“No,I just think what grandpa you said is very funny。”Lin Yuna said。

“funny?Where is it funny?”Liu Neng suddenly asked weakly。
“Grandpa, when you were just now,Isn’t it the same as telling a nice joke??Of course I want to laugh,otherwise,I’m so sorry for the joke you told me so hard,dont you agree?”Lin Yoona suddenly smiled and said to Liu Neng。
“joke?What joke,I didn’t tell you a joke just now?”Liu Neng asked inexplicably。
“There’s none?Grandpa, you obviously told a joke just now?If you don’t believe it,You can ask my grandma about them!”Lin Yuner said solemnly。
“Wang Dahua,Did you tell a joke just now?”Liu Neng really asked Wang Dahua this question。
Wang Dahua was also taken aback,Then he said with a flushed face:“What she meant by Yoona was that you said that the Lin family borrowed our Liu family’s light is a joke。”
“what?”Liu Neng said with an angry face。
“she was,She seems to mean that!”Wang Dahua still replied weakly。
“Lin Yuna,Is what your grandma said true,Do you mean this?”Liu Neng asked angrily。
“Yes indeed,Grandpa,Didn’t you just tell such a joke??Look at your grandma and you can see that what you are telling is a joke,You didn’t even notice it。”Lin Yoona still said with a smile。
“You stinky girl,Am I wrong??”Liu Neng asked。
“OK,OK,I’ve heard this joke anyway,And i laughed too,Then let’s not say more,Let’s change the topic!”Lin Yuna said。

Get!To this,Populus has nothing to say。

“Come back。”Hu Yang shrugged。
See the calm expression of Populus,He Siqian was a little disappointed,I didn’t see the panic of this buddy,To know,Before my second sister,No less teasing Populus。
In fact,He Siqian himself was bullied by the second sister。Anyway,They used to be brothers and sisters,Always being caught by his second sister,Forced to be called a minor。
“You are afraid of her?”Populus asked again。
He Siqian:“You are not afraid of the same。I heard,She came back this time,Don’t plan to go out,It seems that I am planning to start a company。Lao Hu,Fudge,She is short of staff now。”
The audience in the live room listened,Have adultery?
Everyone likes gossip,I have never heard of Hu’s scandal,I haven’t seen him have a great affection for a certain beauty。Generally rich,Isn’t it all of Xiangche beauty?
Car has,Woman?
in fact,Brother Hu has come into contact with a lot of beauties this time,Like Xu Mengyun, the owner of a jade shop,Song Ying, Miss Song’s Jewelry,Many female anchors,As well as the two beautiful students Shui Ruyue and Zhou Chang from the Academy of Fine Arts who were rescued earlier。
But Brother Hu doesn’t seem to be hooked up,No special contacts。
this time,Seems to expose something。Miss He’s daughter,Could it be Hu’s childhood sweetheart?
Listen to the conversation between the two,She seems to be a domineering young lady!They are listening for the first time,And the woman Hu is afraid of。
Seeing so many people in the live broadcast room,He Siqian couldn’t help but smile:“Childhood sweetheart?Haha!Not like,My second sister,He treats Lao Hu as his younger brother。The days dominated by sister,Someone should understand。”
Hearing He Siqian’s explanation,Many people understand。
Many women are kittens in front of their lovers,Home is a tigress,Yelling at my brother,Not pleasing to the eye is just a mess。
“When I was young,Was beaten so badly by my sister。”

But the agents will follow the rules,Naturally, Su Xiaodong and his wife will not meet Su Chengxu for too much time。

What makes Qin Feng more depressed is,Only in the afternoon,He actually saw Jiang Yan’s three daughters appearing in this city。
“You all followed?”When picking up,Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng with surprise。Qin Feng thought that maybe Su Rou would come back because she hung up the phone.。
But what happened to Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng?Actually followed?
of course,Qin Feng couldn’t rush them back,So I can only pretend to pick up these people。
“Can’t we come?”Su Rou is still angry,Only because Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are both,So she is not good。
But according to Su Rou,Although they still have rooms,But now it’s impossible for them to stay home。
Okay,As long as there is money in this place,Don’t worry about hotels or transportation tools。
Jingle Bell——
Su Rou’s phone rang。Listen to the content on the phone,Su Rou frowned。
“You sent my brother to the detention center?”
“Yo,He dare to sue?Interesting,Really interesting!”Qin Feng smiled。
Then the anger at the scene became very embarrassing。
Su Rou looked at Qin Feng,“You get my brother out quickly。”
“Ha ha,Sorry,Official business,He fought at the train station three years ago,Someone seriously injured,Still not cured。So,Your brother is going to suffer!”Qin Feng smiled。
“Qin Feng, don’t go too far!”Su Rou dissatisfied。

[Chicken heart yellow peel fruit has some effects-]_ Benefit_Inevitable

What are you going to do? Do you have a chain?銆 漱 濂 BOR_ 鐩 婂 
楦″績榛勭毊鏋滀腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌鍜岀熆鐗╄川锛岃惀鍏讳环鍊奸潪甯搁珮锛岄€傚綋椋熺敤瀵逛汉浣撴湁鏋佸ぇ鐨勫ソ澶勶紝姣斿鍙互鍋ヨ儍娑堥銆佸彲浠ュ寲鐥板钩鍠樸€佸彲浠ラ檷鐏姪娑堝寲銆佸彲浠ラ『姘旈晣鍜崇瓑锛屽彟澶栬繕鍙互琛屾皵姝㈢棝銆佹秷椋庤偪锛屽幓鐤崇Н绛夈€傜敓娲讳腑杩樻湁涓€浜涢浮蹇冮粍鐨灉鐨勫亸鏂癸紝姣斿鍙互娌荤枟鐤濇皵绛夈€備竴銆侀粍鐨鐢ㄥ姛鏁?銆佹秷椋熷仴鑳冿細榛勭毊鍛抽吀锛屾€у钩锛屽彲娑堥鍋ヨ儍銆傛皯闂磋皻璇簯锛氣€滈ゥ椋熻崝鏋濓紝楗遍榛勭毊鈥濓紝璇存槑榛勭毊鍙府鍔╂秷鍖栥€?銆 寸 寲 鐥 Hooks on the surface of the thin hazel and squeezed out  惈 Chain 喊 斊 間  惈 計 夋 唰 凰 儿 A 銆 丅 銆 丆 銆 丏 浠 ュ 强 閰 對 尩 尩 尩 将 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on here: it ‘s just a matter of time. It ‘s very easy to get it. It ‘s a bit of a bug. It ‘s a bit of a bug.鍒 板 寲 鐥 plate hook 锽 树 産 锷 晥 銆?銆侀檷鐏姪娑堝寲锛氬澶╁悆榛勭毊鏃讹紝鍙互灏嗘灉鑲夈€佹灉鐨拰鏋滄牳鏀惧湪鍙d腑鍤肩锛岃繛娓e甫姹佷竴骞跺悶涓嬶紝鍛宠櫧鏈変簺鑻︼紝浣嗗彲浠ヨ捣鍒伴檷鐏€佹不鐤楁秷鍖栦笉鑹€佽儍鑴橀ケ鑳€鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?TOWER Xing “Pinliuzhexia Chouxizhendong Xiao Cenrongjixi ヨ Shi Luohongquemo Xingzhexiachou Rentuan  Aibangyitian Wei Fengchisouju Fujiangemang Xiangyenganshang у Qu Huan offWhat is the best way to squeeze and squeeze the rainbow and the disease chain? Do you have a lot of tweezers?銆 丸 叾 栠 姧 叛 叁?榛勭毊杩樻湁杈冮珮鐨勮嵂鐢ㄤ环鍊硷紝鏍广€佸彾銆佹灉鍜岀瀛愮瓑閮藉彲鍏ヨ嵂锛屽叿鏈夋秷椋熷仴鑳冦€佺悊姘斿仴鑴俱€佽姘旀鐥涚瓑鍔熸晥锛屼織鏈夆€滈ゥ椋熻崝鏋濓紝楗遍榛勭毊鈥濅箣璇淬€傛灉鐨彲娑堥鑲匡紝鍘荤柍绉?Do you have a good idea? Do you have a problem with it?This is the best way to get rid of the troubles: 42% of the people who are in the world, and the people who are in the world, who are the best in the world.槻娌绘祦鎰燂細榛勭毊鍙朵簲閽辫嚦涓€涓ゃ€傛按鐓庢湇銆?銆 佽 駳 醳 璩 钥 钥 钳 鐳 籼 镍 镄  灉 鎅 掑 Together?0涓紝姘寸厧鏈嶃€?What are you talking about? What are you talking about? How about you? 2 ハ わ 纴 忚 尨 壨 尣?閽憋紝姘寸厧鍚庡幓娓o紝鍐插叆榛勯厭閫傞噺锛屾俯鏈嶏紝涓€鏃?娆°€?銆 佽 珆 戞 秷 婇 烇 璇璇 琢 璩 紞 絭 毊 毊 毊 戊 戊 戊 升 璇 鍋 珉 鏉 鏉  腑 觽 姞 绾 ㈢ 硸 30 鍏?What’s the difference between coercion and courage?Adorable?Bitch? ㄦ 岴 姘?00ml 鍐 閚 峚 泇 楗 憇 抡 槾 斾 卾 夊 悗 缃  啺 绠?4 steps?锛岄棰戦ギ鐢ㄣ€?

[Efficacy and role of cooked Atractylodes]_Atractylodes _benefits_nutritional value

This is a new product, and it ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a different one. It ‘s a different one. It ‘s a different one. It ‘s a different one.Ning draft has a lot of troubles, and it ‘s very easy to see what is happening in the chain. It ‘s simple and easy to understand. It ‘s a good idea to talk to each other and help each other.纴鑳借鎻愰珮椋熸鎴栬€呮不鐤楄儍鑴樼棝绛夌瓑銆?鈶犮€婃湰缁忋€嬶細”涓婚瀵掓箍鐥癸紝姝昏倢锛岀棄锛岀柛锛屾姹楋紝闄ょ儹娑堥銆? 鈶°€婂埆褰曘€嬶細”涓诲ぇ椋庡湪韬潰锛岄鐪╁ご鐥涳紝鐩唱鍑猴紝娑堢棸姘达紝閫愮毊闂撮姘寸粨鑲匡紝闄ゅ績涓嬫€ユ弧锛屽強闇嶄贡鍚愪笅涓嶆锛屽埄鑵拌剱闂磋锛岀泭娲ユ恫锛屾殩鑳冿紝娑堣胺鍡滈銆? 鈶€婅嵂鎬ц銆嬶細”涓诲ぇ椋庨〗鐥癸紝澶氬勾姘旂棦锛屽績鑵硅儉鐥涳紝鐮存秷瀹块锛屽紑鑳冿紝鍘荤You will be able to find out how to get married, how to get married, how to get married, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do and what to do.The wind and the wind: the wind and the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind and the wind.鈶c€婂攼鏈崏銆嬶細”鍒╁皬渚裤€?鈶ゃ€婃棩鍗庡瓙鏈崏銆嬶細”娌讳竴鍒囬鐤撅紝浜斿姵涓冧激锛屽喎姘旇吂鑳€锛岃ˉ鑵拌啙锛屾秷鐥帮紝娌绘按姘旓紝鍒╁皬渚匡紝姝㈠弽鑳冨憰閫嗭紝鍙婄瓔楠ㄥ急杞紝鐥冪櫀姘斿潡锛屽浜哄喎鐧ョ槙锛屾俯鐤撅紝灞卞矚鐦存皵锛岄櫎鐑﹂暱鑲屻€?鈶ャ€婂尰瀛﹀惎婧愩€嬶細”闄ゆ箍鐩婄嚗锛屽拰涓泭姘旓紝娓╀腑锛屽幓鑴捐儍涓箍锛岄櫎鑳冪儹锛屽己鑴捐儍锛岃繘楗锛屽拰鑳冿紝鐢熸触娑诧紝涓昏倢鐑紝鍥涜偄鍥板€︼紝鐩笉娆插紑锛屾€犳儼鍡滃崸锛屼笉鎬濋ギ椋燂紝姝㈡复锛屽畨鑳庛€?鈶︽潕鏉诧細”鍘昏缁忎腑婀胯€岀悊鑴捐儍銆?鈶 啇 市 擂 Yi Yi ad?鐞嗕腑鐩婅劸锛岃ˉ鑲濋铏氾紝涓昏垖鏈己锛岄鍒欏憰锛岃儍鑴樼棝锛岃韩浣撻噸锛屽績涓嬫€ョ棝锛屽績涓嬫按鐥烇紝鍐茶剦涓虹梾锛岄€嗘皵閲屾€ワ紝鑴愯吂鐥涖€?鈶ㄣ€婃湰鑽夎涔夎ˉ閬椼€嬶細”鏈夋睏鍒欐锛屾棤姹楀垯鍙戙€傝兘娑堣櫄鐥般€?

[A lot of times a night is not as cool as you think]

[A lot of times a night is not as cool as you think]

Duplicate husband and wife life is medically defined to mean repetitive life once or twice a night.

Modern medicine believes that no matter what the circumstances, repeating spousal life is not good for the health of both spouses. It may cause the following hazards: 1. Excessive physical exertion Sexual life is a very physical exhausting activity.A lot of energy inside the body will be consumed. If you repeat sexual life, it will cause physical exhaustion for both men and women.

Over time, it will inevitably cause a decline in physical condition, and may even affect mental state, and even the ability to think, memory, and analysis will worsen, so it is worth the loss.

Second, cause sexual decline due to the continuous and repeated occurrence of sexual impulses, both men and women will increase the burden of sexual control of the nerve center and sexual organs, often this can lead to fatigue and fatigue of the body and sexual organs.

The material must be reversed. This will not be able to obtain sufficient sexual gratification, but will cause the decline of sexual function, and cause the “sexual decline before sex”.


Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Tax deduction welcomes good deductions but not in line with expectations

Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Tax deduction welcomes good deductions but not in line with expectations

1H19, income +10 for ten years.

81%, net profit attributable to mother +10 for ten years.

79%, deducting non-performance results are in line with expectations On August 23, the company released its 2019 Interim Report: 1) Revenue increased slightly by 0.

81% to 26.

9.9 billion, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 62.

79% to 15.

77 ‰, deducting the cost of diabetes and returning to 5.

$ 1.2 billion 9.

97% to 10.

65 ppm; 2) Deductions are in line with expectations (our earnings forecast is 10.

6.6 billion).

The profit growth mainly comes from: 1) Yanjiang Company completed the capital injection, confirmed the deferred income assets for the previous recoverable reorganization and asset impairment, and increased the net profit by about 5.

1.2 billion; 2) Transfer Guilong land and increase net profit by about 1.

4 billion.

We adjusted the company EPS to 1 for 2019/20/21.



20 yuan, raise the target price to 12.


20 yuan, upgrade to “Buy” rating.

The growth of toll revenue was slightly sluggish, and the decline in financial expenses was faster than expected in the first half of the year. After replacing the impact of the three project repurchase, the company’s toll revenue increased by 3.

95% of which the tolls of Jihedong, Jihexi, along the river, Qinglian, Shuiguan, and Wuhuang Expressway increase by +1 each year.

1%, +1.

8%, +17.

0%, +9.

0%, -0.

8%, +5


In addition to the high-speed growth along the Yangtze River in Shenzhen, due to the saturation of production capacity at Jihe Expressway and landslide maintenance at Shuiguan Expressway, the traffic growth rate was slightly sluggish.

In the first half of the year, the company’s financial expenses decreased by 2 each year.

31 trillion, after adding back the derivative income generated by the foreign exchange lock-up, the overall financial expenses decreased by 2.

US $ 3.6 billion, mainly due to the reduction in the size of borrowings for the repurchase of three projects, and the average interest rate was 4 from the same period last year.

70% dropped to 4.


Yanjiang Company completed the budget optimization, and the expenditure expenses were largely reversed. In order to improve the financial status of Yanjiang Company, Shenzhen Expressway Group injected US $ 4.1 billion in Yanjiang Company in the second quarter, mainly to transfer the syndicated loan of Yanjiang Company to the Group.

Before the capital injection, Yanjiang Company continued to expand continuously, forming a scale of off-balance-sheet deductions; after the capital injection, the future profitability of Yanjiang Company is expected to improve significantly, so the previous part can be made up, and the depreciation compensation for road asset impairment is confirmedAssets, a corresponding increase in net profit of about 5.

1.2 billion, which is a one-time benefit.

The Group’s credit rating is higher than that of Yanjiang Company, and the loan interest rate is relatively high.
We expect the comprehensive interest rate to decline further after the group takes over the loan.
In the second half of the year, Meilinguan real estate was delivered in a concentrated manner. ETC toll discounts and equipment upgrades affected the controllable diversified business.

We expect the Meilinguan 佛山桑拿网 project to be delivered at the end of the year. Assuming that the first phase of the housing is carried forward by 50%, the project will contribute about 2 net profits.

100,000 yuan.

Affected by the state’s cancellation of the provincial border toll station policy, the company will complete the transformation of ETC equipment in the second half of the year, and the capital expenditure is expected to be 4.

3.8 billion; Guangdong ETC discount adjusted from 98% to 5% from July.

In the short term, investment cash expenditures increase, but in the long term, charging efficiency improves and labor costs (1H19 is 1).

4.1 billion) is expected to decline.

We expect the multi-year impact of ETC discount changes on Guangdong rates to be -2.

5% (2H19), -3.

4% (1H20), -0.

8% (2H20), but increased efficiency and lower rates are expected to attract new traffic.

Raise target price to 12.


20 yuan, upgrade to “buy” rating because the tax deduction is better than expected, we adjust the 2019/20/21 return to mother net profit forecast to 27.



1.2 billion (previous 21).



4.4 billion).

We raise our target price to 12 based on the segment valuation method.


20 yuan (previous time 11.


00 yuan).

High dividends are attractive.

Assuming a dividend rate of 45%, we expect the company’s 2019/20/21 dividend to replace 6.

08% / 5.

38% / 5.

83% (closing price 20190823).

Upgrade to Buy rating.

Risk reminder: The traffic flow is growing faster than expected, and environmental protection projects and Meilinguan projects are not progressing as expected.

Graduation and opening ceremonies of this spring are cancelled in many places in Japan

Graduation and opening ceremonies of this spring are cancelled in many places in Japan

People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, February 26. According to the “Daily News” report, affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Japan has successively cancelled the school’s graduation ceremony and opening ceremony.

  Near Pacific University announced on the 25th that it would cancel the graduation ceremony for antiques in March and the opening ceremony for April.

It is reported that the opening ceremony of Jiangsu University plans to invite the alumni of the university and music producer Tsunku to perform. It is expected that there will be one.

50,000 people participated, but due to the risk of contagion, it was eventually canceled, and the principal and guests of the live broadcast were replaced.

  International Liberal University also announced on the 25th that it will postpone the antique graduation and opening ceremonies. The date has not been determined.

International Liberal University has an overseas exchange study system. All students will go to study abroad for one year during their stay in the university. Once the infection occurs, it will affect the cooperation between 北京夜网 the university and overseas universities.

In addition, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, where half of the students are international students, also announced the cancellation of the graduation ceremony in March and the opening ceremony in April, and considered rescheduling antiques.

  Toho University originally planned an antique graduation ceremony at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba City on March 15th. It was also affected by the epidemic and changed in various departments, and the simple certificate award ceremony for antiques in various disciplines.

The Tsuzuki Gakuen Education Group also cancelled the graduation ceremonies of six universities, including the First Pharmaceutical University, Japan Pharmaceutical University, and 38 of them, high schools, specialized schools, and kindergartens.

(Compiled: Yuan Meng Reviewer: Chen 杭州夜网论坛 Jianjun) Original title: Affected by the epidemic, many places in Japan canceled graduation and opening ceremonies this spring

Of the 94 companies with a small amount of insurance capital investigation and refined research, 88 bucked the trend

Of the 94 companies with a small amount of insurance capital investigation and refined research, 88 bucked the trend
Insurance funds surveyed A-share companies for more than one month. Of the 94 companies surveyed, 184 times, 88 of them bucked the trend. Since May, reporter Zhou Shangyin, A-shares have continued to fluctuate, including institutional investors within the insurance funds who adjusted their positions and exchanged sharesDemand is also increasing.In addition, the CBRC has said that it encourages insurance companies to increase their holdings of high-quality listed company stocks and bonds to maintain the stable and healthy development of listed companies and the capital market. Therefore, the trend of investment in insurance capital has always been a concern of the outside world.  According to statistics from a reporter from the Securities Daily, from May to now, as of June 12, 58 insurance companies have conducted investigations on 94 listed companies, with a total of 184 investigations.Among them, East China Medical and Northern China Chuang were surveyed by more than 10 insurance companies.  From the perspective of industry distribution, from May to now, the listed companies surveyed by the insurance capital are mainly concentrated in popular industries such as electronics, medical biology, and computers. Four of the top ten companies in the research came from the pharmaceutical and biological sector, and three listed companies fromElectronic plate.  According to incomplete statistics from the reporter of the Securities Daily, from May to now, the insurance fund survey is “small and refined”, which is not the same as the situation where funds, securities firms, and other financial institutions are studying together.More than January, 58 insurance companies studied only 94 listed companies, and the survey frequency was only 184.  Among them, a total of 2 listed companies were found by more than 10 insurance companies-East China Pharmaceuticals was investigated 15 times by 15 insurance companies, and Northern China Ventures was investigated 10 times by 10 insurance companies.East China Pharmaceutical, a listed company with the most surveys of insured funds, has received 176 institutions since May, ranking sixth in the agency survey.  From the perspective of individual stocks, East China Medicine has been recommended to buy by 27 securities companies in 14 reports in the past three months.Among 无锡夜网 them, the brokerage firm gave its highest target price of 49.25 yuan / share, with a minimum target price of 36 yuan / share.At present, the stock price is around 28 yuan, an increase of 7 during the year.26%.At the same time, China Merchants Securities gave East China Medicine a “strong recommendation” rating.  From the perspective of the company, East China Pharmaceuticals announced on May 26 that it intends not to exceed 10.Acquired 113,216,652 shares of Zuoli Pharmaceuticals for 600 million yuan (18% of Zuoli Pharmaceuticals’ total shares).6%), the total transfer amount will not exceed RMB 10.US $ 600 million becomes its controlling shareholder. At this point, Zuoli Pharmaceutical’s control will change.  Going forward, Chi Chensen and Jiang Qi, analysts at Zhongtai Securities, said, “Zuli Pharmaceutical has synergy with East 南京桑拿论坛 China Medicine.Zoli Pharmaceuticals achieved sales revenue last year.US $ 300 million, with three exclusive or similar Chinese medicine varieties of Wuling Capsules, Bailing Tablets, and Lingze Tablets. All three products have entered the 2018 version of the base medicine catalog, but due to the company’s limited sales capabilities, product growth encountered difficulties.East China Pharmaceuticals has outstanding sales capabilities and is promoting the building of sales capabilities in the grass-roots market. The supplement of three high-quality base drug varieties will help enrich the company’s product line.In addition, Zoli Pharmaceutical’s distribution in the field of Chinese medicine decoction pieces and Chinese medicine particles can complement the layout of East China Medicine in these potential areas.In addition, the distance between the two companies is about 50 kilometers, making management more convenient. Zoli Pharmaceuticals has a certain capacity, which can solve the problem of insufficient capacity of East China Pharmaceuticals.Only 94 of the 94 companies surveyed merged. From the perspective of the expected performance of 94 listed companies surveyed by the insurance company during the year, the insurance company has a unique vision.Under the continuous shock of A-shares, only 6 companies have been declining this year, and the largest decline is only 10.03%, the average of the other 5 declines within 10%, the remaining 88 stocks surveyed by the insurance capital are all growing, accounting for 93.62%, what a “bull” is.  At the same time, excluding new stocks listed this year, out of the 94 listed companies surveyed by the insurance company, there were three listed companies that expanded by more than 70%, including Antai Technology, the Third Ring of China Science and Technology, Northern China Chong, with gains of 93.85%, 77.08%, 75.85% come from non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and electronics industries.  For the recent popular non-ferrous metal sector, Everbright Securities believes that in the context of the dollar index or high volatility, environmental protection, security supervision or the contraction of supply, the metal price differentiation in the second half of the year is the trend.Zhongtai Securities also said that defining the position of the cycle is critical-the inevitable “Kitchen cycle” is currently in the “backoff period” and “recovery period”, and the world continues to decline simultaneously. The counter-cyclical adjustment has become a universal choice and has further spreadTrend.In the context of the Kitchin cycle that needs to continue to complete the “last skimming”, the macro and micro planes have broken and established, and the deviation between the colors may continue, and the strong is always strong.  In addition, according to the statistics of the “Securities Daily” reporter, from the perspective of industry distribution, affected by the science and technology board, listed companies in the insurance capital survey are mainly concentrated in electronics, medical biology, computers and other industries.Among them, the electronics, pharmaceutical and biological industries are the most favored by insurance capital. The 13 listed companies connected by the two sectors are under investigation.It is worth mentioning that the focus of the brokerage research also involves the electronics, computer and pharmaceutical bio-sectors.

[Heated sugar chestnuts]_How to heat_How to heat

[Heated sugar chestnuts]_How to heat_How to heat

Sugar-fried chestnuts are generally the best when they are just cooked. If they are cold, they are not good to eat. After cooling, we want to heat them. We generally use microwave ovens or casseroles to reheat them.After that, the chestnuts are not as delicious as the sugar-fried chestnuts just made, so it is recommended that everyone should eat them as soon as they are fried. For specific heating methods, you can refer to alternative methods.

Sugar fried chestnuts how to heat sugar fried chestnuts chestnut is a kind of authentic chestnuts fried with maltose. It is one of the well-known casual snacks and one of the most popular foods.

Sugar-fried chestnuts are the best shortly after they come out of the pot.

So how to heat the fried chestnuts?

What should I do if the chestnuts are fried?

1. Heating method The sugar-fried chestnuts can be eaten again after cooling down. The best heating method is to use microwave oven.

First put the cooled sugar-fried chestnuts in glassware, and then heat them in a microwave oven for 1?
2 minutes.

If you need more heating, you should heat it a little longer. Generally, it is heated at high temperature and then converted to medium temperature heating, so the taste of the fried sugar chestnuts after heating is not much different from the original taste.

2. Precautions Because the sugar-fried chestnuts have been processed through opening, it is not suitable to heat them with water after they are cooled, and it is also inappropriate to heat them with frying. It is best to use a high temperature such as an oven.

However, no matter if you use an oven, microwave, pressure cooker or other utensils, don’t put too much chestnuts at once, and the heating time should not be too long, and you should control the time reasonably.

3. Warm reminders Although sugar-fried chestnuts are delicious, many sugar-fried chestnuts sold outside nowadays are not healthy and harmful, and the content of harmful substances is too high, which is mainly driven by interests for illegal processing.

The sugar used may not be maltose, but it may be sweeteners such as cyclamate and saccharin. Even the use of white sugar can turn into harmful caramel at high temperatures. Therefore, it is best to eat less fried chestnuts sold by street vendors. It is bestI went to a square meter supermarket to buy brand chestnuts.

How to make fried chestnuts? The chestnuts we usually see outside are fried with sugar, so everyone may taste sweeter. In fact, it is also sweet without fried sugar. In fact, many people do n’t know. Some places sell fried sugar.Chestnuts have been added with other things, so they may not eat well. Many unscrupulous businesses may add sweeteners or other food additives in order to make the chestnuts sweeter in order to make them look better.Don’t worry too much, so how do you make sugared chestnuts at home?

1. Nutritional value The nutritional value of sugar-fried chestnuts is very high. Indeed, we know that chestnuts mature in autumn, so it is good to eat chestnuts in autumn. Sugar-fried chestnuts contain very rich nutrients., Mainly starch, protein, vitamins and minerals, sugar-fried chestnuts are rich in glucose, eating sugar-fried chestnuts can supplement energy, eat in the autumn can also warm up, chestnut also has kidney and aphrodisiac and qi and spleen effects,So it is good to like to eat chestnuts.

2. Production method The main ingredients of sugar fried chestnuts are chestnuts and white sugar. After washing the raw chestnuts, cut a mouth with scissors and put them in a large bowl, then pour some oil into the bowl, stir well, and place the chestnuts.On a baking sheet, place in the oven for 10 minutes.

When baking, use a bowl of white sugar and stir with boiling water until saccharified.

After ten minutes, remove the chestnut, brush the sugar water on the chestnut with a spoon, remember to brush evenly, put it in for a few minutes after the test, then take it out again, then put it in and bake for a few minutes, and repeat it.

3. Warm reminder. If there is no oven or oven, it doesn’t matter. Pour the chestnuts into the water, cook them, drain them, pour the oil and sugar in the pot, fry the cooked chestnuts, stir-fry the chestnuts and then add a little.Cover the pot with water and simmer for five minutes. Remember that the chestnut can be peeled but must be opened.