[Does intercourse often harm your health?


[Does intercourse often harm your health?

Sexual life is essential in life. Proper sexual life will no longer increase the relationship between husband and wife, but also can relax the body and relieve fatigue. Proper sexual life has many benefits to the body, butSome people have relatively strong sexual desires and want to have sex every day. In fact, often the same room is harmful to the body, especially young people must pay attention to temperance.

Is regular intercourse harmful to the body?

Affects the physical fitness of men. When the two parties are engaged in husband and wife life, if they do not know how to restrain themselves, it is easy to have a physical overdraft. Once the physical overdraft occurs, our body will become weak and our immunity will be reduced.Being plagued by illness will lead to a decline in physical fitness over time, so in our daily husband and wife life, we must understand temperance.


Affects men’s spirit. If excessively excessive husband and wife life will affect each other’s physical health, it will also affect men’s mentality. Excessive intercourse will lead to men’s mental weakness, increased fatigue, and excessive fatigue.This will affect normal work and life. Therefore, in the life of husband and wife, both men and women must understand restraint, not because of the impulse, to the future, it is difficult to replace the harm.


Affects the health of men’s reproductive organs.

If both men and women have sex too much, each other will affect our physical fitness, and will also cause damage to our reproductive organs. Excessive repetitive husband and wife life instead of our organs will not get rest and cultivation, leaving them often in a kind ofThe state of overload operation will not only affect the health of our genitals, but also reduce the quality and quantity of sperm in the body. Therefore, we must exercise restraint when conducting marital life.

The four major dangers of changing sexual life to men1. Men often repeat sexual life and prolong the ejaculation time, because the ejaculation time of the second sexual life must be longer than the first time, which has gradually caused impotence and no ejaculation., Delayed ejaculation time, no risk of sexual dysfunction such as pleasure in sexual life.

2, men often repeat sexual life, due to repeated and persistent congestion of the sexual organs will cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases, not only cause perineal discomfort, back pain, blood will appear.

Women often repeat sexual life, the sexual organs are always in a congested state, which will induce pelvic congestion, the so-called pelvic stagnation syndrome, which causes discomfort such as heavy backache and lower body.

3, there is a period of non-response after men’s sexual life, that is, there is a reorganization after sexual intercourse no longer responds to sexual stimulation.

Repeated sexual life often and repeatedly will prolong the non-response period, and it is easy to cause sexual function decline.

4, for both men and women, it will cause physical exhaustion, and over time, it will inevitably lead to a low physical condition.

Immediately, it will also affect the mental state, and even the ability to think, memory, and analysis will deteriorate.

[Six aphrodisiacs cannot be calm even after Guan Gong’s reincarnation]

[Six “aphrodisiacs” cannot be calm even after Guan Gong’s reincarnation]

Men’s moods always have a trough period. During this period, they can’t do anything, even sex is the same. At this time, it needs the comfort of female friends, let go of your motherhood, and unconditional from the heart to the body.stand by.

Of course, when men come out of the trough, they will miss your warmth for the first time. A big hug represents all the love of men.

Researchers at the slender United Nations University of New South Wales in Sydney, Sydney, have male volunteers watch videos about women.

Men always implant those women with slender arms into the most attractive and most stimulate their sexual desire, but those women with long legs are not ranked.

Researchers believe that slender arms make women look slimmer, suggesting that they will perform better in bed and hug people more.

Coordinating underwear Men like female partners to wear coordinated underwear, they think it’s sexy.

Marriage expert April Massini said that this is because men will feel that female partners are decorating and dressing for their own minds, money and productivity, and others cannot see them.

Female friends do not prevent wearing a new set of coordinated underwear to surprise the male partner, and can choose red-colored bras, small underwear, etc., making the charm irresistible.


[What vegetables can be steamed to eat]_Steamed vegetables_How to steam_How to steam

[What vegetables can be steamed to eat]_Steamed vegetables_How to steam_How to steam

When eating vegetables, most people choose to eat fried or stewed, but in fact some dishes can also be eaten steamed, such as white radish can be eaten steamed, put some sugar or soy sauceThe seasoning, the flavor and taste of the steamed is very good, potato shreds or some eggplant, etc. can also be used to steam and eat, the taste is also very good.

Which dishes can be steamed?

Explain what dishes can be eaten steamed?

The recipes that can be steamed are extremely common, but celery leaves, artemisia, noodle dishes, shredded red and white radish, and shredded potatoes can be used as ingredients.Diet.

Which dishes can be steamed?

Explain in detail what ingredients you can steam to eat: 500 grams of white radish, 50 grams of rice noodles (dry and fine), 10 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of shallots, 3 grams of salt, 3 grams of ginger, 1 grams of MSG1,Wash the white radishes and shred them in a bowl; chopped green onions and ginger.

2, rice noodles, ground ginger, refined salt and radish together in a bowl and mix well.

3. Put the mixed radish into the pot and steam for 15 minutes.

4. After the radish is taken out of the pot, add minced shallot, soy sauce, sesame oil, and MSG and mix well.

Steamed meat patties: 1. About half a catty of meat, add salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, starch, 1 egg white, etc., stir well, and put 2 salted egg yolks on top, that is salted egg patties.

2. Cut some soaked squid into granules and put them in the meat filling for steaming, that is squid cutlets.

3, soaked dried shiitake mushrooms are shiitake mushroom patties; put a piece of Guangdong salted fish on the patties, which is salted fish patties; you can also add the horseshoe cut into the grains to increase the sweetness; you can also slice the lotus root into piecesLotus root meatloaf.

Steamed eggs / water eggs: 1, 1 20 cm diameter, 2 cm high plate, you can steam 3 eggs, the amount of water is the same as the eggs, you can use the egg shell to measure, find one that is just a half fullEggshell, just water 6 times.

2. In addition to the salt in the egg, you can add a little fresh soy sauce, which will be more fragrant.

In addition to steaming, add one preserved egg and one salted egg, which are three yellow steamed eggs, but it is not easy to buy raw salted duck eggs in the north.

You can add shiitake shrimp.

[Spices for the diarrhea]_Ingredients_How to prepare

[Spices for the diarrhea]_Ingredients_How to prepare

Many people prefer to eat ravioli. When eating ravioli, add a little seasoning to the soup. The more common ones are salt, chicken essence, some sesame oil, and some coriander. They are better.You can prepare an appropriate amount of lean pork, shrimp, and shiitake or black mushrooms to make ravioli. The taste is delicious and the nutritional value is good. Let’s take a look at this.

In addition to adding salt and monosodium glutamate to the soup, if you put a little raw soy sauce, sesame oil (or lard can also), chili oil, laver, parsley, shrimp skin is even better.

Of course, you can increase or decrease these seasonings according to your taste.

455 grams of thin pork minced pork and 455 grams of medium-sized shrimp. Remove the shell and remove the black line from the front. Roughly cut into 5 pieces of black mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms. Soak in hot water and chop. 3Root, finely chopped, 1 egg, 30 ml of soy sauce, 9 g of salt, 0 minced fish (dried minced pork).

2 g (optional), 2 pieces of square loquat skin (390 g) 1.

Drain the mushrooms completely, pat them dry with a paper towel, and chop them up.


In a large bowl, stir the pork, shrimp, mushrooms, shallots, eggs, soy sauce, salt and minced fish (if used) thoroughly, so that all the ingredients are completely combined.


Dip a small bowl of warm water.

If you are accustomed to using your right hand, fold the skin into a triangle and place it on your left palm.

Place approximately one teaspoon of meat filling on the bottom corner of the crust.

Then fold the corner halfway in the opposite direction and wrap the meat tightly in the skin.


Wet a finger in warm water, soak the left corner of the skin, and fold the left and right corners in your own direction (the opposite of the top corner), so the wrapped skin is like a nurse hatLook like.


During the packing process, put the crickets on an edible paper towel and cover them with a wet towel to prevent them from drying out.

After being packed, it can be carefully frozen in the frozen food bag of the refrigerator and used at any time in the future.

Conventional materials: 500 grams of minced pork, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 8 grams of salt, 3 grams of sugar, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 15 grams of shrimp, 10 grams of green onion, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of garlic, and skin of coriander.

Other ingredients: 100g of parsley, 20ml of balsamic vinegar, 15ml of soy sauce, 3g of white sugar, 3g of sesame oil, 3g of white pepper, and appropriate amount of oil pepper.

1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms and shrimps in warm water until they are soft, leaving the soaked shrimp water for later use, and then cut the shiitake mushrooms, shallots, and ginger into finely divided pieces; 2. Then add the choppedScallion, ginger, shrimp, add salt, eggs, sugar, monosodium glutamate, stir well, use the chopsticks to stir the mixed meat in the same direction, let stand for 10 minutes, wake up; 3, then take a piece of loquat skin to prevent palms, Put the appropriate amount of meat filling on the 1/3 of the crust, roll up the two ends tightly; you can pack according to personal preference: ingot-shaped, pillow-shaped, umbrella-shaped, etc .; 4, in the bowlAdd seasoning such as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, cooked pork, etc., add the hot and sour sauce seasoning sauce; 5. After the water in the soup pot is boiled again, put in the ravioli, stir well with a colander to prevent sticking to the bottom, keepOn medium heat, pour 100ml of cold water into the soup after boiling. Continue to cook until it boils again. After adding at least 2-3 times of cold water, the rind becomes transparent and soft and then comes out of the pot. Drain the water slightly.In hot and sour sauce, add suitable to your taste量Parsley, pepper Drizzle the amount of oil can.

Summer figure disappears in the stage,Transfer back to the ninth spirit。

For this provocation of Qian Mu,He did not play in the heart,But it’s a dog.。
Starting from allocation,Summer is standing with their gangs on the opposite side。
Said so much?。
Back to the spirit,Sitting on the Xuanlu futing,Sacrifice time。
http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn One year,Summer can be used in eleven years。
He adjusts the whole heart,Take 20 pieces of secret treasures。
One piece of details identification,Then start fixing。
As he said,Fix these to him,Not too difficult。
Some seem to be the original propulsion,Rejuvenate。
Those defective products,Also restored the old brilliance。
For two years,Summer can be said,Concentrate all the hearts to do this。
Have the idea of the propriator secret treasure,Reprinted by him、After the reflection method,Changed into a one。
Damaged Joiner,He is repaired by him,Change again with your own ideas,Even beyond the peak state。
“Twenty,It should be able to sell 130,000 contributions.。”
Today this form,He doesn’t want to put too much energy on the refiner。
After all, there is more than a year.,The competition of http://www.shanqinwang.cn the spirit is to start。
Time field is still nine years,He pumped energy,Activated Duan Xuan Finger,Entering the practice of the Tooan Soul Print again。
Time passed one day。
He continues to exercise too yin soul Indian,I can’t remember how much it is.。
Logo in the depth of the sea,It is also raised in a very slow speed.。
Summer feel,Taiyin Soul Indian is more and more increasingly increasing。
By the time,He can calculate the limit of the limit。
To know,Too yin soul print a total of three sets,Every set of three,Every time you can do it again.。
He is now practiced is the first first first style.。
This is visible,What is horror。
Blink,Eleven years has passed。
Agree,He stopped practice,Collapse time,Pushing away the spirit。
Several transferred,I came to Tianshui Pavilion again.。
This http://www.qeqts.cn time,He saw many people,Come and go out,More than the previous people have increased, how many times。
what happened?
Is it a result of Zhangfeng’s auction??
Interrogate,He enters the 1st floor of Tianshui Court Hall,Go back,Into the city。
More people in the city,Dense,Noisy。
“summer,Give me a summer jade。”
“I have to be in summer.。”
Heard this sound,Summer Hawow。
I saw there in a big case.,I crowded in front。
A monkey is paying the contribution,I took a blue jade in one person behind the case.,Hats the crowd。

Wu Gui’s exclamation came,This open group,Even if it is prepared in advance,There are not many people who can escape.。

Even if the reaction of the auxiliary cattle is so fast enough,At homeADCThe first time to be opened, I handed over myself.WOpen the other partyADCCloud。
But this time,It is also enough to playQSkill,And useEPull back to the feathers to hurt。
Under this irrigation of almost no convitable,Even if the palace clear text is also handed over before igniting his treatment。
But his blood volume,Still inevitably come to the top of extremely residual blood。
Note staring at the screen,Palace Qingwen seems to take everything in the battle.。
not far away,I have already raised the bomb gun in my hands.,Black Tong’s muzzle full of endless murder。
Casa that has been close to the blood,As long as you connect this big trick,Needless to die!
No accident,Male gun’s http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn big move【Ultimate burst】Shot,With the black smoke of the muzzle,This dismmon is rapidly ejected towards the body。
But just in this explosive bomb, you have to hit the moment of Casa.,Casha suddenly moved back to a small distance.,Canada to bounce,Then quickly go to the tower。
Wu Guiupi suddenly narrowed,He just wants to die.,Palace Qingwen is still not flashing。
But next moment,CashaRSkill【Hunter instinct】Shot,Bring the shield and displacement to the Qasha after the birthday,He will no longer be confused.。
but……The crisis is not ending。
Luo has lost the ability to pursue and output,Red squareADCXia and Yaoyu,But there is enough to kill the ability of Casa。
Chapter 24 actor
Male gun is empty in his own big,I rose a touch of impatience in my heart.,Follow,This is an impatient operation of his hand。
Looking http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn at the only blood volume left of Carnama,Gun decisive flash,His bomb gun raised。
QThe trip of the skill takes him with him at this time.,As such a situation in Casa。
Almost at the same time in him,The feet also suddenly pressed on your keyboard.RSkills storm。
The figure of the clouds from the ground,Quickly turn into a state in which。
Colorful full day flying feathers,At this time, it turns a sharp edge of countless margin.。
One instant of them spread to the ground,That is, the last blood volume of Casha is emptied.。
And the operator of the male gun,At this point, I have seen this guy in my own gun.。
But just in Casa to be sent thisQA moment of skill killing,A fine broken golden。
Casha’s figure suddenly moved forward400Distance from the code,Also send this deadlyQSkills pass through。
Guns yourself,It can only be unwilling to walk two steps forward.,But what is helpless to the smart figure。
Sky,Palace Qing Wen this flash,It is also directly pulled out the effective range of your own tricks.。
Looking at the movement of the successful escape,Suddenly,Decades finger quickly press another keyboard in your keyboard。
Along with a fine broken gold,Decons seem to have seen the figure that hands all its skills,There is no way to die in your own hands。
But the next moment,What happened to the victory of the feet。
This is sent to the captain of the captainRflash,But because of the edge of the map,It is not blocked in front of the Capasta50Distance of the code,Again。
Three people who have already saved all skills,There is no way to cause any threat to Casa.。
So,Even if there is not sweet in my heart,Blue square can only be helplessly retransmitted。
And on the side, I witnessed this whole wave of operation.,It is completely stupid at this moment.。

“Go slowly。”

榆 王 殿 这 离 离,Go outside,Just after a stone column,The figure is blocked,There is no more。
Zhou Zhi to the person in the group bought a cup of ice cream tea,Also brought a cup to the teacher,And tell the team in the group,Nan Ge is not intended,So going back in advance。Group members don’t feel strange to this,I think that Nan Ge should do this.。
It seems that there is also a very role of people with garbage students.。
Zhou Zhiwei,Continue to visit the research planting base together,Learn the high-profile techniques of scientific research and not afraid of suffering。
Six pm,Visit。
I spent half an hour to leave the park.,Zhouzhi saw the Temple of the Temple under the trees of the door,She is squatting on the side of the flower bed,Telebreaking ants with a grass boring,Squatting next to the group that has changed back to common mode,See her teasing ants。
I have aware that I have been waiting.,榆 王 殿 lifts up,A group of people,Also follow her。
“Come out?”
With her tone,Zhouzhi judge,She should be the Temple of the Zhangwang。If you change the nanong,It should use a very bad tone,Sports this afternoon, how is it bored?。
“Learned?What harvest?”Qingshen。
“e”Zhou always feels that she asked some strange,Like a test like your homework,But still,“I have met the variety of many flowers.,After waiting,I also try to develop my own flowers according to their way.。”
“Nan Ge, I am very hungry”Thousand thousands。
“Slaves are also,Tired and hungry!”Rude,But she pinching fists,Powerful,“I must have a good time tonight.!”
“took a lot of photos。”Baozi honest answer。
“Go away。”榆 王 殿 下 站 站,“There are several hotels outside,Smelling。”
Zhou quietly aimed her。
Nowadays, the time you can come out is getting longer.,Obviously, it has often exceeded the normal nap of Nange.。I don’t know what to do this time.,It was hiding in the body of the king to secretly looked at the body.,Still still falling asleep without awakening。
Cotton swabs and buns have been in front,Zhouzhi near the Temple of Zhang,Small asking:“榆 王 殿,Do you have a successful performance??”
“Very smooth。”The Temple of the Dunqiu is over,Asked,“In http://www.lude77.cn the future, most monsters have left,what are you planning to do?”
“do not know。”
“Then you can start thinking.。”榆 王 殿 Hold a group,Tone is very calm,“Because it is very fast。”
Zhou Zhen really begins to think。
I used to go to the African savanna as an animal photographer is unrealistic.,Be so far away,Nanopo interrupted his legs。What’s more, he doesn’t want to stay away from the crowd now.。Zoo breeder may still,His force,You can put tiger、Lions look like a cat,Maybe it will be impact on the Internet.。
Open a pet shop?
Flower shop?
When a small white face,Nothing to raise it again。
Chapter 666 The road is too short
From the evening of December,If it is in Yancheng,Heaven should be black,Early before dark,The fog in the evening has been swallowed down the city’s light。
But in the edition,Also see half sunset,When the glow is the http://www.neihangu.cn most important。
The barbar placed next to the road has been in the dark.,White smoke is accompanied by spices and grilled fish,Walking over the street。
In the night of the Yi people,BBQ is an indispensable important element,Next to the scenic spot,Barbecue fireworks also become the most hook of signboards。Zhou Zhiwei people are attracted to step into this unfamiliar Yi Hotel,A round table。

She didn’t think of it.,Your own plan is actually seen,even,Even the ability to use the fantasy royal hand, he is clear.。

“I won’t stop you from saving those children.,Even I can also help you temporarily block the third place.。”White eagle pastone hoarse sound,It is really impossible to distinguish his age and sound line.,“but,You have to give me the fantasy。”
“Can。”Mountain Shanni heard this requirement time,“I haven’t intended to put these people.,After the calculation I want is completed,I will solve the fantasy,Restore their brain wave。”Say,She took a small piece from the pocketuplate,Hand gave an eagle。
Take overuAfter the disk,Eagle face,Take a copy of the card directly from your own sleeves,willuThe content in the plate is copied after one pass.,In the surprised eyes of Mountain Spring,Gently throw her。
“This is……”Mountain spring,Some of the eyes of the eyes。
“If this thing is taken away by me,You may have no way to release the brains of those people.?”White eagle is smiling,“Unlike‘Protocol’Methods,In addition to active release,You are probably being made once an accident,You actively sacrifice to release the controlledaiBreakfast?”
Mountain spring is silent to look at the figure in front of,Nothing。
“I am helping you.,Also because I used to be myself。”The eagle face is silent.,Only slowly say,“I have also experienced those things.,So I can understand what you are pursuing.。”
“Those children……All innocent。”Mountain spring, the throat moved,It is also a long-lost excitement in the dark scorpion.,“I just……”
“Don’t explain it to me.。”White eagle face,The first time is not the kind of hoarse like a metal friction.,“Explain with it,It is better to leave early.,Third place,How long can I get to?。”
I deeply read an eagle face,Mountain Shanni directly went to the car,Pull the door,The roar of the motor rang again again,Next, the same degree is the same,Zhan left here。
“Kaya,Something is in your hand.。”Looking back in the car,The voice of the eagle face is gently trembled,Then it became the Qing Dynasty sound line of the Qing Palace.,He laughed and picked up the one who was thought to be a card reader.,Tangible,“Think,You should have received it.?”
“Um。”Yunchuka’s voice came from inside,With a laughter,“What level of achieving this thing and fantasy,I can’t guarantee it.。”
“That is nothing。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“Anyway, today’s purpose is just a test.,but,That is very steady like his style.,There is no distribution in the lag return line.。”
“Is it……What can I explain??”
“Explain what I have to wait for me to go back and say it.。”The Qing Palace is faint,Once again, he recovered his hoarse voice.,“Since I promised Mountain Mountain,Do you have to do the resistance?。”Say,He slowly looked up,The eyes are far from the eagle.,That galloped electric light,Next moment,Creating a faceful teas。
Yu Meiqin!
(This chapter is over)
NS75chapter Running the collision of ice and thunder
“Who are you。”American piano slowly stopped,The tone is cold and said to the Qing Palace.,“Unrelated person flash。”
Facing this eagle,Menqin has no attitude towards the Qing Dynasty,The touch of faint tone is unhappy,Currents http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn that are flashing, Zhang Yang’s powerful,The dazzling is a little dare to see。
“This intensity current,Plus your school uniform,May only be a person?。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,The sound recovered over the previous hoarse,Step without refund,Standing quietly in place,“1eve1 5Third place,‘Electromagnetic gun’,Really less。”
“If you don’t want to be injured, you will flash it.。”Meiqin’s tone is slightly impatient,The amber scorpion flashes a cold meaning,“Since I know me?,I should know that I will not be in my hand.!”
The eagle people in this black robe in front of them know their own,But it is uncomfortable.,I want to come to a high-level ability,CanaiThe power field is very blurry,I don’t identify myself.。Plus remote monitoring that I have just taken by rent and black,It’s easy to catch up with the car of Mountain http://www.sun-keninc.cn Spring.,But here is stopped here,Think about it, let Meiqin feel uncomfortable.。
“Feel sorry,It’s just that it is subject to people.。”Qinggong deliberately,Let your voice more dumb,“What is the power of the third ability?,I also want to try it.。”
“Then you will lying down.!”Meiqin is still in the anger of the heart.,Liu Hai is light blue,A arc is directly to the direction of the Qing Palace.,But the action of seeing the eagle face is slightly shocked.,I only see that the eagle face is straightforward.,It seems that it is generally,It’s easy to flash it directly before the arc is turned.。
“Although the promise is blocking,but……”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“It seems that I have no reason to be beaten.。”Say,Pulled a bottle from the cuffs,Slow open bottle cap。
“water?”Meiqin’s eyes,Can’t help but。
next moment,http://www.hackersha.cnHer pupil suddenly shrinks。
In front of this eagle pasta,Under her,Like the soft wizard,Slowly jump out the bottle mouth,Then in the hands of the eagle,Slowly condensed a crystal clear dagger。
“This is……Control water?”Meiqin brows,“‘Water flow operation’?wrong,‘Fluid operation’?”Heart is slightly shocked,The movement is dissatisfied,Darkness in hand,The sword of the iron sand has appeared again in her hands.,Meiqin directly,The sharp iron sand of the iron sand is directly to the dagger in the hands of the Qing Palace.。
Qing Dynasty,This girl is still so heartless.,I am afraid that my iron sand sword misunderstood people.,Just want to destroy your weapons。
pity……Qing laugue in the heart of the Qing Dynasty,Piano,You are planning,It is dead.。
As a sound,That is, the sound of the eardrum of the sound of the metal collision,The Qing Palace does not see the face with the mask,But the face of Miqin’s face is a changing change.。
It is easy to cut off in the high-vibration of iron sand in high vibration.,But actually on a small ice-coated dowager.,The sound of iron sand cutting ice surface,A messy sound,But Ice is like an indestructible,It seems to be perfectly blended with water characteristics,Tough abnormal。The two actually stalemate。
“This is……”Looking at the sword of the iron sand, there is no way to break through the small ice cubes.,Meiqin’s eyes are getting surprised,Difficult to deepen the idea in her heart。
In her awareness,Even if it is a Qing Palace‘Metal shield’There is no way to completely block the cutting of iron sand swords.,Let’s mention a small ice。so,Only one possibility,It is that ice is just illusion.,Inherent or liquid,Only this,In order to explain the unbelievable iron sand swords can’t cut off this small ice.。

China’s peacekeeping engineering team to conduct joint defense drills with friendly army

Xinhua News Agency, Brazil, April 28th. Jinshasa News: Faced with an increasingly tense security situation, China ’s 25th batch of Congo (Gold) peacekeeping engineering team Baraka devoted officers and soldiers to the Harmony Camp with Indonesia on the 28th A simulated drill was attacked during a construction process to improve emergency response.

"All personnel stop the homework, quickly ask for weapons, and organize defense locally.

"After receiving the report of the alert personnel, Shi Guangxu, who led the team, quickly issued an instruction to all personnel through the intercom.

"We are Chinese peacekeeping officers and soldiers. The road construction is to facilitate your travel. Please leave!" Su Zewei shouted to the "assault personnel" in local languages.

My peacekeeper officers and soldiers conducted joint defense drills on "attacks". The peacekeeper officers and soldiers of the two countries quickly launched the emergency offset plan, closely cooperated with the invitation weapons to occupy the favorable terrain, and eventually successfully drove the "assault personnel". After the exercise, Shi Guangxu introduced: "Through this joint drill with friends, we have further familiar with various types of emergency processes, improved the ability to quickly and effectively deal with the emergencies of the two armies, and ensure that this time it is more securely completed to complete this time this time. Road repair tasks. "In April 2003, the United Nations was invited by the United Nations. China sent the first peacekeeping engineering and medical team to participate in peacekeeping operations. So far, China has sent 25 batches of peacekeeping engineering and medical teams to the Congo (Gold) task area. There are more than 3,000 peacekeepers. Hundreds of points have been performed in the task area. Wide praise.

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Hebei will promote data -driven traffic signal control mode

Original title: Hebei will promote the data -driven traffic signal control model from the Hebei Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Work Conference held by Hebei Province that the province’s public security traffic management department will firmly grasp five tough battles, two tackling tasks and ten key tasks. Make every effort to do a good job in road traffic safety management this year. According to reports, there have been no major traffic accidents in the province in the past five years, but the total amount of traffic accidents still operate at a high level; while the total amount of large accidents has decreased year by year, an accident of more than five people died at a time has occurred from time to time.

There are more than 10,000 transportation companies, units, and nearly one million vehicles in the "two passengers, one school, one school, one school, one school, one school, and nearly one million vehicles. The transportation enterprises are" small and weak ", and the implementation of the responsibility of the main body of transportation safety is still prominent. The essential safety level of roads and the sense of traffic safety of the masses still need to be improved. The risk of "double violations" in rural areas and drunk driving caused a large number of road traffic accidents. In response to the above -mentioned issues, the province’s public security traffic management department will effectively control key vehicles, build a good platform for the eight types of key vehicle supervision, promote the implementation of the risk portrait system of key transportation enterprises, and effectively register the key vehicle registration inspection gate. Really eliminate hidden dangers of road safety, truly understand the bottom number of hidden dangers, carry out hidden danger governance, take effectively and effectively evaluate the effect, and coordinate the three major governance projects.

Try to take advantage of the shortcomings of rural traffic safety, seize the opportunity for favorable, integrate the forces of all parties, promote the implementation of the "1+4+N" working model of rural road traffic management, and keep an eye on "double violations, two -license, two cards and two certificates" to highlight the law. Adhere to the combination of normal investigation and punishment and centralized governance.

Effectively control the management and control of the pavement, increase the use of manifestations, improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, strengthen emergency management, and deepen the right to control the truck. The implementation of high -speed safety projects for landing is effective, accelerating the optimization and improvement of road sections of severe weather, accelerating the implementation of the data twin perception system, and building a unified command system in the province.

With the rapid growth of motor vehicles, traffic congestion has become the focus of the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses. In order to effectively unblock the chaos of urban traffic congestion, the province’s public security traffic management will continue to vigorously promote the traffic signal control model of data -driven data and increase the parking supply in depth. Realize the transformation of the achievements of smart traffic management to practical management, highlight the municipal "traffic management brain" and county -level "front -end perception" construction, and transform big data into combat effectiveness. In addition, the reform of the police mechanism is continuously deepened, the effectiveness of the service is comprehensively improved, and the establishment of and improving the warning research and judgment mechanism of intelligence -led police, efficient and accurate dispatching command mechanisms, and a three -dimensional network of pavement mesh.

The implementation of the electrical bicycle regulations should be convenient in accordance with the law, adhere to the combination of plugging and unification, focus on improving traffic facilities, reasonably distribute the right to the road, and solve the problems of the masses. (Correspondent Yu Shiqiang reporter Cui Cong) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommended reading.