[Can lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator]_Refrigeration_Impact

[Can lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator]_Refrigeration_Impact

The refrigerator uses the principle of low temperature to achieve the best freshness preservation of the ingredients, and the refrigerator, a household appliance, is basically implemented in every household.

After purchasing the lotus seeds to go home, if the preservation method is improper, the lotus seeds will lose a lot of water, and the taste of the lotus seeds will become bad at this time.

So for those who like to eat lotus seeds, they must learn the correct way to save lotus seeds, but can lotus seeds be stored in the refrigerator?

Can fresh lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator? Keep the fresh lotus seeds dry after peeling them. Keep them fresh in the refrigerator. You can seal them with plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer. Before eating, place them in the middle of the three linesThat cut can easily open the lotus seeds into two even halves, and then take out the lotus heart for tea, you can go to the fire, lotus seeds for porridge and soup are very delicious, older lotus seeds eatWill be more powdery and more fragrant.

If you do n’t have a refrigerator, you can only use the sun-drying or air-drying method, otherwise it is easy to get moldy and stinky. Soak the water in the water before eating to make the lotus seeds full and expand, and you can eat it according to the fresh lotus seeds.It can also be used as medicinal herbs.

I have been eating lotus seed porridge recently. When I want to eat, I take out some lotus seeds and eat them, so that the lotus seeds will be very fresh.

Fresh lotus seeds preserved 1.

The lotus seed rice with the shell is still inside the shower. In this case, you can put the shower in a plastic bag, and then sprinkle water into the bag, so that the shower is glued with water drops, then fasten the bag, and then put it in the refrigerator freezer.Refrigerate.

Because the bonsai will be larger and fluffy, it will take up more space in the refrigerator!

This method can preserve the lotus seed rice for 3-5 days, but it is still very tender, but the outer circle of the lotus flower may be blackened to varying degrees, but it does not affect the taste of the lotus seed rice inside.

If you find that lotus seed rice tastes getting older, eat it right away.


The lotus seeds with the shell of the showerhead have been removed. In this case, they need to be packed in a bowl or a tray, and the surface is sprinkled with water and refrigerated.

The initial freshness time is about 2-4 days. The green shell of the lotus seeds will grow longer over time, and will continue to become black. The texture of the lotus seeds will gradually become old and hard.

So it should not be kept for long.


The lotus seed rice whose green lotus seed shell has been peeled off. In this case, it is recommended to eat it within one hour. If you ca n’t finish the food, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.Not as sweet as before.

How to eat fresh lotus seeds is delicious. For people who can withstand the taste of fresh lotus seeds, you can peel the skin of the lotus seeds and eat them directly. Although the taste is bitter, it is rich in nutrients and retains the fresh lotus seeds to the greatest extent.The nutritional content is the most likely for the body, and it is also very convenient to eat, eliminating the processing time and steps.

Boiled sugar water Fresh lotus seeds boiled sugar water is also a more common way of eating. It is most suitable for boiling sugar water with tremella, wolfberry, red dates, rock sugar and other ingredients. It has the effect of beauty and soothe.

It is also very good to cook fresh lotus seeds with mung beans, rice, etc. After cooking the porridge, add the peeled and cored fresh lotus seeds and cook for about 5 minutes until the lotus seeds are soft and rotten.Lotus seeds are more difficult to save. The more effective method is to freeze them in the refrigerator, but the storage time is not long. The better method is to dry the fresh lotus seeds first, so that the storage time can be longer.

Some dried lotus seeds on the market are added with sulfur treatment, mainly to prevent insects from smashing, but it is not good for human health.

[How do fish go fishy]_Go fishy_How to remove

[How do fish go fishy]_Go fishy_How to remove

Everyone will try to choose fresh sea fish when buying sea fish.

Fresh sea fish tastes better, and the loss of nutrients is OK.

However, the fishy smell of fresh sea fish is generally very large. Everyone must fish the fish before cooking it, otherwise the taste will be much worse, and the fishy fish is actually skillful.

So how should fish go fishy?

For fresh marine fish, whether it is yellow croaker, yellow croaker, fresh croaker, dory fish, we can rub it with dry flour after descaling, rinse it for a while, and then steam it to remove the obvious fishy smell.To achieve the best edible taste.

Ingredients for steamed yellow croaker with chicken oil: 1 chilled big yellow croaker (or 8 chilled small yellow croakers), 2 grams of chicken oil, 2 grams of red bell peppers, 20 grams of green onion, ginger, 20 grams of coriander, salt, pepperPowder, edible oil amount.

Practice: 1.

Remove the fish stone, gills, viscera and fish scales of the big yellow croaker (small yellow croaker’s scales are relatively thin and soft and do not need to be removed.


Sprinkle the dry flour on the fish, knead it for a while, rinse it, and pickle with salt and pepper.


Heat the steamer, place the fish on a clean fish dish, sprinkle with spring onions, shredded ginger, drizzle with chicken oil, and steam in the drawer for 12 minutes.


After the fish is steamed, take it out, sprinkle the cut red pepper shreds, parsley segments, and onion shreds, and heat the oil to rush out the onion flavor.

Various freshwater fish can also use the method of noodle kneading to remove the smell of soil, and the effect is very good.

In addition, the effect of rubbing and washing raw pork belly with flour is particularly good, but it needs to be rubbed and beaten with white vinegar first. The cooked pork belly tastes crispy and has no organ smell.

Method for removing fishy smell: First, when ginger is burned, some people like to put ginger and fish in the pot together, and think that it can remove fishy fish.

In fact, premature ginger release will combine with fish leaching protein to hinder the deodorizing effect of ginger.

You can cook the fish in the pot for a while, and then put the ginger after the protein has solidified; you can also cook a small amount of vinegar and cooking wine when the pot is broken, so that it can remove the greasy and greasy flavor.

If you still feel a fishy smell, sprinkle some minced garlic before it comes out of the pan. The effect is very good, especially for continuous frozen fish.

Second, the wet starch heats the oil of the fried fish. After the onion, ginger, and pepper have been removed from the fishy smell, pour in some thick and thick starch slurry.

Because the wet starch bursts into the oil due to heat, the starch bubbles can absorb the fishy smell of the oil, and then the floating starch bubbles can be skimmed.

Third, put the fried fish oil in the pan and heat it. Put some green onion, ginger and pepper to fry the coke. Then remove the pan from the fire, spread the noodles into the hot oil, and paste the flour after heating.Chemical deposition, adsorption of some trimethylamine dissolved in oil, can remove most of the fishy smell.

4. After washing the freshwater fish with vinegar and pepper powder, put it in cold water, and then pour a small amount of vinegar and pepper powder into the water, so that the freshwater fish after processing will have no earthy smell.

Fifth, saline and 25 grams of salt are available.

5 kg of water, soak the live fish in salt water, the salt water enters the blood through the fish’s two gills, and the earthy smell can disappear after one hour.

If it is dead fish, soak it in salt water for two hours to remove the smell of earth

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

[Men’s sexuality is related to it]

For men, sex is actually a gas station for life, giving them confidence and strength.

However, in clinical practice, some men often come to see a doctor because of a loss of sexual desire, and they gradually suspected it all day long, even affecting normal life and work.

In medicine, we judge that male libido generally meets a standard, that is, at least 3 consecutive months of adult men’s lack of sexual interest or no sexual life requirements.

In fact, normal men ‘s requirements for sexual life vary from person to person, and there are great differences. Just like drinking, those who are good drinkers can drink 1 kg of liquor, and those who are not good drinkers may be overwhelmed.You can compare yourself, not horizontally.

There are many factors that affect male sexual desire. The most common are the following.


Xia Jian is a smart man,Get it through,Immediately said:“You drink,I am a bit tired,Want to sleep after eating”

“nonsense!I’m tired of drinking http://www.canyinb.cn to sleep,Pour him“Old Xiao looks very interested,Xiao Xiao hesitated,Pour Xia Jian a full glass,After that, I poured myself the same amount,And then pour it to Old Xiao,natural,Wine poured like this,Old Xiao must be the least。
Xia Jian saw this scene in his heart,He feels very warm,Although Xiao Xiao’s many ways he can’t understand,But filial piety,He Xia Jian also has to learn from others。
The dishes are cooked like a chef’s craftsmanship,This wine must be good wine,Although the three people don’t speak much,But I eat with relish。Three rounds of wine,It’s hard not to speak。
What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,This Xiao Xiaoren is not only beautiful,Drinking wine is also a woman,A full glass of wine,I’ve bottomed out in a few mouthfuls,slowly,Her face as white as snow,Reveals a faint blush,The beauty is beyond description。
Half a glass of wine,Xia Jian’s eyes began to be dishonest,Xiao http://www.gallopoutdoor.cn Xiao sitting directly opposite him,Smile,Rude to Xia Jian’s eyes,Turn a blind eye。
There is an old saying called “Jiu Zhuang hero courage”,Xia Jian is not a hero,But his courage has strengthened,He lowered his voice and asked:“Old Xiao,You said you are almost eighty-five years old,How can she be in her twenties?“Say what Xia Jian said,Xiao Xiao’s face changed immediately,Xia Jian is also a little regretful,Why did I ask such an unqualified sentence?。
Old Xiao’s hand shook slightly,Look slightly startled,Then he took a breath and said:“Why did your kid suddenly ask this question,But i can answer you,My life in the military life of Xiao Xiao,Marrying a wife and having a child is delayed,Xiao Xiao is the abandoned baby I picked up on Kunlun Mountain,Although she is not my birth,But better than your own“That’s what Old Xiao said,The voice is a little choked。
“You bastard,Eating http://www.what001.cn a meal doesn’t make people calm“Xiao Xiao snapped,I threw my chopsticks on the table。
Damn!What do you think of my head,Originally good,I’m bothered,Xia Jian scolded himself secretly,I drank all the wine in the glass when I was angry。
“Nothing!Xia Jian is not an outsider,Know it’s okay“Old Xiao glanced at the angry Xiao Xiao,Raised the voice,He seems to be telling Xia Jian,This can only be known to the family。
Xiao Xiao stared at Xia Jian for a while,Xia Jian is uncomfortable,Only then did he know,It’s uncomfortable to be stared at。
“it is good!Your question is finished,I should ask,You must answer honestly“Xiao Xiao suddenly asked,She hit Xia Jian by surprise。

I want to take all the forces.。

He didn’t know the secret treasure of the big head in the summer.。
Just think about using this party,Summer out,Thousand knives。
After he said,The field is gradually quiet。
Many people contemplate。
They do know,Three months ago, Yu Yun Mountain was put a fire.,Burned dozens of acres of dermal gardens。
Even forces have secretly sent people,Want to contact the bold big guy。
Unfortunately,Never found。
I am listening to Dongyu.,Some people are not troublesome,Just is very gloomy。
But there is still a few people who don’t accept it.。
“裴 东宇,You said it is good.。”
Talking is a old man who left the goat.,There is actually the http://www.qqhld.cn strength of life and death。
He smiled and stared at Yandongyu,“Since this,Before the hunting is not opened,Why don’t you explain to us??”
东 正 道,“Nangong seniors,I have said before.,That kid did not appear three months,I thought he had left the Range of Yunshan.……”Not finished,It was interrupted by another life and death.。
“Humph,You said it is good.,Such a big Yun Mountain,Can’t deal with one person,Will we are idiot??”
Talking is an extremely strengthening,In the eyes of anger,“Or,There is no such person at all.,It is your self-director of Yunshan.,Borrow a person who does not exist eating eating!”
“Be right,No mouth,People do things in your Yunshan,You have to give an account。”
“Thirty-eight people,Thousands of years of family accumulation,Absolutely a pneumatic wealth,We also don’t require more,Everyone http://www.hzlingce.cn accompanys billion yuan。”
“right,Billion yuan,If you can’t do the master,Call your big lead,This is a hundred years,Various rounds of rotation,Periphery,Have no accident,How to turn to you in Yunshan。”
“And your big head,There is no show,What is mysterious?,Who is not a life and death?”
“……”One time,The field is once again,Hustlester。
at this time,Once the voice came out。
“Who wants to see me?!”
Voice is very light,Very light,Incoming everyone’s ear is like thunder,Missing many people moving。
Good powerful zona attack。
One is aiming to the gate of the hall。
As a woman who comes with voice?,Long hair is free to disclose in front chest back,Fruit,Nose,Look away,No emotional fluctuation。
He appeared quietly in the gate of the hall,If you are a big sea,Calm, people feel palpitations。
An unsolicite suffocation in the whole hall,Hit the hearts of everyone。

This chase,Who is people,Who is something,That is really two?!

“good,Praise,Run away!”
Dog head seems to recover a bit of physical strength,Alever or I am noticeable to spurt my horror,A group of people rushed to the narrow alley,as predicted,Alley is deep,But it is a deadline of a ground channel.!
This alley is just the interval between the house and a temple.,Nature is a dead road,Because the wall is behind people.!
“Run?You are running.,Not running fast??”
For the first person, the five major three rough,tall and big。
His beard is extremely dense,Tie a cyan hair band on the head,A big brort behind him,It seems to be the leader of this generation。
Fish praised Yesterday, I found these people in systemic spreading Gao Baoyi poison.。These people have found that fish praised people after discovering other rumors.,Two conflicts。
Fish praise deliberately let yourself have the younger brother,So a lot of losses,But it is finally not dead.。
With the limited wisdom of the other party,Naturally, I will not know that they are praised by the political opponent.。These people also thought they were green skin around Yucheng.,Come here to follow them“Grab business”of。
Peer is a family,Wherever you http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn go。
“Grab my business business,Just with you??”
This nickname“Zhangda”Green skin,Poke with a finger,Ask the toes。
If this guy is put on a thumb up the gold chain,Um,Throw it into the water can float,It’s almost the mixed blends in the dance halls in the karaoke hall of Gao Biyi.。
It looks very good,Obviously there are no drops in the chest,Only some city smart and full body color。
“If it is,You are now a dead person.。”
Fish praise cold,Not afraid at all,It seems that they will occupy the wind,And dozens of people in the other party are the same as mud。
Zhang Dajing seems to hear the best laugh in the world.,There are still something wrong in a time.,Some incredible。
It is the younger brothers behind him not to laugh.,Mock the fish is not self-tempered。
“OK,You are not very powerful,Then you let http://www.fanqir.cn me die.,You kill me.,You kill!”
Zhang Da Eye picked up the garment of the fish,A face is facing him,Disgust:“I want to see it.,How can you pack me?。But before this,You must become a dead.!”
Zhang Da Eye gave a fist toward the face of the fish。
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
A sudden,Zhang Daoci retired a few steps later。
He is wrong to look at the dagger on his wrist.,There is also a bloody fish,I can’t believe so thin and weak.,Excellent shot。
“Handle!One is not going to go!”
The fish shouted。
There are dozens of hand-held bows in the walls on the walls of the alley.,All is a saponed taking,Clear short。
A team of running shields and spears,Although there is no armor,But the array is completely,It seems like the banned army.,Directly replaced the uniform’s uniform。
Zhang Da’s eyes are in the heart of a http://www.art0392.cn dark call.,Too big this time,I am too waved, I have no preparation.,The result was a dumplings!
NS582chapter Attack(Down)
Narrow alley,The ground is lying on the green skin。The leader of the head is looking at the frightened fish.,A cleanest chill from the bottom plate,Let him can’t help but two war。
Some people look like a big brother,In fact, there is a table。Be bullying,They are a good hand,Various flower sausages can be given。
However, I have a hard 茬,These people are faster than ordinary people!Because they know,I bully those who bullied others.,Others should use them right away.,How can I not afraid??

But he didn’t expect this three generations of water shadows.,It’s actually directly。

And you“Water shadow”,Shouldn’t it be busy??
I don’t think about it everywhere.,Is it really good??
I heard the night’s words,Three generations of waterings are not laughter。
Three generations of water shadows I thought the night,It’s entirely because of the pressure of your own sister.,So I have become。
“All right,Quiet,If you are worried that your younger brother is still sent to the battlefield。
I can promise you,Before he did not grow up,Will not send him to participate in any battle.。”
“And you have to know,Life in such an era,Not to say when civilians,It must be safe。
In such a chaos,Whether it is Ninja or civilians,It is impossible to make it difficult to。”
Three generations of water shadows have begun to start the thoughts of the little girl,He is obedient.,This home is in the rain, but the month is quiet.,Night is completely watching your own sister’s face。
Just get the water is not a month,Night, this little ghost is better.。
But let’s talk about the three generations of water.,The little girl is still quite hesitant。
“Otherwise I promise you,Do not expose your identity,You can also temporarily not properly,And you can also teach you to practice the practice。
But relative,When the village encounters the crisis,How can you help??”
Three generations of waterings, I can’t convince a little girl.,I finally gave a relatively discounted suggestion。
indeed,Night said,Although he is“Water shadow”,But you can’t forced the night and night.。
Now his thoughts are very simple,Just give the night, they are benefiting.,One-day,The village needs them to help,Night, they naturally will not stand by。
And this suggestion of the three generations of water shadows,Night is also quite a very heart。
Help them hide your identity,Refractive guidance?
Do you want to know even“Three generations of water”Another place,This is also a“film”Level。
Have other party sick guidance,Don’t touch the stone by themselves,More efficient?
I heard the three-generation water shadows actually repeatedly,Water is not so good night, no good opening, refuses。
In the water in the water.,As long as you don’t go to the battlefield, it is fine.,After all, the mortality is too high.。
As for the three generations of water shadows,When there is a crisis in fog,Be aid,This point is nothing to have no month.。
Because even if the three generations of water do not say,If the fog hidden village is in danger,They will naturally http://www.jlcmy.cn help,Otherwise, she and my brother are homeless.。
“Well,I will take a little time every night.,Teach you,You have to do a good idea。”
I have no opinions on the two sisters.,Three generations of water shadows are also very happy。
One-day,Can not be between them,Will have a replacement,become“Water shadow”Also。
Because the night is just activated tonight“Ice”,Temporarily need to be familiar with your new strength,So the three generations of water shadows have not been long.。
But it is agreed after a week.,After the brothers and brothers start training,I left directly.
And when the three generations of water are left,Night is a little heart-definition wants to run,But it was quietly called by the water.。
“Night,Are you forgot to explain with your sister?,What have you done today??Why is the shadow adult will http://www.sdassd.cn visit。
And how can my sister know?,It turns out your dreams,Is a great fogy?”
A month later,Mug hiped village in the village on the lake,Two figures are showing fierce governance。
“Water dragon bullet”
“Water array”
A daughter dragon,When hitting a buckled water curtain,Chemicals,Scattered around around。

Zhang Peiyuan also stood http://www.025blog.cn up,Stretch your hands to support summer shoulders,Just in my eyes,“me,I have already seen it.,People in this life,As long as you are safe。”

He is strong from a smile,“Can you come to see me?,I am already very happy.,correct,I am now calling Feng Tian.,Let’s gather together.。”
Say,He immediately took out the mobile phone,A phone call。
Phone is quickly connected,A respectful voice,“teacher?”
“You come here.,I have something to tell you.。correct,Give me a call when you come.。”
The opposite person seems to be stunned.,But immediately loud,“Good teacher,I am soon.。”
Interrupt phone,Zhang Peiyuan is a child, generally revealing a sly,Look at summer,“Give the boy a surprise,He is very happy to see you.。”
Summer nodded,The heart is secretly laughing.。
School,He and Feng Tian in front of Zhang Peiyuan and,But the two of the private, but I can’t get it better than strangers.。
What surprises。
at the same time。
Yanjing University First Hospital。
A young man put the phone into the pants,Then,He has no sign of it.。
Fladder,This feet is heavy on the face of the person in the hospital bed,Suddenly let him nosebleed,Directly from the bed to the ground。
Screaming,The person in the bed is like a frequently dead beast.,Painting tears。
“Feng Tianpeng!you……you……”
If summer is here,Creating a shock。
Because,Patient who is already turned over,It is Feng Tian。
And known as Feng Tianpeng’s youth……Actually……Feng Tian!Feng Tianpeng is a two-four-year-old model,Facial facial corner,Jiemei star,Tall……certainly,The premise is not to see that he is messy as a bird’s nest.,And wearing crumpled clothes,There is also the pair of wearing drag
Shoes don’t know how long I haven’t washed。
If you don’t know the truth,I will think that this guy is a hanging wire.。
People who know him,But there is no one who is not afraid.。
Because,Feng Tian, this name,In the capital, it is absolutely calculated on a heterogeneous。
He has a lot of nicknames。
Little madman,Unable,psychiatric patient,Six pro does not recognize,Gust,as well as……Grip!
http://www.sunddin.cn Only the wrong name,No nameless nickname。
Those nicknames are not exaggerated。
In the capital,There is no thing he dare not do.,There is no person he dares.。
He no friend,Even if you are a Feng family,There is no family honor,I am in my line.,Do not accept!
He doesn’t know the fear,Don’t care about being lost,As long as you think one thing,It is Feng family’s father can’t shocked.。
Can be biased,Such a good thing,Not in advance,It is like neuropathic guys,But you like Feng Jia’s father like。
There is also the most important point。
He is all the people of the city of Beijing,The least fear of people in summer。
This guy has done it,It’s hard to write a book.。
He has been in public,The Feng family has gave a meal.……Just because of the elders。
Be right。