Move things in Jinyang Palace,Certainly not silently,There is no unopened wall in the world.。Li Da is to do this with the soldiers and horses,Actually,It is a big person,Including those who come out from the Gao Hibaun。

and,This matter has a powerful destructive effect,Destroy is the prestige of the Gaoyu。
This wicked Gao Baoyi does not do,Let Li Da come to do,And he is still a prosperous Luoyang,There is too much place in this.。
Thia is not running,Gao Bo Yi occupied Jinyang
“Ugh,Think so much?,Don’t take a little more。”
Li Da sneaked self-like。
Chang’an Palace“Talk about Wutang”superior,Yu Yu’s face looked at Wei Xiaoxuan,Then ask:“Gaoguo this stinky stone,Still not to cooperate with us?”
His understanding,Now high-quality salted fish,What hacker is still?,Big tail wolf,Why bother,Is this interesting?
“His Majesty,This matter is not a hurry。High performance does not agree,That’s because he has no idea.。For this thing,Highly acting,He feels that we should be our。
so,We don’t have to worry about it.,Waiting。
If you have a transfer, it is better.,If there is no transfer”
Wei Xiaodu,Discovery of Yuzhuang,He then said:“If you don’t agree,We don’t have a way。
Just play the flag of the high performance.,Just let the high performance come out,Fashering meant。others,Never do with him。In fact,Even if you agree to cooperate with us,He is also a puppet,Your Majesty doesn’t have to be too real.。
There is no soldier now,It is because the spring plow has not been over.。”
Wei Xiaidu has been very understanding,Don’t want to think about it。
Yu Wei nodded,Wei Xiaoguan said it is good,Emperor’s,Sometimes I like to pursue the ultimate。Sometimes,Objective conditions,What you pursued,Need some“Accident”,Can there be feasibility。
For example,Liang Wu Emperor, Nanliang, Dear,Accepting Houjing,Leading the country’s chaos,deliver“Spree”Let the West Wei and North Qiao account for a large cheap,Such a thing,Belong to“Accident”,Will not happen in conventional circumstances。
“in addition,There is another thing to care。”
Yu Yu is around the campus,While seeing“Sudu”Auxiliary officer in practicing archery,On the side of the expression of Wei Xiaoxuan。
“Duan Yu is dead,Jinyang Liu Town does not have a copy。Now,If we are tough,Our biggest opponent,It is no longer them.,But Gao Bo Yi and God Polishing。
about this point,What do you think??”
Yu Yi wants to ask,How to deal with Gao Bo Yi and God。This is very important,Because of any strategy,Finally, we must implement the implementation of tactics.。
You created a great objective condition,But finally, I can say it.?
Wei Xia width shook his head。
Yu Hao heard this,It’s hard to believe that Wei Xiaoguan will actually say。To know,Wei Xia width this is like a lot of mouth,Like the battle of the war。
He actually said that it means not to understand?
“how do I say this?”
Asked curiously。

Nine uncles、Siki flying out of the dining hall,Liao Wenjie throws the meat bones on the table to two black,Follow the two,I heard a chicken flying dog jumping far away.。

Lingtang Hall,Dedicated dozens of gods before the wall,Intermediate bench emission neat,Driving ten coffin。On the other side wall,The row of this row,I don’t know what is,Forehead yellow paper falls,Collective in the house,Chasing a living class。
Face,A line of death rushed to Liao Wenjie。
Instant,Three people do not think,fist、Palm、Legs。
“No!Master,it’s me,I am autumn”
Chapter 80 I can only strive to get a little rice.
Lying on the ground is not a corpse,Instead, it is sent to the autumn,Big night, don’t go home,Lying in the coffin,Just to scare the text。
Qiusheng’s aunt opened a rouge of a rouge on the market street,He sees the case of habits to learn makeup,When you play the zombies, you will be true.。
The staff was scared by him.,The four-dimensional people have been surprised.,Row,Chasing the living people。
Two delveties all day pit,Nine Uncle can live now is still dead.,Foot see him firmly。
“Master,It’s me”
Qiusheng climbed from the ground,A scientific hide behind the nine:“Master,I don’t know how to do it.,The customer of the teacher suddenly moved,it’s wired。”
He didn’t hurt the bones three times.,Not because,Instead, Liao Wenjie has no power at all.。
People are ghosts,It is dead or living,The breath difference is obvious,Makeup is useless。Nine uncle and the four eyes see the walking dead is a person,So untied,Not too much force。
Liao Wenjie also saw it,I want to get a hand,See Nine Uncle and Siki,Take your palms.,Take it down。
no way,I first arrived in the country.,The unscrupulous group will be excluded。
“Stinky boy,Give me trouble。”
Nine uncles, autumn,Lake up, walk to the front of the front,This is strong,Directly put the straight line of row。
“Brother,Attack,They are all my customers。”
Since the four eyes look straight,We are terrified that nine uncles,It is not good to explain the employer.。
“Without further ado,Tell them first!”
Nine uncle,Four between the hands of the hand,East food 2 finger,Bite the fingertips,Point in the line corpse,It is also between two eyebrows。
Humang points are Shang Dantian,Hold this point, I would rather peace,In the zombies,Here is the last breath,Once it is suppressed,Zombie can’t move。
Walking dead is simpler,The body that will be jumped,Taking blood, you can explore it。
In the hall,Nine uncle is a punch, and the corpse is not a contract.,And then make up a finger。
Siki quickly bite the knot,Hold the head before nine uncle,Bad one or two problems are not big,It’s all broken.,I can’t do this. I have to pay money.。
Two people play a grab,Soon, you will setarize all walking dead.。
Liao Wenjie did not participate,This tricks with blood into the corpse,When three people sit and arouse,Nine uncle has been talked。Make a reason,Walking dead is not large,This is the best practical opportunity,But he still missed it.。

“Casting things??”Zhu Tianguan raised his eyebrows。

Tianguan Zhu had a serious look just now,But turned into extreme joy at a speed visible to the naked eye。
He turned around,Bowed to a statue in the casting room,Tao:“God bless,God bless,My son finally wants to pass on the craftsmanship,God bless!”
“What is the reason for the cast inscription?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“You can solve the inscription texture as the soul of the caster,Any caster,Once I have the soul,Its power is not comparable to those of broken copper and iron。Take Canglong as an example,What makes Canglong powerful is their profound technique,A black dragon without profound arts,It’s not much different from snake python。”Zhu Tianguan said。
“What kind of instrument has a soul,What kind of instrument will not have?”Zhu Minglang then asked。
“Like the world,There is also cultivation theory。By a powerful blacksmith,Refining year after year,Long time,The device will have a soul,Inscribed Radiance。
“A sword,If you kill thousands of enemies,Drink countless blood,Will have a certain level of cultivation,There will be inscription blood。”
“A piece of armor,Tempered,The material comes from the crystal ore that absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon,Every one of its owners is a strong man in the world,It will be extraordinary!”Zhu Tianguan said。
Zhu Minglang lower his head,Thoughtful。
Qi You Xiu Wei Zhi……
This is probably the most incredible thing,If this is heard by outsiders,Feel that the person who says this is sick。
Before,Zhu Minglang would never think of this level。
But after seeing the sword spirit dragon,Zhu Minglang believes in this。
And the inner court of Zhumen already knew this secret。

But this chaotic world surprised him a bit。

initial,He found a true god who wandered in chaos。
As cruel as him,I want to kill him directly,But the other party escaped。
After that, he chased this true god all the way,But didn’t see it。
Although at first he saved some water deliberately,Playful mind,Didn’t use all my strength。But in the end the strength of the opponent,And the means of escape also surprised him slightly。
In his eyes,The strength of that true god is comparable to some ordinary ancestor gods。
If only one,He won’t be too surprised。
But this chaotic world came out of an ancestor god and three true gods came out of the chaotic world to intercept him。
One flame true god strikes with all strength,Can actually compete with him barely one or two。
And then there was a real god of space,Not to mention reaching the ancestral god level in attack and killing,Twistable Void、Means of lurking in the void,Easily suppressed one of his ancestors。
The remaining one—Presumably not easy。
“Three true gods with strength comparable to the ancestral gods,It seems that this chaotic world is not simple,There may be remnants of ancestors, gods, ancestors, and even the world!”Although facing at least three enemies comparable to the ancestral gods,But Luo Hui is not afraid,On the contrary!
Chapter Eighteen Luo Huzhiwei
In chaos,Six arms,Luo Hu, who is like a demon, holds six magic weapons,With Nuwa,Sui Renshi、The Sanqing Taoists are facing each other。
Nuwa’s original idea of turning into a snake’s tail,A little bit of aura levitation。

I really just met him that day and reached out a helping hand,I have a good impression of Mr. Zhou afterwards,So I heard that he is recovering well,I am really happy for him。

“Mr. Zhou,You couple……”Surprised,No one knows what the hell these two men are doing,If you don’t understand, you think these two people are just a support。
“Everyone knows something,My father’s body has been ill in recent years,Relying on the medicine of the genius doctor Hua barely survived,Last time I went out, my wife forgot to bring medicine to my father,My father suffered a myocardial infarction on the road,Almost died。”
“Thanks to this genius doctor,He saved my father,My father’s body is much stronger than before,Feel better,Things to do every day,I have seen more people,People who know before,They say that he is more than twenty years younger than before。”
Zhou Tianlong is like a live advertisement,Full of praise for Qin Feng。
“You couple won’t be a caregiver?Haha……”Although I know Zhou Tianlong,But some people can’t help but wonder,Because they don’t trust Qin Feng,I feel that so far there is no one who stands at the top of the medical industry。
If Qin Feng is as amazing as Zhou Tianlong said,Would not know his existence?
And most of the people present were famous people,It’s impossible that no one knows him,So people should question。
“Haha,Do you see me like Zhou Tianlong??”Zhou Tianlong said with a smile。
“If I didn’t know you before,I really believe it!Hahaha……”Talk about it,Still no one believes that the famous Zhou Tianlong will go to help others。
And seeing how Zhou Tianlong respects Qin Feng,No less respect for his father,Plus Liu Huimin,Everyone knows that Mrs. Zhou is a difficult host,Let alone let her be a trustee。
“Did you make trouble today??”Almost done,Zhou Tianlong seems to have only seen his wife,So I asked with some worry。
“Where am i making trouble,Blame you。”Liu Huimin looks wronged,

It is not appropriate to meet without Chen Limu’s permission。

After Chen Limu received a call from George,Talk to George in harmony:“Fortunately you called,I already know,You go another day,Today I want to talk to her alone。”
George answered quickly:“Ok ok,Please listen to Aunt Mu’s arrangement。”
Chen Limu hung up George with satisfaction,Secretly think,It’s still the kid’s knowledge,The heart is facing me everywhere,not bad。
Chen Limu feels better to go to Tian Lu alone,One more person is not good,Talkative,Will make Tian Lu think she is“force”What,It’s not right to form a bad impression。
At this point,Chen Limu is there。
She just doesn’t understand,If it’s your own dog,Why not follow me home?Is it because of injury,Broke my brain,Or because the new owner is too kind to the dog,Let the dog find another new owner?
Are not afraid of the two reasons for analysis,Chen Limu’s biggest worry is that the dog is not his own,This is despair。
First21chapter Tentative
Chen Limu wakes up early,Simple fresh up,Hurry to finish breakfast,To do what she almost wanted to do。
Did not contact Tian Lu in advance,“See the dog”Earnest,Call the driver Li De and can’t wait to rush to the suburban farm。
Suburban farm after a night of light rain,Fresh air,Jungle birds chirping,At first glance, the ecological environment is excellent。
Light clouds in the morning,Xiaguang has no heat,Cover the whole farm。
Milo is at the window,The sunlight on your face is a bit dazzling,Squinting and looking forward,Like thinking about something。

Fahai looked at Xu Xian in white,From what he said before,Can be sure that he is not the kind of person who doesn’t know right and wrong,even,Compared to some so-called Taoist priests,Literati,We must be able to see the truth better,And Xu Xian’s philosophy in white suits Fahai’s philosophy。

“Some of Dr. Xu’s opinions are somewhat similar to those of the little monk,Since Dr. Xu is persuading me,The little monk is very unkind when he refuses。”
Let Fahai feel that perhaps Xu Xian in white can approve his approach,as well as,Acknowledge his philosophy,therefore,Fahai raised the fairy wine in front of him,After pouring a glass for myself,Raise wine glass,Take a sip,He has never drunk before,This time it is considered to have broken the precepts。
“Grandmaster,how is it,The taste of this wine is not as spicy as that of ordinary wine,Fairy wine,Naturally it has a special flavor。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,After pouring myself a glass of fairy wine,Close your eyes and taste it gently。
“I wonder if Dr. Xu can deny his love with a ladyboy?”
Fahai feels this fairy wine that he has never drunk before,It really has a special flavor,And it can nourish his body,Although better than nothing,but,Looking at Xu Xian in white with his eyes closed and tasting wine,Fahai asked with a smile。
“Shemale love?Could it be that the master was emotional?just,The master really wants me to tell the truth?I’m afraid the master might say me nonsense。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,His mission this time is to eliminate instability,therefore,He has relatively plenty of time,He just waited for the enemy to run out by himself。
“Dr. Xu said it’s okay,The little monk listens respectfully。”
Fahai said with a smile,Maybe it’s because the two people have similar ideas,Or maybe it’s Xu Xian’s strength in white clothes that seems to be different from him,Fahai felt that Xu Xian in white suits his personality,One life,Friends hard to find,therefore,Fahai also wanted to hear the opinion of Xu Xian in white。
“My opinion is,Whimsical,unimaginable,A person will fall in love with a monster,Different race,The aesthetics should also be different,But in this situation, one person and one demon can fall in love,It can be said that there is nothing to say。”
“of course,This is just for ordinary people,Some monster races can be transformed into human forms after they have cultivated to a high level,So,From the outside,It’s like an ordinary person,but,It’s still incredible,that person,What he likes is the human appearance of that monster race?Or the monster body??In either case,Let this person meet the monster body directly,I believe,What love that lasts forever,It’s still a lifetime promise,Will disappear。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,This is also his opinion,Just like an ordinary person,Want to marry,Don’t look for those women,But to the fox,Interested like white snake,To this,Xu Xian said,He has nothing to say。

and so,Don’t envy people’s high income from moving bricks,Deserved。

“Hu Ge,Start??The brothers in the group want to know the harvest of the black market。”Hua Zi asked。
Information about those groups,He can’t see it all,So basically the group owner gathers information to him,Then tell Brother Hu。
“Row,Go ahead!”in fact,There seems to be nothing to say。
Such as the black market《Dongshan Ferry Map》,Can you tell me?This is not to block the diplomatic department、Trouble?I can only talk about my own gains。
Many people know,Brother Hu went to the black market tonight,So they are all squatting in the live broadcast room。
As soon as it starts,The number of people online is tens of thousands,It’s like a big anchor。
“Hello everyone!We just came out of the black market,have to say,Is a good place。Some things cannot be made public,Don’t ask everyone,Let me pick something I can say!”Hu Yang greeted friends in the live broadcast room。
Fitch leaned in front of the camera,And say hello funny。
He was also a viewer in the live broadcast room,Suddenly appeared in front of the camera,Have a different feeling,pretty good。
“tonight,It’s a long experience。I also reveal an interesting thing to everyone。”Fitch speaks。
Shen Lao frowned slightly,remind:“Fudge your kid,Pay attention to something,Will cause trouble。”
If some secret information of the black market is exposed,Even him as a guide will have trouble。The black market is not a simple force,There are people in many places in the country。
“Do not worry!When have I been unreliable?”
Populus euphratica a black line,Want to ask:When have you been reliable?
“Let’s talk about the nouveau riche,Look down on us,ridiculous,In the end, more than 1 million made two broken things and went back……”Fitch is still brooding about this,Unhappy,Let the people in the live room have fun。
This kind of fiction has a bloody plot that is forced to slap in the face,Actually met by Brother Hu and the others。
After listening to the audience in the live broadcast room,I feel so happy,The most annoying is the kind of making some money,Just a person with upturned nostrils,I have forgotten that I was an ordinary citizen before。
“Unrecognizable,Brother Hu gets up,It’s also awesome!”

These spirit-eating bees and bee jade flute cherish each other,Now that a large number of people have been beaten down,It was a direct hit for him。

But he knows his mission,Suffocating the blood qi inside the body and continue to command the Spirit Devourer to leave。
Old Lu was relieved to see everyone evacuated,The battle just now was not easy,The power in the opponent is extremely domineering。
“You think you left?”
This group of people rioted him in Lingxiao City,If you don’t let him pay a little, doesn’t it mean that people in the world will laugh?
“The power of Patriarch Tu is indeed domineering,but……I’m not eating dry rice,It may not be easy for the old man to defeat you,But you can’t stop you!”
Old Lu finished,The body disappeared directly from the place in a trance,Only Patriarch Tu watched silently,Because he is clear,I can’t really intercept it。
Lingxiao City is now in chaos,Civilians don’t care,The most important thing is the soldiers,They have nothing to fight under those insects。
“Patriarch,Do you want us to chase。”Elder Tujia came forward,Ask quickly!
Patriarch Tu has been watching the distance for a long time,It took a while to speak:“No need,Let everyone clean up,Then let all the holy places above rank five gather。”
All collections above grade 5?
The elder really doesn’t understand the other party’s meaning。
I knew it would gather a team that was all Rank 5 or above into the Holy Realm,How strong will its combat effectiveness be。
That is no longer the existence of one value for a hundred or one value for a thousand,That is one hundred thousand,Millions of existence。
Faintly,Elder Tujia feels that something very important has happened。
But the other party’s personality is fairly calm,And didn’t rush to ask,But prepare after responding。
Patriarch Tu continued to look at the places where the Spirit Devouring Bees disappeared,His facial features have not become hideous because of what happened just now,Or it’s calm down at this moment,Then the black figure disappeared from the place。
After Xia Chenglong’s riot before,At this moment, the tomb of the Tujia ancestor seems to have lost the mysterious mystery,It’s just a hollow underground。

The powerful gods in the banquet hall all gather their hearts,Dare not miss a word。

This trip,Not only the top three giants in the city have sent representatives,Even the Qin family brazenly sent one person to participate,None of them want to let this understanding go《Hero Summon》Opportunity。
“Wei Xiaoxing,It’s up to you to tell everyone!”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Nodded at Wei Xiaoxing,And handed over a book。
I saw a scroll appeared,Many people of the gods and nations who were present opened their eyes,Many people have naked greed in their eyes。
When Wei Xiaoxing heard this,,Suddenly frowned,Smile in my heart。
“it’s me again?Am I the spokesperson of Hebu?teacher,Don’t play with me!I am so weak,Can’t afford!Among the hundreds of gods and people present,Most of the people just breathe in,I hung up!Let me lie to them?This is not a joke!It’s going to die!”
Although Wei Xiaoxing is slandering in his heart,But the face is still calm,After all, this is a matter of life and death for human beings,Of course he can handle it。
Reach out and take the scroll,Glanced after unfolding,Wei Xiaoxing was taken aback for a moment,My apple moved twice,Swallowed hard。
Because he really didn’t expect,Teacher Lu actually wrote so many things,It’s crazy。
“cough,cough!Everybody,Let’s put the ugly words first。My host He Bu,Put today《Hero Summon》Share the tips,Can’t be free。After all everyone knows,My master He Bu is still a child,Infinite potential,In order to satisfy his cultivation,Use this《Hero Summon》Exchange some training resources from Red Willow City,Everyone should understand?”Wei Xiaoxing said so much,Shake your head,Plausible。
The guests present nodded,Show that you don’t care。
the reason is simple,That He Bu is just a small child,Even if it has potential,Just one person,How much training resources can he consume?
Even if it’s the best for him,The top training resources,Maybe for a family,Some pressure,Such as Nanshi,But for the hundreds of families in Hongliu City,That’s nothing at all。
Some people have even begun to doubt,It’s because Nan can’t afford such a price,That’s why He Bu decided to publish his magic skills,After all, the Nan family was the first family to come into contact with him,As a result, they didn’t get this magical skill alone,But was made public by this little doll。
of course,Some people think further,I think this is the wise move of Nan’s,If their family has achieved magic skills,I’m afraid of insufficient strength,Dissatisfied other families for nothing,It became innocent,Guilty,Cause more trouble。
“no problem!Just say it directly!Based on what the little hero Hebu did the day before yesterday,How much training resources are needed,Our Beigong family can bear it。”The first to speak was the representative of the Beigong family, one of the four giants in Hongliu City,Bei Gongwang。
This Beigongwang is young,Handsome,Jian Mei Xing Mei,Qiyuxuanang,Waist sword,Vigorous but not,It’s an advanced fighter。