[Encyclopedia of soup recipes]_Production method_Methods

[Encyclopedia of soup recipes]_Production method_Methods

Soup is a very important part of the Chinese table. It can often be used to refine the effect of nourishing the stomach and relieving tiredness.

In the hot summer, people usually choose some soups that have the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, such as mung bean soup, pumpkin soup and other vegetarian soups. In the cold winter, in order to resist the cold, some soup soup is a good choice.
So for those who love soup, it is better to know some recipes and effects of soup cooking.

Luo Han Guo Dried Cabbage Soup Luo Han Guo 1/3-1/2, 50 grams of dried cabbage, 100 grams of lean meat.

Efficacy: Yangyin Qingfei, moistening phlegm.

Method: Dry the Luo Han Guo and Chinese cabbage with clean water, wash the pork slices, put them into the pot together, martial arts for 30 minutes, and gentle flames for 1 hour.

Papaya Peanut Ribs Soup 1 papaya, 100g peanuts, keel (or ribs), 2 candied dates, 2 slices of ginger.

Efficacy: heat and dryness, beauty.

Method: Boil the ribs with boiling water (de-blooded water), super-cold water; cut the papaya into pieces, wash the peanut and jujube, put the pork and peanut jujube together in the pot, cook for 15 minutes on a high fire, heat for 2 hours on a low heat, and put in the papaya for 30 minutes.
There is one pig lung soup with lily jujube, 20 grams of white almond, 10 grams of lily, and six jujubes.

Efficacy: Ziyin Runfei, cough and phlegm, dry weather is most suitable.

Method: Wash and cut the pork lungs, and wash the almonds, lilies, and dates. Put all the ingredients together in the pot, open the fire and cook for 3 hours.

The carp and black bean soup carp is about 500 grams, 100 grams of black beans, 4 red dates, and a small piece of tangerine peel.

Efficacy: Warm the kidney, tonify the qi and tonic method: Wash the fish, drain the water, and fry it a little; the black beans are poured into the water immediately after being fried in a pot, scooped up and rinsed in clean water.Clean, wash the skin with soaked soft scoops, first roll the water into all the materials, and then cook for about 3 hours.

Green and carrot pig tongue soup, about 600 grams of pork tongue, 400 grams of green radish, 250 grams of carrot, 4 dates, and a small piece of tangerine peel.

Efficacy: Soup water in the autumn and winter seasons Method: Pork tongues are scalded with boiling water, scraped to remove tongue coating, green, carrots are peeled and washed to cut corner pieces, tanned skin is dipped in a soft scraping scoop, washed first, rolled with water and opened into green, redTurnip, rind, and date in a pot for 1 hour, add pork tongue and cook until the pork tongue is full

[The practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot]_ home-made practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot _ practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot _ practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot

[The practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot]_ Home-made practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot _ The practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot _ The practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot

Of course, healthy life cannot be separated from nutritious cuisine, and of course, nutritious cuisine cannot be separated from skilled cooking skills.

Therefore, we often learn to cook at home, so that the cooking technology will become better and better. Today, I will introduce the practice of spiced tofu stewed meat pot for everyone. Come and improve your cooking technology!


Add oil to the pan, sauté red shallots and sauté until slightly burnt 2.

Pour all the ingredients into material A and continue to fry the aroma 3.

Continue to add the chopped ravioli into the pot and stir-fry, and pour in a spoonful of the old soy sauce raw rock sugar cooking wine, stir-fry and color slightly 4.

Pour in water and cut the shredded tofu and start to poke, and put in two capsules of star anise, puff for about half an hour to eat the food. What you eat is a big thing in our life, so eating healthy is more important.The spiced tofu stewed pork pot introduced today is easy to learn and simple in steps. Hurry up and show your skills in the kitchen at home.

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

[Why the amount of alcohol is getting worse and worse_What is going on]

Alcohol is a very important drink in life, and the amount of alcohol that everyone can drink is called the amount of alcohol. Each person has a different amount of alcohol. Some people can drink it. One thousand glasses are not drunk. This is the performance of large amounts of alcohol, but,Some people start with a lot of alcohol, but over time, they get smaller and smaller.

Let ‘s take a look at why some people are getting worse.

Excessive drinking every day, or drinking poor quality wine, will lead to physical immunity and endurance!

Severe brain cells are severely damaged, causing damage to the body.

Alcohol is not forbidden, it is for drinking in moderation, and it cannot be drunk every day.

First, abnormal alcohol in the liver requires the liver to break down. If there is a problem in the liver, the ability to break down alcohol will decrease.

If you drink a bottle of white wine, you suddenly feel that drinking two or two is not enough, it is likely that it is caused by liver problems.

After the liver is abnormal, everyone must go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise a more serious situation may occur.

Second, alcoholic gastritis often drinks alcohol, which may irritate the stomach and may make the stomach feel very uncomfortable. At this time, if gastritis appears in the stomach, it may affect everyone’s normal life.

The appearance of gastritis may cause abnormal decomposition of alcohol, and a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption occurs in the robe.

Third, people with a cold may have a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption when they have a cold.

Physical discomfort may cause the enzymes in the body to run too slowly, and then at this time, it is likely that a sudden decrease in alcohol consumption will occur.

Because everyone’s alcohol is different, everyone can’t control their own amount when they are drinking normally. Many people may feel powerless when drinking normally, so at this time everyone should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
If the liver is abnormal, symptomatic treatment should be timely to avoid the emergence of diseases such as hepatitis B.