“In this case,We can’t be bullied!Come come,I just used“Reliable partner”Already got the car!”Zhang Song called the teammates of Team Flower and Grass in the channel to form a team。

“Count the next one,By the way, give you a weapon upgrade1star!”Guo Yinzhe, who is far away in the small town, initiated an evil transaction。
“no problem!Pick you up first!Boss Guo!”Zhang Song is very happy。
“And us,And us!”Zhao Ping hurriedly shouted because he was so close to Shunzi。
After Lu Yi went around and killed a mechanic who wanted to contain Cao Anna,Smashed his mechanical beetle,In addition to looting his ammunition, he got a damaged body armor,And handed it to Cao Anna who came out。
“I’ll send you in the car!”
Cao Anna takes over the equipment,I thought it was hard to get a chance to be alone with Lu Yi,I don’t want to go to the car that Zhangsong drove,So say it willfully:“Do not,I’m not with them,If the car blows up and die together!”
“Fucking!I can hear it!Deprive you of eligibility!”Zhang Song immediately pulled Cao Anna into the passenger blacklist。
“Then where do you want to go?”Lu Yi wondered。
Anna Cao sees her goal,So suggest:“now goSPoint,There must be a lot of people,Better goTPoint it!”
Tpoint,Wind stone“The Roe”It was the least popular spot on the original storm island map。
According to the statistics,The initial storm refresh rate of the wind stone is as high as19%,The only advantage is being inSVisual blind spot position,But no player wants to gamble there“Wait for the wind”。
Once the strategy fails,Will mean that every game is in a tense rhythm chased by the storm,Very low fault tolerance……
Lu Yi understand,Anna Cao wants to choose for two reasonsTpoint,One is to do the opposite,two isTThe point is relatively short in the ruins of the school,If all the way,Find resource points,It can reduce unnecessary casualties in the early stage while developing,After all10There are no weak opponents among 10,000 players。
“Let’s go……Gamble?”
“You agreed?Great!This will be our first date in the game!”Anna Cao showed a happy expression。
“So what did you mean……”Lu Yi is stiff。

Although Hua Yun is considered an elite in the business world,Strong woman in career,But very weak in life。She doesn’t even know how to relax herself after get off work。Just because I lost my mother’s love prematurely,She learned to hide herself,Just because of an unforgettable first love,She began to avoid emotional topics。

No one understands her fragility and loneliness,Sometimes she doesn’t even know who she is living for,Only endless work can make her feel fulfilled and anesthetized。Once it’s free,Except driving around aimlessly,She doesn’t know what to do。
In the eyes of father,Hua Yun is a good daughter,A good daughter who knows how to make progress;In the eyes of Jincheng and many other suitors, she is another cold and aloof,Unattainable princess;And in the eyes of colleagues,She is known for being harsh,A female boss with a strong competitive spirit,A man at the helm of the future Pantech Group wearing many auras。
She has endured too much,But don’t know how to release,But there is a limit to anyone under pressure,Even Hua Yun, who is very tenacious at work, needs to rest、Need to talk。She is also a woman,Also need care and protection,Need a shelter from wind and rain。
It’s just that the fragile Hua Yun has closed herself,Let many suitors sigh,Even in the face of the persevering Jincheng,She couldn’t find the slightest feeling。She also tried to open herself many times,But all in vain。At this moment, Hua Yun felt that Li Tianchou’s broad shoulders were so reliable,Seems to take a while,There will be more warmth in her heart。
But Li Tianchou was dizzy,Holding pretty girl,Can clearly feel the heartbeat of the other party,And Hua Yun’s fiery body temperature made his blood boil involuntarily,He dare not think anything wrong,But I have to take deep breaths to suppress the instinctive reaction。
Suddenly Li Tianchou sensed a strange danger behind him,at the same time,Hua Yun in her arms is also shocked。There is a rapid breathing sound from behind my head,“Let her go,you……”Talking room,A person at the door rushed to Li Tianchou,But the action is half a beat,Li Tianchou hit the chest with a quick kick,“Whoops”Bang,This person flew out immediately。
“what!”An exclamation of,Hua Yun hurriedly broke free from Li Tianchou’s arms,Run to the door,“Jin Cheng,Are you okay?”
Completely dizzy,The person being kicked turned out to be Jincheng?Li Tianchou hurriedly turned around to check,In the corridor,Jin Cheng lay on his back,Eyes closed,Pale face,Hua Yun on the side frightened Liushen Wuzhu,Keep shaking Jincheng’s shoulder。A smell of alcohol filled the corridor,Looks like this guy is drinking too much。
Li Tianchou rushed over and squatted beside Jincheng,But found Hua Yun glaring at him,Her mood fluctuates a lot at the moment,It may be caused by too much fright in a day,So Li Tianchou doesn’t mind,But quickly started to check Kim Sung’s injuries。
Okay,Nothing big,Just a kick hit the place just above Jincheng’s heart,Did not cause internal injuries,Just out of breath。
Li Tianchou pinched Jin adult、Hukou and other points,Kim Sung slowly woke up,I opened my eyes and saw Li Tianchou in front of me,Suddenly his face changed again,He is struggling to get up,But no strength,Mouth,Started to retching。Li Tianchou helped Huayun support Jincheng,Turned around and entered the room,Lest this watchful eye never ends。
Hua Yun helped Jincheng to clean the bathroom,Li Tianchou quickly called Zhou Nan,Call the police first。Then he called the hotel reception desk,The security guard and the waiter came up to see the scene on the bed, too scared,Keep apologizing。Under Li Tianchou’s insistence,The security agreed to ask the manager for instructions,Archive the surveillance video of the day。
Sorry for,The housekeeping manager specially opened a new room for Hua Yun to rest,Just let the drunk Jin Sung go to sleep,No need to wander around,Tangled annoying。
Not long,The police came,What surprised Li Tianchou was that Zhou Nan actually brought someone here.,Such a threatening case seems inconspicuous,But the Criminal Police team takes it very seriously。
Briefly understand the situation with Li Tianchou,Zhou Nan quickly arranged someone to check the scene,Investigation,Then I chatted with Huayun alone,And told Li Tianchou not to leave,So he took an assistant and followed the security manager to read the surveillance video。

“As for many other things, I can’t say a sentence.,But basically you can understand。”

Li Hui also asked some things again.。
And Shen Tian Si is also really known.。
On the evening,Drink at eleven points,Until Shen Tianzi talks to the tongue,Li Hui Feng sent the other party back。
All the way,Shen Tian Si is also a brother with Li Hui Feng,Then I said my family,Your own career now Li speaks from the wind to know that the original Santi is actually married.,He has always thought that the other party was not married.。
、Shen Tianzi is here,It’s entirely because I want to have a breath.。
Because after a famous door,He can’t afford it,So I want to climb up with my own strength.。
At first, he is also full of blood.,But slowly, I found that there is no one if I don’t say it.,It is the people around you can stepping you into the mud, let you lose your body forever.。
He can now have this position is also your help.,Even him can feel that there should be the reason why the family is in the family.。
Waiting for him to reach a certain level,He will go back,Otherwise it will never go back.。
As for the level of Shen Tian Si,Li Hui Feng feels a bit difficult。
However, he did not say that,After all, the lotus village is the poorest village in the county.,Just a wife, as long as I heard that Lotus Village,Are there a girl is willing?。
But this is just a short year.,Lianhua Village has already become the most rich village.。
Send Shen Tian Si back,Li Hui rodehed with a motorcycle back to his own home.。
Just arrived at the door,He is a glimpse。
Chapter 1,15
“How are you here??
correct,When you come??”
See Zhang Wei and Guo Da,Li Hui Feng is, I forgot that two people have come earlier than him.。
“Hey-hey,Instructor,We have already come early.,But I don’t know how to get close to your parents.,Live in the B & B these two days,Today, you will come back.,We also know your location slightly.。”
I heard two people,Li Hui is also a speechless,Actually, I know that his position is still investigated.。
“You come in with me.,Which home is you renting??”
“Forehead,Is the kind of,No network light bulbs are tungsten,That kind of cheap。”
The two people saved the day of the day, Li Hui Hui, is also a smile.。
“As far as I know, you have a lot of salary for a month.?
How to live in a homestay?”
“Hey-hey,We are all married and have a wife.,Save some children and children,After all, we can’t see your wife once a year.,It’s really sorry.,If you don’t work hard to make money,What is we still?!”
Guo Da, let Li speak together.,He also didn’t expect it to be this answer。
“I can’t see two actually or Gu’s family.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Let two people sit well。
At the same time, he also opened the light of the yard.。
“Zhang Ge,Let you treat you first.,You take your top.,Then lying on the lounge chair。”

Get paper and pen,Transported the hot stream again,Copy down every word on the note。

As Zhang gets older, he begins to pay attention to health preservation,Used to go to bed early。
The ringing of the phone awakened him in his sleep,I really want to catch the caller right away,At first glance,Couldn’t help but laughed,He is still very happy for Chen Xiu, the half-closed disciple
74 One hit ten!
Build roads before getting rich,Best quotes!
The road from Fengming Village to the county seat is less than ten kilometers,Huzi drove nearly a million VolvoSUV,It took more than 20 minutes to drive and only walked less than seven kilometers。
Just the dirt road in Fengming Village,There is no gold,Most people really don’t want to go in。
The swaying car suddenly stopped。
“Tiger,what happened?”
“The road was blocked by a stone。”
“Eh,Go down and move,May have rolled down from the cliff。”
Chen Xiucai wants to get off,Huzi grabbed him,Chen Xiu immediately felt other profound meanings from the strength of his wrist,Asked in a low voice:“what happened?”
75 Meet Niu again
Li Wei took Chen Xiu and his party back to the county first,Made a transcript to Chen Xiu and the others。
Chen Xiu’s parents and Chen Han were scared in the car,It wasn’t until the county public security bureau came down。
Such a delay,By the time I get to Ansan City, it’s already around 5pm,Chen Xiu took them straight to the newly bought house。

At this time, the side of the side was heard in the workshop and the gunshots were returned.,Songzi shouted:“Nine brother!Installed!”

This time the time bomb is all installed below two printing machines and around,So the action is very fast。
“You are soaked!”Qi Rui said that Fu Yingxue also said:“Immediately immediately!”
“you go!I cover!”Fu Ying Xue can let Qi Rui cover,
“This is an order!quick!”Huriously pushed a Fu Yingxue,
Fu Ying Xue clearly, if you struggle with you,,I have to go out from the back door after Su Wenqi.,Rui Rui threw two grenades and also flashed out of the back door.。
At this time, the gendarmerie and special affairs have already surrounded by all directions.,Rui Rui put the pistol,I changed the press that shouted:“Go away!quick!”
Song Qi and He Jian are in front,They are also a devil while running on the fire.,Su Wenqian and Tiecheng also replaced a gun at this time.,These people are a shot of a shot。
Fu Yingxue is the first to run to the corner,She climbed to the wall with the rope.,She can not go,Instead, I will continue to shoot the devil who will shoot.。
Keep up with He Jianhe Song to climb up,They also smashed on the wall like Fu Yingxue.。
Ti Tiecheng and Su Wenqian ran to the corner to climb the gun quickly and climbed,Because the wall is small,Song Qi and He Jian have only,At this time,Zheng Yao first,Ouyang Jianping,Alpine has already opened a gun and killed a team of devil patrols。
Just climb on the wall of Tiecheng and Su Wenqiang,Timed bomb exploded,Because explosion ignited flammable items such as ink,The whole workshop is instantly in a fire sea.。
Rui Rui is exploded and impact rolled into the ground,Fu Yingxue called in the wall:“Kill god!”
Fu Ying Snow Brain is still very clear,She can’t shout at this time.,Don’t call the slider,Can only call this killing of the gods recently。
Rui Rui is exploded to wave the ear,He climbed up,Run to the high wall,Then the sneak strokes will catch the rope.,He does not stop stretching his right hand to hold Fu Ying Xue,The left hand grabbed the rope to the ground,This scene is like a martial arts film.。
Fu Ying Snow Joined the almost sudden stop,She thought it was fried.,I saw that she was excited about her neck and she was excited.。
Rui Rui still holds her softly:“Silly girl,I am crying, what are you crying??”
“I am happy!”Said that Fu Yingxue wiped his tears on his face,Then smiled at the neck.。
“So many people,Don’t let people look joke,Get down,We have evacuated!”Qi Rui patted Fu Ying Xue’s back,
Fu Yingxue, this is only sprinkled with the neck,This scene was really true by the pool of Tiecheng and Su Wenqian.,The two miscepted:“Is this I nine??”
“Still not quickly withdraw!”
Tili Tiecheng has a thumbs to Fu Yingxue:“Nine guns are too handsome,I still saw such a great girl.!It’s really my nine brother!”
Fu Ying Xueyu,This nine-year-listened is very smooth。
“Don’t be poor!Evil!”Rui Rui kicks the Tie Tiecheng butt,
The sound of the system suddenly sounds at this time:Complete the ruins of counterfeit,Reward skill package one,System generationaDifficult task,Poth died Montenegro and true,Take all information he mastered。
“Poth died Montenegro and true?This pit is died.?”Rui sharp face,
At this time, Zheng Yao first,Ouyang Jianping and the cold they welcome,Zheng Yao and asked Qi Rui first.:“Are you OK?”
“I am fine.!Go away!”The person who came this time no injured,Everyone quickly evacuated,See them back,Li Xiaoyu and Li Zhibo quickly launched a car,Several people got on the train three vehicles to the legal rental,I met a whistle card on the road.,Rui Rui prepared special high school specialist documents and special pass,The devil sentinel did not dare to stop。
Green Mushu gets the news with people to drive the printing factory.,The entire workshop has become a ruin,Watanabe Loir is not dead,His gray head is standing in the green wood。
青木 武重:“Do you know who is done??”
“This is very powerful,Two of them actually used slingshots,But their slingshot is steel balls.,Almost all of them are killed on the spot,There is also a man and a woman’s gun method is very good.,I also saw them resettlement time bomb.,But I didn’t have time to demolish.,Because they left the workshop less than five minutes, they explode.。”
“How did they come in??”
“It is over the wall.!The three teams outside the outside are killed by them.!”
“Why not call the troops?”
“Class long,Shop explosion,The telephone line here is destroyed,The phone can’t be played at all。”
“Can you tell me only??”Green wood is strong in pressure,
“Our people also heard the woman shouted to kill!”
“Kill god?”
“Yes,At that time, the workshop was very nervous.。”
“Kill god,How to take a kill!?”

Followed by.13The old lady who went to the hard seat to chat in the lower bunk returned to her bunk accompanied by her family.Quickly put on the quilt and go to sleep.

The carriage has become much quieter.Many passengers have gone to bed in the upper bunk.Li Tianzhen, look at the time it is 8:50 in the evening.The lights will be turned off in more than half an hour.He is going to clean up and take a nap.But at this time.Messy footsteps came from the quiet carriage.Argue.There are as many as five or six people.
quickly.A few people here12Shop No. stopped.Li Tianzhen stretched his head and took a look.Standing in front of the shop is the policeman who had been here not long ago.Holding a fashionable young man in his hand.But the owner of that travel bag.A flight attendant and two young and sturdy boys followed behind them.
[See clearly.Is this your bag?“The police officer looked grim.The tone is also quite harsh.
Hipster youth look at travel bag.Not say a word.
[It’s his.I carried it on the bunk when I got in the car.The car we were in together.Several travelers around have also seen it.“Do not sleep.Scenic13The upper berth interposed enthusiastically on the side.
The policeman turned his head and glanced at the middle-aged man.And shouted at the fashionable youth.[You better be honest.Carry this bag.Follow us.“
Fashionable youth looks up slightly.I happened to see Li Tianzhi.A fierce light flashed in his eyes.Soon returned to normal.Reluctantly raised his arm and took down the travel bag.
[Let’s go.“The police commanded.Then drag the fashionable young man back on his way.Two strong guys followed closely.The flight attendant waved his hands with a few surprised passengers around.[It’s okay.It’s okay.Take a good rest everyone.Night driving.be careful.“
[What did the little guy do?“13The upper berth obviously can’t let go of gossip.Caught the conductor in a few steps.
[Not clear yet.Seems to be a net escape.“The conductor is not willing to be wordy.Ignore each other.Quicken the pace and walk away soon.
[Chat“The man returned sadly.I saw that there were still a few curious travelers next door.Immediately came the spirit.I sat down and opened the chatterbox.[Net escape know?Wanted online.Such people are generally habitual offenders.Principal offender.The current network is incredible.Just flee to the horizon.I can also live with you.“
[I didn’t see it.Such a fugitive from the net will appear next to us.“One person chipped in.

“Went out for dinner。”Chen Wenjin added:“You can call him。”

“what,I’ll use the phone。”The woman said,Pick up the phone on the desk,Dialed,moment,Turn on,The woman said:“Director Chen,I’m in your office,Met your son。Oh,Ok,Then you are busy,I’ll come back this afternoon。”
hang up the phone,The woman smiled and asked Chen Wenjin if he had dinner,I heard he ate,Just sit down and chat with him。
Chen Wenjin looks a little strange about this woman,The content of the call just now also shows something wrong,I heard her ask about his mother’s work and whether his family is okay,He just smiled and said:“pretty good,My parents used to have a bad relationship,This year is getting better and better,My dad often volunteered to give my mom money since he was promoted,And told her to stop working and play at home,He pays my mom。I didn’t want to talk to my dad before,Watching him and my mom get better,I kissed him too,Also told him how I feel,He has a good relationship with my mother,My sister and I treat them well,My dad said that’s great,He has to treat my mother better。”
“Your brothers and sisters are really interesting,At a young age, I will care about adults。I also heard that Director Chen’s relationship with your mother is not very good,I heard that there was a divorce,How come it’s all right suddenly?”The woman’s focus is obviously not right。
“How is divorce possible?My dad is not stupid,Have children and daughters,Divorced my son and daughter blame him for the wrong party,Don’t recognize him anymore,Even if he has children with others,In the future, half-parents will fight each other,My sister’s temperament is scary,Maybe someday I got an impulse to choke the child he had with someone else,By then he will die the youngest,Daughter goes to jail again,The wife who married later can’t accept divorce again,My mother and I think it’s his fault,I’m lonely when I’m old,A template for life’s tragedy!He certainly wouldn’t do such a stupid thing,My dad never said about divorce,He told me how many times,Divorce is impossible,I will persuade him this year,Since I never thought about divorce,Then be nice to my mom,How good he is to my mother,We treat him well,Fix the atmosphere of the home together,The effect is pretty good at this stage。”Chen Wenjin,Look at the time,Still early,Just say:“Aunt,I want to take a nap,Are you waiting for my dad here or?”
“No more,I’ll come back this afternoon,Let’s go first, Xiao Chen。”The woman smiled and went out。
‘Nothing is best,You can’t have a fight with my dad if something happens,Looking back to see if my father’s mood is suddenly abnormal.……’Chen Wenjin thought so,Tool found,Do not open the lockable drawer of Master Chen’s desk。
Loose wood,Old,The exterior paint is often peeling off,The shape of the wood board has changed over the years under the influence of heat expansion and contraction and moisture,The screwdriver should not be able to lift up a large gap,The bolt can be pulled out directly。
Chen Wenjin turned over the contents,I saw him and Chen Qian in a notebook,And a photo of his mother when she first came to Shenzhen。
Chen’s mother has high value,From young to a few years ago,The face and body have always been other people’s wives in the eyes of Chen’s colleagues and friends。
I have gradually gained weight in the past two years,Out of shape。
There is nothing suspicious in the first drawer with lock。
Chen Wenjin opened the second one,Open a paper box,There are some new office supplies,There is a box……Indescribable supplies。
Chen Wenjin watched the number,opened,Used。
‘No wonder mom doesn’t trust you,As a husband you are really untrustworthy。’Chen Wenjin tore open all the sealed indescribable items and threw them in the paper box,And then close the drawer again。
When it’s almost a bit,Chen Wen is leaving now。
‘I have to do it again this afternoon anyway,I won’t go to the securities department……’Chen Wenjin is waiting for a taxi on the side of the road,Big bear suddenly drove to the side of the road,When the window is down,I saw him waving and saying:“Get in the car!You guys are very destined!”


Some people followed……
“Donal,Your specialMIs right!”
“That’s too right,These damn capitalists,Is bullying our workers!”
“We should unite,Get the union organized,Strive for our rights from the company!”
“Yes!We want to unite!Go to the union!”
“Yes,Go to the union!”
Looking at the exciting scene in front of me,Brastec scratched his head,I always feel like something is wrong:Why did it suddenly become like this??
Bussenmac is high spirited!
I didn’t even use myself to come forward,F70Of the workers“spontaneous”Lai’s labor union asked his own union chairman for help,According to Bussenmark,This is what a union should look like:Look at the American Federation of Auto Workers、Look at the American Aviation Industry Workers Federation,That is the existence of daring to wrestle with the capitalists,Look at these unions in Europe……
Busenmark himself felt ashamed of the union。
now,The energetic Busenmark holds his arms,Looking at Anthony with a staring look·Fokker:“Mr. Fokker,This time,I represent Falkland-All worker brothers of United Aviation Technology,Let you know something。”
“You said。”Anthony·Fokker nodded,Facing the proud and almost arrogant Busemak,Anthony·Fokker’s expression can even be said to be calm。
Watching Anthony·Fokker look,Bussenmark is getting more proud:“It is your right to sell shares and introduce new shareholders,But you have to‘Not lay off any worker,And not directly or in a disguised way to reduce workers’ wages and benefits’This one is written into the cooperation framework,Otherwise, our workers’ federation will organize everyone to defend our own interests with the various rights granted to us by the law.。”
Busenmark’s voice fell off,The doglegs behind him also clamored:“Yes,We don’t care what you do,But you must guarantee the rights of our workers。”
“The law gives us workers the right to know。”

Two people holding hands,Lying in the pool,Let the water waves keep pushing,Looking at the hazy figure across the glass,Listening to each other,Talking about the bits and pieces in my heart,Before you know it, the alarm clock rang。

“Hate you,Trick me to take a bath at noon,Going to be late。”When Xiao Xiao cleaned up and went out,See time is tight,Can’t help but rush,She hasn’t been late yet。
“Too late,I have counted the time。”Chen Wenjin sees her worried,Directly carry her downstairs,The car parked on the roadside outside the complex,Just to be faster。
Xiao Xiao was carried by him,To see him running out of the community,Just say:“Don’t be so hurry,I come down and walk by myself。”
“Freshly washed incense,Sweat after running a few steps,I’m holding time。”Chen Wenjin looked at the time while driving,said laughingly:“Too late,Definitely green light all the way。”
The car went through three small intersections,Really all green,Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but wonder:“You remember the time?”
“Send it and remember it。”Chen Wen drove outside the school today,Look at the time,Two and a half minutes left,Just enough for Xiao Xiao to go upstairs at normal speed。
Xiao Xiao kissed him happily,I think Chen Wenjin is reliable,The noon time is clearly arranged from beginning to end,She didn’t miss class,She only remembered when she got off the car and said:“Gu chatted at noon,After school in the afternoon, my dad sent a car to pick him up,Said to let me meet that sister tonight,I might be able to call you later。”
“To understanding。”Chen Wenjin can’t say more,I’m afraid Xiao Xiao will be late for a while。
Xiao Xiao is also worried about being late,So walking faster than normal,Entered the classroom and sat down,The bell rang after twenty seconds。
Wang Shuai stand up,I saw Chen Wenjin still drinking cold drinks outside the school,Can’t help but think with a smile:‘The time card is so good。’
Wang Shuai wants to skip class,He doesn’t know if he was addicted to skipping classes before,But thinking about not asking for leave,I’m still afraid that his father knows the blame,To destroy his carefully maintained maturity、sensible、Steady impression,Certainly not worth it。
just,Wang Shuai watched Chen Wenjin drinking a second bottle of Coke,I can think of his icy and comfortable look at this moment,So I admired his freedom of time arrangement。
Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is not free at night,He didn’t think of running around in the afternoon,I went back to play a game,I’ll accompany Chen’s mother and Chen Qian to dinner and watch a movie at night。
Unavoidably, I listened to Mother Chen complaining about how Master Chen didn’t stay home,I hate iron but not steel:“Your dad doesn’t know who was tricked into tasting wine,I came back and bought a bottle of imported wine for more than 5,000 yuan!I said he was crazy,I have been paid for three months for buying a bottle of wine,He also scolded me for not knowing how to enjoy,Don’t understand the wine culture,No taste at all!What taste?Isn’t he just being obedient and coaxing him to pay!I said he wouldn’t listen,I also said that my countryman had knowledge,Said that my salary was not as good as not going to work,I don’t need my money at home……”

At the very beginning,That is when the two of them first met,Isn’t that man who looks down on him??

What a long time this is,How can the attitude change so much??
“Is not,Are we familiar?”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。
Although Xiao Fan’s remarks seem very rude,But,For people who haven’t left a good impression on themselves before,Xiao Fan has never been merciful or merciful.。
So,For those who know Xiao Fan,He could say such unkind words to that man,It seems that there is nothing to understand。
only,That’s only for people who know Xiao Fan,It is clear,That man does not belong to this category。
So,After hearing a response from Xiao Fan,The man was just stunned for a while。
but,In his mind, he had a certain understanding and guess about the identities of Xiao Fan and Lin Yooner through some previous things.。
so,He is naturally not angry or unhappy。
After the man froze for a moment,He just nodded and said to Xiao Fan:“That one.That we met for the first time,Of course it’s not very familiar。”
“Not familiar with,You still stop me like this,Isn’t it a bit rude?!”Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said。
“what.what!?Correct,Correct,Correct,You are right。”After saying that to Xiao Fan,The man introduced himself directly:“Mr,I am from Cheng Qian Company,Cheng Jianghai, the chairman of Chengqian Company, is my father!”
“Oh?It turned out to be Cheng Jianghai’s son!I said at the very beginning,How can I have such a strong confidence to talk to my wife like that?。”Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said。
Yes,Xiao Fan knows Cheng Jianghai,only,This Chengqian Group has only recently become a top class society。