China @ 四 川 | Qingshan Green Water Belt smile – the development miracle on the Dangdogan Dangerous Dangdress

  Xinhua News Agency, April 20th: Qingshan Green Water Belt Smiley – Tonguan Red Dangerous Development Miracle Xinhua News Agency, Wu Guang, Wu Xiaoying, Chen Land, Kang Jinqian, Lu Wei Yuyu Yuji, Sichuan The earth is voted. Under the golden mountain, the morning war wakes up the floral bones in the 10,000 mu of roses; Qinba Mountain, the lying pepper tree has spanned the new bud; the scent of the Chi Shuihe, the sweet orange flowers filled the river valley; Dadu River, bright and bright cherry The branches … "Jinsha Water shot cloud hamper, Dadu Bridge horizon.

"In front of this piece of meritorious place was the red army soldiers. In the past 80 years, the generation of people will continue to struggle, will" more difficult, more and more ", in this piece of land, former The reddish development miracle was born on the earth.

  Difficult to change the red river, the morning fog is gradually dissipated, and a neat house is hidden in the sweet orange forest, just as ink painting.

  Li Zhengfen, the villagers in Taiping Town, Guzhang County, in the early morning weeding fertilization.

With sweet orange, her home is like a poor household in the country, the more sweeping the days.

"I used to back coal in the ferry, black, like panda." This ferry is the Taiping Exit of Guzhang County, and it is located between the Sichuan Valley. More than 80 years ago, the Central Red Army took the bridge along the ferry, the armor, completed the great strategic transfer of the second ferry and the fourth Africa, and broke through the rules of the Kuomintang army. Open the long history, around Sichuan, there is a Red Army: the three major main force of the Red Army in Chuanjun, crossing the rapids, conquering snow mountains, crossing the grass, leaving red in the mountains of dozens of counties (district) Footprint. On the occasion of the Central Red Army, the Red Army soldiers in the Sichuan Sichuan are also beginning to grow. In the heart of Sichuan, Tongjiang County, the heart of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, located in the depths of Qinba Mountain in the Ditch.

In the county’s hair bath, the "Red Year" "Red Army Hanging" store name and Red Army, which are visible everywhere, and the Red Army stone engrave, and the Red Army and the local people will fight together.

  Baiyu, the mountains in the mountains, and the mountains in the hills.

The town planted more than 1,300 mu of Chinese herbs, and became a big industry in farmers. Sichuan Luding Bridge Head, from time to time, there is a hometown of the headscarf called the red cherry.

Luding this red small town, because of the high quality cherries, becomes a famous "Hong Cherry Town". In the past, the bullets rains are like the world, and the mountain wind blows the iron cable on the Luding Bridge, which makes people feel the dangerous danger of the Red Army Bridge. The Central Red Army "Flying Lian Dingqiao", after crossing the Dadu River, all the way to the Jinshan march, began to embarrassed the difficult history of conquering the snow mountain grass. Banbou Village, Brazil Town, Kawue County, the Sichuan Plateau, a sculpture called "Victory Dawn" standing in the place where hundreds of Red Army sacrificed, and people passing through the context, long time silence.

  After the village is a vast prairie, the Red Army left the "Golden Fish Hook" and "Seven Match" and other touching stories.

  Today’s grass, has become a tourist card, grass, flying bird, yak … becomes "Ruo Ruo Ruo Cove".

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total number of tourists in Jojku County was over 10 million, and the economic income was nearly 8 billion yuan.

  Qinba Mountain, Umon Mountain, Dadu River, Plateau, Platema Grass … It is located on the red land of Sichuan, a large corridor of green development is formed, and a solid ecological barrier has been erected upstream in the Yangtze River. The unchanging vow is difficult to change, and it is the unchanging vow.

  Davi Town, Sichuan Xiaoyu County, two major red army victory.

The story of the story of the "Rose Long March" in Dapi Town. Rose, is the "beautiful cause" of Chen Wanghui, who took the village, the village, leading the folks.

Once, local crops were mainly potatoes, cousin, and people got up to be black, but they were always rich. A few years ago, the villagers’ potatoes were "sweeping" in the wild boar, leaving a strong wild rose, letting Chen Wanghui have been unforgettable.

When you know that the rose essential oil is more expensive than the gold, she is excited to sleep all night.

  Since then, she is sitting on the bus, squeezing three rounds, ticking the tractor, from Gansu to Shandong, "Taking Baste" around, and the weak woman has finished "Rose Long March". 50 acres, 500 mu, 10,000 mu … Driven a rose in more than 30 villages in Xiaolu County. More than 3,000 villagers, the households increased around 10,000 yuan.

"I saw everyone’s waist bag, I was happy from my heart." Chen Wanghui said that the Red Army hit the world for the people, now I can’t forget the initial heart. On the bank of the Chi Shuihe, Wang Chongdong, the total agronomic agricultural rural bureau of the Guzhang County, in order to promote sweet orange, rushing on the mountain road. Once, he fell in the mountains and bleeding. After a few days, he still worried about the sweet orange forest and rushed back to the red water.

Wang Chongdong said that the tradition of the fellow is strong, and it is necessary to be a corn next to the sweet orange seedlings. Later, Wang Chongdong made the demonstration households, and the old towns slowly accepted scientific implant technology. "The mountain clear show, the fruit of the fruit is fragrant, the fellow is rich, and it is not worthy of this red land." Wang Chongdong said now, now the Chi Shui River in Guzhang County, more than 200,000 mu sweet oranges make the old township "sweet and sweetened". In the Alis Memorial Hall of the Yinyi Sea, the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a piece of board wrote "Red Army to help return to the emancipation".

In the past 8 years, tens of thousands of party members from all over the country have been fighting in the depths of Dakashan, practicing the solemn commitment of "one that cannot be less" on the poverty alleviation. Since the death of the campaign, 150 poverty alleviation cadres have sacrificed.

They are only 23 years old, the oldest 68 years old. Convey the poor, drain the roots, unfortunately … The new time party cadres don’t forget the ancestors vows, and the red is difficult to get around the Sichuan, have become green mountains, Jinshan Yinshan.

  The eternal spirit is the sea, the 58-year-old Sha horse is stunned. He is a grandson who witnesses the "Pi Mo" Shamar of the Yihai.

In that year, the Red Army successfully passed the Yi District under the escort of the Yi nationality, and successfully slammed the Dadu River.

  However, many of the Yi people who have helped the Red Army have been revengeged by the anti-warlords.

In 1945, Shamar had an unexpected death. "He is waiting for the Red Army to come back." Samal’s daughter-in-law, 84-year-old Su Tieki said.

  In 1986, the Sea established the management office. The 23-year-old Shama is the first staff member, and persuaded the deforestation and the fellows of the deforestation, the hometown of tall materials is busy "sitting." In the 1980s, there have been many old towns in the Haihai Village, but the people of the Shamist family have left. "The Yi people said the place where the ancestors lived, and the descendants could not be broken ‘, guarding it, is a part.

"Shama is a must to be here.

  Years of year, Shama is guarded the sea.

In May 2005, the Haihai Commemorative Memorial Hall is completed, and he looked at the storytelling, and every time he told grandfather’s story. Red land is a red spirit and rooted in the hearts of the masses.

Beijing Metro first "Hebei created" train in Baoding City

It is reported that the Western Section of Metro Line 11 is located in Shijingshan District, the North to Northern Rocking Station, south to Xinshou Steel Station.

The length of the line is 4.The Western Section of Metro Line 11 uses a type A aluminum alloy subway train, and the group mode is 3 moving 1 to 4 groups, and the maximum operating speed is 100 km / h, and some people can realize the full automatic operation.

Subway Line 11 is used to use the national treasure giant panda image. It uses blue white tune inside and outside. It symbolizes white ice and snow and blue sky.Show "ice and snow" elements.At the same time, many innovations in the train lead to the advanced level of intelligent metro, which can achieve automatic driving without drivers operation in full scene.

Borrowing "Two Learning One" Normalization Institutionalization Casting Iron Army Team

Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on the Promotion of" Studying "and the Institutionalization of School Education." The party committees of all sectors in all regions have clearly do a good job of implementation, and ask the majority of party members to persist for a long time. To form a normal state.

Calcium to build a soul, firm ideals and beliefs, and strictly cast the "iron army" team.

Industry is in diligence, it is watched; it is integrated, it is destroyed.

The party constitution is the total charter of the party to the party, party regulations is the specific follow-up of party members and behaviors. General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is the latest achievement of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics. The party organization and all party members must always adhere to the party organizations. guide. The goal is before, the core is clear, and the comrades of party members should insist on reading the original, learn the principle of the original, and so much, how to exchange more, often correct than usual. It is necessary to talk to the party rules, comparison of the party constituency, comparing the advanced typical, compared to the actual situation, timely check the short board, immediately rectify, effectively enhance the "four awareness", clean ideas and dust, strike standards for "party sexual examination", cast one The iron army team of loyalty Qigda standard.

From the strict governance of the party, crack the work style, and strictly cast the "Iron Army" team. The law can serve people, and the body can bring people, selfless.

Party discipline law is the basic criterion of party members and cadres, always keep in mind, fully implement the "Code" "Regulations", and strictly implement the "eight provisions", and resolutely prevent the behavior of the interests of the masses. Doing qualified party members is definitely not a wind, not three minutes of heat, must be strictly asked to practice, grasp the early grabbing daily, and constantly refine the quantification of party members. From the strict treatment of the party, there is absolutely no rest, it must always tighten the wind to build this string, and grasp the future, and party members should often do common thinking, I am in the three provinces, a province, "There is a" today " The province "is justice", the three provinces "How to act in the future" Quick action, focus on achieving results, and strictly cast "Iron Army" team.

It is like a wind, it is like a fire, invading like a fire, does not move like a mountain, it is difficult to know if the yin, moving like a thunder. "Two learning and one" is the key to learning, the foundation is doing, the implementation is being changed: the ideological understanding should be deepened, the problem is highlighted, the effectiveness is obvious, the local characteristics should be embodied.

Deployment, classify, and implement the implementation, comprehensive supervision, etc., ensuring that it is incorporated into daily, and it is often in the moment. Whether the basic system is functioning, whether the basic system is implemented, the learning content is serious and implemented, whether the scope is covered, whether the party building strength is strengthened, and the key task is strongly promoted, and the party building leads, education leads, benchmark Leading, paying attention to learning teaching, promoting "two learning and one" education results landing roots, resolutely prevent formalism, prevent "two skin".

Deep plow "Party Building +" model in the industrial promotion, project attack, ecological protection, environmental remediation, social governance, etc. The truncation, the first front, "is found to be loyal to the iron army who dares to do.

The tide is standing to Tao head, and the hand is not wet. Adhere to the "two studies" often, do not engage in specialization, no level, strict implementation of education full coverage, adhere to the combination of learning, knowing the party, more political belief, more rules, more rules, morality Good behavior, more dedication, that is, the investigation is changed, to promote, cast a team of iron military teams. (Lu Fangfang) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

China @ 四川 | Sichuan Dujiangyan discovered wild giant panda night activity traces

  Precious picture! Look at the nighttime activities of two hundred pounds of wild gratiance. (Xinhua News Agency, Xue Chen) Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 13 (Reporter Li Li), reporter learned from Chengdu, Dujiangyan City, on the 13th, on the 8th, Dujiangyan City state-owned forest management staff carried out summer in the state-owned forest area of ??Longchi Town In the case of forest resource protection and monitoring, the infrared monitoring equipment collected the trail of wild big panda late night.

  In the infrared image, a wild giant panda that may exceed two hundred pounds walks large in the infrared area. Introduction to the forest farm staff, in the inspection and monitoring of the forest lines to fall in the pond, view the rare wildlife activities collected by the infrared monitoring equipment, including giant pandas, Asian black bear, temple, leopard cat, red belly More than 10 kinds of wildlife foraging and walking scenes. In March this year, the State-owned forest area of ??Longchi Town passed the image of the wild giant panda in the late night time by viewing the infrared monitoring equipment, and the giant panda photographed with March is more Feathers, it is estimated that it is not the same big panda. It is understood that the protection and monitoring of summer forest resources is to discover all the illegal activities of various damage resources, and create a peaceful habitat for wildlife survival and prosperity.

Next, Dujiangyan City will also adopt community publicity, Shanka Road Oral Card, squatting inquiry, inspections, contact with the village group "Mountain" and other means to control the state-owned forest resources, strengthen Sichuan giant panda habitat protection. (over).

Adults also have "youth acne", don’t let "grow up trouble" accompany you forever

Original title: Adults also have "youth acne", don’t let "growth trouble" accompany you to visit experts: Beijing Shanfang Hospital special medical beauty center expert Lu Xianlian said the troubles, I am afraid there is nothing more than my face. " Acne "is more annoying.

Many people have just become adolescents from teens, "youth acne" is like shadow, from time to time, from the forehead, cheeks, chin and other parts, even behind the back, it is difficult to escape. Some "acne friends" despite serious washing, light diet, still can’t completely eliminate acne, very distressed.

  Especially in the season of spring blossoms, acne seems to be more serious, even the exquisite makeup, there is no way to cover the spag of acne. Don’t get it, love beautiful girls will not wear the backrests, can’t be beautiful in summer. Why is you so difficult to deal with hormone imbalance, resulting in the imbalance of the hormone, and the expert of the special medical beauty center expert, Lu Xuelian, told the Life Times reporter, acne acne, is very complicated, usually related to the proportion of female / androgen in the body. There is also a certain genetic factor, the diet is irregular or too spicy, the pressure is too large, the oil secretion is strong, and the overnight and tobacco and alcohol will continue to promote acne. If it is the acne muscle, do not pay attention to cleaning, but also use a lot of cosmetics that are easy to block pores, which will make the problem of acne more serious, especially the skin-sensitive population.

  The skin that loves both chicken acne and sensitive skin is the most difficult, for this part of the population, doctors usually help control the skin sensitive problems, and scientifically acne. Scientific conditioning, due to human varying acne, one important factor in determining its treatment plan is age. A lot of acne friends started from adolescence.

  This stage of acne is relatively good, the most critical point is to wash your face.

  It is recommended that this kinds of acne friends do a good night, especially the T-area clean, use the nature of the nature, and the delicate foam is delicate and rich, and the use of makeup products. If the acne problem in adolescence is not solved in time, it will be deeply disturbed by two or her age.

  The acne in this stage may be more terrible, no longer limited to local, but capture the whole face, bigger, deeper color, and even with abscess and stinging. Some acne friends have an urgent use of the acne, but the result is not the disappearance, but also a ugly acne, the acne pit, which makes people feel good. This stage of acne is most troublesome, not only needs daily cleaning, drinking, avoiding lifestyle adjustments such as staying up late, may also involve medication.

  Drugs are divided into topical and internal services: external use, such as antibiotics, Dafu, as well as fruit acid, etc.; inner medicines have antibiotics, hormone regulatory, dim carboxylic drugs and Chinese medicine.

  Special serious, hormone injection can be required. If acne pits and scars have been formed, it is possible to consider the method of phototherapy such as laser, laser, plasma laser. Laser treatment can not only remove acne pits, but also improve the skin problems such as thick pores and fine lines. However, no matter which laser, you can solve the problem once, but you need to treat multiple times according to the course of treatment.

  Bao Ma is also a "backbone" in acne.

  Women after birth, often have problems with endocrine imbalance, plus no night with baby fatigue, stress together, it is easy to cause face "poppox". Especially before and after menstruation, the acne on the chin started.

  Bao Ma’s acne problem is not difficult to regulate: First, we must do your face clean, and pay attention to moisturizing, hydrating; second, it is necessary to supplement estrogen. The easiest way is to drink soy milk, two or three cups per day.

This is because soy isoflavones rich in soybeans such as soybeans, black beans are vegetable estrogen, similar to human estrogen.

  In particular, "food supplement" may be invalid, at this time, it is necessary to use the drug. It is recommended to treat medical treatment in time.

  Child’s chicken acne, parents pay attention to the final, Professor Lu Shuolian emphasized that parents of children’s acne must pay attention.

  Parents always feel that the chickenpox is not ill, and it is natural to naturally, it is not. If you don’t process acne in time, you may leave a permanent skin damage to your child, affecting beauty, more confidence in children, "growing troubles" will become an annoyance of life.

  Regardless of adults or adults, if you can’t improve acne by washing your face, light diet, etc., should do medical treatment in time.

De Iraanse regering heeft aangekondigd dat 80% van het land in een vaccinatie is gevaccineerd.

Volgens Iraanse media-rapporten heeft de Iraanse regering aangekondigd dat het nieuwe kroonvaccinatiewerk soepel is gevorderd en 80% van de bevolking in het hele land is gevaccineerd. Volgens Iran "en Unexland" -rapport, Iraanse minister van Volksgezondheid, Iraanse Minister, Iona 4, na de epidemie, hebben het ministerie van Volksgezondheid en de Relevante afdelingen een reeks preventieve en behandelingsmaatregelen vastgesteld, vooral voor vaccinatie van de epidemie. Vooruitgang . Dus, tot nu toe, 80% van de mensen in het land gevaccineerd een vaccin, en de twee dosesvaccins werden gevaccineerd tot 54%, en het vaccin werd 90 miljoen gedistribueerd.

E NONOLA wees erop dat hoewel de totale epidemische situatie niet verder wilde verslechteren, alleen afhankelijk van vaccinatie is niet genoeg om de epidemie te beteugelen, je moet nog steeds de aankondiging van de staat volgen, een masker dragen, sociale afstand behouden. Het rapport zei ook dat Iran in de afgelopen 24 uur is gestorven aan nieuwe kroonlongontsteking en de nationale cumulatieve diagnose is 596,4834 en 5,56.0951 gevallen werden uit het ziekenhuis ontslagen. (Een Guozhang) (Editor: CUI-implementatie GE, Changhong) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Safe, free, and increased force Zhengzhou bus to meet "no subway" period

The ride of the car is stable. Zhengzhou bus group was early, and Mr. Cow received a text message: from July 28 to August 28th, all passengers who took Zhengzhou bus were free.

At the same time, he started worry again. "This will be more crowded?" But I walked into the German Street Quick Bus Station, but he relieved – pushed the free ride on the coin box. The credit card device has been closed.On-site staff introduced the policy, and the number of people in the station is still a lot, but under the patient’s patience, the ride is stable.

Less than 2 minutes after the station, the B1 bus slowly entered the bus stop.Mr. Niu, like everyone, pinched the wire on the mask cover, and flocked into the car.On the way, every stop, the busleman will remind the passengers: wear a mask, pay attention to the order.After 20 minutes, Mr. Niu arrived at the destination Xixiang Station."All the way, there are many bus, and the pass is smooth, give us a urgent urgency."

Panda Community Town Story | Entering "Millennium Niyang Township" Chengdu Shuangliu District Huangjia Street

  They are small and beautiful exquisite spaces, which is the poetic link between the city and the township. They present a variety of forms of small towns, and they will continue to be new.

There are many stories in small towns, there are our common spiritual homes in the story, and there are also the future we are struggling.

  Huangjia Street is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, has a long history and convenient transportation.

People come to people, there is a living poetion that has been circulating thousands of years. It has a booming modern airway industry, and there is also a good value for airport.

  "Airport Flower Field" inner flowers form a beautiful landscape with the plane.

(Shuangliu District for map) Huangjia Street carries the aviation economic function zone in 66 key industrial ribilities in Chengdu, Tianfu International Biological City, and approximately 40 square kilometers in the jurisdiction.

In recent years, Huangliang Street has adhered to the integration development of high quality promotion industrial function districts into carriers to build a modern airworm industry system, promoting industrial fundamentals, and an outgoing new road to lead regional high quality development in Airport.

  Huang A is "good mouth" and must go.

In winter, I came to Huang A, I will walk along the streets, you will see that all the way is a big and small lamb.

A large pot is used to match a few tables and chairs, you can fall in place here, eat freely. The Huangjia Street has a reputation of "Millennium Nianyang Township" has formed a certain scale of the Niole industry.

Huanglan sheep has been famous, the biggest feature is that the meat is fresh and innocent, and the growth process is subjected to less pollution, environmental health, and 2015 were rated as a national geographic logo protection product.

In recent years, the Yellow Mema Leather Industry and Tourism Tourism Sightseeing have developed into a new highlight of the model and modern agriculture of the Chengdu agricultural industry, and is also one of the main industries incurred by the local farmers. In addition to specialty gourmet, Huangjia street is also a net red attraction, well-known airport flower fields in Huang A, 3027 mu.

The aircraft has a low-aliding, and the air flows that allows the blooming flowers to sway with the wind, and the flower zone forms a beautiful landscape. Under the sunny blue sky, in the red sunset, a shot is a "master" photography work.

Thus, it becomes a popular place for tourists "card". Total Planning: Hu Xiaowei, Hou Dawei .

Shanxi Municipality: Pingdu Woye is full of new

Jiaocheng County has a local rich wild bacteria resource-based, developing rare meter – sheep belly, silver white fungus and other special projection; relying on the edible bacteria research center to solve domestication of domesticated planting test technical problems, using test demonstration base to promote rare meal test Planting, while guiding the support of the people, developing the precious wild bacteria, famous medicine materials, etc., and cultivates a group of techniques, the planting capabilities, and focusing on the development of the agricultural industry in the mountainous area. Representatives of Hao Xuan Planting Professional Cooperatives, under the guidance of the county edible fungus research center, successfully introduced the hanging bag fungus cultivation technology and achieved breakthroughs, "Pangquan Snow Ear" is vigorously promoted as the intersection of the city characteristics.

As of now, now, the county has built 153 hanging bags, 1770,000 bags of fungus rods, and directly drive more than 3,000 people with more than 3,000 people to achieve depletion. Find new models for local facilities agricultural development and came out of a new road that promoted farmers’ income. Faucet – Strong Three Industrial Clusters to Develop Label Production and Processing Industry Clusters.

Jiaocheng County fully supports the implementation of various policies, enhances standardized scale farming levels, and the whole year of pig deposit is 10,000, and the number of columns is 60,000. Vigorously support the development of small and medium-sized aquaculture, promote the construction of new 40,000 pig breeding bases, guiding the formation of industrial consisters such as slaughter enterprises such as old farmers. Develop agricultural products in the deep processing industry cluster. In 2010, Shanxi Huaxin Group founded the original forest of Pangquangang, excavating the wine culture, giving wine citaries more than 1500 years ago, and giving the 虎 沟, in the archaeological discovery, the local unique mine spring water – tiger bubble Spring, planting wine crops – Weihe sorghum, preparation is sweet, sweet and fragrant white wine, reconstruction of ancient law wine technology, reappearing the ethnic culture of Chinese wine gods during the treatment of the ancient Datun. Jiacheng County actively guided the encouragement of Huaxin winery to build a high-giled base in order to promote the county to plant a high oriented beam, and used alcohol to use as a coupling, the construction of a farming base, and build a characteristic industrial park.

Representatives in Huaxin Winery, Mingcheng County is surrounded by red dates, walnuts, small grains, livestock products, brewing industry and other agricultural products, promoting the development of processing industry, driving industrial base construction. Develop a seabuckthorn forest fruit industry cluster. Mainly "Building a typical, demonstration lead, comprehensive push" model, innovating the mechanism of "enterprise + cooperative + farmers + collective economy, support cooperative expands the scale of operation through contracting, stock, lease, etc., relying on the Provincial Forestry Hall The economic forest improvement and efficiency construction project, the cooperative community should adopt a striped dredging, the elective cutting, and the restriction update, etc. .

Wheat Wort Golden Wanli, colorful colorful autumn field.

The development of special agricultural development in Mingcheng County is realizing the transformation of tradition to modern, green, and ecology will give full play to the advantage of Taiyuan suburbs. The business, support the new subject, broaden the new channels, rely on "Ming Mountain" public brand, provide rich "name, excellent, thin, special" agricultural products to make agriculture, more beautiful, farmers are more rich, let the world The drunkenness is here. (Wen / Guo Chao Yongtu / Tian Yagang) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

The nineteenth "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion activities are started

People’s Daily News December 9 (Yang Wenjuan) December 9th, with "Welcome ‘Double Festival’ · Yue Dongshu" as the theme, the nineteenth "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion ceremony is held. It is understood that this "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion time is on February 9 to 9, 2022, 2021, and the activities rely on "Double 12", New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Hebei Province, many tourism resources will be held. Hui purchase "", home "", online shopping "冀", Hui eat "冀" series of consumption activities, the majority of consumers will enjoy the real offer.

Low-cost discounts, boutique online shopping consumption is affordable in shopping, Hebei will organize large shopping malls, supermarkets, complex and special commercial blocks, etc. Commodity show, food festival, etc., for sale, deliver a low-cost discount, coupon gift, new experience, points lottery, etc., stimulate consumers to shop enthusiasm, and guide business enterprises to carry out food, apparel, home appliances, Home-selling supplies, the main commodity, specialty agricultural product series trade, enrich rural commodity supply.

At the same time, Hebei will give full play to the active role of home (mainly including home improvement, furniture, home appliances) to promote domestic consumption, meet people’s lives, and improve the quality of mass life, and "lit home life, green consumption Huimin "" Is the subject, carry out "home consumption season" consumption activities.

Activity arrangements will be based on consumption promotion, and take into account public welfare preaching and scene experience classes. In addition, using "Double Twelve" and two consumption season, Hebei will organize the e-commerce enterprises to carry out the "online shopping festival" "area (characteristic) online shopping festival" "brand boutique online shopping festival" and other promotion activities, guide online shopping, live broadcast With the goods, online services, short video applications, etc. The market share of net sales companies. Discount package, ticket reducing allows Li Huimin in terms of catering, Hebei will organize catering enterprises to carry out the "New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year" activities, launch the "New Year’s Eve" "Reunion", "" Friends ", etc. Creating a warm red fire festival; organize the "Late Night Canteen" to carry out food exhibitions, through the launch of specialties, discount packages and other activities, focus on consumers to show various traditional cuisine, local special catering style; guide catering enterprises, Takeaway physical stores work online with online ordering, mobile payment platform to promote food and beverage consumption. In terms of housing, Hebei will give full play to the role of promoting car sales incentives, concentrated on the new round of online shopping festival, car to the countryside, car night market, etc. Gas station and social gas station, implement the discount "one stop", carry out "point-to-point" marketing, play a non-oil promotion of convenience stores; organize the "three farmers, enter the country" to promote consumption activities, guide the finished products Oil retail enterprises carry out tariff sales in national highways and provincial highways.

In terms of swimming, Hebei will organize the "Gyeonggi Francisco Enjoy Hebei" theme cultural tourism special activities, launch tourism Huimin measures such as ticket reducing and exclusion and festive festivals, and drive catering, accommodation and commodity consumption with tourism consumption; Actively launch autumn culture Huimin measures and literary performance activities, through activities and Huimin preferential measures to do heat in the autumn culture and tourism market in Hebei Province, promote the consumption of Wenbao.

(Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.