Zhang Peiyuan also stood http://www.025blog.cn up,Stretch your hands to support summer shoulders,Just in my eyes,“me,I have already seen it.,People in this life,As long as you are safe。”

He is strong from a smile,“Can you come to see me?,I am already very happy.,correct,I am now calling Feng Tian.,Let’s gather together.。”
Say,He immediately took out the mobile phone,A phone call。
Phone is quickly connected,A respectful voice,“teacher?”
“You come here.,I have something to tell you.。correct,Give me a call when you come.。”
The opposite person seems to be stunned.,But immediately loud,“Good teacher,I am soon.。”
Interrupt phone,Zhang Peiyuan is a child, generally revealing a sly,Look at summer,“Give the boy a surprise,He is very happy to see you.。”
Summer nodded,The heart is secretly laughing.。
School,He and Feng Tian in front of Zhang Peiyuan and,But the two of the private, but I can’t get it better than strangers.。
What surprises。
at the same time。
Yanjing University First Hospital。
A young man put the phone into the pants,Then,He has no sign of it.。
Fladder,This feet is heavy on the face of the person in the hospital bed,Suddenly let him nosebleed,Directly from the bed to the ground。
Screaming,The person in the bed is like a frequently dead beast.,Painting tears。
“Feng Tianpeng!you……you……”
If summer is here,Creating a shock。
Because,Patient who is already turned over,It is Feng Tian。
And known as Feng Tianpeng’s youth……Actually……Feng Tian!Feng Tianpeng is a two-four-year-old model,Facial facial corner,Jiemei star,Tall……certainly,The premise is not to see that he is messy as a bird’s nest.,And wearing crumpled clothes,There is also the pair of wearing drag
Shoes don’t know how long I haven’t washed。
If you don’t know the truth,I will think that this guy is a hanging wire.。
People who know him,But there is no one who is not afraid.。
Because,Feng Tian, this name,In the capital, it is absolutely calculated on a heterogeneous。
He has a lot of nicknames。
Little madman,Unable,psychiatric patient,Six pro does not recognize,Gust,as well as……Grip!
http://www.sunddin.cn Only the wrong name,No nameless nickname。
Those nicknames are not exaggerated。
In the capital,There is no thing he dare not do.,There is no person he dares.。
He no friend,Even if you are a Feng family,There is no family honor,I am in my line.,Do not accept!
He doesn’t know the fear,Don’t care about being lost,As long as you think one thing,It is Feng family’s father can’t shocked.。
Can be biased,Such a good thing,Not in advance,It is like neuropathic guys,But you like Feng Jia’s father like。
There is also the most important point。
He is all the people of the city of Beijing,The least fear of people in summer。
This guy has done it,It’s hard to write a book.。
He has been in public,The Feng family has gave a meal.……Just because of the elders。
Be right。