Rock warned China and the United States "decoupling": That is the "formula" of disaster

Stephen Roki. Xinhua News Agency, a senior researcher at the Jackson Global Affairs School of Yale University in Xinhua News Agency, Stephen Roki, a senior researcher at the School of Global Affairs of the United States, said an exclusive interview with the People’s Daily Online that China and the United States were disaster for both countries.

The former Morgan Stanley Chief Economist and Chairman of Asia warned that if Sino -US relations continue to continue, global stability and world economic growth will be severely negatively affected. The urgency of seeking new solutions is becoming more and more prominent.

To this end, Luoqi plans to publish a new book in October this year "Occasionally Conflict: Battle of the United States, China, and False narrative", which makes suggestions on eased Sino -US tensions. Pay attention to economic growth, rather than narrowing the trade deficit, some American politicians and scholars advocate "decoupling" to China to maintain the advantage of the United States.

When asked how to think of these claims, Roki said that China and the United States "decoupling" will be the "recipe" of disaster. Luoqi believes that in the past 40 years, China and the United States have established a "deep and firm" relationship, but due to the current political pressure, the relationship between China and the United States has been severely damaged.

The economist emphasized that the United States imposed high tariffs on Chinese products and China ’s peering background is actually unfavorable to the development of the two countries. Luoqi said that by improving tariffs and improving sanctions to technology companies and other companies, the practice of trying to resolve trade imbalances will only be counterproductive. "Both China and the United States are deeply integrated with the world." Luoqi said that the problem of trade imbalance cannot be solved by one -on -one.

"If you try to achieve trade balance, the United States needs to increase savings, and China needs to reduce savings. This is an important link to solve trade imbalances." However, he pointed out that the trade war can not only alleviate the trade deficit, "it will also make us make us Miss the real opportunity. "

Luoqi believes that the best way to ensure the potential to improve China and the United States is to re -negotiate the China -US bilateral investment agreement. "Before Trump was elected president, we had a very close to the agreement.

"" We should strive to promote economic growth, rather than trying to solve the imbalance of multilateral trade by reducing the wrong way of reducing bilateral trade reverse (Shun).

"Roch pointed out," This method is wrong. We need to adopt a new method. "Focus on common interests and rebuild mutual trust. Luoqi suggested that China and the United States should start from some areas of common interests, gradually get rid of distrust and return to mutual trust. He particularly emphasized three areas: climate change, global public health And network security. In November last year, China and the United States reached and released the "Glasgow Joint Declaration on Strengthening Climate Action in the 1920s" during the Glasgow Conference in the United Nations.

Regarding the global public health, Luoqi said: "In terms of scientific definition, this new crown pneumonia’s epidemic is not a problem in China, nor a problem of the United States.

This is not a problem in any country.

This is global.

"Roki said," No country can solve global epidemic alone. "The world has long been blended. In view of the rapid spread of the new crown mutant strains, Roqi strongly urged countries to unite and cooperate and share effective measures in responding to the public health crisis.

In Luoqi’s view, network security is the third important area of ??China -US coexistence. In particular, ransomware attacks have recently erupted and endless cross -border network hackers and spy activities. He believes that network security experts between China and the United States should rebuild their relationships, start cooperation, and formulate new network security agreements. "To act as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late." It relieves Sino -US tensions, and Luoqi put forward a series of suggestions in the new book.

He called, "We need to act as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late.

"The first suggestion was that the two countries reconstructed mutual trust in cooperation in the fields of climate change, global public health and cybersecurity. The second was to cancel the tariffs on addition.

The third is to promote and complete the negotiations of bilateral investment agreement between China and the United States, focusing on promoting economic growth, not bilateral trade imbalances. In addition, Roki made a bold suggestion -China and the United States set up a joint secretariat to build a new communication framework.

Luoqi suggested that this secretariat is located in a third country to deal with issues in all aspects of Sino -US relations, and jointly propose policy suggestions to serve the administrative and legislative agencies of both parties. Luoqi concluded that "trade and scientific and technological friction between China and the United States and some remarks full of cold war must be corrected. Otherwise, global stability and world economic growth will be severely impacted.

"He said," the fierce conflict of Russia and Ukraine has continued to this day, and the world needs a constructive way to maintain world peace in China and the United States. "".