At this time, the side of the side was heard in the workshop and the gunshots were returned.,Songzi shouted:“Nine brother!Installed!”

This time the time bomb is all installed below two printing machines and around,So the action is very fast。
“You are soaked!”Qi Rui said that Fu Yingxue also said:“Immediately immediately!”
“you go!I cover!”Fu Ying Xue can let Qi Rui cover,
“This is an order!quick!”Huriously pushed a Fu Yingxue,
Fu Ying Xue clearly, if you struggle with you,,I have to go out from the back door after Su Wenqi.,Rui Rui threw two grenades and also flashed out of the back door.。
At this time, the gendarmerie and special affairs have already surrounded by all directions.,Rui Rui put the pistol,I changed the press that shouted:“Go away!quick!”
Song Qi and He Jian are in front,They are also a devil while running on the fire.,Su Wenqian and Tiecheng also replaced a gun at this time.,These people are a shot of a shot。
Fu Yingxue is the first to run to the corner,She climbed to the wall with the rope.,She can not go,Instead, I will continue to shoot the devil who will shoot.。
Keep up with He Jianhe Song to climb up,They also smashed on the wall like Fu Yingxue.。
Ti Tiecheng and Su Wenqian ran to the corner to climb the gun quickly and climbed,Because the wall is small,Song Qi and He Jian have only,At this time,Zheng Yao first,Ouyang Jianping,Alpine has already opened a gun and killed a team of devil patrols。
Just climb on the wall of Tiecheng and Su Wenqiang,Timed bomb exploded,Because explosion ignited flammable items such as ink,The whole workshop is instantly in a fire sea.。
Rui Rui is exploded and impact rolled into the ground,Fu Yingxue called in the wall:“Kill god!”
Fu Ying Snow Brain is still very clear,She can’t shout at this time.,Don’t call the slider,Can only call this killing of the gods recently。
Rui Rui is exploded to wave the ear,He climbed up,Run to the high wall,Then the sneak strokes will catch the rope.,He does not stop stretching his right hand to hold Fu Ying Xue,The left hand grabbed the rope to the ground,This scene is like a martial arts film.。
Fu Ying Snow Joined the almost sudden stop,She thought it was fried.,I saw that she was excited about her neck and she was excited.。
Rui Rui still holds her softly:“Silly girl,I am crying, what are you crying??”
“I am happy!”Said that Fu Yingxue wiped his tears on his face,Then smiled at the neck.。
“So many people,Don’t let people look joke,Get down,We have evacuated!”Qi Rui patted Fu Ying Xue’s back,
Fu Yingxue, this is only sprinkled with the neck,This scene was really true by the pool of Tiecheng and Su Wenqian.,The two miscepted:“Is this I nine??”
“Still not quickly withdraw!”
Tili Tiecheng has a thumbs to Fu Yingxue:“Nine guns are too handsome,I still saw such a great girl.!It’s really my nine brother!”
Fu Ying Xueyu,This nine-year-listened is very smooth。
“Don’t be poor!Evil!”Rui Rui kicks the Tie Tiecheng butt,
The sound of the system suddenly sounds at this time:Complete the ruins of counterfeit,Reward skill package one,System generationaDifficult task,Poth died Montenegro and true,Take all information he mastered。
“Poth died Montenegro and true?This pit is died.?”Rui sharp face,
At this time, Zheng Yao first,Ouyang Jianping and the cold they welcome,Zheng Yao and asked Qi Rui first.:“Are you OK?”
“I am fine.!Go away!”The person who came this time no injured,Everyone quickly evacuated,See them back,Li Xiaoyu and Li Zhibo quickly launched a car,Several people got on the train three vehicles to the legal rental,I met a whistle card on the road.,Rui Rui prepared special high school specialist documents and special pass,The devil sentinel did not dare to stop。
Green Mushu gets the news with people to drive the printing factory.,The entire workshop has become a ruin,Watanabe Loir is not dead,His gray head is standing in the green wood。
青木 武重:“Do you know who is done??”
“This is very powerful,Two of them actually used slingshots,But their slingshot is steel balls.,Almost all of them are killed on the spot,There is also a man and a woman’s gun method is very good.,I also saw them resettlement time bomb.,But I didn’t have time to demolish.,Because they left the workshop less than five minutes, they explode.。”
“How did they come in??”
“It is over the wall.!The three teams outside the outside are killed by them.!”
“Why not call the troops?”
“Class long,Shop explosion,The telephone line here is destroyed,The phone can’t be played at all。”
“Can you tell me only??”Green wood is strong in pressure,
“Our people also heard the woman shouted to kill!”
“Kill god?”
“Yes,At that time, the workshop was very nervous.。”
“Kill god,How to take a kill!?”