[How do fish go fishy]_Go fishy_How to remove

[How do fish go fishy]_Go fishy_How to remove

Everyone will try to choose fresh sea fish when buying sea fish.

Fresh sea fish tastes better, and the loss of nutrients is OK.

However, the fishy smell of fresh sea fish is generally very large. Everyone must fish the fish before cooking it, otherwise the taste will be much worse, and the fishy fish is actually skillful.

So how should fish go fishy?

For fresh marine fish, whether it is yellow croaker, yellow croaker, fresh croaker, dory fish, we can rub it with dry flour after descaling, rinse it for a while, and then steam it to remove the obvious fishy smell.To achieve the best edible taste.

Ingredients for steamed yellow croaker with chicken oil: 1 chilled big yellow croaker (or 8 chilled small yellow croakers), 2 grams of chicken oil, 2 grams of red bell peppers, 20 grams of green onion, ginger, 20 grams of coriander, salt, pepperPowder, edible oil amount.

Practice: 1.

Remove the fish stone, gills, viscera and fish scales of the big yellow croaker (small yellow croaker’s scales are relatively thin and soft and do not need to be removed.


Sprinkle the dry flour on the fish, knead it for a while, rinse it, and pickle with salt and pepper.


Heat the steamer, place the fish on a clean fish dish, sprinkle with spring onions, shredded ginger, drizzle with chicken oil, and steam in the drawer for 12 minutes.


After the fish is steamed, take it out, sprinkle the cut red pepper shreds, parsley segments, and onion shreds, and heat the oil to rush out the onion flavor.

Various freshwater fish can also use the method of noodle kneading to remove the smell of soil, and the effect is very good.

In addition, the effect of rubbing and washing raw pork belly with flour is particularly good, but it needs to be rubbed and beaten with white vinegar first. The cooked pork belly tastes crispy and has no organ smell.

Method for removing fishy smell: First, when ginger is burned, some people like to put ginger and fish in the pot together, and think that it can remove fishy fish.

In fact, premature ginger release will combine with fish leaching protein to hinder the deodorizing effect of ginger.

You can cook the fish in the pot for a while, and then put the ginger after the protein has solidified; you can also cook a small amount of vinegar and cooking wine when the pot is broken, so that it can remove the greasy and greasy flavor.

If you still feel a fishy smell, sprinkle some minced garlic before it comes out of the pan. The effect is very good, especially for continuous frozen fish.

Second, the wet starch heats the oil of the fried fish. After the onion, ginger, and pepper have been removed from the fishy smell, pour in some thick and thick starch slurry.

Because the wet starch bursts into the oil due to heat, the starch bubbles can absorb the fishy smell of the oil, and then the floating starch bubbles can be skimmed.

Third, put the fried fish oil in the pan and heat it. Put some green onion, ginger and pepper to fry the coke. Then remove the pan from the fire, spread the noodles into the hot oil, and paste the flour after heating.Chemical deposition, adsorption of some trimethylamine dissolved in oil, can remove most of the fishy smell.

4. After washing the freshwater fish with vinegar and pepper powder, put it in cold water, and then pour a small amount of vinegar and pepper powder into the water, so that the freshwater fish after processing will have no earthy smell.

Fifth, saline and 25 grams of salt are available.

5 kg of water, soak the live fish in salt water, the salt water enters the blood through the fish’s two gills, and the earthy smell can disappear after one hour.

If it is dead fish, soak it in salt water for two hours to remove the smell of earth