Although Hua Yun is considered an elite in the business world,Strong woman in career,But very weak in life。She doesn’t even know how to relax herself after get off work。Just because I lost my mother’s love prematurely,She learned to hide herself,Just because of an unforgettable first love,She began to avoid emotional topics。

No one understands her fragility and loneliness,Sometimes she doesn’t even know who she is living for,Only endless work can make her feel fulfilled and anesthetized。Once it’s free,Except driving around aimlessly,She doesn’t know what to do。
In the eyes of father,Hua Yun is a good daughter,A good daughter who knows how to make progress;In the eyes of Jincheng and many other suitors, she is another cold and aloof,Unattainable princess;And in the eyes of colleagues,She is known for being harsh,A female boss with a strong competitive spirit,A man at the helm of the future Pantech Group wearing many auras。
She has endured too much,But don’t know how to release,But there is a limit to anyone under pressure,Even Hua Yun, who is very tenacious at work, needs to rest、Need to talk。She is also a woman,Also need care and protection,Need a shelter from wind and rain。
It’s just that the fragile Hua Yun has closed herself,Let many suitors sigh,Even in the face of the persevering Jincheng,She couldn’t find the slightest feeling。She also tried to open herself many times,But all in vain。At this moment, Hua Yun felt that Li Tianchou’s broad shoulders were so reliable,Seems to take a while,There will be more warmth in her heart。
But Li Tianchou was dizzy,Holding pretty girl,Can clearly feel the heartbeat of the other party,And Hua Yun’s fiery body temperature made his blood boil involuntarily,He dare not think anything wrong,But I have to take deep breaths to suppress the instinctive reaction。
Suddenly Li Tianchou sensed a strange danger behind him,at the same time,Hua Yun in her arms is also shocked。There is a rapid breathing sound from behind my head,“Let her go,you……”Talking room,A person at the door rushed to Li Tianchou,But the action is half a beat,Li Tianchou hit the chest with a quick kick,“Whoops”Bang,This person flew out immediately。
“what!”An exclamation of,Hua Yun hurriedly broke free from Li Tianchou’s arms,Run to the door,“Jin Cheng,Are you okay?”
Completely dizzy,The person being kicked turned out to be Jincheng?Li Tianchou hurriedly turned around to check,In the corridor,Jin Cheng lay on his back,Eyes closed,Pale face,Hua Yun on the side frightened Liushen Wuzhu,Keep shaking Jincheng’s shoulder。A smell of alcohol filled the corridor,Looks like this guy is drinking too much。
Li Tianchou rushed over and squatted beside Jincheng,But found Hua Yun glaring at him,Her mood fluctuates a lot at the moment,It may be caused by too much fright in a day,So Li Tianchou doesn’t mind,But quickly started to check Kim Sung’s injuries。
Okay,Nothing big,Just a kick hit the place just above Jincheng’s heart,Did not cause internal injuries,Just out of breath。
Li Tianchou pinched Jin adult、Hukou and other points,Kim Sung slowly woke up,I opened my eyes and saw Li Tianchou in front of me,Suddenly his face changed again,He is struggling to get up,But no strength,Mouth,Started to retching。Li Tianchou helped Huayun support Jincheng,Turned around and entered the room,Lest this watchful eye never ends。
Hua Yun helped Jincheng to clean the bathroom,Li Tianchou quickly called Zhou Nan,Call the police first。Then he called the hotel reception desk,The security guard and the waiter came up to see the scene on the bed, too scared,Keep apologizing。Under Li Tianchou’s insistence,The security agreed to ask the manager for instructions,Archive the surveillance video of the day。
Sorry for,The housekeeping manager specially opened a new room for Hua Yun to rest,Just let the drunk Jin Sung go to sleep,No need to wander around,Tangled annoying。
Not long,The police came,What surprised Li Tianchou was that Zhou Nan actually brought someone here.,Such a threatening case seems inconspicuous,But the Criminal Police team takes it very seriously。
Briefly understand the situation with Li Tianchou,Zhou Nan quickly arranged someone to check the scene,Investigation,Then I chatted with Huayun alone,And told Li Tianchou not to leave,So he took an assistant and followed the security manager to read the surveillance video。