[Effects of Paris Champs Flower Tea]_Benefits_Premise

[Effects of Paris Champs Flower Tea]_Benefits_Premise

Many people in our life especially like to drink flower and fruit tea, because flower and fruit tea tastes better, and he also has a lot of effects, and flower and fruit tea can also be made by yourself, you can add all kinds of favoriteFruits and flowers, the nutritional content of these flowers and fruits can improve the human body’s immunity, and supplement various vitamins needed by the human body, so does the Paris Champs Flower Tea have some effect?

Benefits of long-term drinking Huaguo tea: 1, Huaguo tea has the effect of reconciling the spleen and stomach, and complicates the cold.

The vitamin C contained in the tea itself can improve immunity and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

Drinking a cup of flower fruit tea is actually equivalent to drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Flower and fruit tea can be used as an auxiliary method for treating diseases with drugs, which can shorten the course of the disease.

2, has the effect of nourishing intermediates.

Some people with indigestion drink tea and even eat the pulp, because it can promote osmotic peristalsis, help to eliminate toxins in the body, and prevent dry stools.

3. Detoxifying effect.

Drinking this tea often can also detoxify your skin, and avoid growing nasty and nasty puppets.

Extended information: Flower and fruit tea is called fruit tea. It is made by concentrating and drying various flowers and fruits. Its composition contains various vitamins, fruit acids and minerals.

Most of the raw materials for making flower and fruit tea are from wild flowers or flowers, but some are specially planted by humans.

Flower and fruit tea generally does not add additives, artificial flavors and pigments in the production and production process. It is natural as a whole. After brewing, the original color of the flower and fruit grains appears colorful and pleasing.

Before the emergence of Indian and Chinese teas, flower and fruit teas had been widely used.

Because it does not contain caffeine, it effectively avoids the problem that ordinary tea leaves people difficult to fall asleep, and does not cause symptoms such as heart palpitations, gastrointestinal upsets, and addiction caused by caffeine drinks for a long time.

Each kind of flower fruit or flower has different nutrition, health and medicinal effects.

Purple rose flower regulates endocrine disorders, eliminates back pain, regulates blood and relieves fatigue, and is effective for wound healing.

[Different seafood eats diarrhea]

娴烽矞鏄潪甯稿彈浜烘杩庣殑涓€涓鐗╁搧绉嶏紝鑰屾捣椴滅殑鍝佺涔熸槸鏈夊緢澶氱殑锛屽彧瑕佹槸鐢熼暱鍦ㄦ捣閲岀殑鍔ㄧ墿锛屽彲浠ヨ椋熺敤鐨勮瘽锛岄兘琚汉浠彨鍋氭捣椴滐紝姣斿鑺辩敳锛屾捣鍙傜瓑椋熺墿閮芥槸娴烽矞銆備絾鏄捣椴滃瓨鍦ㄤ竴涓緢澶х殑缂虹偣锛屽氨鏄€ц川瀵掑噳锛屾墍浠ュ悆澶氫簡娴烽矞瀹规槗閫犳垚鎷夎倸瀛愮殑鎯呭喌銆傛墍浠ュぇ瀹跺湪鍚冩捣椴滅殑鏃跺€欏崈涓囦笉瑕佽繃澶氱殑鍚冿紝浣嗘槸娴烽矞閫犳垚鐨勬媺鑲氬瓙濡備綍缂撹В鍛ⅲ?The master of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese People’s Republic of China, the Han Dynasty, the Chinese People’s Republic of China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Republic of China惈铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ殑娴蜂骇鍝侊紝瀵艰嚧鑲犺儍璐熸媴闄$劧鍔犲墽缁ц€屽紩鍙戣吂娉绘儏鍐点€傚彟澶栧氨鏄捣椴滄病鏈夊畬鍏ㄧ叜鐔熷氨鍚冿紝瀵艰嚧鑲犺儍鍙楁崯銆傝繕鏈夊氨鏄拰涓€浜涗笉閫傚疁涓€璧峰悆鐨勯鐗╁悓鍚冿紝渚嬪姘存灉銆佸暏閰掔瓑锛屾渶鍚庡氨鏄釜浜虹殑鑲犺儍娑堝寲鍔熻兘涓嶅叏锛屾棤娉曢€傚簲娴烽矞甯︽潵鐨勫埡婵€銆?2銆佹敼鍠勬帾鏂藉嚭鐜拌吂娉绘儏鍐靛悗闇€鍙婃椂閲囧彇鎺柦銆傞鍏堣鍠濈儹姘达紝鐑按鍙互鏈夋晥鎶戝埗鑲犻亾涓殑缁嗚弻锛屽苟涓斿彲浠ユ殩锛屾湁鍔╀簬鍑忚交鑵规郴鐥囩姸銆傚彟澶栧氨鏄悆涓€浜涙祦椋It ‘s very difficult to solve this problem. It ‘s very difficult to solve this problem. It ‘s very important to find out how to solve this problem.鑵规郴鎯呭喌鏁堟灉鑹ソ锛屼笉濡ㄨ瘯璇曘€傚鏋滆吂娉绘儏鍐典弗閲嶇殑璇濆缓璁強鏃跺氨鍖绘不鐤椼€?3銆佹敞鎰忎簨椤硅澶氫汉瀵规捣椴滃瓨鍦ㄤ竴绉嶈繃鏁忔儏鍐碉紝鎵€浠ヤ綘蹇呴』纭畾鑷繁鏄惁瀵规捣椴滆繃鏁忥紝杩樻湁灏辨槸鑷繁鑲犺儍鍔熻兘杈冨急鐨勮瘽寤鸿涓嶈鍚冨お澶氱殑鍒烘縺鎬у己鐨勯鐗╋紝渚嬪娴烽矞绛夈€傛澶栧氨鏄紝寮曡捣鑵规郴寰堥噸瑕佷竴鐐瑰氨鏄笉鍚堢悊鐨勯ギ椋熸惌閰嶉€犳垚锛屽洜姝ゅ悎鐞嗛ギ椋熷崄鍒嗛噸瑕併€傞€氬父锛屼竴浜涗笌娴烽矞涓嶉€傚疁鎼厤鐨勯鐗╁敖閲忛伩鍏嶈€屼笖鏈€濂藉悆鐔熼€忕殑椋熺墿銆?

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986): NOR new demand heavy DRAM project continued layout

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986): NOR new demand heavy DRAM project continued layout

This report reads: Zhaoyi Innovation is a leading domestic memory chip design company, with a deep layout of the entire storage platform. Cooperation with Hefei is expected to benefit from the wave of domestic DRAM substitution.

Investment Highlights: 合肥夜网 Coverage for the first time, give overweight rating, target price 191.

91 yuan.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 5.

29, 9.

05, 11.

400,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31%, 71%, 26%, and EPS are 1 respectively.

65, 2.

82, 3.

56 yuan, giving the company 68 times PE in 2020, corresponding to an investment of 191.

91 yuan.

Zhaoyi Innovation is a leading company in domestic memory chips and microcontrollers.

The company’s main business is memory chips and microcontroller products, with a deep and in-depth layout of the storage + IoT business, and it has gradually grown into a leading domestic storage platform company.

Emerging applications of TWS + AMOLED + IoT drive the boom of NOR Flash.

1) TWS headphones: It is expected that the company’s 苏州桑拿网 share of major customers will far exceed market expectations, and the capacity of TWS headphones will be significantly increased in the future.

(2) AMOLED: In the future, the capacity of NOR for AMOLED is expected to show a breakthrough increase, which will lead to a rapid increase in the size of the entire market.

(3) IOT, emerging applications are booming: automotive, industrial control, wearable bracelets, game consoles, substrates, etc. have become the company’s main future growth points.

Committed to building a full storage platform, it is expected to deeply benefit from domestic substitution dividends.

1) At present, the DRAM market is almost monopolized by the three giants of Micron, Samsung, and Hynix, which have been transformed into the company’s Hefei project, which is trying to make the first profit in the wave of domestic alternatives and quickly increase market share.

2) The company acquired Siliwei’s approval documents, deployed human-computer interaction in the field of Internet of Things, and had a significant synergy with the company’s main business, further enhancing the company’s competitive advantage.

Risk warning: the global semiconductor boom is down, downstream demand growth is not up to expectations, and Hefei DRAM production scale is not up to expectations.

CPIC (601601): No fear of marginal improvement in short-term new pressured investment end

CPIC (601601): No fear of marginal improvement in short-term new pressured investment end

Reserves are released, the expense ratio is stable, the investment side is improved, and profit growth is promoted.

In Q1 2019, the company achieved a net profit of 5.5 billion (YoY + 46%).

Mainly due to: 1) Total premiums increased steadily and the expense ratio was stable: 19Q1 company’s life insurance premium income was 92.9 billion (YoY + 3%), and property insurance premium income was 35.4 billion (YoY + 13%).

Fee and commission expenses decreased by 9% (the same as the decrease in new orders). The fee and commission expenses rate was YoY-2pct, and the management expense rate was YoY + 2pct. The expense rate was basically flat.

2) 750-day moving average online migration, negative growth of new orders, resulting in release of reserves and increased profits: the insurance liability reserve drawn by the company in 19Q1 decreased by 7%, accounting for 47% of premium income (YoY-6pct).

Relatively speaking, the new life insurance in 19Q1 saw a negative growth of 9%, which was the primary reason for the decline in insurance liability reserves.

At the same time, it is estimated that as of the end of 19Q1, the 750-day movement of the ten-year government bond maturity yield is relatively 3.

38%, which was 8bps higher at the end of 18Q1. Generally speaking, insurance companies will raise the assumption of discount rates for traditional insurance reserves and reduce the provision for insurance contract reserves.

Assuming that the company has not adjusted its reserve discount rate assumption, the change in the proportion of 19Q1 reserve withdrawals in premium income should be the same as the decline in new orders.

However, the change in the actual withdrawal rate is lower than the decrease in new orders. Therefore, we can rule out that the company’s actuarial assumptions or adjustments are more cautious.

3) The elasticity of equity assets is prominent, and the return on investment has picked up.

1Q1 total investment yield 4.

6% (+ 4pct year-on-year), with a net investment return of 4.

4% (year-on-year + 2pct), comprehensive investment return rate (estimated) 7.

4% (+ 3pct year-on-year).

Mainly related to investment income, gains and losses from changes in fair value, and other comprehensive income increased by RMB 2,918,680 million, respectively, to RMB 1,55,117,200 million.

Life insurance: New orders have a slight negative growth. It is expected that the improvement of the structure will help the NBV decline more narrowly.

1) 19Q1 life insurance premiums were 929 trillion (YoY + 3%), total new orders were 20.8 billion yuan (YoY-9%), new individual and group insurance orders were 17.4 billion (YoY-13%), and 34 trillion (year-on-year growth19%).

Among them, the proportion 北京夜网 of a long-term insurance business is likely to increase.

The improvement of the “open door” business structure directly promotes the improvement of NBVM. It is expected that the decline in NBV will gradually be lower than that of new orders, and the pressure on new orders will be eased from Q2.

2) Renewal premiums of 687 million (YoY + 11%). The growth rate has fallen or the overall premium growth rate may have fallen this year due to the decline in the premiums paid in 2018.

Property insurance: Car insurance increased steadily, and non-vehicles increased rapidly, helping the insurance premiums continue to grow.

19Q1 property insurance premiums were 35.4 billion (YoY + 13%), a growth rate of 6 pct lower than the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in auto insurance premiums.

1) Commercial 深圳桑拿网 vehicle fares have been deepened and new car sales have increased. In 19Q1, auto insurance premium income was only 23.7 billion yuan (YoY + 6%), which is expected to achieve a steady growth in auto insurance.

The fee reform was deepened, and the integration of newspapers and banks continued to advance. Under the pressure of expense ratios, leading insurance companies have a broad stock of businesses, and have outstanding channels, pricing and fixed loss advantages.

2) Non-auto insurance premiums of 117 million (+ 28% year-on-year) maintained a high increase, mainly due to the assistance of guarantee insurance, liability insurance and agricultural insurance, which is expected to become a new growth point for property insurance premiums.

The margin of investment has improved significantly, and the style of asset allocation is stable without changing the elasticity of equity assets.

1Q1 CPIC’s income from investment assets accounted for 82.

6% (from the end of last year-0.

5pct); stocks and equity funds account for 6.

7% (+1 from the end of the previous year.

1pct), which is still at the level of listed peers. It is expected that the increase in the proportion will be mainly due to the increase in market value, rather than actively adding positions.

Under the neutral assumption, the bond yield is 4.

5%, non-standard rate of return 7.

1%, CPIC 19Q1 stock + equity fund income increased negative.

Combined with the stock market’s 30% increase in 19Q1 and other comprehensive income increasing by $ 6.8 billion, we assume that the stock + equity fund yield of 5% will gradually increase CPIC’s total investment yield to 5 in 2019.


Investment suggestion: Life insurance new order pressure will be eased from Q2, and the decline will gradually narrow; business structure continues to be optimized, NBVM is improved, and NBV is expected to turn positive in 19H1.Auto insurance has increased steadily, while non-vehicle insurance has increased steadily, helping to increase the property insurance premiums steadily; leading insurance companies have outstanding pricing and fixed loss advantages, which is expected to achieve excess underwriting profit compared to the industry.

The stock market bottomed out and the 10-year Treasury yield steadily rose. The investment side will show a definitive marginal improvement.

At present the company meets the corresponding P / EV of 2019-2021 is 0.

9x, 0.

8x, 0.

7 times, maintaining the highly recommended level.

Risk warning: interest rates continue to fall, market volatility, investment income growth; premium growth is less than expected.

Xinmai Medical (688016): China’s leading aortic and prolonged vascular interventional device company

Xinmai Medical (688016): China’s leading aortic and prolonged vascular interventional device company

The company’s main military aorta and vasodilation interventional medical equipment research and development, production and sales.

In terms of aortic interventional devices, the company’s main products are arterial stent graft systems, which accounted for about 80% of revenue in 2018, showing a gradual trend; in terms of interventional vascular interventional devices, the company currently has vascular stent systems, which are involved in vascular bulbProducts such as cystic dilatation catheters; in addition, the company has the only domestic stent system approved for use in thoracic aortic dissection surgery.

The company’s performance has grown rapidly and its profitability has continued.

The company’s revenue for 2016-2018 was 1.

25, 1.

65, 2.

US $ 3.1 billion, with net profit of 411, 6339, 9065 million, and a compound growth rate of operating income and net profit of 35 in each of the three years.

8% and 48.

5%, the company’s gross profit margin and net profit margin in 2018 were 78.

81% and 39.

22%, showing a steady upward trend.

The company has developed into a leader in the segmentation of aortic vascular interventional devices for hypertension, with strong R & D capabilities.

In 2018, the company ranked second in the market share of chronic aortic vascular medical devices, and ranked first in domestic brands.

The company spends more than 20% of its annual revenue on research and development, and there are a number of products in progress in an orderly manner.

Since the country opened the special approval channel for innovative medical devices, the company has 5 independently researched and developed products entering the channel, which is in a leading position in the industry.

Overall evaluation and evaluation recommendations.

The company has established 深圳桑拿网 the most comprehensive product line of aortic stent grafts in the country. The peripheral vascular intervention products have also accelerated development at the same time, with huge growth potential.

The company’s EPS for 2019 and 2020 is expected to be 1.

90 and 2.

46 yuan, according to an estimate of 21-33 times the industry’s comparable companies in 2019, the corresponding company’s reasonable price range is 40.


30 yuan.

[The practice of a small bowl of meat]_Homely practice of a small bowl of meat_A practice of a small bowl of meat_How to make a small bowl of meat

[The practice of a small bowl of meat]_Homely practice of a small bowl of meat_A practice of a small bowl of meat_How to make a small bowl of meat

Cooking can be very simple. Pour the dishes into a pan, stir-fry or cook them.

But do you really like to eat this kind of gradient?

In order to make a dish, you must have a fixed method and skills.

So, let me teach you how to make a small bowl of meat.


Dried beans are soaked in warm water for more than an hour 2.

Pork belly cut into small cubes 3.

Boil water in a pan, add pork belly and boil.

Remove and rinse out 4.

Put a tablespoon of soybean oil in the pan and stir-fry with green onion and ginger 5.

Add pork belly and stir fry for 2 minutes 6.

Pour into a beer can and boil 7.

Add brown sugar 8.

Pour Lee Kum Kee Braised Soy Sauce 9.

Add pepper aniseed 10.

Add salt.

Stew until the soup is thick and turn off the heat.

Place dried beans on the bottom of the bowl and cover with pork belly 12.

Add the pressure cooker (Adi pot) and press the boiled beans button. You can see whether the meat is cooked for about half an hour. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or veteran cooker. If you look at the specific method of a small bowl of meat, you can definitely do it yourself.

So, put away your worries, and take action now, I believe you will soon be able to bring “gourmet” out of the pot.

[How to make pork leg soup with soy beans]_Boil soup_How to make

[How to make pork leg soup with soy beans]_Boil soup_How to make

The wave foot is also called pork trotter. Now the weather is getting colder and colder. Many people need some soup and water to nourish their body, so everyone will think of drinking some pork foot soup, but you must add some pork foot soup when you cook it.Ingredients, this will make it taste better, but the oily content is too large, it may taste no taste, so you might as well add some Chinese medicine such as Chenpi, pig’s feet and soybeans, which will make it taste better.

Fan Ge Soybean Pot Pork Feet Material Fan Ge 100 g Soy Beans 100 Gram Peel 1/3 Pig Feet 1 Ginger 3 Pieces Peel Geer Peel and Diced, Cut in half, knock with the back of the knife.

Put down the clay pot together, add 300 ml of water (about 2 bowls), and boil it for about 2 hours, then add salt.

This amount attracts 4-5 people.

Pueraria also known as pueraria, is edible with fleshy roots, sweet as pear fiber, and has both food and medicine. Modern nutrition and medicine believe that it is mainly starch, in addition to vitamins and calcium, iron, and phosphorus, it replaces pueraria flavonoids.Compounds, puerarin, daidzein, arachidic acid, etc.

It has Shengjin, quenches thirst, relieves diarrhea, antipyretic, detoxifies and treats various metabolic diabetes functions.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is cool and sweet, and has been used by the folks for a long time. Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, there were records of “Ge Sheng Chuan Gu” and “Jie Zhu Du”.effect.

Modern medical scientists also believe that it has the function of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and improving cardio-cerebral vascular circulation, especially wild fange, which is effective for diabetes, cervical hypertrophy, skin redness and gastrointestinal upset.

Soy protein and 8 amino acids essential for human body are close to full-valent protein.

Chinese medicine believes that it can also broaden Chinese qi and strengthen spleen and bones.

The pig’s feet are called trotters in the north. They are divided into two front and rear. The forefoot has a small amount of bone and is straight. The hindfoot has a small amount of meat and is curved. The Cantonese call it “pig hands” and “pig feet”.

Its collagen and bone collagen, this gum is the most important protein in tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.

The folks call it “filling with form”. Chinese medicine believes that it can strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, nourish yin and nourish, and promote lactation.

[Can children eat yam?

】 _Children_Benefits

[Can children eat yam?
】 _Children_Benefits

Children’s bodies have not been fully developed and are in a state of constant development. Children’s daily diet must be nutritionally balanced so that they can develop well. Many attentive parents will make delicious delicacies for their children every day. Many people love to eatYam, yam is rich in nutrition and tastes sweet. Many parents are still tangled and wonder if children can take yam. How about children taking yam?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Can children eat yam?
Yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

Absolute spleen-yang deficiency or stomach-yin deficiency can be eaten, especially suitable for children.


There are many benefits of yam1 to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Yam contains a large amount of mucoprotein, vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the precipitation of blood lipids on the walls of blood vessels, prevent heart and blood diseases, have the effect of lowering blood pressure and calming the mind, and is very suitable for eating in winter.

2, spleen and stomach, help digestion.

Yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

Absolute spleen-yang deficiency or stomach-yin deficiency can be eaten.

Clinically, it is often used with hypertension to treat complications such as weak spleen and stomach, eating less body, and diarrhea.

3, Yifei cough.

Dry and cold in winter, it hurts the lungs and throat a lot. In winter, it is easy for people to have a dry throat or even pain. Yam contains saponin and mucus. These two ingredients lubricate and moisturize, so it can be beneficial to the lungs.Lung yin, treatment of lung deficiency, phlegm cough, chronic cough and other symptoms.

4, nourishing the kidney and health.

Yam contains a variety of nutrients, has a strong body, nourish kidney and essence.

Moreover, winter vegetables and fruits are relatively few and the price is relatively expensive. Edible yam can take in vitamins instead of vegetables and fruits, but yams must not be eaten with bananas, which can cause diarrhea.

5. Reduce blood sugar.

Yam contains mucoprotein, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar. When added to the usual dishes, it can also prevent the sudden rise of blood sugar caused by overeating. Long-term consumption also has the effect of diabetes.


The practice of yam-sweet and sour yam Ingredients: 500 grams of yam seasoning: 125 grams of white sugar, 50 grams of vegetable oil, 8 grams of vinegar, 5 grams of starch (pea).

Practices: 1. Wash the yam, steam it out of the basket, remove it, peel it, cut it into 3 cm sections, cut it into two pieces, and pat it flat with a knife.

2. Fill the pot with oil and cook until it is 70% hot, put yam, and remove it when it is golden brown.

3, leave a small amount of oil in the pot, put the fried yam, sugar, water, low heat for five minutes, then turn to high heat, add vinegar, monosodium glutamate, thicken with starch, and pour cooked oil.

[Why eat broccoli for fitness]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

[Why eat broccoli for fitness]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

I believe everyone has heard of broccoli, a vegetable that has very good effects and functions.

Eating more broccoli can effectively prevent cancer from becoming cancerous, and can also strengthen the body’s immunity.

Most fitness people like to eat broccoli to make fitness better, but many people hear the hearsay, knowing that broccoli can be eaten during fitness, but do n’t know why, let ‘s take a look at why fitnessbroccoli.

1. Prevent cancer.

Broccoli contains powerful antioxidants and anti-cancer substances, which can effectively prevent diabetes, uterine cancer and top cancers.

2. Control overeating.

Broccoli has the same protein content as rice and corn, but only half of them!

3. Strengthen the immune system.

Broccoli contains a large amount of beta-carotene, zinc and sunburn, which are essential for the body’s immune system.

4. Promote normal plasma development.

A serving of broccoli contains up to 94mcg of niacin and other B vitamins. These trace elements are essential for the division of placental cells.

5. Prevent diabetes.

Broccoli’s saturated cellulose and extremely low sugar content ensure stable levels in the body.

6, prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Broccoli contains lutein, vitamin B6 and folic acid to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

7. Enhance bone quality.

Broccoli has a higher calcium content than most milk products, so regular replacement of broccoli can strengthen human bones and prevent osteoporosis.

8, stabilize blood pressure.

The potassium, magnesium and calcium in broccoli can stabilize human blood pressure.

9. Prevent colds.

Broccoli vitamin C and antioxidants, its anti-inflammatory effect can reduce cold symptoms.

10, make you “manly.”

Broccoli has the potential to improve male hormone secretion.

[Is it easy for my baby to digest sweet potatoes?]_ Children_Impact

[Is it easy for my baby to digest sweet potatoes?]_ Children_Impact

Sweet potatoes have good taste and high nutritional value, so many parents prefer to eat sweet potatoes for their children, but considering that the baby is very young, they are worried that they will accumulate in the stomach after eating sweet potatoes, so they will not eat them.Whether or not sweet potatoes can be digested has become a question that many treasure moms are asking now. Whether they can be digested or not depends on how the children eat them. The following ways of eating are more common.

How to eat sweet potatoes for baby: Ingredients for sweet potato balls: 50 grams of sweet potatoes, 50 grams of apples, honey content.

Method: 1. Wash the sweet potatoes, peel them, chop them and cook them softly.

2. Peel and chop the apples, chop them, cook them softly, mix them with sweet potatoes, add them to the honey and stir well before feeding.

3. During production, cut up sweet potatoes and apples and cook them.

Efficacy: Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which cannot be absorbed internally, can stimulate tandem, enhance peristalsis, detoxify the apple, and the apple’s inherent nutrients are also very rich, so this is an appetizer

Pumpkin sweet potato polenta ingredients: 20 grams of sweet potatoes, 30 grams of pumpkin, 50 grams of cornmeal, brown sugar itself.

Measures: 1. Peel and wash the sweet potatoes and pumpkins, chop them into pieces, or put them in a blender to make a paste (a little cold water is needed); use a moderate amount of cold water to make a thin paste.

2. Set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, boil, add sweet potatoes and pumpkin and cook for about 5 minutes, add corn paste, and cook until thick.

3. Add a small amount of brown sugar to taste and stir well.

Efficacy: Sweet potatoes are sweet, nutritious, easy to digest, cause a lot of thermal energy, and contain unique bioflavonoids, which prevent cancer and prolong life. It can effectively suppress the occurrence of cancer and colon cancer.

And sweet potato has a special protective effect on the human organs and mucous membranes, which can inhibit the deposition of cholesterol, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the atrophy of connective tissue in liver and kidney, and prevent the occurrence of collagen disease.

This porridge moistens the lungs and diuretics, nourishes the stomach and accumulates nutrients, and it is good for your baby’s growth and development.