After returning to the birthplace of the party chapter, the top rate

The Director of the Second Central Committee of the Party School of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Jingqing, Director, Director, Director of the Scientific Research, made a special lecture "to learn to practice the party constitution". Zhou Jingqing pointed out that the party rules of the party constitution have been based on our party’s political declaration and behavioral norms, profoundly reflecting and reflecting the initial and mission of the Communists. She emphasized that every member of the Communist Party must always learn the party constitution, abide by the party constitution, and implement the party constitution, and strengthen the consciousness and action consciousness of the strict treatment of the party, thus conjunction with the birthplace of the party, move toward the second hundred years Belief power and action power. Since September this year, the "Jiji Lecture Hall" is one large, four major, two major succession, relying on Shanghai’s rich red cultural resources and academic thinking weigns new ideas to build a new era of party members’ education platform. Next, under the guidance of the city and district-related departments, the Second Order Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China will be based on the first party constituity, and the red resources in the area will develop the "Jiji Lecture" series of quality courses.

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Bank hosted anti-"run road" Henan comprehensive supervision school training institution pre-recovery fee

  On November 12th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Education that in order to prevent the "refueling" "reflex" "reflex" "roll-money running road", the reporter, the issuance of six departments of the Provincial Department of Education, and requires all localities to strengthen the school Training institutions pre-recovered supervision work, pre-recovered funds for pre-recovered funds for school training institutions, and ensure the safety of training service transactions. For all, some school training institutions "refund fees" "roll-money running road" have seriously violated students (parents) rights.

In order to strengthen supervision, the Ministry of Education and other six departments have been notified in recent days, guiding the supervision of the training services fees pre-charged for primary and secondary school students (including kindergartens children) proof schools (including online and offline), clear off-campus The training fee period and teaching arrangements should be coordinated, and it shall not be charged or recharged in one time.

At the same time, all parts can be combined with the actual, the bank hosted, risk margin, and the pre-recovery fee of the school training institution is taken.

  The notice requirements issued by the six sectors of our province, immediately immediately fund the local school training institution (the number, category type, existing state, the number of unparalleled institutions, the number of government guidance), the number of students, the number of students, unable to eliminate the course The amount of money, the number of fund regulators, the amount of funds, the number of existing teachers, the number of layoffs) and the pre-recovery, risk margin, training fee special account supervision and whether there is "refund difficult" "volume money Problem and other issues to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and rectify the existing problems.

  By investigating, based on comprehensive, accurate mastering basic training institutions, establishing a financial supervision system and regulatory platform covering the pre-recovery fee, banking hosting or risk margin, risk warning and disposal, etc., realizing school training The full coverage of the agency pre-receiving fee fund supervision work, stabilizes the "refund is difficult" and "roll money running".

At the same time, it is important to include the pre-charges of the school training institutions into fund supervision, including the daily supervision, special supervision and annual inspection of the proofreading, and annual inspection of the annual inspection of the annual inspection of proofreading. (Editor: Since the quiet, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

City and county jointly carry out special inspections of hazardous waste standards collection

On November 9th, the Tongren City Ecological Environment Bureau, Tongren City Road Transport Bureau, Tongren Municipal Bureau of Business Bureau, Tongren City Market Supervision Administration Joint Inspection Team to Indian Waste Lead Battery, Waste Oil Recycling Disposal Site Check, Tongren City Ecology Environmental Bureau Industry Branch, Yinjiang County Road Transport Bureau, Yinjiang County Industrial Bureau, Yinjiang County Market Supervision Administration in charge of leadership and related personnel attended the examination.

This site inspection mainly surrounds waste lead storage batteries and waste oil debris waste operations, electric vehicles, electric bicycle repair and sales stores, lead storage batteries, motor vehicle maintenance, automotive dismantling and waste car recycling enterprises, produced lead-acid batteries (Mobile, Telecom, Unicom, Tower) key units.

The city inspection team conducted a random spot check method, randomly randomly extracted 2 electric car maintenance and sales stores in Yinjiang County, 1 lead storage battery sales shop, 2 two types of automotive repair plants, 1 waste car recycling company and 1 waste Lead-acid batteries produce a key unit.

The municipal examination team focuses on the publicity of hazardous waste related laws and regulations, corporate hazardous waste generation, stacking venue standard settings, hazardous waste logo, storage, disposal accounts, detailed inspection and inquiry, for the issues found in the inspection process, promptly propose Rectifying opinions and requires all departments of county-level departments to seriously urge it to ensure timely rectification. Through this inspection, it makes the enterprise more recognize the problems in its business management, further improve the importance of enterprises to the importance of dangerous waste management and disposal, and more clearly determines the implementation of pollution control "subject responsibility" and specific rectification Measures implemented. The county-level functional departments have more clear functional responsibilities and working methods in the inspection process, and provide guidance for each department in the future supervision and management work, providing guidance, for the waste lead battery, the waste oil recycling office, clearing the next step The direction is provided.

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Changshou accelerated construction new material industrial ecosystem

  The longevity is open area, and the workers are producing new materials.

(Reporter) Two asbestos wires are placed on the shape of the shape, heating with the alcohol lamp, and the leaves are instantly burnt, and the other is intact. On October 8th, Hualand New Material Co., Ltd., located in Long Shengjing District is demonstrating a group of experiments, the mystery of the leaves of the leaves lies in it below it placed a blue matter of jelly. "This material name is called a gas gel, is an excellent thermal insulation.

"The company’s person in charge, the company’s annual output of 50,000 square meters of silicon-based gas gel composite material project has been completed, and the project will be officially put into production at the end of the year.

  This is just a minority of the longevity district to create a national-level new material and advanced manufacturing base.

In recent years, the district has been demonstrated around the leading demonstration, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, forming a new material industry cluster based on polyurethane, functional film materials, etc. In 2020, the new material production in Changshou District was worth 100 million yuan, accounting for about 1/4 of the city’s share. Leading company leads to the new material industry chain Changshou District as an important sector in the main city new district, manufacturing has always been the local pillar industry, with heavy steel, Chuanwei chemical and other old companies.

In recent years, local pay close attention to the industrial chain supply chain, focus on cultivating and introducing a number of leader, strong projects, leading enterprises, building new materials and advanced manufacturing industries. "In the creation of the industry chain, we first target the core technology, with the core leadership, can make up for the leading businesses of the local industrial chain short board, and then with many" SMEs "SMEs around the leading enterprise agglomeration, forming the upper The downstream enterprises jointly promote, the interests of the interests, win – win development, the relevant person in charge of the Changshou District. In addition to Huarland Gasgel, in recent years, Changshou District has introduced the world’s first natural gas protein, the largest high-strength steel, the largest steel strand, and the largest lithium ionic membrane materials in the southwest, basically form a high-performance polymer, fiber Industrial clusters in composite materials, functional membrane materials, electronic chemicals, and silicon-based materials, laid the foundation for the initial establishment of national new materials and advanced manufacturing bases in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

  Intelligent transformation enhances production efficiency in Long Shengjing District, Chongqing Kohun New Material Co., Ltd. Production area, a batch of polyurethane waterproof coatings continue to transmit from automatic pipelines, after classifying prodi, then packaged out of the factory. Last year, Kobe new materials completed the intelligent transformation of the workshop, replacing the artificial operation with automatic water production, and the production operation efficiency increased by 20%. Injecting intelligent factors in production links, enhances industry chain production efficiency and benefits through large data intelligent, and accelerates the iterative upgrade of traditional industries. It is another secret that is rapidly developing in the long-lived new material industry cluster.

  "We advance the Internet, big data, intelligent and industrial economy depth.

"The relevant person in charge of the Changshou District Economic and Letter Committee introduced that in the" point ", the" point "is grasped, driving the company" machine change "; in the" line ", the production line is upgraded, and the equipment is automatically automated digital production line; on" face " Grasping system integration, building smart factories and digital workshops, and improving production standardization, automation, digitization, intelligent level.

  According to statistics, in these years, the Changshou District has been investing 100 million yuan, implemented 137 intelligent technology reform projects, has built 4 municipal intelligent chemical plants, 38 high-level digital workshops, including the project related to new materials 1/3. Science and technology innovation leads high quality development into Chuanwei Chemical, EVOH production line mechanical roar, this is a thermoplastic high barrier resin that effectively blocks oxygen in the air and is generally used in food packaging. Not long ago, the EVOH synthetic resin product developed by Chuanwei Chemical was produced by mass production, filled with gaps in this field.

  At present, longevity new materials have gathered more than 200 companies and is moving towards 100 billion industries.

"In recent years, we have enabled the industrial chain layout, increase basic research and application basic research investment efforts, and play a deep integration advantage of production and research, and empower industrial upgrades." The relevant person in charge of Changshou District said.

  Thanks to the organic linkage of the industrial chain, innovative chain, the talent chain, the EVOH, which is independent of Kawath, independently developed, more innovative results also entered the "production line" from the "laboratory", driving the new material industry from rapid growth Towards high quality development.

  "Next, we will also strengthen the regional linkage with the two rivers and new districts and Fuling, through the establishment of resource sharing, interest sharing of the development mechanism, realizing a benign interaction in industries, market, talents, etc., surrounding the new materials industry chain forging, Make shortboard.

"The relevant person in charge of Changshou District said.

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Agricultural technology is in hand, and the field is watching the spring.

Anhui Mingguang Fortune Daban Zhao Yinggen – "Land Trust Let me be a handkerchief", "the reporter’s tourist sun, the green wheat field does not look at the side."

Ying Yumi, everything is spurred. The temperature is gradually rising, and the moisture in the field is large. Anhui Mingguang City Gu Pei Town Gu Pei Village is a large grain household. I haven’t waited for him to call the Agricultural Science and Technology Professional Cooperative of Gu Pei Town. On March 7th, with a plant protection drone, the cooperative flying Baozu will board the door. "Zhao Shu, these days have come, in order to avoid disease, let us give you wheat spray.

"" A plant protection drone, a sprayer, all waiting! We are 3 people, an estimated two days of completion. "Asked the specific situation of spray, Bai Zuyu is fine.

The device is adjusted, and the spray is started.

In the wheat field, the plant protection drone is low-speed and trip, and the spray sprayer is coming back and forth. Zhao Yumin did not help but smile.

"Make yourself, one acre cost is at least 400 yuan."

"He counts his finger, paying down to professional cooperatives, concentrate medicine, unified harvesting, more equipment, high efficiency, not only reduce costs, but the yurt can be nearly 200 pounds." Land hosted let me I got a handkerchief.

"In Lao Zhao’s view, scientific management, save money, and save effort.

"This time, there are five or six people to host the land every day. This year’s hosted contract, we have signed more than 600 copies, almost 10 acres.

"The Chairman of the Cooperative, said that through the whole or key link, the land is hosted, and the average is averaged, and the farmer can add more than 200 yuan. Since this year, Mingguang City has organized more than 130 agricultural skills to combine epidemic prevention and control network package Introduction to the field of field seedlings in the field.

In addition, encouraging social service organizations to plant large-scale and small farmers, providing suppliers, purchasing, and cultivating services. At present, there are 150,000 mu of Spring Division of Spring Farming, accounting for about 150,000 mu of the city. Hainan Lingao family farm master Liu Ming – "Melonai is easy to treat, thanks to expert help", Wang Xinyue, the reporter Wang Xinyue, Hainan temperament rebounded, spring farming is busy. In the ancientowe village of Po Long Town, Lingao County, the loofah in the vegetable garden, the soybean positive seedling period, the green seedlings around the wooden frame, into a piece of work; the pepper, full of sugar, and the full of branches. Ancient Liu Mun Village farmers Liu Ming, Xu Shao Qiong couples run more than 80 acres of family farm, in the early morning, they are busy in the field. Walking into the loofah, Liu Ming carefully pulled the lush buds to the rattan rack. "I am in the pilot hedge, able to avoid the vines to be entangled, increase its growth space, and ensure that the hood has good ventilation, Conservancy is good.

"On the other hand, Xu Shaoqiong walked down from the body, took off the side buds of the bottom of the tender green mainman." The leaves have long been too long.

"" Hainan’s climate resources are light, hot conditions, so tall the farming mode of ‘rice, rice, vegetables’, while doing well with rice food production, in order to make full use of natural advantages of Hainan Sunshine direct sunlight, vigorously guide Farmers develop the melon industry.

"Guilu Village Science and Technology Specialist Liu Shao Coal told reporters that Lingao plans to plant 180,000 mu of melons, which is expected to reach 10,000 tons. Bus busy one morning, Liu Ming, wiped the sweat of the forehead, smile and look at the head He walked in Liu Shao Coal said, "Don’t look at it now, the weather is hot in March, the melon is easy to treat, thanks to experts! "In order to do a good job in the Spring Pills Spring Management, Lingao County Science and Technology Service Center sent 46 agricultural technicians to the fields, and launched a guiding pest and anti-control and management of field drainage channels. Liu Shao Coal is one of them." The weather is warm Insects, past farmers like to solve pesticides, which is likely to lead to pesticide residues in melon.

"Liu Shao Coal told reporters," So we teach the farmers’ yellowboard physics to prevent pests, which greatly reduces the amount of drug use.

"Looking at the farmer is busy in the field, Liu Shao Shi is looking forward to saying," Spring Festival premises prevalence is gratifying, the pepper of a few corners of the year in previous years, this year, the purchase price can be up to 8 yuan per kilogram. The farmers are all grabbed, and strive to earn a big harvest in the whole year! (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei).

The third round of the third round of Nija’s nucleic acid is carried out in an orderly manner

  On the afternoon of October 22, the Alasion League’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference was held at the Yinaqi flag. As of 7:00 on October, the second round of the Niji Nafi has sampled 3,1097 nucleic acid detection, a total of 6 positive, and the remaining results are negative. Alashan Laqi launched the first round of nucleic acid detection of the first round of nucleic acid detection, a total of 119,796 people, and the results were negative; the first round of the first round of the Alashan, the nucleic acid detection was 15,676, the result was negative; Alashan High The district technology industry development zone is 32,571 people, and 15,977 outcomes have been negative; 14950 people were detected by the Swings Beach Ecological Immigration Demonstration Zone, and 12,000 results have been negative.

  For some netizens concerns about the front two-wheeled nucleic acid testing in the front two-wheeled nucleic acid testing, the Ejinaqi has been conducting special research and optimizing the workflow.

In the third round of nucleic acid detection work in the Quanji, the sample point is increased from the original 12 to 41, according to the control area, the sealing area divided, set 4 fixed sampling points and 37 flow sampling points.

According to the distribution of each sampling point, the medical staff, community volunteers, and packaged cadres guarantee the nucleic acid detection site order, and published the sampling point in the "China’s IJA" "Healthy Ejurn" WeChat public platform.

The results of nucleic acid detection report will be announced in a timely "healthy Alashan" platform.

(Trainee Reporter Wang Kun reporter Wang Lei) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

US military soldiers were accused of firing and burning "quasi-mapping"

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Amphibious Attack Marily of the US Navy, the US Navy puts forward an allegation of a seducement of the ship and believes that his aircraft behavior has caused this US military "quasi-train" being fired. burn. The US Naval Times reported on July 29 that the US Navy announced that a young water soldier was accused of burning the US Navy "Good Man Richard" amphibious attack ship last summer.

The third fleet spokesman Xiao Gen Robertson said that this water troop is a student and one of the "Good people Richard". "Good people Richard" amphibious attack ship has seriously fired on July 12 last year, and it has been burned for more than 4 days. The ship’s low-rise cabin, flight deck, ship island, masts are seriously damaged.

Considering that the repair costs have far exceed the cost of the ship, the US Navy decided to scrap the ship, the ship has been dragged to the shipyard dismantling.

According to the report, this water soldier was accused of violations of the crime of serious ancestors and the crime of damage to the crime.

However, the US Navy did not disclose the identity information of this water.

Robertson said: "The evidence collected during the survey is enough to hold a preliminary hearing.

"He did not immediately responded to whether this accused of the water soldier has been detained, and it refused to disclose whether the water soldier was in August last year because of the same water soldier who was interrogated by military.

According to reports on the US "Mission and Target" website, the US Navy has draws conclusions in November last year. If you want to repair this amphibian attack, it will take at least 5 years and more than $ 3 billion, and if Transforming it into a new use of the medical boat, will also spend $ 1 billion.

The report believes that "there is always someone to pay for this $ 3 billion". It is reported that "Good Richard Richard" is one of the 10 US naval amphibious attack ships, which is being converted to the modification of the US dollar in order to carry the next generation of carrier fighters F-35B. The fire burned on July 12, 2020, which was burned four days later.

The fire swallows the well deck, the upper building, and the front of the sales and work space, the temperature of the ship reached 1000 degrees, and the flight deck, the ship, and the masts are widely destroyed. In addition, many people were injured during the fire extinguishing. The US Navy has not yet announced the results of this survey of fire accidents. Ministers of the US Navy and the Navy have committed Gildi in the summer of last year.

US Navy officials said they expect major investigations to be completed this summer.

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De inherente basis van "marxisme"

  General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop: "Waarom is het Chinese Communistische Partij? Waarom is het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, het is vanwege het marxisme!" De Communistische Partij van China’s Central Comité over de 100-jarige ervaring van China en historische ervaring "Verklaart de Chinese Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China. Wanneer de historiologische betekenis," de 100-jarige strijd van de partij de sterke vitaliteit van het marxisme toonde ", en benadrukte dat" de wetenschappelijke en waarheid van het marxisme "volledig in China is ge?nspecteerd en Marxistische mensen en -auto’s zijn volledig ge?mplementeerd in China. Marxistische openheid en tacticiteit worden volledig aangetoond in China. " Deze belangrijke discussie is gebaseerd op de belangrijkste prestaties en historische ervaring van de partij, en de binnenbasis van "marxisme" is diep ge?nterpreteerd.

  Marxistische wetenschappelijke en waarheid seksuele inspectie van het marxisme in China is een wetenschappelijke theorie en is de waarheid door geschiedenis en praktijk.

Deze theorie heeft creatief onthullen de wet van de menselijke sociale ontwikkeling en heeft de richting van menselijke sociale ontwikkeling gemaakt, waardoor het pad van menselijke verkenning is verlicht en hun eigen bevrijding zoekt. General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop: "Marxisme wordt niet alleen van de wereld veranderd, maar heeft ook China veranderd." Marx, Engels stelden de bijdrage van de Chinese beschaving aan de menselijke beschaving, en wetenschappelijk de opkomst van "China socialisme", Zelfs voor hun harten nam New China een mooie naam – "de Republiek van China".

Na de revolutie van oktober werden de geavanceerde elementen van China geaccepteerd en geloofd in het marxisme en vestigden de Chinese Communistische Partij.

In de afgelopen 100 jaar is het marxisme altijd de leidende ideologie van het feest geweest, nooit veranderd; het is altijd het spirituele geloof van de Chinese communisten, nooit veranderd; het is altijd het feest om de grote sociale revolutie uit te voeren en de grote zelf-revolutionaire en de grote zelfrevolutie uit te voeren ideologisch wapen, nooit opgeperst.

Omdat het marxisme zo veel diepgaande impact is en leidt een generatie van de Communistische Partij van China en de Chinese mensen, zodat wetenschappelijke en nauwkeurige begeleiding basale principes biedt bij het realiseren van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie, heeft het de partij en mensen in het verleden het feest en mensen in het verleden gemaakt 100 jaar. Won geweldige overwinning en glorie. De wetenschappelijke en waarheid van het marxisme is volledig in China ge?nspecteerd. Het is het proces van het combineren van de basisprincipes van het marxisme met China. Het wordt ge?mplementeerd in het marxisme. De belangrijkste theoretische prestaties van China worden ge?mplementeerd in het proces van wetenschappelijke begeleiding in verschillende historische periode in de afgelopen 100 jaar .. Mao Zedong dacht dat het creatieve gebruik en de ontwikkeling van het marxisme-leninisme in China is. Het is de juiste theoretische principes en ervaringsoverzicht in de Chinese revolutie en de bouw. ??Het is de eerste historische sprong van het marxisme China. De levende ziel van Mao Zedong is de positie, mening, methode en weerspiegeling van verschillende componenten. De drie basisaspecten van de massale lijn, de onafhankelijkheid en bieden wetenschappelijke richtlijnen voor de ontwikkeling van het feest en de mensen. Wetenschap en theoretisch systeem van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken beantwoordde een reeks basisprincipes, ontwikkelingsfasen, fundamentele taken, ontwikkelingsmotivatie, ontwikkelingsstrategie, politieke garanties, leiderschap en vertrouwen op macht en internationale strategie, leiderschap en betrouwbare sterkte, enz. Vraag , van de nieuwe praktijk en tijden kenmerken, persistentie en het ontwikkelen van marxisme, realiseren de nieuwe sprong van het nieuwe van Marxist China, is de juiste theorie van de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie.

XI Jinping’s New Era Chinese karakteristieke socialistische denken is het hedendaagse Marxisme van China, het 21e eeuwse marxisme, is de essentie van het tijdperk van de Chinese cultuur en de Chinese Geest, en realiseert de nieuwe sprong in China’s nieuwe China. Sinds het 18e Nationale Congres van de Communistische Partij heeft de generaal Secretary Xi Jinping diep denken en wetenschappelijk oordeel gehouden over een reeks belangrijke theorie?n en praktische kwesties met betrekking tot de ontwikkeling van het nieuwe tijdperk van de partij en de nationale bedrijven en verschillende gebieden van Marxistische filosofie, politieke economie en wetenschappelijk socialisme. Veel nieuwe idee?n voor marge en leiderschap worden voorgesteld. Bij het hechten aan het uitgebreide leiderschap van de partij, uitgebreid van het streven, economische constructie, uitgebreide verdieping hervorming en openstelling, politieke constructie, uitgebreid volgens de wet, culturele constructie, sociale constructie, ecologische beschavingsconstructie, nationale defensie en militaire constructie, vrijwarende nationale veiligheid , hechten aan het "één land, twee systemen" en het bevorderen van de eenheid van het moederland, diplomatiek werk, enz., de partij en nationale ondernemingen hebben historische prestaties en historische veranderingen bereikt. Deze reeks originele idee?n, transformatieve praktijken, doorbraak, iconische resultaten, volledig bewezen om de wetenschappelijke en waarheid van Chinese karakteristieke socialistische socialistische denken in Xi Jinping te leren.

  Marxistische mensen en bruikbaarheid van mensen hebben de volledige implementatie van de seksuele en bruikbaarheid van mensen in China bereikt. Het marxisme heeft de invloed van het land, over het tijdperk, is vanwege zijn rooting-mensen, die het recht aangeeft om te vertrouwen op de mensen die in de geschiedenis gaan.

Marxisme is gemaakt om de historische bestemming van het volk te veranderen. Het wordt gevormd in de praktijk van de bevrijding van mensen en is ook rijk en ontwikkeld in de praktijk van de bevrijding van mensen.

De geavanceerde elementen van China zijn begonnen met het marxisme. Vanaf het begin van zijn vestiging zal de Chinese communistische partij geluk maken in het Chinese volk, en de Chinese natie wordt afgewezen als een eigen initi?le missie.

De seks van het marxistische volk, de initi?le missie van het praktische en de particuliere en partij is zeer verenigd, vastbesloten de aard van het marxistische volk, en bruikbaarheid zal onvermijdelijk volledig worden ge?mplementeerd in de voortdurende voortgang van de Chinese Communistische Partij.

De partij heeft zijn hoofdtaken tijdens elke historische periode. Deze taken hebben hun eigen sleutel en kenmerken, maar ze zijn allemaal realistische taken om de initi?le missie van de partij te oefenen. Ze zijn allemaal manifestaties van seksuele en praktische China van het marxistische volk. Al meer dan honderd jaar zijn de alle theorie en de praktijk van de partij het thema nauw afronding van het bereiken van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie. Ze zijn allemaal om te streven naar nationale onafhankelijkheid, de bevrijding van het volk en het land te realiseren en het land te realiseren sterk, en de mensen zijn gelukkig en niet-afrollen. Mensen en bruikbaarheid. Tijdens de nieuwe Democratische revolutie leidde de partijgroep de mensen om de grote sprong van China van de feodale autocratische politiek van duizenden jaren naar de mensen te bereiken, en de Chinese mensen opstaan ??om de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie op te richten , fundamentele sociale omstandigheden.

Tijdens de socialistische revolutie en constructie leidde de partijgroep de mensen om de meest uitgebreide sociale verandering van de Chinese natie te bereiken, waardoor een geweldige sprong bereikt om de socialistische samenleving in de geschiedenis van de Chinese natie te betreden, waarbij een groot aantal mensen in de Socialistische maatschappij, om de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie te bereiken. Het legde een fundamentele politieke uitgangspunt en institutionele basis. Tijdens de nieuwe periode van hervorming en openstelling en socialistische modernisering leidde de partijgroep de mensen om de historische sprong van de Chinese natie te bereiken naar de algehele well-off en promoten de grote sprong van de Chinese natie van staan ??van de rijken . Geweldige verjonging biedt een nieuwe vitaliteitssysteemgarantie en ontwikkelt snel materiaalomstandigheden.

Het nieuwe tijdperk van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken leidt de partijgroep de mensen om een ??goed-off-samenleving te bouwen, winnen de Universal Battle, open de nieuwe reis van uitgebreide constructie van de socialistische modernisering, en de Chinese natie luidde van staande Great Leap om sterk te zijn. Het realiseren van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie biedt een completere systeemgarantie, een meer solide materi?le fundering en actievere spirituele kracht. Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China, is general Secretary Xi Jinping duidelijk voorgesteld om zich te houden aan het leven – geori?nteerde schoonheidsleven moet voldoen aan de middelen van het groeiende mensen, en de totale ontwikkeling van mensen. De serie is het uitzicht Van het geluk van de mensen, vooral in de anti-lintatieve strijd, "People’s Supreme, Life First, beschermen de levensveiligheid en de lichamelijke gezondheid van mensen ten opzichte van alle kosten", en benadrukken dat "Jiangshan de mensen is, de mensen zijn Jiangshan, het raken van Jiangshan, , de verdediging van Jiangshan, de mensen van de mensen ", die deze fundamentele politieke positie van de positie van de mensen van het socialistische denken van de mensen van Xi Jinping’s socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken weerspiegelt. Het Partij Centraal Comité met Comrade Xi Jinping als de kern met grote historische geest, enorme politieke moed, sterke verantwoordelijkheid, co?rdineren van de binnenlandse internationaliteit, verenigde de grote strijd, grote engineering, geweldige carrière, grote droom, bevorderde de grote sociale revolutie en de partijen Zelfrevolutie, het verslaan van een reeks belangrijke risico-uitdagingen, loste veel moeilijkheden op die al lang proberen op te lossen, en vele grote evenementen die in het verleden hebben gedaan, die het feest en de nationale carrières bevorderen om historische prestaties te bereiken, gebeuren historische verandering.

De partij leidt mensen zelfvertrouwen en innovatie, cre?ert grote prestaties van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk. Marxistische openheid en tacticiteit zijn volledig benadrukt door het marxisme in China, dat altijd in de voorhoede van de tijd is. Een geschiedenis van het marxisme is Marx, Engels en hun opvolgers blijven zich ontwikkelen tegen de tijden, praktijk, begripvol, en voortdurend absorbeert alle uitstaande ideologische en culturele prestaties in de menselijke geschiedenis.

Dientengevolge kan het marxisme hun prachtige jeugd houden, voortdurend verkennen nieuwe onderwerpen die door het tijdperk worden voorgesteld, reageren op nieuwe uitdagingen waarmee de menselijke samenleving wordt geconfronteerd.

Na de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, bleven de Chinese communisten marxistisch China’s tijdperk van het tijdperk van China promoten en bleven de oorspronkelijke bijdragen aan marxismevochten maken.

Mao Zedong dacht, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Drie vertegenwoordigt" Belangrijke gedachten, wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingsweergave, Xi Jinping New Times Chinese karakteristieke socialistische gedachten, is een belangrijke prestatie en een levendig bewijs van marxistische openheid en tijd.

  In de complexe situatie waarin de Chinese communisten in verschillende historische perioden geconfronteerd, de meeste van de grote onderwerpen die moeten worden opgelost, hebben de meeste marxistische klassieke schrijvers geen antwoorden gegeven, waarbij een generatie van de communisten vereist is om hun gedachten te bevrijden, de waarheid van feiten te bevrijden, waarschijnlijkheid van feiten , PACE HOUD MET DE TIJDEN, Zoeken naar waarheid Schrijf de "Chinese artikelen" die aanhoudt en het marxisme ontwikkelen. Al meer dan 100 jaar is de tijden veranderd, de taak is constant conversie, het probleem verschijnt constant, en het feest van de partij, zelfs de theoretische resultaten van de bestaande ideologische resultaten van het marxisme China, en kunnen niet alle verkenning van de waarheid uitputten, Geef de toekomst alle antwoorden, ook op basis van erfenis, bevordering van de nieuwe sprong van het nieuwe van Marxist China, zodat de leidende ideologie van het feest altijd vol vitaliteit is en zich voortdurend ontwikkelt. Mao Zedong denkt eraan de juiste richting te nemen om de nieuwe Democratische revolutie te vangen, gids om de transformatie van nieuwe democratische tot socialisme te bereiken; Deng Xiaoping’s theoretische inspanningen om te beantwoorden wat socialisme is, hoe het socialisme te bouwen, "drie vertegenwoordigers" Belangrijke denken Socialisme, hoe het socialisme te bouwen en wat voor soort feest, hoe het begrip van een partij, wetenschappelijk ontwikkelingsconcept te bouwen en te beantwoorden welke ontwikkeling in de nieuwe situatie, hoe te ontwikkelen, enz .; Xi Jinping Nieuwe het Socialistische denken aan de tijden in de Tijden beantwoordde het nieuwe tijdperk, wat voor een socialisme, hoe het socialisme met het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken te volharden en te ontwikkelen, hoe een socialistische modernisering te bouwen, wat voor soort socialistische modernisering van de langdurige heersende marxistische partij, hoe een lange termijn Het heersen van de marxistische politieke partij en ander groot tijdperk voorstellen een nieuwe reeks nieuwe idee?n voor de nieuwe idee?n van het regeren van het land en schrijf het "nieuwe tijdperk" van het marxisme China. Het nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping van socialistisch socialisme is een diepe denk aan de theorie en de praktijk van wetenschappelijk socialisme, samenvatting, de niet-aflatende verkenning van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, en heeft gecre?erd en continu ontwikkeld. Het 18e nationale congres sinds de historische prestatie en historische veranderingen , en veel van de originele idee?n en idee?n zijn voorgesteld. Het is bijvoorbeeld het grootste voordeel van het Chinese karakteristieke socialistische systeem. Het is het grootste voordeel van het socialistische systeem van Chinese kenmerken; het wetenschappelijke oordeel van de hoofdinstelling tussen de sociale maatschappij van mijn land; benadrukt om te blijven bestaan ??en het socialistische systeem van Chinese kenmerken, bevorderen van het nationale governancesysteem en de modernisering van het governancecapaciteit.

Er wordt bijvoorbeeld voorgesteld dat de tweestaps strategische opstelling van het bouwen van een socialistische moderne stroom is voltooid, waarbij de belangrijke kenmerken en aanzienlijke voordelen van de modernisering van mijn land benadrukt is.

Anders dan, de sleutel tot het feest, is de sleutel in de partij en de sleutel is ten strengste het Partij, de nadruk op de politieke constructie van de partij als een toonaangevend, implementeert de politieke verantwoordelijkheid van de partij en een diepgaande promotie van anti-corruptie worstelen, leid de grote sociale revolutie met grote zelfrevolutie. Deze strategische idee?n en innovatiefilosofie hebben het begrip van de wet van de Communistische Partij, de wet, de wet van de socialistische constructie en de wet van de menselijke sociale ontwikkeling in het nieuwe gezichtsveld, dat is het volledige beheer van het marxisme en de Volledige demonstratie van het marxisme. Het beeld is aanwezig in de wereld, waardoor ‘s werelds socialistische en kapitalisme’s ideologie, de geschiedenisevolutie van twee sociale systemen, en een grote verandering in het socialisme.

  De speciale onderzoeker van het Chinese karakteristieke socialistische ideologische onderzoekscentrum van Xi Jinping in Beijing.

The letter to promote the domestic operating system into the wind

[] As an important breakthrough in my country’s information technology and network security development, the domestic operating system ushered in a new opportunity under the current domestic vigorously developing the waves of the industry.

Experts believe that the localization of the operating system is critical in the field of TXC, and the current domestic operating system is moving from "available" to the "good" stage. It is necessary to further improve the ecology and enrich the application scenario for domestic operating system manufacturers.R & D efforts continue to enhance the operating system to connect hardware and database, middleware, application software, is an important basic software that carries a variety of information devices and software applications.With the continuous increase in research and development in operating system in the field in recent years, the development results have been significantly significant, and the performance of some products has greatly improved, gradually entering the scale of commercial stages.

At present, China’s letter into industry is welcoming the development of the golden period.

The first domestic letter created in the field of China, China TXCHCHD (2021) "shows that in 2021 China’s social market will reach 300 billion yuan, and the total market in the next three years will reach trillion yuan. Among them, in terms of operating system, the mainstream domestic operating systems have completed the adaptation of nearly 100 terminals and server equipment issued to Lenovo, Huawei, Tsinghua Tongfang, China Great Wall, Zhongke Shuguang and other whole machine manufacturers, and application ecology Rich.

The reporter learned from the head enterprise credul software technology Co., Ltd. from the independent operating system field. At the beginning of this year, the central government procurement network released the central state organs to 2020-12021 Linux operating system protocol supply procurement project, the company, the promulgation desktop operating system V20 And the communus server operating system V20 is successfully shortlisted. In addition to the social software, in the field of domestic operating system, the listed company China Software and Sino-Centutta is also one of the current mainstream manufacturers, and its operating system products are also in the respective fields. In the mobile communication operating system market, June 2 this year, Huawei released a Hongmeng operating system (HARMONYOS2).

Why is the operating system occupies an important role in my country’s information industry? Liu Wenhuan, general manager of the Ministry of Communications, said that China’s information industry has been described as "short-impact", and the core chip, and "soul" refers to the operating system.

If there is no operating system, even if the hardware device performance is good, it is difficult to use.

At the same time, the operating system uploads the software, which cannot be performed if there is no operating system. The operating system is therefore critical in the entire information industry.

"The operating system itself is a critical basic software for the management of the entire hardware and software, which is equivalent to a holistic coordinated department of hardware and software.

Do the operating system well, the software above can build an ecology, the following hardware performance can be optimized, so it is very important.

"Deputy Director of Henan University Software College said in Junyang.

Creating a information security base in the industry, the operating system is the foundation of the software industry, does not master the technical and ecology of the operating system, there is no solid information security base.

From the information security perspective, most of the safety protection and products are above the operating system, so the operating system belongs to the base, which provides the underlying security for information security.

"In the field of basic software, it is necessary to firmly walk independent controllable roads, but cannot ignore its own safety protection technology and capacity building." Liu Wen Huan said that operating system security is the basis for information security.

Now the state’s high-speed development of the industry and the needs of national information security have enabled the domestic operating system to ushered in a good development space. At present, the domestic operating system is in some key political and enterprise users, providing a necessary basis and guarantee for information security protection.

Luo Haining, Director of the Safety Management Office of the National Electronic Administration Foreign Network Management Center, said that the operating system independently controls the security capabilities of the national e-government external network network, highlighting in several aspects: the system’s core level is more secure; for the underlying hardware Has a certain risk isolation ability; for the upper application, the operating system has a certain software risk control (the support of the application and data environment is also obvious, making this environment more reliable. Luo Haining believes that the next needs to rely on the basis of the current belief in the field, accelerate the implementation of the terminal and server operating system of all levels of government external network, and then implement the safety measures of the operating system level. In addition, it is necessary to actively promote the convergence of government external network terminal access authentication access control and operating system. Need to improve the development cycle of the ecological construction operating system, the investment consumption is huge, and the international giants occupy a monopoly in this area, which has led to a long time. In the past few decades, many operating system products have also emerged, but in the end, there are few products that can survive and grow. Experts believe that more important factors for operating system products have been ecological construction. "China’s letter to the development of white paper (2021)" pointed out that the construction of openness and rich application ecosystems, not only need mainstream hardware and software manufacturers, but also attracting many open source community developers to influence, while providing users More and more abundant use scenes.

In the future, in addition to the traditional PC and server areas, more intelligent terminals and software products are adapted to the domestic operating system, and more compatible and richer applications are carried out in emerging AIOT (Artificial Smart Network) markets. In order to create a domestic operating system ecology, Liu Wenhuan said that the trust actively undertakes the construction and operation of the national adaptation certification center, and has cooperated with more than 3,000 partners to complete the results of more than 82,000 software and hardware adaptations. Developing a domestic operating system, the cultivation of network security talents is also crucial. Yu Jun Yang believes that the operating system is not only a product, but also a huge ecology. The cultivation of domestic operating system talents not only needs to develop, deliver to enterprises and markets; at the same time, it is necessary to cultivate application software talents above operating systems, thus driving the domestic operating system ecology continues to improve.

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Pu Xishi wild horse went to "new home" endangered species long-distance population proliferation

At 10 o’clock on September 18, the 6-Popard wild horses in the Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center were successfully loaded into the tidist box, and they were allowed to go to the Inner Mongolian Datun Mountain National Nature Reserve to return. This will help the Popka Musk, which is mainly propagated by the population, turning to the wild horses in the field of natural conditions, and achieve the goal of rebuilding the wild population in the wild. It is reported that the wild population of rare and endangered species elk and Pu Makama, China National Forestry and Grassland Bureau of China National Forestry and Prairland, China National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia, China National Nature Reserve Elk, Mustang population proliferation and expansion column.

Yang Jianming, director of Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center, said: "Xinjiang Yamu Breeding Research Center will be divided into 12 wild horses (4 8 females) in the jurisdiction of Datunhan National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia, carrying out long-distance population proliferation and expansion Return to work, expand the source of excellent wild horses, thus improving the Makama species habitat.

"After more than a year, the first batch of wild horses (2 male 4 females) started on the same day. According to the adaptation of these 6 wild horses, the Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center will carry out the transportation and return of the second batch of wild horses." It was the first time through the truck for more than 2,000 kilometers of Push’s wild horses. We specially sent six staff to escort.

Yang Jianming said.

Pu Maka is one of the most endangered large wild animals in the world. It is included as a national-level protected animal in China, and is included in the Endiffoot Level by the World Nature Conservation Alliance (IUCN).

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