[Can Bayberry be eaten with pesticides]_ Have pesticides _ Can you eat them?

[Can Bayberry be eaten with pesticides]_ Have pesticides _ Can you eat them?

In order to ensure the healthy growth of bayberry, it is often fertilized and pesticides are applied during the growing season, mainly to prevent bayberry from being corroded by parasites.

However, many people worry about eating bayberry with pesticides. In fact, generally there is a safe interval between bayberry pesticides. After the last pesticide spraying time, it usually takes until picking and release.Reduced to a safe level without affecting health.

It differs according to the type of pesticide, and is generally called the safety interval.

The safe interval period refers to the period from the last application to grazing, harvesting (harvest), use, and consumption of crops. The interval from spraying until the residual amount decreases to the maximum allowable residual amount.

In the orchard, the time between the last spray and the harvest must be greater than the safe interval to prevent human and animal poisoning.

The safety interval of several common pesticides is one. The fungicide 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 7 days; 77% can kill the wettable powder 3?
5 days; 50% puhein wettable powder 4?
7 days; 70% methyl tobzine wettable powder 5?
7 days; 50% Nongli Ling wettable powder 4?
5 days; 50% Garui, 58% Rhizopus manganese zinc wettable powder 2?
3 days; 64% antiseptic staff wettable powder 3?
4 days.

Second, the insecticide 10% cypermethrin EC?
5 days; 2.

5% deltamethrin for 2 days; 2.

5% kung fu cream for 7 days; 5% rifalin cream for 3 days; 5% aphid-resistant wettable powder for 6 days; 1.

8% Aifu plant EC for 7 days; 10% quick kill enemy EC for 3 days; 40.

7% Lesbon EC for 7 days; 20% fenvalerate for 3 days; 20% fenvalerate for 5 days; 35% fenthion for 7 days; 20% forthrin for 3 days; 10% horse7 days for polilick EC; 9 days for 25% quetiaphos EC; 6 days for 50% aphid anti-wettable powder; 7 days for 5% dorabao wettable powder.

Third, acaricide 50% bromate for 14 days; 50% Tolk wettable powder for 7 days

[How long does conch steam last?]_ How to make_Cooking time

[How long does conch steam last?]_ How to make_Cooking time

Everyone who has eaten the conch knows that the conch tastes very delicious, and the nutritional value of the conch is very high. Occasionally, there are many people who like to eat the conch. The most primitive way to eat the conch is to steam it directly.Keep the original taste of the conch, and eat it with a lot of dipping materials. The taste is very delicious, but some people do n’t know how long the conch will steam after buying it.

How long does conch steam?

Under normal circumstances, steam the conch for about ten minutes.

How long does conch cook?

After boiling, cook for about 5 minutes.

Generally, conch shells of normal size need to be cooked in a cold water pan, first boil over high heat, turn to medium heat after boiling, and continue to cook for about 5 minutes. If the size of the conch can be cooked for a longer time, as appropriate.

You must master the time to cook the conch. If it is too long, it will be easy to cook, it will not taste tender, and the meat will be hard and chewy.

Whether conch is steamed or boiled can be steamed, boiled, or fried, according to your personal preferences.


Steamed conch: Steamed conch is usually served with garlic, vermicelli, etc. It is delicious and nutrition is not easy to lose.


Boiled conch: Boiled conch is usually put in a small amount of salt in the water and eaten with dipping sauce after eating. The taste is also very delicious.


Fried conch: small conch, or the snail meat that has been picked out, can be used for stir-fry, the taste is spicy and chewy.

Ingredients for cooking conch: 750 grams of conch, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, ground ginger, sesame oil.

Practice steps: 1.

First, clean the surface of the conch, then add it to the basin for 20 minutes, add some salt, and let the conch spit.


Put cold water in the pot, put the cleaned conch, and boil on high heat.


After boiling, cook for another 5 minutes and turn off the heat for 2 minutes.

Remove the drained water platter.


Ginger is washed and minced, put into a small bowl, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and put in.


Pick out the snail meat and dip it in small portions.

The nutritional value and efficacy of conch

Calcium supplementation and bodybuilding Conch is rich in calcium, which can promote children’s bone development, prevent calcium loss, and has the effect of calcium supplementation and strengthening.


Enhance immunity Conch contains rich protein and amino acids, as well as abundant zinc elements. These substances are important substances for human growth and development, which can effectively enhance human immunity.


Protecting the eyes Conch is rich in vitamin A and has the function of maintaining normal visual function. It can prevent night blindness, improve vision and protect eyes.


Clearing heat and moisturizing the conch, it has the functions of clearing heat and moisturizing the lungs.

[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

[The role and efficacy of Tiger Piran]_Benefits_Premise

Tiger Piranha is one of the plants of this species. It is mainly used for someone to absorb formaldehyde in a new house after decoration. This method of removing formaldehyde is still very significant, and the leaves of Tiger PiranchiIt can be eaten directly as a medicinal material, which is also a good method for treating diseases, especially for some trauma, swelling and pain relief effects will become more obvious.

Putting plants in a renovated new home to absorb formaldehyde is a suggestion often heard in daily life.

But in fact, the absorption of formaldehyde by plants is actually quite low, usually on the order of 1mg / h / ㎡, and the highly respected spider plant is only 0.

15 mg / h / ㎡.

For the indoor space of tens or hundreds of square meters, the absorption rate of spider plant, ivy, etc. is too slow, which has no practical significance.

The mechanism by which formaldehyde is absorbed by plants is that formaldehyde molecules can bind to proteins in plants.

Therefore, formaldehyde is toxic to plants.

Although plants cannot absorb formaldehyde, some formaldehyde-sensitive plants, such as bougainvillea and safflower sorrel, can produce toxic effects in the presence of low concentrations of formaldehyde and can be used as environmental indicator plants.

Therefore, to eliminate gas pollutants in the home, open windows and ventilate in good weather, and use some Mayan blue at the same time is the most reliable method.

Medicinal material source: the whole grass or root of the lily plant Chlorophytum.

Harvesting and storage: The initial harvesting, washing and fresh use.

[4]性味味甘;微苦;性凉 [4]功能主治化痰止咳;散瘀消肿;清热解毒.

Main phlegm fever cough; bruises; fractures; bloated; hemorrhoids; burns.

For children with high fever, lung fever, cough, vomiting blood, bruises and so on.

[4]Oral dosage: Jiantang, 6-15 grams, fresh products 15-30 grams.

Topical: appropriate amount, mashing; or frying.

[4]Ornamental value Chlorophytum is a perennial herb. The branches are drooping at intervals. In summer or other seasons when the temperature is high, small white flowers are blooming. The flowers are concentrated at the ends of the hanging branches. The flower core is yellow.Watch.

Take 3g of the crude powder, add 50ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter while hot, dry while steaming, add 2ml of ethanol to the residue pool to dissolve, filter, filter and add a small amount of magnesium powder to react with hydrochloric acid, the solution is dark red。
(Check flavonoids)