Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership to promote common prosperity

[Learn to implement the Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts in Xi Jinping] General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes the 10th meeting of the Central University of Finance and Economics to promote common prosperity in high quality development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the promotion of common prosperity, and made a series of major deployments, a series of major deployments, deeply answered why the common prosperity, what kind of common wealth and how to achieve The common prosperity of common prosperity provides a common prosperity for hundreds of millions of people to provide ideological guidance and action guidelines.

The Communist Party of China is the core of the leadership of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the status of the whole game is in the overall situation. Promote common prosperity and must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership. Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure the nature and direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the common prospect road. The Chinese Communist Party always represents the fundamental interests of the broadestherence, without any special interests, never represent any interest group, any power group, any privilege of any privilege. Achieving common prosperity is the common expectation of the people, and it is also a struggle for our party for a hundred years. Adhere to the party’s leadership, it is the fundamental guarantee of adhering to socialism with Chinese characteristics and invariability.

Promote common prosperity only to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, in order to ensure the nature and direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can we ensure that "a blueprint is painted in the end" on the common prosperity road.

Comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries is a process of continuous struggle, constantly accumulating, and promoting common prosperity is also a process of continuous struggle and gradually developing forward.

Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, which is conducive to playing long-term, dry in the moment, a blueprint is painted in the end, and there is a dry, maintain a strategy, and achieve steady future.

For more than 100 years, our party has always been in order to achieve the prosperity of the country, and the people are struggling and unrelenting.

At the beginning of the founding of New China, Comrade Mao Zedong put forward the goal of my country’s development and prosperity, pointed out that "this rich is common, this strong, is a common strong, everyone has a copy."

The establishment of the basic system of socialism has laid a social system basis for gradually realizing common prosperity. After the reform and opening up, Comrade Deng Xiaoping repeatedly emphasized that common prosperity, pointed out, "Socialism is not a few people rich, most people are poor, not that look.

The greatest superiority of socialism is common prosperity.

In the reform and opening up, our party has started from actual, allowing some people, part of the region first rich, through the first richest, to strengthen various aspects of vitality, liberation and development of social productivity, and lay a strong material basis for achieving common prosperity.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that common prosperity is the fundamental principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics, achieving common prosperity is an important mission of our party; we promote economic and social development, and it is necessary to realize all the people to achieve all the people. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee put "all the people’s common prospective progress" as the promising target of socialist modernization in 2005. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, we will win the poverty of poverty, and build a well-off society in an all-round way to promote unprecedented conditions in order to promote common prosperity. Practice has proved that only to adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, such a grand strategy painting can be used to consider, "a blueprint painted into the end".

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure the full prosperity of the socialist system advantage in the common prospective road. my country’s national institutions and governance systems have a significant advantage, of which the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the biggest advantage in the socialist system of Chinese characteristics, leaving the leadership of the party, and other significant advantages cannot be truly converted into national governance efficiency.

On the common prospective road, only the relevant major issues and work deployments involving the economic and social development are held, and the overall promotion of the top design, overall layout and coordination of the relevant major issues and work involved in the economic and social development can fully play the advantages of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Governance system and governance ability transformation into national governance efficiency, a national people, concentrate on power, prevent local interests, unsearous with each other; can cancel each other; in order to put new development concepts throughout the process of economic and social development, build a new development pattern, effectively transform development , Promote quality change, efficiency change, dynamic change, achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair, more sustainable, and more secure, promote common prosperity in high quality development; can consciously actively solve the regional gap, urban and rural The gap, income gap, etc., solidly promote common prosperity, effectively prevent both polarization; improve economic development, social progress and people’s life improvement, improve development balance coordinated inclusive, continuous "Make Big Cake" "Pieces the cake", form a reasonable allocation pattern of everyone, everyone share the results of high quality development, and ultimately realizes common prosperity.

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can ensure that effective preventing various major risks challenges on the common prosperity road. At the intersection of "two hundred years" struggle, look back in the hard work, and more profoundly understand that the party’s leaders are both the fundamental guarantee of the work of the party and the state, and it is also the "Ding Haimen" of all difficulties and risks. ". Nowadays, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process, but the road to the road cannot be a tanks. In the face of the large change in the world, facing the profound changes in the main contradiction between the domestic society, the risk challenge of economic and social development. More, involving contradictions and problems, the complex struggle situation is unprecedented.

The more the situation is serious and complicated, the more you have to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership. On the critical junction of the climbing cross, only the party’s comprehensive leadership can we will organize two major internationalities in China, and do two major events in the development of safety, prevent the resolution of major risk challenges, and parenting the machine in the crisis. The bureau, realize the quality, structure, scale, speed, efficiency, and safety of economic and social development, and ultimately realize common prosperity.

Only by adhering to the party’s comprehensive leadership can only recognize and grasp the development law, carry forward the spirit of struggle, establish the bottom line thinking, fully mobilize all aspects of enthusiasm, and form a unified will, gather in the deep complex changes and major risk challenges of domestic and foreign development. Realize the power of common prosperity.

Countless facts prove that when the wind is coming, the Chinese Communist Party is always the most reliable and stronger of the Chinese people.

With the strong leadership of the party, the people of the country have a great force that has no storms and high songs.

The great cause must be led by the great party.

We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, more than 1.4 billion Chinese people have a common heart, and work together, it will be able to achieve the full prospects of all the people’s common prospects. (Author: Yang Shaohua, Department "seeking" deputy director of the Magazine Political Editorial Department, National Party Construction Research Association Special Researcher) (Editor: Library, Wanpeng).

China Bouw Bank Guangdong tak gehouden "Moeder Health Express" Donatie en vertrekceremonie

  Op 17 januari hield China Bouw Bank Guangdong Branch de "Moeder Health Express" Guangdong-donatie en vertrekceremonie in Guangzhou. Bij de aanbetaling van de aanbetaling hebben de gasten die het evenement bijwonen gezamenlijk de "Moeder Health Express Gold Key" namens het ziekenhuis. 4 "Mother Health Express" begint vanuit Zhongshan Memorial Hall, en het ziekenhuis en het Moeder- en Kindgezondheidscentrum van Huizhou Longmen, Shaoguan Nanxiong, Zhaoqing Duanzhou, Heyuan Longchuan, voor de gezondheidscontrole van de lokale vrouwen, ziektebehandeling, Maternal Health Care biedt diensten. MA JUN, plaatsvervangend directeur van CCB Guangdong Branch, zei dat de CCB’s Guangdong-tak serieus heeft voldaan aan de maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid van het sociaal welzijn van de maatschappelijk personeel en het nastreven van maatschappelijk welzijn en armoedebestrijding. Voor 10 opeenvolgende jaren zal hij de donatie "Guangdong Armoede Leidingsdag" organiseren activiteiten. Medewerkers hebben 19,55 miljoen yuan gedoneerd.

Volgens statistieken hebben de 103 arme dorpen van de oprichting van de agentschappen van de provincie Guangdong van de provincie Guangdong, en 3287 armoedebonden huishoudens allemaal de provinciale of achteruitgang bereikt.

In de afgelopen jaren heeft het Branch Guangdong ook "WAN XIAO ENTERPRISE", "WAN XIAO ENTERPRISE" Populaire financi?le nauwkeurige armoedebestrijding derde actieplan Home, enz., Biedt financi?le oplossingen voor sociale pijnpunten. Liu Jiabo, plaatsvervangend decaan van het stadsziekenhuis van Nanxiong, zei dat "Moeder Health Express" de bouw van medische gemeenschappen, volledige fundamentele volksgezondheidsdiensten heeft versneld, en het versterken van het moeder- en kindergezondheidsbeheer. Het ziekenhuis zal doorgaan met deze liefde. Van technologie, mankracht en apparatuur, het ziekenhuis is volledig gegarandeerd van het project "Moeder Health Express". Het is goed gebruikt om "Moeder Healthy Express" te beheren. Het is duidelijk dat China Bouwbank in 2019 53 "Moeder Health Express" heeft gekocht, verzonden naar de township van Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, enz.

Daarnaast geeft de Bouwbank met volledige dochteronderneming Jianxin Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ook 2500 uitgebreide ongevallenverzekering voor medische werknemers en stuurprogramma’s die in ziekenhuizen zijn waarin ze zich in ziekenhuizen bevinden.

  Volgens de statistieken, van 2011, bleef de bouwbank het project "Moeder Health Express", 9 jaar geleden gedoneerd 62 miljoen yuan, gedoneerd 410 "Moeder Healthy Express" en verzamelde de begunstigde van bijna 4 miljoen. (Chen Xinyu).

Children’s respiratory infection is accurately prevention

Original title: Children’s respiratory infection is precisely prevention of this newspaper (Reporter Zhan Yuan) In the context of current new crown pneumonia epidemic, the public’s attention is unprecedented on respiratory infection.

The reporter learned from the National Children’s Medical Center, the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, the Capital Medical University Beijing Children’s Hospital, and the overall perspective, although the case of new coronary pneumonia diagnosis is less, However, children in different ages have infections.

  At the same time, children’s population respiratory infections are frequent, fever, cough is a common symptom, in clinical, identify new coronavirus infections and other pathogen infections face a relatively large challenge.

However, with the use of multiple nucleic acid detection of respiratory pathogens, more than 10 kinds of respiratory viruses and atypical pathogens have been distinguished, which means that children’s respiratory infection will enter the precision era.

  Professor Shen Kunli, the honorary director of the Chinese Medical Association University, introduced: "Acute respiratory infection is a global public health problem that threatens children, pneumonia is the main cause of death in children under the age of 5, and viruses and atypical pathogens are children with pneumonia. The main reasons, accounting aspects of 80%, which are significantly different from adults.

The symptoms such as viruses and atypical pathogens infections are similar to symptoms such as pharyngeal pain, etc.

"According to reports, respiratory pathogen multi-nucleic acid detection can be carried out for more than 10 kinds of respiratory viruses and atypical pathogens, which can not only clarify the diagnosis of disease, not only infectious diseases, and achieve precise effective protection and treatment, and reduce antibacterial drugs. Abuse. It is understood that respiratory pathogen multi-nucleic acid detection enclose the common pathogen of respiratory tract, including an influenza virus, a virus, auxiliary virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, Boca virus, atrial virus, pneumoniae, chlamydia Wait, its clinical application achieves precision diagnosis of respiratory tract infection, which is targeted.

Ability to accurately control children with respiratory infections.

  Director of the Chinese Medical Association, Director of the Chinese Medical Association, Professor Wang Tian, ??a professor of Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University, said: "Different pathogens, clinical manifestations, treatment methods, prognosis, only with clinical manifestations Judging self-service medication, it is easy to cause a delay. Therefore, the standardization of child respiratory infection is improved, and the popular science is extremely urgent to strengthen the discipline differences in pathogens.

"In order to accurately protect children away from the" Trick or Troll "in the respiratory tract, more measures are also in synchronous.

It is understood that the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center has led to a multi-center clinical study including children’s new coronaviral infections, writing children’s new coronary virus infections and other respiratory tract infectious diseases diagnosis and treatment expert consensus and guidelines. Recently launched "Children’s new coronary virus vaccination expert consensus" "Question 20 questions". The Children’s Respiratory Pathogen, the Children’s Respiratory Disease, the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, and the "Trick or Troll" in the respiratory tract is also officially released. Xu Bao Ping, director of the Department of Respiratory First, Beijing Children’s Hospital, the Capital Medical University of the National Children’s Medical Center, said that I hope that parents and children learn more about more, more authoritative medical knowledge in a relaxed reading, relieve anxiety. (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Academician of the two hospitals commented on the top ten scientific and technological progress in 2020

  This newspaper Beijing January 20 (Reporter Wu Yuehui) On the 20th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the 2020 China Top Ten Science and Technology Progress News, the top ten science and technology progress in the world is announced in Beijing. .

  In the 2020, China Top Top Ten Technology Progress News is: 嫦娥 5 detectors Complete my country’s first ground outer body sampling return tour, scientific research started; Beidou No. 3 Last global network satellite launched success, Beidou global system constellation deployment Completion; deep submission of unmanned submersible and manned submersible has achieved new breakthroughs; my country’s leading the lead in achieving horizontal well drilling and taking the deep sea, scientists find wheat "cancer" gratitar; scientists reach "quantum calculation superiority" Milestone; scientist reproduces the history of more than 300 million years of biodiversity; my country’s highest parameter "artificial sun" is built; scientists overcome the unresolved geometric problems; machine learning simulation hundreds of millions of atoms: China-US team received 2020 high-performance computing applications The highest award "Gorden Bell Award" in the field.

  According to reports, this selection activity has been held 27 times, and it has played a positive role in popularization of science technology. (Editor: Yue Hongbin) Share more people to see.

Qi Dong Road string from peasant harvest happiness

National Highway 354 is landscape. Walk along the National Highway 354, the dam area of ??Qifeng Township, Jin Cancan, the rice, in the autumn wind, and the grain is full of granules, and the golden rice fields can see the busy figure of the villagers.

The villager who is not allowed to send the Village of the peak into the threshing machine is the villagers of Jiaping Village Li Changxue. The 6-acre rice fields planted in his family are covered with heavy grains. In the heart.

"This year, the wind is smooth, the harvest is very good, it is so happy, people who do farmers are going to have a harvest.

"He said. In recent years, Jufeng Township is closely adjusted around the agricultural industrial structure, and the industrial layout is maintained. Take advantage of the land advantage of the dam area, in accordance with the" seasonal round, circular utilization "model, vigorously develop specialities agriculture Industry, effectively broaden the mass income and enriched channels, and help rural residence.

This year, Shijie County fully applied convenient transportation advantages, focusing on 19 townships (streets) such as Zhuang, Ju Feng and Baisha, and co-planted millions of rice, which expected that rice production was 10,000 tons.

(Zhuwang News) Source: (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Anqing to consolidate the expansion of medical security and deprotection, the results of long-term anti-fancing, due to sickness, poor to poor

  During the 5 years of transition period, adjust the current healthy and universal integrated medical security policy, enhance the basic health of difficult people, and gradually realize the basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance, three-dimensional system, normal disease, and medical assistance. Transition, improve the major disease medical insurance and assistance system, help rural resolution strategies to advance the "implementation Measures" will adjust the funding policy, improve the insured registration management mechanism to ensure that the low-income population of rural low income is covered and should be guaranteed; Give full play to the ladder of the triple guarantee system, the ladder, the low-inspection, the poverty, and the poor, and establish a definition of poor return to poor effect mechanism on December 13th, Anqing Municipal Government Information Office United City Medical Insurance Bureau, etc. The department held a press conference, and introduced the introduction of the background, overall requirements, work initiatives of "Anqing City, the Implementation of the Implementation of the Implementation of the Regional Revitalization Strategic Revitalization" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Measures"). The documents have been announced this year. Supporting the provision of poverty to consolidate the expansion of the poverty results and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages. In 2020, the city’s establishment of the Poverty Poverty has been implemented, and the medical insurance poverty alleviation policy helped the poor to alleviate medical labor. On December 8, this year, 7 units of the Anqing Municipal Medical Security Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, etc. Adjusting related supporting measures, exploring the establishment of anti-understanding of poor poor to poor, to ensure that medical insurance is more secure, and the results are more sustainable.

  "Implementation Measures" insisted on whether ordered the smooth transition, try his best, and classify three principles of hierarchical guarantees, after the completion of the depletion of poverty, the county to get rid of poverty is adjusted during the provisions of the five-year transition period. At the same time as adhering to the universal guarantees of the medical insurance system, it will enhance the basic health of difficult people, and gradually realize the basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance of the centralized medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance. Systematic normalization guarantees a smooth transition, improve the serious disease medical insurance and assistance system, and help rural resolution strategies, and continuously enhance rural insured people to give sense, happiness, sense of security.

  Ensure that the "implementation Measures for the Ministry of Rural Low Income Population" will adjust the funding policy. We will provide 80% -90% quota funding for personal payment funding policies, medical assistance to special difficulties.

During the transition period, the poverty reduction of the village regeneration department was given 70% -80% of the pilot, and the poverty alleviation and unstable population incorporated into the relevant departments of rural low-income population monitoring scope. The specific funding standard is determined at the time of payment per year. The stable poverty population that is not included in the scope of low-income population monitoring of rural low income is no longer enjoyed by medical assistance.

  At present, the low-income population of our city mainly includes low-inspections, travelers, and prevent returning to poverty monitoring. "Implementation Measures" will improve the insured registration management mechanism, strengthen the department linkage, do data interaction, and ensure that the low-income population of rural areas is covered and should be guaranteed. At the same time, do a good job in the transfer of insured and relationships to ensure that medical insurance will seamlessly.

  Giving a triple guarantee system for special groups refers to basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and medical assistance, namely "a major guarantee basics, two security protection, and triple protect the bottom line". "Implementation Measures" by adjusting the ultra-routine measures in the Upperfields and Advanced Medical Security Policy, etc., exerts a triple guarantee system to the defective personnel, the low-inspiration, the poor return of the poor.

  In terms of major illness insurance, tilt payment for special difficulties, low-inspirations, and poverty poverty, poor people, big disease insurance, less than ordinary residents, reimbursement ratio increased by 5 percentage points than ordinary residents, and does not have a reimbursement limit.

  In terms of medical assistance, special difficult personnel, low-conditioning object medical assistance does not set up the line, and the poverty poor medical rescue loop is 1,500 yuan, and the monitoring of the population medical rescue line is 3,000 yuan.

The proportion of personal rescue is 90%, and the proportion of low-cost object rescue is 75%; at the same line or more, the proportion of poverty poverty is 70%, and the proportion of population rescues is 60%. Outpatient slow disease and hospital shared annual rescue limit.

Special difficult personnel, low-cost objects, poverty to poverty, monitoring population annual rescue limit of 50,000 yuan. "Implementation Measures" also established a preventive solution for poor poor to poor to poor.

For patients with personal self-payment medical treatment within an annual family, lower than rural low-income homes, and meet the low-income family verification conditions, according to the application, village review, township review, county (city, district ) The procedures for the approval of the medical insurance and civil affairs, rural rations, and implementation according to application assistance. (Reporter Leilin correspondent Wei Ying).

This carnival has become a "piano festival at home" at home. "

From October 26th to 28th, the 2021st Working Committee, the Jiangsu Road Street Party Working Committee, and the Office of the Jiangsu Road, the Jiangsu Road Street Party Working Committee, and the Office of the Working Year of the Piano Festival.

In the three consecutive days of activities, pianists, music enthusiasts, incarnation of new era civilization, volunteers, playing a world famous song, red classic, bringing "Door Piano Festival" for residents. On the afternoon of October 28th, "Listening · Yumai Road" 2021 Fiyuan Road Piano Festival Carnival live broadcast activities held in Yueyuan Road. The host and the guests walk in the autumn of Yuyuan Road, while watching the performance, while understanding the excellent architectural history along the way, the sound of the piano is accompanied by the sound.

In the Hongji lawn, Queo Singer Wang Jia, the male high-profile singer Wang Qingwei, the famous musician Han Enfu, the artistic director of Yao Yu and the event of Yao Yu, brought a small music party for the residents, together with everyone to interpret you "The Song of the Yangtze River" "Red Flag" and other red classic songs.

The surrounding residents, white-collar workers are attracted to the music. The concert came to an end in the song of the performer and the audience.

Safety of railway roads, residents, clean Liuliqiao street demolition illegal

It is understood that in 2003, Jinjia Village is built in 2003 and has been used as a railway employee dormitory. Most of the house buildings are built by color steel and bricks, but there are not only public land, but there are still many security issues.

In recent years, the area of ??illegal construction has continued to expand, forming the "big cluster" of the railway service company, auto repair, and employee, and the environment is noisy, and there are many residents.

In response to this illegal construction, the inspection team made detailed records and filings, and the associated clue was transferred to the integrated administrative law enforcement team for the first time. Have way: patient communication gradually retreats after the on-site investigation and discharge, finally identified thousands of square meters of construction in the No. 1 courtyard, and did not obtain the construction project planning permit of the relevant departments. It belongs to illegal construction and should be removed according to law.

Subsequently, the law enforcement team immediately develops relevant discovery options. Contact the homeowner by calling communication, home notice, etc. Demolition, for its own dismantling, it is difficult to work, and the law enforcement team is coordinated. "It belongs to the construction, there is a serious safety hazard. For your safety, please move in time.

"In the persuasion of the staff, the staff is in the west, and there are nearly 200 residential people in the west, and they have completed all over the week.

New Progress: A week of violation of the construction of the establishment of the construction warning line in the weeks of the illegal team, with a shovel, the implementation of a forklift, the degenerator and other equipment, the demolition work officially begins.

Retired soldiers are an important source of village revitalization talents

Original title: The retired soldiers are an important source of rural revitalization talents Recently, the 16 departments of the retired military affairs department jointly issued the "Guidance Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of Retired Military Villages" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

The person in charge of the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs, answered the reporter’s question on the relevant issues of "Opinions".

  Q: What is the background of the "Opinions"? A: The nation must revive, and the country must revitalize.

Country Revitalization is a major task for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee attached great importance to the revitalization of rural villages. He emphasized that "the whole party’s allocation to promote the revitalization of the country", pointed out that "rural revitalization, talent is key", requires guidance and encourage all kinds of talents including retired soldiers Township entrepreneurship, support rural development.

At the beginning of this year, the Sino-pro-office and the national office issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of Rural Talents", which mentioned the retired soldiers, and the retired soldiers will be an important source of revitalization of talents in the country, encouraging them to be able to make them in the vast world in rural areas. Exhibition talent, big show.

In this context, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs will introduce the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of Retired Military People", and actively promotes the revitalized rural modernization of retired soldiers. .

  Q: What are the main contents of "Opinions"? A: "Opinions" include "enhancement of employment channels", "strengthening the cultivation", "Strengthening Policy Support", "Optimized Service Guarantee", a total of 4 parts. The first part clarifies the key directions that guide the retired military to the country to revitalize entrepreneurship, including the entrepreneurial employment of the countryside, lead the new agricultural business main body, participate in rural construction and grassroots governance, etc. Military people can work hard, innovate, can lead the outstanding traits, in the right position, and the field employment. The second part is mainly through guidance to participate in academic education, strengthening agricultural professional skills training, doing a good job in agricultural entrepreneurship training, and enhances the technical skills of retired military personnel, which is the retired soldiers "rumored", so that it is better to participate in the village revitalization, realize life value .

  The third part has made a combing and extension of relevant policies involving people, money, and land, and supports support for retired soldiers, solving the retired soldiers in the township employment. difficulty.

  The fourth part is to do public services, provide supporting support, strengthen publicity and commendation, giving the retired military "service incentives", so that the retired soldiers have a road in the vast majority of rural stage entrepreneurship, there is a road in my heart, I am strong. Q: What is the outstanding characteristics of "Opinions"? A: "Opinions" have 5 highlights: First, the strategy is big.

Actively serve the major strategic and central work of the party’s central rural resolution, based on the human talent resources of the retired soldiers, promote the revitalization of rural talents, and further promote the revitalization of rural villages and accelerate the modernization of agricultural rurality. The second is to cover the population.

The number of retired soldiers who involved all rural retired soldiers and the people who have an embarrassment to return to their townships are tens of millions.

Third, it involves a wide range. "Opinions" is the number of documents that will sign the department since the establishment of retired military affairs, involving 15 departments including agricultural rural ministry and national development reform committees. Fourth, the content ecology is full. It is not only related to employment, entrepreneurship, education, training, and spiritual incentives such as employment entrepreneurship, which also covers industries, projects, funds, taxes, land, electricity, social security and other factors.

The fifth is a breakthrough. If the retired military personnel are engaged in the professional aspects of rural teachers, agricultural managers, township people’s dissertors, first clear "priority under equivalents"; such as in the use of index of rural remediation, it is first highlighted in the original co-ordination Priority is given to retirement soldiers. " Q: What is the meaning of "Opinions"? A: On the one hand, it is possible to incentive retirement soldiers to respond to the national call, engage in national strategy, and start a business in the countryside to start a business, realize the value of life. On the other hand, it helps to promote the improvement of rural grassroots social governance ability, which helps to promote agricultural rural economy and society better and faster, help to promote the ability of rural national defense to further strengthen.

(Reporter Chaihua) (Editor: Xiong Xu, Wu Nan) Sharing let more people see.

Reference 智 库 released "China Baicheng Overseas Communication Monthly Analysis Report (September)"

On October 18 (Reporter Zhang Lu,) Reference Message News Reference The Wisdom Released "China’s Baicheng Overseas Communication Monthly Analysis Report (September 2021)". According to the report, overseas media in September, the highest city, the highest city, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Tianjin and other cities.

At the same time, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other places are also key cities that foreign media pay attention. This monthly report relying on the reference news overseas @ 舆 大 database and information monitoring system, the scope of research covers a number of major cultural trusters such as English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, etc., covering nearly 1000 Home overseas media and many major overseas social media platforms are based on the 100 Chinese cities (united, Macao, and Taiwan) of high overseas.

It is designed to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of China’s international communication and international brand construction, providing business reference for urban decision makers and researchers. Overseas political connections have always been one of the decisive factors of overseas influence in the city. Taking the September monitoring cycle, Beijing is still the highest in the Chinese city in the overseas media; the same month, China and the United States has driven a large number of foreign media reports in Tianjin to make Tianjin’s foreign media attention Obviously improved, and promoted Tianjin foreign media attention into the first echelon ranks in various cities.