Chengdu three people face each other,Originally, for them“The teacher is still alive.”Is bad news,But in the name, they have no reason to be unfavorable to Shi Cui.。

“Liang Shi Shu,Your prior to support my Master,What do you say??”Sealing the smallest teacher asked。
“This……This is, of course, I feel,Should go to the teacher first。”Liang Shujin said tense。
Switch to the long door,I have gone out,The other three people have no blocks.、Just follow。
Chu Deirers are only stopped Luantong:“Brother brother,Don’t miss you alone,Don’t arrange arrangements for us。”Chu Deirers are not ready for the appearance。
Seaver waiting,All-faced——What,Chu is still a good life!
“This……”Luantong is trying to refuse,After all, he just lied Chu.,I am afraid to retaliate afterwards.。
“good,Land brother,You have to entertain Chu League and Dragon……Also arrange the stone brother couple is!Give you!”I took the shoulder to shoot his shoulders.。
Said leaving only Luantong,Another two disciples。
“Chu Lee……”Lu Wantong squeezed a griety smile to the Chu Deirers。
“Brother brother,Are you arranged first?,Waiting Shizhuang couple in peace?”Chu Deeng reminded。
“since、nature!Behoove。”Luantong said that two three generations of disciples,Carrying Shiqing and Qiang Jun to the guest。
However, this time Chu Deiren stopped him.,And said to the little dragon girl:“Dragon,You and Xiaohong、Jinqi also went to see the stone brother,I am talking to the brother.。”
Luantong is a bit tense,But it is still pulled out by the Chu Deirers.。
“Brother brother,You look at this big snowy mountain,It’s so messy.,Is it a heartache??”Chu Deiren asked。
“Hurt、Hurt。”Lu Wantong doesn’t know that it is distressed,Still told by the Chu Deirers。
“I have an idea.……Lu brother took me to see Mr. Wide,I may have a way.,His madness。”Chu Deirers said。
“This……Still don’t have to be,Thank you, Chu League,But my master’s disease,I have seen a lot of doctors before.……”Luantong scared。
“This is certainly different,Those doctors are not martial arts,Instead, are you killed by your master??But I am different……Ten thousand steps,Take me to see Mr. Wide,Either I cured his disease,Either him kill me、Either I kill him,Is it a good thing to the snow mountain party??”Chu Deirers、Side guidance。
Lu Wantong is nodded.,However, it is the most popular person in the snowy mountain.,I quickly moved again:“Neither,If his old man is killing you,We will be sad!”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 822 madman
Under the Chu Deirers and good persuasion,Lu Wantong had to bring him the Lingxiao Dungeon.,During the period, Wantong seems to have a three-legged problem.,But the Chu Deirers are“Daytime”Down,Quietly collect up,Solve the environment that affects Lingxiao City……
Luantong is also very helpless,Leave a signal all the way,I didn’t have a brother.?
I have to pay attention to the right,With the Chu Deirers……
“Most in the most inside,Master is Master……Master is already crazy,What is the meaning of Chu Lee?,It is not as good as it is,Look at the food,Don’t go in。”Luantong is somewhat nervous to look at the most inside.。
“Here is called a beast?Nothing do you have a beast。”Chu Deiren looked around。
Snow Mountain Part is a master of hegemony,Also combined with some warlord functions,Not a thoughtful cliff、It’s enough to think about the hole.,But there is a dedicated。
“Do not,Only the most inside,Be called a beast……I haven’t gained what beasts,It’s just that the elderly has been circulating.。”Luantong explained,Then add another sentence:“Indeed in the most inside,Most robust,Surrounded iron slag……Otherwise, I can’t sleep. My Master.。”
Chu Deirers heard a sentence,The people of the snow mountain don’t think much.,But the Chu Deirers have thought about it.。
original“Beast”This name,Is this in the original,So the Chu Deirens have no response,Now listening to Lu Wantong,Chu Deman suddenly thought,This trick is detained.“beast”,Will it be the singular belly of the Tianmen period?
certainly,Now there is now,Human fierce beast——White(Crazy)。
“Chu League is really going in?”Luantong again confirmed。
“rest assured,I dare to go in,Naturally is a grasp。”Chu Deee inverted。
Luantong bite tooth:“That Chu son can remember,My Master iron cable,The scope is about the edge,Although my Master will definitely wavily wavily,Can also end the edge security……I will not be accompanied by Chu.。”
Chu Deman:???
Why suddenly called my bean?
“kindness,You can wait outside.。”Chu Deirers don’t say much?。
I only see Luantong,Some sminless open the lock outside——Can’t see it from outside,Only one is not as good as the head,It should be used to take food。
Even Chu Deirers,The limit of the osmium is only the size of the human head.……

“You came here by rocket,So fast”Xia Jian said,To make the atmosphere not seem blunt。

Ouyang said:“what happened,Do you think I came too soon?,Good thing that disturbed you,Or I’ll go back first”
“No no,What to say,sit down!”Xia Jian said,Roll the quilt into the bed,Oh my God,Seen in the middle of the bed,Two big pieces wet。
Ouyang Hong glanced at it,Cold snort,Out of the rest room,Sat in the office。Xia Jian regretfully scratched his hair with his hand,Scolded myself secretly,What a fool,Knowing that this bed has just been done,Can’t ask people to sit outside。
In the office,Zhao Hong looked through some magazines with embarrassment,And Ouyang Hong looked straight out the window with hollow eyes,Xia Jian saw this scene,Inevitably feel a little nervous,How is this good?Don’t let the two of them tear up here。
“Hey!Let’s go out for a bite!I will go straight here when I get off the car,Starved to death now”Xia Jian broke the silence,To these two women。
Ouyang Hong saw that Zhao Hong did not speak,Then he laughed twice and said:“Is it exhausted?!Watch your waist,Or go out to make up for you?”Ouyang Hong said,Smirk。
“OK!There are more places to make up,This brain、heart、And this leg,It’s time to make up”Xia Jianjiu Po under the donkey,Let this embarrassing atmosphere pass quickly。
Zhao Hong is also a smart man,Immediately stood up and said:“Then let’s go!I want to eat too”
“Hey!Isn’t there a big beauty here??Or shout,Everyone go together,You are Mr. Xia now,We have to kill you”Ouyang Hong said,Stood up,Looked around outside the door。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“She went home for the new year,Or call He Jing,See if she has time?”
“OK!I’m afraid you eat in the pot,Still looking at the bowl”Ouyang Hong said,Began to dig out the notebook。
Xia Jian took out his mobile phone and said:“use this,I already have He Jing’s phone in it”
Ouyang Hong has a look,Shook his head,Said with a sigh:“No loss is the group boss,Use such advanced things,Then you can call me!Haven’t played this thing,Won’t use”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Quickly find out He Jing’s phone number,After dialing, handed it to Ouyang Hong,Ouyang Hongbian goes out,Bian talked with He Jing。
Xia Jian motioned to Zhao Hong,He started to lock the door,While waiting downstairs,Ouyang Hong is still chatting with his mobile phone,Xia Jian’s heart inevitably trembled,Saying in my heart“Save it, miss it,I am a mobile phone,Not your home phone,Old phone bill”

The Fuwan Dartman is destroyed,Although the brand of Qingcheng is very capable,No because you are out of people,The Qingcheng is a villain、There is no such as the sea to become a recognized evil black road in the rivers and lakes.,But except Qingcheng,No one said,This is the fault of the Fuwan Dart。

Lin Ping is coming to Chuan,In addition to revenge,Can you still?
Soant,Even if there is something urgent,Lin Ping, but if you can’t report your hatred,Never come to this。
And it is said that Lin Ping is in Huashan.,Amazing swordsman,It is likely that it is likely to practice a sword law.……
Although no one thinks,Lin Ping can now beat Yu Yuhai,But this time with Lin Ping has a child,Suddenly sitting in Chengdu,Many people with a lot of people,I’m starting to sit.!
Lin Ping and Qingcheng School,Undoubtedly there is bloody sea and fence……
But the Chu Deman did not,Therefore, the so-called invitation,Nothing to do it and old,For these old guys,Chu Deirers don’t want to take care。
If the Chu Deiren is really coming,I am afraid that some people have questioned this back door.“The second”,But just before,Chu deer talent in Emei“Moon”Seize group,Sichuan’s black white two is also afraid of its mission。
Otherwise, even if Lin Ping is coming to revenge.,If Yu Huahai is really not an opponent,These so-called“Old”NS,I will not look at Lin Ping’s revenge.——After all, Lin Ping is just a nameless child.、Yu Yuhai is the head of the famous family.,at this time,In the cost of hosting fair,“advise”Lin Ping is a rare and cost-effective。
Can harvest a reputation,Can also harvest the friendship between Qingcheng,Not too big risks yet!
But now I am a strong dragon of the Chu Deirers.,The land snake did not dare to have any action。
And the people of Chu Deirers have advantages,At this time, it also reflected it.——Chu is not given to everyone,It seems not to be a news,His kindness,The rivers and lakes in Sichuan Wulin will feel strange.……
Near June,Lin Ping’s way to exclude? I came to Chengdu.。
The reason is to exclude,Because this? It’s inevitable that someone can’t persuade the Chu Deirers.? I will advise Lin Ping’s guys.。
But this is still relatively small.,After all, Lin Ping and Yu Yuhai? But the enemy of the door,People who have no crime in my heart are not too much? It’s all too much to think yourself.“Degrees”of。
Besides? It is inevitable that some disc will? Qingcheng disciples outside the outside、And the Qingcheng sent a situation or the rivers and lakes of the people.,There is also a broken body……
The latter contrary to Lin Ping’s way,Fame is getting bigger and bigger,The moment is getting more and more!
Chu Dee people also? Just staring at Yu Huahai himself——Rivers and lakes rumors? Chu Deiren once,Yu Zhuhai dare to escape,Then I don’t have to work hard.……
This rumor is true,Chu Deirens do not confute? and……Even if the child is really“escape”,No password。
Because of this time? Yu Yuhai definitely can’t escape the bright,If you flee in secret……after that“Missing”NS,Can you blame??
Therefore, Yu Haohai stayed in Qingcheng School is the safest.,At least Chu Deirers“should”Will not go to the door to kill the green city,After all, there is nothing directly to him.。
Most is the town scene,Stop other people interfere……
Yu Shihai does not think,Lin Ping’s feng head kid he can revenge!
As for why Lin Ping is“Come back”?
In addition to symbolizing him just represent yourself,Revenge,Outside of Huashan School,It is also because it is in Fuzhou.,Things are also indifferent。
After the Chu Deee left Fuzhou,Yue did not arrived in Fuzhou,After that, this situation is chaotic.。
First, the Lushan School has been killed.,Then the injured, the fox rush was discovered,A biggest suspect,When Yue does not understand the portal,Fortunately, Ningzhong blocks,And try“Scare”Linghu Chong、tell him“Rod”Is filial piety,Let him take the opportunity to escape……
Then Lin Ping’s settlement,Will“Give”Laudno,And Yue unruly father and female eruption conflict,Finally, Laudno is missing,Yue Yue, I promised the people of the Lushan School,Five Mountain General,He will definitely bring a lot of fox.,——Whether it is dead is life!
When Lin Ping said to the Chu Deirers,It is also a bit embarrassed,Because he is not sure,Is there a evil spirits to be sent back to Lushan??
He feels that he is designed.,It is in front of Laudno、Origong,Another one is not careful,No hiding is stolen……
But that day, Laudno entered Linping’s room.,I will come to see him without groups.,As a result, the two hit the face.,and……When the two left,Lin Ping did not find anyone with signs of 袈裟。
But you stay in your bed.,I don’t see it.。
According to Laudno first,should……Is Laudno taking away?
After Lin Ping, he bid farewell to the friend of the town,Yue Lingshan,Come to Sichuan,The latter is because of the contradiction between Yue Unruly、Still related to Lin Ping,Before being banned by Yue,And Lin Ping also doesn’t want Yue Lingshan and to his own revenge.。

“it is good!very good,Already the second step,Come on!”Xia Jian helped Li Lan,Shouting loudly。Li Lan trembled,Take another step with Xia Jian’s help。Three steps,Four steps。The three people are equally excited。

It takes more than ten steps from the bedroom to the dining table,Although Li Lan was walking very hard,But she clenched her teeth。Sweat on his forehead,It seems she is also fighting。
“mom!you are awesome,It’s been six steps,Just a few more steps”Qin Xiaomin shouted,Li Lan let out a sigh of relief,Face straight,Struggling to move forward with trembling legs。
Li Lan finally walked to the chair,This time she,Already exhausted。She just side,He sat down abruptly,Xia Jian hurriedly helped her,Let her sit upright。
Li Lan asked in surprise:“I just came here by myself?You didn’t help me behind?”Li Lan asked very excitedly。
Xia Jian nodded and replied:“Yes aunt,You go to the end,I secretly let go,you succeeded,congratulations。It seems you won’t be long,You can go back to work”
“I’m so impressed by you Xia Jian,You are my savior”Li Lan said emotionally。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Auntie is a bit heavy,This is not a lifesaver,Can only be regarded as a cure,In fact, the most important thing is your persistence and hard work”
“All right!Stop being humble,Hurry up and eat!I made today,They are all my good dishes,I promise you will like it”Qin Xiaomin said,Seven or eight dishes were laid out on the table like a trick。
Three people eating delicious meals,Joking,The whole house was suddenly filled with laughter。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took a look,Is the provincial number of a landline。Xia Jian was taken aback,Who could this be?Could it be Ouyang Hong?probably not,Since Ouyang Hong arrived in the provincial capital,Don’t contact him much。Called him on landline,Then only Yao Junli。
Xia Jian hesitated to answer the call,There was a majestic voice on the phone:“Hello there!Are you Xia Jian?Our side is the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Provincial Public Security Bureau“
Xia Jianyi heard that it was from the Criminal Investigation Team,Covered all at once。He didn’t break the law,Could it be that last night’s things are not over yet?Xia Jian said with a nervous air:“I am Xia Jian“
“Someone named Xie Xiaoya wants to see you,Hope you can cooperate with us“The man said seriously。
Xia Jianyi listen,The brain can’t help but buzz。Xie Xiaoya wanted to see her, how could the Provincial Public Security Bureau call her??There is only one possibility,It means Xie Xiaoya has been arrested,It seems she really went in this time。
Why doesn’t she listen to him?Xia Jian slammed a fist at the table。Several empty bowls on the dinner table were shaken and jumped。Li Lan and Qin Xiaomin saw Xia Jian look like this,The color of the face has also changed。
Xia Jian controls his emotions,I slowly calmed my mood,He just said to the phone:“Tell me a place and time,I rushed over“
The man on the phone told Xia Jian where to meet,Time is as fast as possible。Xia Jian hung up the phone,Said with an unhappy face:“I have something to go out,Tomorrow noon is the last treatment,Auntie will exercise the rest,Should recover soon“

Anthony Fokker swallowed hard:150Seated、Voyage in3800Over kilometersf100?This is properly a mainline airliner!

Although Fokker has always been coveted for the heavyweight trunk market,But they know the consequences once they enter this market,I always just think about it,Don’t even dare to discuss it at the company’s internal meeting,And now,Fernandez Chen is going to provoke Boeing、McDonnell Douglas and the future Airbus?
Does he think he died fast enough??Even the giants dare to provoke?
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First656chapter A lot of money
“boss,This is the latest body sheet metal stamping machine tool provided by Dongying Komatsu Machine Tool Plant,The punching strength is900Mpa,Punching rate can reach15Every second,It is the most advanced stamping machine tool for automotive sheet metal parts in the world today……
This is DongyingOTCSpot welding robot provided by the company,Can be welded every minute18Meters of weld,Compared to Miller Electric’s spot welding robot,The welding speed of this welding robot is fast2Meter……”
Jack·Welch gushed about introducing Chen GengAMClie inkenoshaThe latest technological transformation of the factory,His face is full of excitement。
Chen Geng is equally happy,After this technical transformation is completed,AMCOwn production capacity will be from the previous7010,000 vehicles of various types have risen to100Million vehicles per year,Plus the leased production lines of Ford and General Motors,AMCThe problem of insufficient production capacity is finally basically solved。
As for future capacity issues,Then it’s no longer a problem,Just increase it slowly。
“well,”Nod in satisfaction,Chen Geng to Jack·Welch asked:“Is there any financial pressure?”
“No,”Jack·Welch grinning,Smile happily:“Count this technical renovation loan,Our asset-liability ratio is only18%,far below65%Industry average,In fact, the current situation is that banks are begging us for loans。”
Chen Geng laughed too,AMCCars are not the best-selling automaker in the U.S.,But definitely the hottest automaker in the U.S.,The reason why sales cannot catch up with GM and Ford,Not a question of sales,It’s a problem of productivity,Based on advanced and strong development momentum,The financial and banking circles don’t worry at allAMCAbility to repay,They even wishAMCGet more loans from yourself,Just a pity,AMCThe preferred cooperative bank is Chen Geng’s United Credit Bank,Other banks will be considered only if the loan line of United Credit Bank is insufficient,This makes the bankers sad:Fernandez·Chen this guy is not something,He just put the money from the left pocket into the pocket!

“Call wife!”Jiang Yan interrupted。

“amount.That one,Wife?Then do we finish everything we should do??”Qin Feng said and began to look at Jiang Yan,The latter is familiar with this sight,Although a little embarrassed,But courageous,“I’ll talk about it when you come back from that monk’s college。”
Finished,Jiang Yan went back to her room and locked all the door locks,You can tell by listening to her actions. Actually Jiang Yan was scared.。
It’s just that this kind of behavior seems incomparable。
at last,Qin Fengliu left Dongcheng that night。Take a direct flight to Nanmi, the nearest to Antarctica,Then take a flight。
have to say,With the development of society,Now even the concept of Antarctic travel has come out。
of course,It’s better,Because Qin Feng doesn’t need to be too obtrusive to find the fleet by himself。Although it will be faster if he wants to spend some money。
But Qin Feng didn’t do that,After all that is too high-profile。Now he doesn’t understand what the monk academy is all about,What if you anger some big guys because of your behavior?Qin Feng is very self-aware now,Anyone who jumps out of a realm cultivator can beat him down。
so,For safety,It’s better to keep a low profile。
A few days later,Qin Feng enters the Antarctic continent。But speaking of it this place is very big,If you really want to calculate the area,I’m afraid there are several countries in Europa.。
So if you log in to find it yourself,I don’t know how long to find。Most importantly,No one asks for directions!
Okay,When Qin Feng disembarked,I actually saw some temporary buildings over there。Also marked with the words Consultation Office。In fact, there is also a town-like residence nearby。
After all, people have various needs,Business activities when there is demand。So there are some tools for rent nearby,Tour guide inquiries, etc.。
Logically,They need to go with the group。But after Qin Feng threw a wad of dollars,That tour guide doesn’t care about Qin Feng。
The latter naturally went straight to the information desk。
“amount,I would like to ask,Have you heard of the monks’ college??”Qin Feng is just trying to ask,After all, how do you look at him,I think the consultants who are like guides are just ordinary people。Not even the level of warrior。Anyway, I think this product seems to be cold。
However, what Qin Feng didn’t expect was,He just finished asking,Then suddenly someone popped up from this consultation office。
“You look for monk college?

This time their meeting was just accidental,Just fate,Just the last mercy from heaven,Drew a perfect end to this relationship,Since then both people will go where they should go,Take care of the people you should take care of。

Xiao Fan told the two assistants after returning to the hotel,No need to fix the hotel,He can go back to the office lounge and live in,And he gave all the people in the company only two days。
He has to clean up all the accounts and projects in two days,Then we cleaned out all the people who shouldn’t stay in the company,This time the company was very sensational。
Because I don’t know why Xiao Fan is holding time so tight,Actually Xiao Fan decided to stay here for a week at first,But after seeing Xia Qiange,He was afraid that the two of them would meet again。
Xiao Fan is afraid that Xia Qiange will remember the past,Will be hurt and sad,So he has to keep time tight,Hurry up and finish the matter at hand,Back toaGuo and Xia Qiange will never meet again。
I thought the two would never meet again,Xiao Fan smiled relievedly,Maybe the past should be the past,Don’t think about it anymore,All look forward,Have to live well。
Although Xia Qiange feels uncomfortable here,But I packed my luggage and returned to my home,Chairman Xia saw his daughter come back tiredly,How can I not know what happened。
But said nothing,Just let her rest and adjust,Maybe tomorrow Xia Qiange will be that gentle and moving again,Smile on my face,Chairman Xia’s daughter who everyone envy,Xia Qiange。
Xiao Fan’s mood is not good at first,As a result, the company’s projects and things become tighter,The people underneath are crying,But the time they stay in this company is uncertain。
Because if you don’t pay attention you will get fired,They know what they have done themselves,I know whether I am responsible,Xiao Fan hasn’t interfered with the company’s affairs for so many years。
Because of the humble company,I thought it would be fine if we can operate normally,But I didn’t expect more and more vulnerabilities in recent years,Not only have huge financial loopholes appeared, but also serious bureaucracy。
Some people even rely on improper means to promote their positions,Get a higher salary,How can Xiao Fan tolerate such a situation from the people under him?。
So he is very popular this time,Even the way of handling things is vigorous,Dispose of a large number of old employees when they return to the company on the first day。
At the beginning, those employees still clamored that it was unfair,But Xiao Fan threw a bunch of evidence directly in front of them,And motioned to his bodyguards to clear them out。
Such acts of slaughter and curse make people in the company afraid to speak up,I can only do my own thing silently,Thinking about making up for it,If you can leave a good impression, leave a good impression。
After all, this is something that is not guaranteed,If you really get kicked out like this,I don’t know which company will want them again。
Xiao Fan is lazy about this kind of food,Those who make a small profit from it are never soft-hearted,Because the inferior temperament in Xiao Fan’s bones cannot be changed by anyone。
What he believes is wrong is wrong,Yes yes yes,If you do wrong,You have to pay for it,

“Isn’t it like this?”

“……It seems to be like this。”Chen Geng thought about it for a moment,Nodding in agreement。
Chen Geng’s answer made the representatives of the Dongying business community present a little confused,These guys are the elites in the corporate world of Dongying,They will never think that Chen Geng really agrees with what he said,Then the only explanation,Chen Gengjun is saying the opposite,This way……
Responsive,Suddenly looked up at Chen Geng。
“A friend of mine,He is an executive of United Community Bank,”Chen Geng said slowly:“After knowing my project,He wants me to get a loan from United Community Bank,Can give me the biggest discount in interest,It’s just that I haven’t made up my mind,But after listening to Mr. Jingbian’s words,I feel inspired,As a U.S. citizen,How can I not take care of the interests of my report?Ok,I made a decision,I only get loans from Dongying2400Million。”
IHIThe representative is confused。
The representative of Yaskawa Electric is confused.。
The representative of Komatsu was also confused。
The representatives of several major Dongying companies were all dumbfounded:Because our requirements are too high,You don’t even want a bank loan?
Is there any mistake?!
“Mr. Inbe,Do you think Chen Gengjun might be a mystery??”
Come out from Chen Geng,Representatives of several major companies did not go back to each one immediately、Find each mom,But after walking out for a while, I stopped by appointment,Get together to discuss this。
“It is possible,But it can’t be ruled out that he would do it,”Yaskawa Electric Sales Division Director Ibea has a serious face:“According to our survey,Chen Gengjun has a good cooperative relationship with the United Community Bank of the United States,Their company’s used car finance business has always been in cooperation with United Community Bank,Raise your hand by cooperating with Chen Gengjun,In the North American banking rankings in the first half of this year, United Community Bank advanced more than ten terms,It’s very very amazing。”
“Yo West。”

now,Tian Lu decided not to go back to his hometown for the wedding,The reason is more in my heart“blame”,It’s more than worrying about asking for leave from the company to attract gossip,Selfish don’t want to go。

I downplayed the family relationship,Or the old family ignored the family relationship?Maybe there are both ingredients。
She leaned on the footbridge of the pedestrian passage,The endless flow of vehicles and people below,And a dazzling array of businesses,Such a bustling metropolis,Who is not struggling,Not trying to live a good life。
I silently read Tian Jin,wish you a happy wedding!Your wedding is a major event in life,I should go back because of feelings and reason,But I just don’t want to go back,Forgive my selfishness,You will be cold to me、Blame me for not attending your banquet,I don’t blame you。
Is the wind sore the eyes or the eyes are sour,Dou Da’s tears slipped quietly。
Her heart is complicated,And I feel guilty for not being able to attend Tian Jin’s wedding“Please forgive me,Tian Jin。You want happiness、Be happy,Only I have a good life,So that you can live a good life,You guys have to be good,I also want to be good。”
Thought of here,Tian Lu wiped her tears,Strode down the sky bridge。
Go all the way to reverie,Bustling street scene,Long way ahead,It’s not clear what the future is,I just know that it’s not wrong to work hard。
Eat simple plain noodles on the street overnight,I brought a few pieces of roasted sweet potatoes from the long alley to Maza,Put in the bag,Afraid it’s cold,Mazha will not eat well when I go back。
The streets of the industrial park at night,Bright lights,Most of the shuttles are young people in a hurry,Fashionable、Glamorous、Simple ones,Hurry;Old people strolling leisurely,Or sit、Or stand,Enjoy the evening。
park、Statues of celebrities in the square stand quietly in the vast night,Seems to be telling pedestrians。
A wide variety of shops,The window is bizarre,Attracting children’s attention;The coffee shop is a place for adults,a cup of coffee,Three or two,Chatting leisurely,Relax the tension of work day,Release the pressure。
Past the bustling area,The streets of the industrial park are very plain,Without the roaring nightclub noise in the red light district。

[Drinking Cola Insomnia]_Cola_Can’t sleep_Cause

[Drinking Cola Insomnia]_Cola_Can’t sleep_Cause

Coca-Cola is a favorite of many people, but drinking Coca-Cola often is not good for your health. Coca-Cola can cause insomnia. The caffeine in it can make people in a state of insomnia and excitement, and may cause obesity for a long time.Damage to teeth.

1. Caffeine Affecting Sleep Cola can cause distortion of the sleep system, make people insomnia, excitement, nervousness, reduce the quality of sleep, and then damage people’s bones, eventually leading to serious health problems.

2. The sugars that cause obesity in cola are basically monosaccharides. In addition, these sugars will directly enter the blood.

The blood glucose in the blood rises rapidly, which will cause a large amount of irregular release and release, promote slight synthesis, and eventually lead to obesity.

3. The wounded tooth has a certain corrosive effect on tooth enamel because the cola contains carbonic acid formed by dissolving phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide.

4. People who like to drink Coca-Cola are more likely to fracture. The chance of fracture is 5 times that of those who do not drink soda drinks.

Phosphoric acid in cola may be responsible for the increase in fracture rates, because a large amount of phosphorus can affect the body’s absorption of calcium.

The caffeine contained in cola also has a decalcifying effect.

5, cause indigestion because a large amount of carbon dioxide will inhibit the beneficial bacteria in the human body, but also easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal disorders.

6, leading to esophageal cancer Indian medical experts have found that people who consume large amounts of carbonated beverages such as cola will have a relatively high incidence of esophageal cancer.

Researchers believe that the pressure of carbon dioxide may cause gastric acid to flow back into the esophagus, which stimulates the esophagus and induces esophageal cancer.

People with gastrointestinal diseases and those with gastrointestinal dysfunction must strictly control aerated drinks.