Chen Xiu took out one,I weighed it in my hand,Weighs only a few grams。

“This is not light,If you don’t get venom,I’m afraid this flying needle will not penetrate the human body。”
“I feel that he was controlling the direction of the flying needle just by sound,It is estimated that this method also limits his inability to control overly heavy objects,That’s why I chose this lightweight flying needle as a weapon!”
“But it can steer the flying needle,This method is too magical!”
Chen Xiu continued searching on that person,Then I took out another wallet,There are some wallets in various countries,But no clues。
The man groaned on the ground,Wake up slowly,Slowly opened his eyes and saw Chen Xiu smiling and looking at himself。
He wanted to whistle subconsciously,Just cracked lips,No front teeth,No sound at all,Just a spout of blood、saliva。
“Dare to blow,I promise to break your mouthful of teeth!”Chen Xiu said sharply。
“Well……I have nothing……”
The man lost his front teeth,It took a long time for Chen Xiu to understand,He said i didn’t。
Chen Xiu scratched his face with a palm,Half of the face is swollen。
“Special,Is it interesting to deny it with me?!”
Chen Xiu raised his slap aloft and shaved the other side of his face,The man hurriedly clutched the other side and shouted:“stop fighting,I’ll explain everything you want to know!”
“Zhang Tianci。”

Xuan Ming two is not good,Only silent shock,And Zhao Min continued to open the mouth at this time.:“Little woman’s agreement on Chu League,It is still effective!Although today’s sweat is believed to believe Jin Tongshi,But I have always feel that,Knowledge of knowledge in martial arts in Central Plains,It’s worth it.、Join hands。”

Zhao Min called“Ben County”。I claim“Little woman”,The temperament is also switched between grace and glamorous.,It’s just a straight rate when you are charming.,Glamorous naughty,Also bring some English。
Chu Dee people always feel her words,It is meaningful……
Means of,Zhao Min did not believe、Or don’t read it“Jin Wheel”of?
Do not,It should be said that the strategic station is different.!
Shuyang Wangzheng,The army of the palm of the East Line,So Zhao Min is on the strategic level of the scriptures,Tendency to recruit master of martial arts,And the golden wheel,Obviously it is in Fuyang、Southern Song Ting,And it is a self-contained,Directly touch the martial arts martial arts。
Today’s system,The more you don’t do it.,The power of the king of the Yanyang is also shrinking.,Even before atrophy,Some people will not be used to,A person who does not fight the mission,Handling a large number of army!
At least Zhao Min is hints the Chu Deirers,The relationship between the king and the golden wheel is not good.。
“‘Put on’The word can’t say,The majesty of Chu League,If it is working with our Fuyang Wangfu,That’s、Renovate,Not here!When the Chu League is the martial arts……”
“Take a break!I am the owner,But it is a generation of Zhang Zhen people.,See Zhang Zhen in the future,I am advised to say that Zhang Zhen is going out.,Take over the horizon, Zhengxuan Zhaozhao!”Chu Deiren quickly broke。
Mental Shaolin,Renovate?
You think that you can grow beautiful than you.!
When I arrived, I was a new grave in martial arts.……
Zhao Min goddened,I then smile,Unfair——You are a star、Sun and Moon God,Not so many demon ghosts,Even to pull the teacher……Also said that Zhang Zhen people want to do alliance?
“Zhao Min County said before, I promised me three conditions.?”
“We can hit the sweat。”Zhao Min said,Extended and jade fan fell in a white tender palm。
“County main holiday,If it is just a gentleman,Dressed true alliances,It is better to set a magistrate,The county owner will mortgle the original……certainly,The three are afraid that they have already abolished two,If the county is not concerned,There is no way in the same order.。”Chu Deirers said with respect。
“Chu League is so aq,Not afraid of recruiting people?”Zhao Min satirical。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,Afterwards:“County is the main point……Who else in the world will be because of this,Shameful?”
Zhao Min:……
“it is good,That time, let the three slaves follow you first.,But II、A three was hurt,Can Chu Lee??”Zhao Min’s test。
“Cure。”Chu Deirers said directly。
It is not all lying.,Even though not directly missing arms,But a lot of bones、The joint is broken.,Not a healing problem。
Use“God sensation”Can save,Also I have to take out the bones.,After treatment,Bone is afraid to short a few,External work is definitely ten no two or three。
Zhao Min stared at the Chu Deiren.,Follow:“King Kong’s holy medicine‘Black jade break’Ability to treat bone,After that, I will get a poor to the Chu Lee.,Also see Chu League master。”
“it is good,but……The first condition,Just help me get a hundred and eighty pounds of black jade discontinuation.!I will put the A three when I arrive.。”Chu Deirers are of course from the least important people。
Zhao Min god and said that he was more annoyed.:“Chu Lee is smirk,Black jade discontinuation cream raw material precious、Refining is not easy,It is copying King Kong.,I am afraid that there is no two or three pounds.……I will give the Chu League, one person, is applying the whole body.!”
Chu Deirers did not refresh the things to formulate,One is that I am afraid some medicinal materials are not good.,Two to formula is difficult to know the true and false,It is better to leave a sample,After that, I will give Xue Shi.。
“At least enough three people to connect the whole body bones!”Chu Deman shakes his head。
“Can you count two conditions??”Zhao Min has already promised in his heart,Just deliberately tempted。
“Can,That third condition,Just promise me three conditions。”Chu Deirers said very atmospheric。
Zhao Min:……
The two finally fell.,This first“condition”。
The Chu Deirers have asked a sentence.,about“Black jade break”,Can you pick up a meridians?——the answer is negative!
“Black jade break”Speaking of the bottom is the soul of King Kong,Because the Diamondaido is hard work,It is inevitable when hard work,This is long-term illness。
Vulnerable,It is invalid。

“Isn’t this your bed?Why is everyone sitting here?”

Qin Hao asked,These two people stood up directly,Said to Qin Hao。
“Who are you?Oh,correct,You are from the Spike Brigade,Qin Hao。”
One of them suddenly remembered something。
“I heard you know how to beat peanuts,Just your little body,Can Afford Gatling?”
“I think he can afford a shotgun even if he is good,”Another person said immediately。
“correct,My name is Zhang Dayong,From the Tigers Training Camp,Nice to meet you。”
“correct,His name is Chen Dalu,the same with me,From the Tigers Training Camp。”
Zhang Dayong stretched out his hand,Was held by Qin Hao。
Zhang Dayong calmly clenched Qin Hao’s hand,Getting stronger。
Qin Hao is not someone who can be beaten passively,Qin Hao tried hard,Zhang Dayong’s face suddenly turned red。
Then red and purple,This is clearly a disadvantage。
Chen Dalu on the side obviously also noticed Zhang Dayong’s state.。
But he is not good at talking,Because he knew it was initiated by Zhang Dayong。
Who can be blamed for inferior skills?

On the stairs in front of the square,Suddenly a white-haired old man appeared。

The white-haired old man wore a dark blue robe,Cold breath,Watching Li Ming:“I am the spirit of Dongfu,Waiting here by the master’s order。”
Li Ming nodded,Just like the Supreme Po Lin in the Alien Beast Cave,The spirit of the cave is left in the eternal kingdom,This is the same with Qi Zhizun。
Seeing Li Ming’s expression indifferently,The spirit of the cave is slightly angry,But still according to what Qi Zhizun left:“This cave has three levels of life and death,One weight is more dangerous,The outermost part is the simplest first,If you can survive the triple life and death,There will be no more danger behind。”
“As the owner ordered,Every time you pass a level,Some gifts。”The white-haired old man threw a green leaf,Flew in front of Li Ming,“This is a natal talisman,Almost all Taoists can be resurrected by this Taoist talisman。”
“Almost all Taoists?What about the ultimate Daoist?!”
The white-haired old man was taken aback:“Ultimate Daoist,If it is to comprehend‘The ultimate way’Daojun,Practicing to the four-step road,Their level of life will completely surpass all other Taoists,Above all Taoists,A Taoist Talisman of Life and Death cannot be resurrected,Could it be。。You are the ultimate Taoist?!”The trace of anger in the white-haired old man’s heart dissipated directly。
Ultimate Daoist,Even Qi Zhizun takes it very seriously。。。Because even the supreme,It is also the first to realize the strongest way of integration,Step into the master,Dominate the level of Taoism to complete enlightenment,After the eternal flower condenses the supreme Tao fruit。
They did not realize the ultimate way—Even throughout the history of practitioners,There is no emperor who has born the ultimate way。
This class,Even arrogant,The spirit of Baifa Cave Mansion doesn’t have the slightest opinion。
“Not bad!”Li Ming didn’t hide the meaning of what he understood,And directly arouse the aura of the origin of the formation,Sensed the mighty breath。
“If the little friend realizes the ultimate way,Then the second test,The fourth step of the ultimate Daoist,The strength is at least comparable to the second-level emperor,It’s easy to pass the second test。”
The old man speaks out,The faces of some emperors below have changed。
“It’s rare for Daojun to break through the blockade of those two gray robes,We have to let our brothers play,Why did it pass directly。”

“Ok,pretty good!Just this one!Please pack the changed clothes for me,Pay the bill!”

Lu Menglin looked and looked,Very satisfied with my taste,This color match,Shows Zhou Xiaoyu’s girlishness to the fullest,Very trendy,Even if you stand in front of a movie camera,Such Zhou Xiaoyu can definitely make people shine。
Zhou Xiaoyu heard the word pay,Suddenly it looked like a frightened rabbit。
“Do not,Don’t!too expensive!”Zhou Xiaoyu’s cheeks are hot,The voice is getting smaller。
Looking at the girl’s shy and frightened appearance,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but smile,Wave your hand:“Did you forget?Even that old Japanese man wants to fawn on me!I’m actually quite rich!”
“That’s not OK!That’s not my money!”Zhou Xiaoyu was lost for a while,Sober up soon。
Lu Menglin smiled:“Then you can wear this suit for the interview!I think as long as the examiner is not blind,Should admit you!You treat me as an investment,You will be a big star from now on,Give me back the profit!”
“This.”Zhou Xiaoyu was stunned,For her,Admission to Beijing Film Academy is the top priority,Everything can make way for it。
This suit really shows her unique temperament,If you wear this suit for an interview,Maybe it can really add some impression points。
Just think of here,Zhou Xiaoyu hesitated,Because she wants to be admitted to Beijing Film Academy。And the support for her at home is already stretched,If you fail the exam this year,You can say goodbye to your dreams forever。
“that.Ok!Wait until the exam is over,I will return the money to you!”Zhou Xiaoyu said decisively。
“Then it’s such a happy decision!”Lu Menglin walked to the counter,Took out a stack of cash and settled the account。
It’s five hundred and twenty-nine yuan,Zhou Xiaoyu keeps this number in mind,She swears to herself,I must pay back the money in the future。
Lu Menglin looked at the little girl with such a serious expression,Can’t help but be funny,There is also a trace of admiration。
She’s still a girl of this era, and she’s so beautiful!Lu Menglin remembers clearly,Many girls I know later,All treat men as triumphs,When the water fish,They think women spend men’s money just right,No sense of guilt at all。
You are responsible for making money to support the family,I am responsible for being beautiful!There is nothing wrong with this,but,Once any concept is deliberately enlarged,Will produce extreme results。
For example, the later Zhai Xinxin,Put the programmer surnamed Su to death,Cheat money and kill,I feel terrible when I think about it。
From the adidas store,Lu Menglin was not ashamed to hold Zhou Xiaoyu’s little hand again,Two people walking side by side,Walking on the streets of Beijing。
Hua Deng Chu Shang,Crowds on the street。

“Sell medicine?Yes!I gave them medicine,Any questions?”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。

Cao Wen was surprised:“How can you do this?Are you short of money?Beiwu absolutely cannot allow such a thing to happen!”
“you,Write a formal written review immediately,Write clearly what happened,Come to my office within 24 hours!”Cao Wen is angry,Added another sentence。
Lu Menglin gave her a weird look,Tilted his head and said:“Who are you?Ask me to write a check,Is the brain sick??”
This remark,There was an uproar all around。
This surnamed Lu dare to talk to Cao Wen in this tone,Does he not want to continue mixing in Beiwu??Lu Tiannan and Wu Yi looked at each other,Feel a little weird。
Does this surname Lu really know Cao Wen??Even if I haven’t met,I should have heard it before!Cao Wen is not only the only class teacher of the sophomore,Or the head of the entire martial arts department,Although not officially appointed,But this is something everyone knows。
“Teacher Lu,It’s wrong for you to say that!Teacher Cao Wen is also the senior of our teacher Wu Ke,She is not qualified to control you,Who is qualified to control you?”Teacher Lu Tiannan fanned the flames。
“Yes!You are young,It’s too arrogant!”Teacher Wu Yi was also unhappy on the side。
Lu Menglin glanced at them lightly,Shrugged,I didn’t mean to fight at all,Just go。
Waited until Lu Menglin walked out five or six steps,Only then did the three martial arts teachers react,They were completely ignored!
“Hey!You stop!”Cao Wen shouted with anger。
Lu Menglin walked forward without looking back,How can he care about these three people!It’s not on one level at all,There is no need to bully others?
“Too arrogant!Too arrogant!How come we Beiwu have such a person?”Lu Tiannan shook his head with anger,Sighed。


Vomiting blood,**,Kneeling,The state of these so-called strong men at a time is the most realistic portrayal of the battle。
That man stepped onto the second step so easily,This is something no one thought of。
A demigod,Shuttle back and forth among the many warriors who also have semi-god powerhouses,They seem to remember what happened in the imperial capital six years ago。
You must know that the martial artist here is not a dazzling hammer sect,Goods like the Fog Hidden Sect can be compared,They are not qualified to participate in such a battle。
But the result,Still so,No changes。
Everything is done naturally。
The blood has gone down the steps,The original jade-white steps are no longer the same color as before,Strong wind blowing,There is a smell of blood in the air。
to be frank,If on the observability of the battle,Xia Chenglong and their battles are much more exciting。
When reaching a state,It is difficult for them to kill the opponent in a short time,So just the exchange of martial skills。
But this is different,Blood is a measure of the fierce battle。
Scream,Floor sound,Fracture sound,Clash of weapons,These messy sounds add up,Will make people excited。
If there is another attack that attracts everyone’s attention,Those are the two black robe old men that Murong Qianxue brought。
It’s hard to imagine,Ten Thousand Beast City,There is no way to get the top score。
In other words, the famous Ten Thousand Beast City on the road,Only these two warriors can be easily eradicated。

“No,I just think what grandpa you said is very funny。”Lin Yuna said。

“funny?Where is it funny?”Liu Neng suddenly asked weakly。
“Grandpa, when you were just now,Isn’t it the same as telling a nice joke??Of course I want to laugh,otherwise,I’m so sorry for the joke you told me so hard,dont you agree?”Lin Yoona suddenly smiled and said to Liu Neng。
“joke?What joke,I didn’t tell you a joke just now?”Liu Neng asked inexplicably。
“There’s none?Grandpa, you obviously told a joke just now?If you don’t believe it,You can ask my grandma about them!”Lin Yuner said solemnly。
“Wang Dahua,Did you tell a joke just now?”Liu Neng really asked Wang Dahua this question。
Wang Dahua was also taken aback,Then he said with a flushed face:“What she meant by Yoona was that you said that the Lin family borrowed our Liu family’s light is a joke。”
“what?”Liu Neng said with an angry face。
“she was,She seems to mean that!”Wang Dahua still replied weakly。
“Lin Yuna,Is what your grandma said true,Do you mean this?”Liu Neng asked angrily。
“Yes indeed,Grandpa,Didn’t you just tell such a joke??Look at your grandma and you can see that what you are telling is a joke,You didn’t even notice it。”Lin Yoona still said with a smile。
“You stinky girl,Am I wrong??”Liu Neng asked。
“OK,OK,I’ve heard this joke anyway,And i laughed too,Then let’s not say more,Let’s change the topic!”Lin Yuna said。

Get!To this,Populus has nothing to say。

“Come back。”Hu Yang shrugged。
See the calm expression of Populus,He Siqian was a little disappointed,I didn’t see the panic of this buddy,To know,Before my second sister,No less teasing Populus。
In fact,He Siqian himself was bullied by the second sister。Anyway,They used to be brothers and sisters,Always being caught by his second sister,Forced to be called a minor。
“You are afraid of her?”Populus asked again。
He Siqian:“You are not afraid of the same。I heard,She came back this time,Don’t plan to go out,It seems that I am planning to start a company。Lao Hu,Fudge,She is short of staff now。”
The audience in the live room listened,Have adultery?
Everyone likes gossip,I have never heard of Hu’s scandal,I haven’t seen him have a great affection for a certain beauty。Generally rich,Isn’t it all of Xiangche beauty?
Car has,Woman?
in fact,Brother Hu has come into contact with a lot of beauties this time,Like Xu Mengyun, the owner of a jade shop,Song Ying, Miss Song’s Jewelry,Many female anchors,As well as the two beautiful students Shui Ruyue and Zhou Chang from the Academy of Fine Arts who were rescued earlier。
But Brother Hu doesn’t seem to be hooked up,No special contacts。
this time,Seems to expose something。Miss He’s daughter,Could it be Hu’s childhood sweetheart?
Listen to the conversation between the two,She seems to be a domineering young lady!They are listening for the first time,And the woman Hu is afraid of。
Seeing so many people in the live broadcast room,He Siqian couldn’t help but smile:“Childhood sweetheart?Haha!Not like,My second sister,He treats Lao Hu as his younger brother。The days dominated by sister,Someone should understand。”
Hearing He Siqian’s explanation,Many people understand。
Many women are kittens in front of their lovers,Home is a tigress,Yelling at my brother,Not pleasing to the eye is just a mess。
“When I was young,Was beaten so badly by my sister。”

But the agents will follow the rules,Naturally, Su Xiaodong and his wife will not meet Su Chengxu for too much time。

What makes Qin Feng more depressed is,Only in the afternoon,He actually saw Jiang Yan’s three daughters appearing in this city。
“You all followed?”When picking up,Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng with surprise。Qin Feng thought that maybe Su Rou would come back because she hung up the phone.。
But what happened to Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng?Actually followed?
of course,Qin Feng couldn’t rush them back,So I can only pretend to pick up these people。
“Can’t we come?”Su Rou is still angry,Only because Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are both,So she is not good。
But according to Su Rou,Although they still have rooms,But now it’s impossible for them to stay home。
Okay,As long as there is money in this place,Don’t worry about hotels or transportation tools。
Jingle Bell——
Su Rou’s phone rang。Listen to the content on the phone,Su Rou frowned。
“You sent my brother to the detention center?”
“Yo,He dare to sue?Interesting,Really interesting!”Qin Feng smiled。
Then the anger at the scene became very embarrassing。
Su Rou looked at Qin Feng,“You get my brother out quickly。”
“Ha ha,Sorry,Official business,He fought at the train station three years ago,Someone seriously injured,Still not cured。So,Your brother is going to suffer!”Qin Feng smiled。
“Qin Feng, don’t go too far!”Su Rou dissatisfied。