“As for many other things, I can’t say a sentence.,But basically you can understand。”

Li Hui also asked some things again.。
And Shen Tian Si is also really known.。
On the evening,Drink at eleven points,Until Shen Tianzi talks to the tongue,Li Hui Feng sent the other party back。
All the way,Shen Tian Si is also a brother with Li Hui Feng,Then I said my family,Your own career now Li speaks from the wind to know that the original Santi is actually married.,He has always thought that the other party was not married.。
、Shen Tianzi is here,It’s entirely because I want to have a breath.。
Because after a famous door,He can’t afford it,So I want to climb up with my own strength.。
At first, he is also full of blood.,But slowly, I found that there is no one if I don’t say it.,It is the people around you can stepping you into the mud, let you lose your body forever.。
He can now have this position is also your help.,Even him can feel that there should be the reason why the family is in the family.。
Waiting for him to reach a certain level,He will go back,Otherwise it will never go back.。
As for the level of Shen Tian Si,Li Hui Feng feels a bit difficult。
However, he did not say that,After all, the lotus village is the poorest village in the county.,Just a wife, as long as I heard that Lotus Village,Are there a girl is willing?。
But this is just a short year.,Lianhua Village has already become the most rich village.。
Send Shen Tian Si back,Li Hui rodehed with a motorcycle back to his own home.。
Just arrived at the door,He is a glimpse。
Chapter 1,15
“How are you here??
correct,When you come??”
See Zhang Wei and Guo Da,Li Hui Feng is, I forgot that two people have come earlier than him.。
“Hey-hey,Instructor,We have already come early.,But I don’t know how to get close to your parents.,Live in the B & B these two days,Today, you will come back.,We also know your location slightly.。”
I heard two people,Li Hui is also a speechless,Actually, I know that his position is still investigated.。
“You come in with me.,Which home is you renting??”
“Forehead,Is the kind of,No network light bulbs are tungsten,That kind of cheap。”
The two people saved the day of the day, Li Hui Hui, is also a smile.。
“As far as I know, you have a lot of salary for a month.?
How to live in a homestay?”
“Hey-hey,We are all married and have a wife.,Save some children and children,After all, we can’t see your wife once a year.,It’s really sorry.,If you don’t work hard to make money,What is we still?!”
Guo Da, let Li speak together.,He also didn’t expect it to be this answer。
“I can’t see two actually or Gu’s family.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Let two people sit well。
At the same time, he also opened the light of the yard.。
“Zhang Ge,Let you treat you first.,You take your top.,Then lying on the lounge chair。”