent to the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine. On November 18, the US "Military Times" website reported that after the "Mountain" accident occurred in the US Navy "Connecticut" accident, the US Naval Submarine sector has begun to download the "navigation suspension" command this week.

However, officials of US submarine troops explained that this "navigation pause" command promulgated on November 17 will not stop the US military activities from the previous waterfront stop or the aviation troops.

There were also American media analysis that the degree of damage to this nuclear submarine may be seriously retired, and the US Navy is now facing two difficulties, whether it is to retire it or retire, will pay a huge price.

The Chinese Naval Research Institute, Zhang Jun, who said, said that the official statement of the seventh fleet of the United States is still obscured. "The US military is in the strong appeal and requirements of the international community, and after a month, it is like a unknown statement that is unknown to the extrusion cream. It is not only a lack of sincerity, not transparent, not professional, it is really disappointing." Wang Wenbin, China Foreign Ministry, said on the routine reporter, on November 2, we once again urge the US to explain the relevant situation of the accident, fully responding to the concerns of the regional countries, the key is to stop sending military ship military machines to challenge, show off force Stop damage to the active safety of other countries, otherwise this type of accident will not be less than less.

Precision training

This newspaper Guiyang News This year, Guizhou has adhered to the grasping of grassroots cadres and training as an important political task, continuously improve systemization and training mechanisms, and continuously enhances the ability of grassroots cadres, in order to promote economic society High quality development provides strong organizational assurance.

Based on actual, carefully plan to formulate implementations. The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee organizes forces to conduct research in the province, and listened to the actual situation of the number of the grassroots first-line observations, the number of training targets, grassroots training needs, and training funds.

Research and formulate training work programs, focusing on improving the political ability of rural resolution, improving the political ability of grassroots cadres, reforming and innovating capacity, according to law capacity, and mass work ability, etc. In the five phases, it is implemented for different types of cadres and classification, ensuring that 450,000 grassroots cadres training full coverage in the province will achieve 450,000 grassroots cadres training in September 2022. Demonstration drives, fully deploying launch training work. The Provincial Party Committee organizes the provincial level cadres training teachers, inviting relevant leadership experts to conduct demonstration teaching, and mobilize the implementation of grassroots cadres training in the province, the provincial direct department units and city (state), counties (city) , District Party Committee Organization Department, the party school is related to 400 people and other 400 people and other 400 people. Around the party to promote the revitalization of the country, the party construction leads the urban grassroots governance, led the second phase of township (street), village (community) party organization secretary provincial demonstration training class, Choosing the work foundation, Guiyang City, Zunyi City and the provincial party committee organization In Taijiang County, Jianhe County as a pilot, first trial, and trial, demonstration to drive the party organizations at all levels of the province to implement the grassroots cadres training tasks. Coordinate linkage, and effectively strengthen the guarantee of elements.

Incorporate grassroots cadres training work into the national party building effectiveness assessment and party committee (Party group) secretary to grasp the assessment of the evaluation of the criteria.

From the party members and cadres’ education and training institutions and relevant departments, the expert teachers have formed provincial-level teachers team, according to at least 20 teachers per city (state), each teacher is responsible for 1 main curriculum, and assigns 200 teachers to group The province’s 9 municipalities (states) launched a demonstration teaching, curriculum development guidance. City, county, two levels, to form the provincial practice, form a city-level, county-level teacher team, tight training theme, and focus on local actual development characteristics, forming a curriculum system for "10 main curriculum + N-door". Compiled "Country Revitalization Theory and Practice" "Party Construction Leading Grassroots Control" 2 provincial teaching materials, establishing teaching quality assessment, training tracking, positioning mechanism, etc., positioning, funding guarantees, etc., and effectively protecting the required training.

(Editor: Wang Wen, Ma Chang).

Urban group economy has become a leader in my country’s economic recovery

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response, please refresh this page Author: Cai Zhi Bing Central Party School (National Administration) Associate Professor Recently, some media reporters have written down for the third quarter of 2021, in the third quarter of 2021, according to the three quarters of the three quarters of 2021. one. The data shows that there are more than 14 cities in the first three quarters. It is expected that the GDP trillion cities will be extended to 24; from the regional distribution of the city, the long triangle is most concentrated, and there are 18 cities. 50 strong.

  With the announcement of economic data in the first three quarters of the major cities, we found that the development speed of urban agglomeration should be significantly better than the national average, which means that in the context of huge growth in the domestic economy, urban areas have become my country. Leading sheep in the economic recovery. From the size of the urban economy, in the first three quarters of GDP50 strong cities, there are 18 cities in the Yangtze River Delta, accounting for more than one-third. In addition to Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province has 9, 7, and 1 city enters the top 50.

There are 4 cities located in Hong Kong, Macau, and have 2 cities located in the Chengdu Shuangcheng Economic Circle. There are 6 in the Shandong Peninsula City, and there are 4 in the city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. From the perspective of urban economic growth, in the first three quarters of GDP50 strong cities, the GDP growth rate of 27 cities exceeded the growth rate of the first three quarters of the country and the average GDP growth rate exceeded%, which was higher than the national average growth rate. A percentage point also proves the good development momentum of these core cities.

Specifically, the 27 cities are located in the Yangtze River Delta region, 2 in the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District, 2 in the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu, located in the Shandong Peninsula City Group 4 , Consistent with the size of the urban economic scale distribution pattern. Therefore, whether it is an economic scale indicator, or economic growth rate indicators, urban agriculture has become a leader in my country’s economic recovery.

  By analyzing the development models and development paths of these cities, you can find better development results in urban agglomeration in the context of huge growth in the country. On the one hand, it is a well-developed basis, high development level, and large industrial scale. These features jointly shaped the strong developmental toughness of these cities, which also gives these cities with strong ability to resist external uncertainty; on the other hand, in addition to the individual urban levels, these urban areas are in urban areas. , There is a regional economic layout that has been closed, reasonable, and complementary, and advantageous.

This means that these cities should use their own individual advantages when they should have their own individual advantages, but also use the Internet economy, division of labor, and collaborative economies to jointly respond to the impact of the epidemic. Given the stronger risk resistance and better economic performance in urban agglomeration, in-depth implementation of urban agglomeration can both promote better results in the fourth quarter and next year’s economy, and ensure long-term sustainable economic growth in my country’s economy. Quality development.

Therefore, future needs to accelerate the implementation process of urban agglomeration from the following three aspects, and continuously improve the quality of urban strategy.

  It is necessary to improve the agglomeration capacity of urban agglomeration.

The urban agglomeration included in the city has been clearly explicitly developed in my country’s regional economic high-quality development, in order to more effectively play the leading role of urban agglomeration, in the future, the future needs to accelerate the reform of urban and rural household registration system, and the factual marketization system Reform, let various elements more freely flow, guide more production factors to agglomerate into urban agglomeration. On the other hand, it is also necessary to guide and encourage major urban agglomerations to improve their inclusiveness and coordination, continuously enhance urban public product supply capacity, so that more labor force truly enjoys urbanization, thus promoting urban agglomeration Sustainable and healthy development.

  To enhance the industrial contact of the city group.

The internal powerful industrial network system in the urban agglomeration is the maximum bottom gas that resists external risk impact.

Therefore, the future must be further stronger to do the division of labor system. On the one hand, the main urban agglomeration needs to target the development needs of the country, targeted development planning of integrated circuits, information software, high-end equipment, intelligent new energy, flexible electronics and other advanced manufacturing.

On the other hand, it is necessary to attach great importance to the industrial division of the industrial divisions within the urban agglomeration, guiding internal cities to choose the right leading industry or industrial link according to the basic and development conditions, and accelerate the formation of regional industries that have complementary advantages.

  To play the radiation effect of urban cluster. As the main growth area of ??my country, urban agglomerates need not only improve their own development level, but also give full play to radiation capacity to surrounding and even nations. By speeding up the transportation infrastructure network between urban agglomeration and other regions, jointly build the transfer and cooperation platform of related industries, actively establish channels of government and talent exchanges, and continuously outputs favorable experience and resources in urban areas to other regions. In the depth cooperation of urban gaps and other regions, the urban agglomerates role in the radiation of the surrounding area.

(Cai Shu).