Get paper and pen,Transported the hot stream again,Copy down every word on the note。

As Zhang gets older, he begins to pay attention to health preservation,Used to go to bed early。
The ringing of the phone awakened him in his sleep,I really want to catch the caller right away,At first glance,Couldn’t help but laughed,He is still very happy for Chen Xiu, the half-closed disciple
74 One hit ten!
Build roads before getting rich,Best quotes!
The road from Fengming Village to the county seat is less than ten kilometers,Huzi drove nearly a million VolvoSUV,It took more than 20 minutes to drive and only walked less than seven kilometers。
Just the dirt road in Fengming Village,There is no gold,Most people really don’t want to go in。
The swaying car suddenly stopped。
“Tiger,what happened?”
“The road was blocked by a stone。”
“Eh,Go down and move,May have rolled down from the cliff。”
Chen Xiucai wants to get off,Huzi grabbed him,Chen Xiu immediately felt other profound meanings from the strength of his wrist,Asked in a low voice:“what happened?”
75 Meet Niu again
Li Wei took Chen Xiu and his party back to the county first,Made a transcript to Chen Xiu and the others。
Chen Xiu’s parents and Chen Han were scared in the car,It wasn’t until the county public security bureau came down。
Such a delay,By the time I get to Ansan City, it’s already around 5pm,Chen Xiu took them straight to the newly bought house。