[How to make tea with Dendrobium candidum]_How to make tea_How to make tea

[How to make tea with Dendrobium candidum]_How to make tea_How to make tea

Dendrobium officinale is a very common Chinese medicinal material, which has a high medicinal value. Dendrobium officinale has very good health effects on human health. In fact, Dendrobium officinale can also be eaten. The more common way of eating isMany people like to soak in water to drink water. Soaking water to drink is also good for people’s health. However, there are some precautions when everyone drinks water.

Fresh Dendrobium flowers are soaked in water. Fresh Dendrobium flowers are difficult to preserve. Therefore, they are usually processed into dry products. The processing methods used are freeze-drying and roasting.Preserve the morphology and active ingredients of Dendrobium flowers.

We can choose Dendrobium flowers with blue-green color and preserved flower shape when purchasing.

Compared with Dendrobium officinale, its flowers are more suitable for daily tea care.

First, it retains the medicinal value of the original plant Dendrobium officinale; second, it also has the characteristics of flowers and plants, Qingqing, Shuda, Jieyu, does not hurt the stomach, does not hurt righteousness.

The flowers of Dendrobium candidum must be eaten with the water. The flowers are crunchy and delicious. The flowers are just like the tea leaves. Dendrobium candidum is a very delicious tea. Because the tea embryo itself has artistic appreciation, it should be used transparently.Glass tea cup, take 10-20 flowers of tea into the cup, brew with boiling water slightly cool to about 90 ℃, and then on the lid of the cup, in order to prevent the loss of aroma, Dendrobium dried flowers slowly soaked in boiling water in the water, in the tea waterFluttering and unique.

After enjoying the game, you can drink it at the right temperature, with a sweet taste and a touch of honey. After drinking, you will chew the flowers to avoid waste.

Dendrobium flower taboo drink water taboo 1.

Dendrobium cannot be used with gypsum, croton, stiff silkworm, thunderbolt, etc., otherwise, it will have adverse consequences.

These are commonly used Chinese herbs to clear heat and detoxify. Consuming them together with Dendrobium officinale will increase the coldness of Dendrobium and cause adverse reactions such as diarrhea. In addition, these medicinal materials will also deactivate some of the active ingredients of Dendrobium.


Dendrobium cannot be consumed with cold foods such as dandelion, houttuynia cordata, mulberry, etc. Dendrobium can be eaten with cold foods, which can easily break the balance of yin and yang in the body, diarrhea can cause indigestion, and serious damage to the internal organs can cause endocrineDisorders, and people with damp and cold constitution have more serious consequences after eating.

If the internal fire is weak and prosperous and people who need Dendrobium officinalis to lower fire and get rid of fire, please be compatible under the guidance of professionals.


Dendrobium should not be eaten with “ventilated” foods such as radish and mung beans. After eating Dendrobium candidum, it takes time to slowly digest and absorb in the stomach to achieve health effects.

Radish has a laxative effect. Eating Dendrobium officinale and radish together causes the tandem to not effectively absorb the ingredients of Dendrobium officinale, which is not suitable for health.


Dendrobium officinale should not be used with coffee or strong tea. The ingredients in coffee and strong tea will affect the body’s absorption of Dendrobium and affect the efficacy of Dendrobium.

Notes on soaking flowers in Dendrobium 1.

Dendrobium flower soaking water has a certain effect of moisturizing, so if it belongs to people with a humid temperature constitution, it is best not to drink Dendrobium soaking water.


Pregnant women take caution.

If you have special needs, please consult a professional before using it.


Deficiency in the spleen and stomach or yang deficiency is prohibited.


Do not add Dendrobium flower tea overnight.

[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

[Efficacy of luffa seed sparkling wine]

Loofah seeds are a relatively common Chinese medicine. They also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They have the effect of relieving wind and analgesics. They also have a good effect on joint pain.For treatment, loofah seeds can also be used to drink wine, which can play a good role in treating postpartum women’s low back pain. Let’s take a look at the effect of loofah seeds.

The effect of luffa seed sparkling wine: half a catty of luffa seed, stir-fried yellow husks and grind it into powder. Liquor is delivered for service, 1 yuan each time, twice a day.

This method may cure women with postpartum low back pain.

The “Outline” of Luffa Seeds records: cooking to eliminate heat and intestines.

The old man burns clothes, removes wind and phlegm, cools blood and detoxifies, kills insects, passes through the meridians, runs the blood veins, and lowers milk; cures blood in the stool, drops and hemorrhoids in the hemorrhoids, yellow deposits, painful oocysts, painful blood gas, scabiesSores, pimples and fetal poison.

Lumbar intervertebral problems are generally caused by irregular meridian, stasis of qi and blood, dysfunction of bones and bones, and impaired blood and gas. Oral prescription medicines have little effect on some patients, and external application of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve warming and driving cold, and dredge meridians.

External application of medicine on the body’s acupuncture points and specific parts through the meridian replacement, transforming the warming of the blood, the role of righting and eliminating evil, to achieve the purpose of treatment and health.

Therefore, for the treatment of osteopathy, the “fly poison weed penetration method” commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine is applied externally to treat cervical spine, lumbar spondylosis and similar osteopathy, and the effective rate can reach more than 90%.

Prescription herbs: 200g of fly poisonous weed, 100g of rhodiola, 20g of saffron, 100g of chuanxiong, 100g of mangosteen, 150g of Duhuo, 80g of continuous offending, and 50g of panax notoginseng.

Method: Grind the above medicinal materials into fine powder, boil them together to make a paste, apply it to the cervical spine for 3-8 hours a day, and use it continuously for one month to cure cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine and other diseases.Tongluo, diabetes, pregnant women, menstrual men should be used with caution. Friends with conditions can find the specific medicinal materials of the fly poison poisoning method and prepare them by themselves.

In the past, people often dispensed their own medicine to make a paste and applied it to the pain. Because the formula is more complicated and difficult to prepare, it is difficult to master. Fortunately, when old Chinese medicine is used, the poisonous weed is based on ancient recipes and manual cooking methods.The osteosynthesis method is directly made into the original paste, which is very convenient to use. There are related articles and materials in the fly venom osteosynthesis method. The article has more specific methods of use. You can take a look at it to find a treatment method that suits you.Symptoms can cure lumbar spondylosis.

It is better for patients to choose a stiffer bed, and to make the bones full of force when sleeping, which is helpful for the rest of the bones.

Types of low back pain: 1, middle back pain: upper spine, interspinous ligamentitis 2, middle back pain: lumbar facet joint injury, complications 3, lumbar tendon muscle pain: lumbar muscle strain 4, middle waist + pain pain: Lumbar discogenic pain 5, middle waist + hips + thighs + calf belly + toes: disc herniation