Promote the development of space microelectronics in school history

Since the study of party history, the Party Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. The Party Committee of the Seventh 2th Institute of China, the party committee, conscientiously study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, adhere to high standard planning, high requirements, and learn education and education Summary experience, observation reality, promote work, focus on the development of space microelectronics, transform learning results into work, and do learning history, school history, learning history, school history.

Pay attention to the reinforcement of organizational leadership, and plan to promote learning education as a major political task, the first time established the party history education leading group, refining work arrangements, formulated "learning, better than talking, standing , Tree-shaped, integrated, integrated, practiced, "Party History Education Implementation Plan" and special learning plan, ensuring that the regulations are not moving, and the self-selected action is characteristic. The Party Committee of the Seventy-seven seconds of the Seventy-seven seconds has played a field, strictly implemented the first topic, the first time system, the party committee theory learning center team took the lead in teaching, and launched a collective study.

Hosting the topic of party history learning education, through systematic guidance, key construction, classic viewing, special research, on-site teaching, etc., from the history of the 100-year party history, learn the strength. Carry out the topical party classes such as "Mingshi", "Ming Lan, Guidelines for Revolution", and profoundly, the Communists are not afraid of sacrifice, and the heroes of tenacious and hard work are independent, and the innovation courage to open up. In the process of study, the party committee center has implemented the political station and achieves the work requirements of hunting and innovation, and continuously promote the work requirements of harmonious construction, and implement the country’s comprehensive promotion of domestic and self-controlled strategy deployment, driving units.

Pay attention to grasp the main line, create a strong learning atmosphere to build a network, micro, cloud, and screen, and use the WeChat terminal, portal website, party history panto, learning position, newsletter briefing and so on. , Comprehensively create a party history to learn education atmosphere.

In the interior and external network portal opens up the "Party History Learning Education" column, the WeChat public account periodically promotes the learning content.

Beijing, Xi’an two office district layout party history learning education publicity exhibition board, publicity exhibition wall, publicity exhibition, through Ai Zhi Lian, realizing the interconnection of different parties.

Create a party construction and operational integrated activity position, branch demonstration party building activity position, and make a briefing of party history learning education, through the promotion of the main melody, passing positive energy, spreading the sound, and comprehensively promoting the party history and learning education.

Taking the party’s centenary of the party, it is the purpose of the letter of credibility, according to the principle of receiving, in situ, in combination with business work, the "Inheriting Gold Spirit String Struggling Journey", "promoting the spirit of Xiba Bahru’s spirit The "Taggeddown Dongjiang Reform Reform Reforms 40 Years Dare Dare Trial Didnate" and so on.

Organize employees to Shaanxi, Xibaibo, Guangdong, Shenzhen, China, China’s Communist Party of China, has been struggling to struggle with a settlement, and it has been quenched into steel, and it has made another victory in the revolution, construction and reform. Struggling, inspiring everyone to grasp the trend of the times and national needs, dare to be a first, courage to break through, contribute to the aerospace micro-electronic innovation and development. Pay attention to the main business of the focus, closely integrated into the space characteristics of the party construction and operation development, to create a two-core characteristic party building brand, build the work pattern of party construction and management and management, and the same work pattern.

Actively carry out the construction of "one characteristic brand" construction project to help the party branch to build a total of entry points, strengthen product chain, industrial chain, business chain construction.

The Party Branch learns "four history" in the form of "three sessions", highlights diligence, deep and understands, and realizes the classroom of two party organizations and all party members and cadres and party history. The Secretary of the Party Committee is the theme of "Carrying Forward the Construction of the Party Spirit Jinghua Inheritance Red Spiritual Blood Space Microelectronics National Strategic Science and Technology Force", combined with the development of spacemic and micro-electronic development, the current situation of the current industry will teach the topic.

In order to promote the spirit of the new era, the spirit of the new era, the spirit is focused, organized each party member to participate in the first phase of reading, and personally experienced party sexual exercise, promoting a joint building, kinking a red classic, do a Huimin practical thing. Take the "learning party history, recall the party, guard the mind, and the mission" as the main line, carry out the "School of History inherit the Red Gene, Remembering the Heart of the Revolutionary Secret" "Party History Education Strength Party" The moon, witness the flying dream "" Spaceflight, the central enterprise will always go with the party "and other theme party activities, organize" a total of blessings of Guanghui Road, the cohesive core force "," political birthday activities, stimulate the dedication of the agency And unforgettable strength. The promotion of the branch is built in the glorious tradition, focusing on key model tasks, in the nuclear high base collection, the core product opening, etc. Experes and the party members, forming party members, setting party members, pioneing, using the example Incentive employees based on important posts, pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, and serve as a powerful power of learning education into a strong power of attacking, and promoting the key technological development and production of integrated circuits, struggling to write a new chapter of high quality development. Focusing on the use of effort, earnestly, and has always adhered to the development of the happiness and satisfaction of the majority of employees as an important criterion for the effectiveness of the promotion of learning results. In the process of "I do practical things for the masses", through the party industry group, through the party group, "do practical things for the workers and the masses of the workers," to solve the problem, understand the demand for people’s livelihood, and carefully combat the staff "I have a hurry" problem, I have developed a list of key projects, measures, and multi-tube, and use your heart. Implement the "concentric" project, built a multi-function badminton house, upgrade the gym, and organize the 10 km long running activities of the Party "," Passion Core Transfer Beyond Dream "staff sports meeting," People’s Cup "table tennis competition, Through sports fitness activities, employees are incentive, tempering awareness, enhance team cohesiveness, and carry out work learning with full spirit.

Implement the "Yuexin" project, expand the staff book house, build a learning culture, enrich your amateur cultural life; build the "Yue Yixiangyuan" Garden, "Aerospace Core" Theme Square, improve the living conditions of employee dormitory, to create a garden enterprise park, create a positive A good working atmosphere.

Implement "Intimate" project, improve the "mother house", carry out the "Happy Core" lecture, organize the summer hosting class, hold the "Children’s Skull" workers’ children’s painting and calligraphy competition, condolences difficult workers, and care for employees Health, solve the worries; help poverty alleviation, sign the intent for the intent of the Characteristic agricultural product in Zaoyuan Village, Taibai County, Shaanxi Province, and fulfill the social responsibility of the central enterprises. Through three happiness projects, the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses" are going deep, and they will continue to improve their sense of employees, happiness and sense of security.

(Contributed: China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Seventh Party Committee).

Taizhou released 15 basic public service standards

On October 29th, the Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Human Social Security Bureau and other five departments jointly held a press conference to release the first 15 basic public service series of local standards, in order to standardize basic public services, etc. Huihua, convenient.

It is reported that 15 basic public service series local standards are: "Code of Homeholding Service Norm" Safeguard Management Service Specification "" Rural Low Income Group Housing Security Monitoring Regulations "" Retired Military Service Center (Station) Construction Management Regulations " Standardizing "The Basic Service Regulations of Public Transportation Service" "Basic Service Norms of Family Doctors" "Public Sports Venus Facilities Opening Service Guide" "Rural Fire Construction Management Specification". At the press conference, the relevant departments introduced the overall situation of the basic public service standardization of Taizhou, and interpreted the basic public service standards in their respective fields. It is reported that since Taizhou has been approved in the basic public service standardization comprehensive pilot, we have a basic public service of young education, learning to teach, labor income, and medical treatment, etc., extensive research and analysis of basic public services The status quo, combined with high quality development requirements and people’s production and life needs, combing standard system frameworks and standard details, and transforming Taizhou advanced experience into the first batch of 15 basic public services.

Home pension home service is an important form of implementation of basic pension services. It is related to the sense of gaining and happiness of the 127,000 people in the city.

Open the "Menu" of "Home Pension On-Gate Service Specification", the reporter saw a table suitable for different tastes, met the "hard meal" of different needs, which has both large and full subsidy services "Top Ten Projects" There is also a small and delicate Pleasant Service "Four Package", fully considering the multi-level and diverse trends of older group old-age services, and uses public service products that provide both practical and personalized public service products. Try with an attempt. "The home of home pension" is clear that Taizhou home pension door-to-door service object not only has a traditional sense of difficult groups, but also includes all the 80s and older people into the range of services, and the border of home pension home service object has been fully expanded. It reflects that the government’s support and moderate and moderate development orientation of the government in pension services.

Gu Weizhong, director of Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau, summed up the standard summary of Taizhou’s successful experience and practical results, difficult students, family doctors, home pension, rural police, retired military entrepreneurs, etc., highlights Innovative Ideas, Innovative Measures and Innovation Methods of Basic Public Service in Taizhou.

In addition, standards have made a unified norm in the work requirements, working methods, work behaviors and processes of basic public services. For the matter of the masses, it has clearly understood the list of materials to be submitted, submitted and processed; for the service provided by the service institution, standardize the construction, facilities and equipment, personnel training, service quality, etc., further promoted the basics Standardization Management of Public Service. Gu Wei-sen said, next Taizhou will further do the standard publicity promotion, help everyone understand standards, use standards; carry out standardized pilot project construction, promote basic public service standards to cover townships, streets and villages (community), forming basic public Service pilot model; development standard evaluation improvement, regularly do standard review and evaluation; promote more fields to formulate implementation standards, use standardized thinking and methods to improve basic public service levels, form Taizhou experience and Taizhou model, let people live more happiness happy.

(Zhang Weibing Zhou Li Mao Xiaohua) Related recommendations.

Wang Youcai shook his head,Sober yourself up,I’m sure this person is his second brother Wang Youdao Shi,Then he said with a smile:“What call to you?You are the one doing great things,Can’t bother。Hurry back!Here i am”

“What do you mean?Just talk to 2nd brother?”Wang Youdao glared at Wang Youcai,Glanced at the closed iron gate of the hospital,Suddenly backed the car back,Stopped directly on the side of the road。
As soon as the door opens,Youdao is not the only one getting off the car,It turns out that his wife Niu Huiling is here too。Apart from holding a large flower in her hand, Niu Huiling,There is a nice fruit basket in the other hand。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but snorted,Because these things are not practical to rural people,Just save face。But then again,The daughter-in-law is already doing well like this。That’s like Song Fang,Come empty-handed,I still have to talk cold words。
No matter how much he has opinions on the second brother Wang Youdao,This is her sister-in-law is an outsider after all,And came here from Shaocheng。Wang Youcai is not stupid,When he thought of this,So he hurried up in two steps,I took all these things from Niu Huiling。
“Rich!Brother said that Dad is very sick?”Niu Huiling follows Wang Youcai,Asked quietly。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Anyway,Family members can’t go in either”Wang Youcai deliberately said that his father’s illness was very serious。
Wang Youdao,Let go and run towards the hospital,Regardless of the wife Niu Huiling behind。Niu Huiling took two steps,Asked again in a low voice:“The problem won’t be serious!”
“Hard to say,The doctor won’t explain this thoroughly,Because being treated”Wang Youcai finished,Also slowed down。What he cares most about now is his old mother Chen Yueqin,She doesn’t know what the frozen condition is now。
In the passage in front of Wang Degui’s ward,Chen Yueqin curled up and sat on the bench,She covered her leg with a quilt,At first glance, it is covered by the patient in the ward。Maybe the nurse found that the old man’s was too cold,Be kind。
Wang Youdao stood in front of my old lady,Keep your head down。Just listen to Chen Yueqin’s low voice:“Your dad values you most,So I’ve worked hard to provide you,But that’s how you treated him”
Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling walked over,Chen Yueqin stopped talking。Niu Huiling walked two steps with interest,Came to Chen Yueqin and said:“mom!Is it frozen?!”
“Okay,The nurse gave me a quilt。You are all busy,No need to run here。Just have me and wealth”Chen Yueqin said coldly。

“You hate it!I’m not coming,You turned out to be a coward。Let me tell you the truth!We are just a couple in name,And there are no formalities,If you believe,Then leave quickly”

Du Xiaohong on the phone acted like a baby,Wang Youcai on the phone is a little bit arrogant。
After all, this matter is still a bit risky,In case this Du Xiaohong gives him a set or something,Where is Baishui Town,He can’t do it alone。
Wang Youcai holding the receiver,No idea at all。Don’t go!He thinks this opportunity is rare。He took so much effort,This woman is sending a hug,In case missed,Then the life between them is over。
It’s not like that“Peony is dead,Be a ghost”Maybe this is a true portrayal of people like Wang Youcai。
“it is good!I’ll come,But you have to be honest,Don’t play any tricks for Lao Tzu,If you really make me angry,Then don’t blame me for being impolite”
Wang Youcai left such a sentence,And hung up with a snap。Isn’t it just Baishui Town??Is there anything he dare not go。
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai got the car key,Walked out of his office。It’s already over eight o’clock,Darkness in the sky。The night in the mountains seems to be thicker,As thick as ink。
In order not to disturb others, Wang Youcai,I opened the big iron door first,And after driving the car out,I closed the big iron door again。the whole process,No one came out in the compound、
From Chenzhuang to Baishui Town,It’s only ten minutes’ drive during the day。But at night,Not very good light,So Wang Youcai didn’t drive the car very fast。
When he arrives at Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil store,Where is Du Xiaohong waiting for him。The woman first glanced at the shop next to him,I found that they had closed the door long ago,She told Wang Youcai:“You parked the car a little farther away,And then came around to the backyard”
Only then did Wang Youcai know,It turned out that there is a small courtyard behind Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil。When he goes around,Du Xiaohong has opened the courtyard door。He flashes,People squeezed in。
It’s dark in the courtyard,There is only one room with a light on。After Du Xiaohong led Wang Youcai into this lighted room,This is just a turn around,Closed the door tightly again。
The room is not very big,A big bed,The rest is the sofa and the coffee table,There is also a TV。The room is a bit smaller,But it’s clean and tidy。
Wang Youcai doesn’t wait for Du Xiaohong to speak,So he sat on the sofa very generously。He even smelled a touch of perfume。This shows that Du Xiaohong, a woman with good taste in life,Definitely not an ordinary rural woman。
“Boss Wang sits first,I have two snacks here,There is nothing else to prepare”
Du Xiaohong said,So I put a bottle of white wine that had been prepared on the coffee table,Then he turned around and brought out two plates of snacks from the cabinet。
When Du Xiaohong turned around, Wang Youcai found out,This woman is wearing a cream shirt tonight,The lower body turned out to be a short black skirt,I feel nothing on her lap。Although it is the deep spring season,But the night in the mountains is still a bit cold,This woman seems to be really beautiful。

Mao Dongming and his party have actually been discovered by a group of armed police soldiers patrolling the mountain,But they didn’t get closer to the foot of Xi Laofeng,But returned halfway,After follow-up observation,The camp of this group of tourists is closer to Qixing Peak,Qixingfeng is not in the lockdown zone,And there is a huge rift between it and the blockade,Can’t pass by manpower alone,Unless it takes a long way。

Just to be safe,Armed police soldiers report to the rescue station,I asked the staff of the scenic spot on the phone,The answer is that the target mountain registered by mountaineering enthusiasts is Qixing Peak,Armed police soldiers are relieved,So I didn’t alarm these tourists,I believe Mao Dongming and they will go further one or two hundred meters,Then everything else will not happen。
at night,Mao Dongming sleeps very unsteadily,Often awakened by nightmares,Anyway, I don’t know how many times I woke up from my dream,It’s only two o’clock in the morning when I look at my watch,I don’t know what happened today,He seldom sleeps and dreams, he seems to be hit by evil today,Almost one dream after another,And mostly nightmares,I even dreamed that I was floating in the endless ocean,The biting cold water suffocated him,A wave comes,Mao Dongming’s body slides deep into the ocean,I watched the rapid passing of life,Slide into the endless abyss。
Mao Dongming was in a cold sweat,Shook his groggy head vigorously,He seems to hear some unusual sounds,Rusty,Just outside the tent,There seems to be a whispering voice,Very unreal,But tenacious。
An inexplicable fear strikes,Mao Dongming quickly crawled over his body,Quietly reached out and lifted the bottom edge of the tent,Staring wide and looking out,The scene not far away suddenly made his hair straight,Three dark figures are dangling,Don’t know what’s up,So late at night,So weird,Who are they?
Mao Dongming rubbed his eyes vigorously,Finally recognized,Two petite bodies,Isn’t that the Yao sisters??Not to mention other people,All from the mountaineering team,There really is a problem with these guys,What do they want to do without sleeping in the middle of the night?
what?Where’s the wind?Why is your back chilly,Mao Dongming suddenly had a very strong crisis in his mind,Suddenly turned and turned his head,A big sordid face is right in front of him,The scared Mao Dongming even forgot to scream,The owner of this face is a man surnamed Li,How can I become so evil now?wrong,When did he touch the tent?
It is a pity that Mao Dongming no longer has time to think about these all-out problems.,The dazzling blade has been submerged in his chest,Directly pierced the heart,Suddenly he didn’t come and felt pain,I saw my body as if it had slipped into the abyss of the ocean,Just like the nightmare,Never wake up again。
A murderous man named Li just came out of Mao Dongming’s tent,Sister Yao hurried to him,Handed over a mobile phone,The phone’s screen shows that it’s already in a call tone,Li put the phone in his ear,One sentence‘Say’Rear,I didn’t say anything。
“Ok,Wait for us。”Lee then closed the line,Look very ugly,Ponder a little,Toss the phone to Yao’s sister,“Xiao Si is dead。”
“what?!”Sister Yao was extremely surprised,Subconsciously stretched out his hand and covered his mouth,After the call was connected,She actually noticed that Xiao Wu’s tone on the other end was very wrong,But the boss’s call,No one dares to eavesdrop,But I never thought I hadn’t climbed the mountain,I lost a small fourth。
“Clean up here,We set off。”Li’s cold command,Turned and left。

Close the door,Xia Jian just asked:“what’s up?You speak up!”

“Let’s meet at He Jing’s house tonight,I have something to tell you,Remember you alone”Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up。
First0862chapter Time bomb
That matter between men and women,Sometimes it’s weird。
after get off work,Xia Jianbian, Guo Meili, and Xi Zhen,The three of them returned to the staff apartment together,I went back to my room after dinner。
Guo Meili is because of Xizhen,So she was too embarrassed to come to Xia Jian’s room so early。Xia Jian took advantage of this opportunity,And sneaked downstairs,Stopped a car on the side of the road,Go straight to He Jing’s house。
He Jing’s family lives in an older community,At first glance, it is the house allocated by the employees。Xia Jian based on the information sent to him by Ouyang Hong,I found He Jing’s house soon。
He Jing is the one who came to open the door,I can’t see anything unusual about her。The arrival of Xia Jian undoubtedly made He Jing very happy,She was busy asking her mother to give Xia Jian tea,She ran to wash the fruit for Xia Jian again。
He Jing’s excessive enthusiasm,It made Xia Jian feel embarrassed。At this moment,Ouyang Hong and Yao Junli came out of He Jing’s bedroom。When they saw Xia Jian,She made a joke about He Jing。
“Hey!He Jing,You are a friend,We came and neither poured tea nor washed fruit,But when Mr. Xia arrives,Do you want him to drink tea??Still want him to eat fruit?“Ouyang Hong said with a big smile。
He Jing glanced at Xia Jian and smiled:“It’s up to him“
Couple of young people together,Talk and make trouble。He Jing’s parents took a look,So I went downstairs for a walk。The old man left,Yao Junli’s laughter came。The whole room sounds,All her voice。
Xia Jian finished a cup of tea,Only then did Ouyang Hong smile at him slightly:“You come with me,I want to talk to you“
“What do you mean??Do you want anyone to know,Why not go outside,Why play romance here“When Yao Junli heard that Ouyang Hong was about to call Xia Jian into the house to discuss matters,She’s all happy。
Ouyang Hong said with a straight face:“Don’t make trouble,We talk about business,And it’s a very confidential matter,So the two will cooperate“Ouyang Hong said,I went to He Jing’s bedroom。
Xia Jian thought,What can this woman talk to him?Make it so mysterious,It will inevitably make people misunderstand。But he changed his mind,I think Ouyang Hong is not the kind of person who likes to be artificial,It should be something important。
Thought of here,Xia Jian got up and went to He Jing’s bedroom。
A light and warm bedroom。When Xia Jian walked in,There is a faint fragrance in the whole room,Feels very good。Xia Jiangang sit down,Ouyang Hong closed the door tightly。

But a face of enthusiasm。

“Hey-hey,Don’t call me to understand the director.,If you don’t want to abandon your brother,Call me how Dong Dadong?”
“Hey-hey 董 大哥 Suddenly so enthusiastic,How do I feel that there is a rape??”
I heard Li Hui’s change,Dong Xiajian is also very happy。
“Li brothers,It’s too looked at your brother like this.,My brother is this time I want to help you.,For example, how about your apple contracting to my brother??”
“Forehead,This whole orchard has been contracted.,You have come later.,However, if you want to take a part or you can,I give you the lowest price of 500,Of course, if you use me to give you a hundred yuan,how?”
Dong Xiajian originally thought that Li Hui Feng will take the price。
I didn’t expect not only to decline but decline.,I heard that Li Hui Fengyi is called a Dong Da Ge.。
Dong Xiajian instantly understands that Li Putting is really looking for himself as yourself.。
“Need not,My brother is ready to help you sell.,So how is you giving me ten thousand in the price of a thousand dollars??
If you can, I will drive it.。”
Li Hui Feng saw the serious color in Dong Xiajian,Nothing to polite。
Go on:“it is good,Then I find someone to pick it up.,But I haven’t come yet and to find the basket.,Dong Da Ge may have to wait a morning.。”
“Hahaha doesn’t wait,I am coming.,Give you a basket together。”
Dong Xiajian said that he made a call.,Soon, I have said things.。
As for Apple’s price, he is very expensive.,Be sure to protect it,There is no one thousand one,After all, then it is too horrible to hear it.。
“Li brothers,Everything is ready,You are only responsible for people to pick,Ten thousand apples’s money has more,I am now in cash.,Do you want to give you a transfer??”
“Hey-hey,Dong Da Ge,I can’t bring it to me cash.,Give me the transfer directly.,Or the original account。”
“Row,You wait a moment,I am calling you this phone.。”
With Dong Xiajian’s phone call。
Li Hui’s mobile phone quickly received a million to payment information。
Seeing this tens of thousands of account information,Li Hui Feng is also a little surprised Dong Xiajian’s financial resources.。
He thought that Dong Xiajian was a big flicker.,Specially cheated girls。
But now I see that the other party is blinking for 10 million.,He feels that Dong Xiajian should not be simple.。
But the other party is not willing to say more,He will naturally don’t ask more。
“brother,Money arrived?”
I have already arrived,Dong Xiaojian is also happy to laugh.。
After all, he called the housekeeper.,I thought that the other party would not do it.,It seems that he thinks more.。
“嘿嘿,brother,Then I will take someone to count the county.,After all, you have to play your apple’s advertisement.,certainly,after a while,Big Brother is looking for you to do something,Absolutely you are good at,You can’t reject it when you arrive.。”
Just received a million transfer,Li Hui is naturally embarrassed to refuse。
Nodding:“Row,As long as I can do it, I will never refuse.。”
“Haha has you, this sentence is enough.,Then I will take someone.。”
Originally Li Hui also wants to let the other party stay again and eat a breakfast together,But seeing the other party’s hasty look,He has no guest set。
Dong Xiaojian took people to the village to pick up the makeup artist and the clothing.,I realized Dong Xiajian three people.。

Song Fang has a big chest and thin waist,Not tall and well proportioned,The type of woman that men like。If it wasn’t for her divorce twice,Xia Jian was wary of her,This woman might become his Xia Jian’s woman。

Xia Jian knew,Song Fang has a deep love for him,But the love in her heart,It’s not the kind of love that stays together,But passion,or*such as。In general,She doesn’t expect Xia Jian to marry her。At this point,Xia Jian knew。But he can’t do this。
I want to,When Song Fang and Xia Jian were working together,Song Fang is already interesting to him,But Xia Jian pretended not to understand,Until later,Song Fang was angry,And Chen Erniu had some scandal。
She marrying Chen Erniu is a kind of revenge against Xia Jian,But Song Fang miscalculated,Xia Jian doesn’t care who she marries。So this marriage between her and Chen Erniu was short-lived。
after that,Wang Youfa wanted to frame Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Song Fang to actually do a fake show,Let her and Xia Jian have that night,after that,They still have something to do。But Xia Jian always feels so awkward to sleep in the same bed with Song Fang,But Song Fang doesn’t think so。
In her heart,Can bed with Xia Jian,It can be regarded as a kind of conquest of Xia Jian by her。Looking at the whole Xiping Village,Even the entire town of Pingyang,The man who can show her Song Fang,Xia Jian is the only one。
The wine is finished,Song Fang is a little drunk,In her eyes looking at Xia Jian,Filled with that desire look。
First1491chapter Danger
The thing that worries Xia Jian the most has finally happened。
Song Fang shook her body,Pink face with a little rosy,She scolded inexplicably:“Xia Jian!Your mother is a scumbag。I, Song Fang, have a soft spot for you,But you?Shrinking,Are you afraid that I will eat you?I am not afraid as a woman,What are you afraid of?“
“All right!I’m not a man, alright!You drank too much“Xia Jian stood up,Took a cup of tea。
Song Fang raised his arm,The tea cup in Xia Jian’s hand flew out,Fell to the ground and fell to pieces。Xia Jian is no longer worried,He really wants to slap Song Fang twice。But he didn’t do that,A normal person,How can I compare it with someone who is drunk??It’s a big deal to pay someone a cup“
“Xia Jian!Someone gave you a son,Then let me give you a daughter!is it good!”Song Fang roared loudly。
Xia Jian has a look,It must be a bad thing,He has to think of a way to shut up Song Fang。How to do?Xia Jian and Song Fang couldn’t be hard at all,So he smiled and said:“it is good!I promise you,Let’s have a daughter,But I can’t let others know about this”
Song Fangyi listened,Smile with joy。But she suddenly became quiet,The whole person leaned on the back of the chair,Head drooping,The two balls on his chest are shaking up and down,Looks extremely indecent。

“A kind?Ok!I have kind,Very kind!”Weird worm shaking his head,Seems to be very interested in this new name。

Lu Menglin thought about it again,Said:“A kind,What kind of food do you need?and also,What you look like,How can i take you with me?”
“blood、meat,Organic matter,metal,energy,All energy can be eaten。You don’t need to take me away,I stay here,Our spiritual power is one。”Ah Chun replied。
“Because i’m still weak,What you see is the larval state,I need to eat a lot,To enter the mature stage。”Ah Chun said。
“See it!Let me help you get some food?There should be some in the village。”Lu Menglin said casually。
“Do not,Don’t need those!boss,I can forage by myself,What I need most is not organic food,But energy,A lot of energy。”A kind of talking,Move its body while flapping its wings。
“energy?This is a bit difficult。We don’t understand this plane yet,Don’t know where there is energy。correct,Space energy is attached to these equipment,Can you eat?”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said。
“I can eat these equipment,thank you boss!but,Keep these equipment in your hands,In exchange for more food。I think I have found the source of the food。”
A kind of talking,Awkwardly,Flew down the cliff。
Lu Menglin was taken aback,But it didn’t stop。
Is it,It’s going to eat those metal garbage?Lu Menglin doesn’t understand,Below the cliff is a huge garbage dump,There are mountains of metal garbage,but,There is no energy in there!
Soon,Akin flew slowly onto a pile of discarded metal components,Started to pick up the garbage with his forelimbs,Swallowed。
Look at it’s miserable look of gnawing garbage,Lu Menglin is worried,Deep down in my heart, I can’t help but give birth to an indescribable fear。

At this moment, a small milky ball of light suddenly appeared on that person’s hand,This little ball of light exudes a soft light,He headed towards the center of Xia Chenglong’s sea of consciousness,So lightly!

That little ball of light turned into a streamer,Flew in that direction。
Xia Chenglong at this time has only one feeling,That is pain,At this time, he seems to have fallen into the endless dark abyss!
Xia Chenglong felt that his body was falling rapidly,The darkness is bottomless,At this time, he felt a trace of despair at the end,At this time, he saw the clear smiling face of all the soldiers of Dahua Country!
This time she,A little strange light flashed in his eyes again:“Do not,I can’t do this,The soldiers of Dahua are still waiting for me to go back,I can’t just fall down,The people of Dahua are still waiting for me!”
It is because of such a strong belief that supports him,So at this time a strong desire to survive suddenly appeared in his heart!
It was originally similar to this kind of soul abilities, but it’s crazy,Most of them will hang up directly,Didn’t even have a chance,But this time Xia Chenglong unexpectedly came back to life,Is it a blessing from heaven?!
In fact, maybe he thinks this way,But in fact it is totally different,This time he could escape from the dead,It’s all because of someone secretly helping!
And after the Lord of the Wild has done all this,The spiritual power accumulated before this hard,Was also consumed a clean,His face is pale at this time,Ugly!
“Hey,I really don’t know how I came to your boy’s sea of knowledge,I really owed you my last life,This time I will fall asleep again,The spiritual power that I finally accumulated,You made a clean!”
Actually this time the Lord of the Wild is really a little angry,The aura that Bijing has finally accumulated,Now it was consumed by Xia Chenglong,And he became his free wage earner,How could this make others not angry?!
But there is no way to be angry,After all, these two of them can be said to share a life,All glory,Lose everything,As long as Xia Chenglong is dead,He can’t escape,Otherwise, the Lord of the Primordial Land would not be able to save himself with such a good temper,Give him all this spiritual power!
After a while,Xia Chenglong woke up leisurely,At this time, he is still standing above the void,In fact, although in Xia Chenglong’s heart,He seems to have been a century long,But all this is just happening between electric light and flint!